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All Appropriations Bills
Bill Patron Title
HB1119 Campbell, R.R. Va. Retirement System; loss of benefits for certain felony convictions. View Comments
HB123 Wyatt Firefighting, emerg. medical services, or law-enforcement equipment & vehicles; destroying, penalty. View Comments
HB131 Cherry Virginia Retirement System; enhanced retirement benefits for 911 dispatchers. View Comments
HB162 Runion Virginia Retirement System; enhanced retirement benefits for animal control officers. View Comments
HB165 Knight Commonwealth of Virginia Higher Educational Institutions Bond Act of 2022; created. View Comments
HB166 Knight Capital outlay plan; repeals existing six-year capital outlay for projects to be funded. View Comments
HB186 Campbell, J.L. Nitrile Glove Manufacturing Training Grant Program; established. View Comments
HB233 Orrock Income tax, state; increases subtraction for National Guard. View Comments
HB29 Knight Budget Bill. View Comments
HB30 Knight Budget Bill. View Comments
HB324 Williams Graves Shipping and Logistics Headquarters Grant Program; updates certain provisions. View Comments
HB383 Sullivan Relief; Carter, Joseph. View Comments
HB385 Sullivan Relief; Morman, Bobbie James, Jr. View Comments
HB394 Sullivan Relief; Stevens, Emerson Eugene. View Comments
HB453 Knight Income tax, state; property analytics firms, apportionment and sourcing of sales. View Comments
HB458 Bulova MEI Project Approval Commission; incentives requiring review. View Comments
HB473 Bulova Virginia Retirement System; employer contributions. View Comments
HB56 Wiley Virginia Retirement System; enhanced retirement benefits for juvenile detention specialists. View Comments
HB593 VanValkenburg Law-enforcement officers; pensions and benefits, death before retirement. View Comments
HB645 Kory Virginia Retirement System and local retirement systems; fossil fuel divestment, report. View Comments
HB708 Keam Virginia Electric Vehicle Grant Program; use of state funds. View Comments
HB76 Ware Absentee voting; reimbursement of costs to counties and cities for cost of conducting. View Comments
HB834 Wilt Pensions; hazardous duty pay. View Comments
HB854 Reid Virginia Retirement System; enhanced retirement benefits for 911 dispatchers. View Comments
HB91 Head Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth; removes fee to cover administrative cost, etc. View Comments

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