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All General Laws Bills
Bill Patron Title
HB1366 Head Executive branch agencies; posting of regulations. View Comments
HB1373 Taylor Casino gaming; eligible host cities; limitation on local referendums. View Comments
HB1384 Fowler Professional and Occupational Regulation, Department of; licensure by apprenticeship. View Comments
HB1392 Williams Safety & Health Codes Bd. of Dept. of Labor & Industry; regulation regarding cranes & derricks, etc. View Comments
HB1401 March Community Policing Act; repeals Act. View Comments
HB1418 Ware Real Estate Appraiser Board; appraisal experience. View Comments
HB1464 Hodges Cannabis control; establishes framework for creation of retail market, transitional sale, penalties. View Comments
HB1490 Davis Virginia Public Procurement Act; certain construction contracts, performance and payment bonds. View Comments
HB1491 Davis Small business; redefines for the purposes of certain programs. View Comments
HB1498 Convirs-Fowler Barbers and cosmetologists; exemptions, threading. View Comments
HB1519 Adams, D.M. Common interest communities; termination and duration of certain management contracts. View Comments
HB1521 Fowler Kratom products; prohibited acts, civil penalty. View Comments
HB1542 Campbell, J.L. Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; security deposits. View Comments
HB1558 Watts Common interest communities; residents providing certain services presumed to be "independent". View Comments
HB1569 Walker Virginia Freedom of Information Act; disclosure of personnel records. View Comments
HB1608 Tata Technical assistants; BHCD to suspend Building Code qualification requirement. View Comments
HB1610 Tata Virginia Public Procurement Act; cooperative procurement, installation of playground equipment. View Comments
HB1614 Williams Graves Housing authorities; common household pets. View Comments
HB1627 Coyner Common Interest Community Board; enforcement power over continuing violations. View Comments
HB1633 Bulova Virginia Contractor Transaction Recovery Fund; recovery, arbitration. View Comments
HB1635 Bulova Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; tenant remedies, uninhabitable dwelling unit. View Comments
HB1650 Price Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; enforcement by localities. View Comments
HB1651 Price Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; nonrefundable application fee, limitations. View Comments
HB1652 Price Va Residential Landlord & Tenant Act; landlord remedies, noncompliance with rental agreement. View Comments
HB1702 Maldonado Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; terms and conditions of rental agreement. View Comments
HB1725 VanValkenburg Virginia Fair Housing Law; use of assistance animal in a dwelling, penalties. View Comments
HB1730 Bennett-Parker Alcoholic beverage control; grounds for suspension or revocation of license, exception. View Comments
HB1731 VanValkenburg Pharmaceutical Services, Office of; establishes in Department of General Services, report. View Comments
HB1732 Bennett-Parker Va Residential Landlord & Tenant Act; landlord remedies, noncompliance with rental agreement. View Comments
HB1735 VanValkenburg Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; statement of tenant rights and responsibilities. View Comments
HB1738 Carr Virginia Freedom of Information Act; state public bodies, meetings, virtual public access. View Comments
HB1743 Carr Virginia Public Procurement Act; competitive sealed bidding, required statements. View Comments
HB1748 Willett Solicitation of contributions; expands definition of "solicitation," terms of contracts. View Comments
HB1750 Webert Cannabis control; establishes framework for creation of retail marijuana market. View Comments
HB1753 Robinson Alcoholic beverage control; mixed beverage carrier license, airport passenger lounge. View Comments
HB1758 Webert Regulator Innovation, Department of, Virginia Regulatory Sandbox Program; created, report. View Comments
HB1759 Reid Veterans; Sec. of Vets. & Defense Affairs to study strategic plan making Va. the best. View Comments
HB1765 Carr Fire protection; expands definition of fire company. View Comments
HB1766 Reid Uniform Statewide Building Code; multifamily residential housing construction projects. View Comments
HB1805 Bloxom Virginia Resources Authority; community development and housing projects. View Comments
HB1810 Davis State and local employees; rights of employees, freedoms of conscience and expression. View Comments
HB1813 March Fireworks; sale, use, and taxation. View Comments
HB1818 Avoli Fire zones; removes prohibition for creating in Augusta County. View Comments
HB1829 Torian Small, women-owned, or minority-owned businesses certification, grant and procurement awards. View Comments
HB1830 Torian Va Residential Landlord & Tenant Act; landlord remedies, noncompliance with rental agreement. View Comments
HB1837 Simon Common interest community associations; prohibition on use of nominating committees. View Comments
HB1844 Taylor Virginia Public Records Act; confidentiality of certain archived records. View Comments
HB1845 Taylor Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; noncompliance with rental agreement. View Comments
HB1866 Scott, P.A. Alcoholic beverage control; suspension or revocation of certain retail licenses, reinstatement. View Comments
HB1878 Williams Graves FOIA; exclusions to application of chapter, local administrative investigations, disclosure. View Comments
HB1881 Freitas Virginia Cannabis Control Authority; limits powers of Boards of Directors. View Comments
HB1888 Sullivan Real estate settlement agents; fees; informed consent. View Comments
HB1898 McGuire Virginia Public Procurement Act; prohibition on boycotting Israel, civil penalty. View Comments
HB1902 Hope Administrative Process Act; appeal of case decisions regarding grant or denial of public assistance. View Comments
HB1911 Batten Conflict of Interests Act, State and Local Government; certain gifts prohibited, foreign countries. View Comments
HB1912 Batten Treasury Board; powers and duties. View Comments
