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All Appropriations Bills
Bill Patron Title
HB1750 Gooditis Dairy Producer Margin Coverage Premium Assistance Program; established. View Comments
HB1753 Webert Va. Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission Accreditation Grant Fund & Program; created. View Comments
HB1776 Ward Education, Board of; temporary extension of certain teachers' licenses. View Comments
HB1796 Walker License plates, special; removes fee for issuance to Va. National Guard retirees. View Comments
HB1800 Torian Budget Bill. View Comments
HB1818 Heretick Workers' compensation; presumption of compensability for certain diseases. View Comments
HB1820 Helmer Temporary Assistance for Needy Families; food stamp program, eligibility, postsecondary education. View Comments
HB1822 Askew Health insurance; cost-sharing payments for prescription asthma inhalers. View Comments
HB1893 Hurst New River Valley Passenger Rail Station Authority; creation of authority in Planning District 4. View Comments
HB1895 Hudson Fines and costs; accrual of interest, deferral or installment payment agreements. View Comments
HB1912 Hope Child support payments; juvenile in custody of or committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice. View Comments
HB1915 Mugler Teachers; required to be compensated at or above national average. View Comments
HB1925 Kilgore Virginia Brownfield and Coal Mine Renewable Energy Grant Fund and Program; established, report. View Comments
HB1929 Aird Standards of Quality; work-based learning and principal mentorship, teacher leaders and mentors. View Comments
HB1950 Ayala Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Team; Va. Department of Health, et al., to establish, report. View Comments
HB1953 Gooditis Licensed certified midwives; definition of practice, licensure, report. View Comments
HB1963 Bagby Funding local health departments; cooperative local health budget, report. View Comments
HB1975 Rush Higher educational institutions, public; tuition and mandatory fee waivers, survivors of sex crimes. View Comments
HB1978 Reid Legislative Staff Development Fund; established. View Comments
HB1985 Hurst Workers' compensation; presumption of compensability for COVID-19. View Comments
HB1987 Adams, D.M. Telemedicine; coverage of telehealth services by an insurer, etc. View Comments
HB1989 Aird Public health emergency; emergency medical services agencies, real-time access to information. View Comments
HB1990 Aird Criminal justice legislation; racial and ethnic impact statements. View Comments
HB1995 Murphy Rare Disease Advisory Council; created, report. View Comments
HB2001 Helmer State and local buildings, certain; building standards. View Comments
HB2004 Hurst Virginia Freedom of Information Act; law-enforcement criminal incident information, criminal files. View Comments
HB2027 Coyner Standards of Learning; reading and mathematics assessments for grades three through eight. View Comments
HB2065 McQuinn Produce Rx Program; established, report. View Comments
HB2068 Rasoul Local Food and Farming Infrastructure Grant Program; established. View Comments
HB2069 McQuinn License plates, special; cost of plates for recipients of military decorations. View Comments
HB2075 Cole, J.G. Jefferson Davis Highway; renames any section of U.S. Route 1 to "Loving Memorial Highway." View Comments
HB2092 Willett DBHDS; background checks, persons providing contractual services. View Comments
HB2097 O'Quinn VaLORS; adds agents of Department of Corrections Special Investigations Unit to System. View Comments
HB2098 O'Quinn Southwestern Va. Mental Health Institute; Governor to lease a portion of property to Smyth County. View Comments
HB2101 Wampler GO Virginia Grants; matching funds, repeals sunset provision. View Comments
HB2110 Herring Pretrial data collection; VCSC to collect and disseminate on an annual basis. View Comments
HB2111 Herring Maternal Health Data and Quality Measures, Task Force on; established, report. View Comments
HB2123 Lopez Students; eligibility for in-state tuition. View Comments
HB2124 Lopez COVID-19; DMAS to deem testing, treatment, and vaccination to be emergency services. View Comments
HB2156 Watts Nursing home staffing and care standards; regulations, report. View Comments
HB2163 Tran Motor Vehicles, Department; limits the release of privileged information to government entities. View Comments
HB2174 Torian VirginiaSaves Program; established, memberships. View Comments
HB2177 Torian Capital outlay plan; repeals existing six-year capital outlay for projects to be funded. View Comments
HB2178 Torian Commonwealth of Virginia Higher Educational Institutions Bond Act of 2021; created. View Comments
HB2179 Torian Refunding bonds; alters the principal and interest requirements. View Comments
HB2181 Mundon King Virginia Retirement System; technical amendments. View Comments
HB2187 Hodges Recurrent Flooding Resiliency, Commonwealth Center; study topics to manage water quality, etc. View Comments
HB2188 Hodges Engineered septic systems; Department of Health, et al., to initiate a 3-yr. pilot program to study. View Comments
HB2195 Leftwich Virginia Retirement System; retired law-enforcement officers employed as school security officers. View Comments
HB2203 Filler-Corn Virginia Agriculture Food Assistance Program and Fund; established and created. View Comments
HB2207 Jones Workers' compensation; presumption of compensability for COVID-19. View Comments
HB2212 Plum Children's Services Act; effective monitoring and implementation. View Comments
HB2213 Guzman Gold; Secretary of Natural Resources, et al., to study mining and processing. View Comments
HB2223 Hayes Treasury and State Treasurer, Department of the; surety bonds. View Comments
HB2260 Scott Vehicle registration fees; imposes an additional fee to be deposited into Public Safety Trust Fund. View Comments
HB2261 Wyatt License plates, special; removes fee for issuance to a member of the Virginia National Guard. View Comments
HB2264 Leftwich Virginia Retirement System; retired law-enforcement officers employed as fingerprint examiners. View Comments
HB2271 Samirah Universal health care; Secretary of Health & Human Resources to study options for financing. View Comments
HJ522 Tyler Staffing levels, employment conditions, and compensation at DOC; continued study, appropriations. View Comments
HJ526 Bulova Comprehensive campaign finance reform; joint subcommittee to study. View Comments
HJ542 McQuinn Transit equity and modernization; Department of Rail and Public Transportation to study. View Comments
HJ578 Price Criminal justice, behavioral health, & other records; DBHDS to study feasibility of secure database. View Comments

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