HB1913 Batten Virginia Public Procurement Act; prohibited contracts, agency-branded marketing materials. View Comments
HB1930 Runion Virginia Self-Service Storage Act; default by occupant, watercraft. View Comments
HB1934 Fowler Administrative Process Act; certain regulations to require legislative approval. View Comments
HB1940 Runion Waterworks and wastewater works operators; license reciprocity. View Comments
HB1953 Greenhalgh Virginia Freedom of Information Act; closed meeting exemption, home instruction of children. View Comments
HB1955 Tata Virginia Real Estate Time-Share Act; alternative purchases. View Comments
HB1957 Leftwich Virginia Public Procurement Act; construction management and design-build contracting. View Comments
HB1965 Mullin Virginia Freedom of Information Act; required release of law-enforcement disciplinary records. View Comments
HB1971 Leftwich Alcoholic beverage control; slotting fees. View Comments
HB1979 Leftwich Alcoholic beverage control; displays of wine and beer. View Comments
HB1987 Krizek Charitable gaming; temporary permits, limitations. View Comments
HB1997 Krizek Virginia Racing Commission; powers and duties, ratio of live racing days. View Comments
HB2001 Krizek Alcoholic beverage control; disclosure of alcohol by volume content by certain retail licensees. View Comments
HB2006 Roem Virginia Freedom of Information Act; public records charges, electronic payment method. View Comments
HB2007 Roem Virginia Freedom of Information Act; posting of fee policy by a public body. View Comments
HB2011 Roem Cemeteries; interment rights, proof of kinship. View Comments
HB2022 Maldonado Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; rent increase during tenancy. View Comments
HB2045 Carr Zoning for Housing Production Act; created, sunset provision. View Comments
HB2046 Carr Housing and Community Development, Department of; adds to powers and duties of Director. View Comments
HB2048 Carr Economically mixed projects; VHDA financial projects. View Comments
HB2050 Bennett-Parker Virginia Freedom of Information Act; electronic meetings, local and regional public bodies. View Comments
HB2053 Glass Protect Virginia Grant Fund and Program; created and established. View Comments
HB2056 Lopez Professions and occupations; proof of identity to obtain a license, etc. View Comments
HB2058 Lopez Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; tenant's assertion, condemnation of leased premises. View Comments
HB2059 Lopez Noncitizens of the United States; removes term aliens throughout Code. View Comments
HB2075 Lopez Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; terms and conditions of rental agreement. View Comments
HB2082 Mundon King Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; employees of the landlord, rental dwelling unit keys. View Comments
HB2098 Bulova Common interest communities; authority of association to suspend right to use certain facilities. View Comments
HB2101 Bulova Endangered & threatened species; DWR in case decisions must comply with certain provisions. View Comments
HB2113 Bulova Procurement policies; various Authorities to adopt. View Comments
HB2122 Watts Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council; training for members of school boards. View Comments
HB2125 Wilt Charitable gaming; exemptions from certain requirements for specified organizations. View Comments
HB2133 Wilt State Fire Marshal; authority. View Comments
HB2135 Delaney Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; early termination of rental agreement. View Comments
HB2153 Guzman Employment of person with a disability; alternative application process. View Comments
HB2161 Williams Local government; standardization of public notice requirements for certain intended actions. View Comments
HB2175 Sickles Fire service needs; sustainability of funding, and alternative fundning models. View Comments
HB2180 Morefield Professional and Occupational Regulation, Department of; universal license recognition. View Comments
HB2202 Robinson Sports betting; adjusted gross revenue. View Comments
HB2214 Tran Virginia Residential Property Disclosure Act; required disclosures, resource protection areas. View Comments
HB2223 Batten Conflict of Interests Act, State/Local Government; statement of economic interests, etc. View Comments
HB2235 Wampler Resale Disclosure Act; established. View Comments
HB2242 Simonds Elections administration; requests made pursuant to Virginia Freedom of Information Act. View Comments
HB2256 Cordoza Fort Monroe Authority; ability to charge certain fees, security. View Comments
HB2258 Robinson Alcoholic beverage control; beer distribution. View Comments
HB2265 Wilt Industrial hemp; increases maximum THC concentration. View Comments
HB2281 Shin Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council; powers and duties, complaints, penalties. View Comments
HB2295 Kilgore Legal & illegal electronic gaming activities; restrictions, joint committee to study, civil penalty. View Comments
HB2312 Head Uniform Statewide Building Code; stop work orders, appeals. View Comments
HB2325 Bloxom Agricultural land; ownership by foreign governments prohibited, report. View Comments
HB2332 Campbell, E.H. Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority; eligible site for site development grant. View Comments
HB2336 Wampler Alcoholic beverage control; lowers marketplace license fees. View Comments
HB2347 Webert Regulatory Budget Program; DPB to establish, report. View Comments
HB2351 Subramanyam Virginia Lottery Board; compensation to licensed sales agents. View Comments
HB2371 Bennett-Parker Alexandria Historical Restoration and Preservation Commission; surety bonds for membership. View Comments
HB2376 Glass Virginia Creative Economy Grant Fund and Program; established. View Comments
HB2394 Cordoza Va. Freedom of Information Act; exclusions, proprietary records & trade secrets to Fort Monroe Auth. View Comments
HB2419 Wampler Charitable gaming; modifies definition of organization. View Comments
HB2428 Wilt Marijuana; advertising restrictions, penalties. View Comments
HB2441 Price Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; termination of multiple month-to-month tenancies. View Comments
HB2450 Campbell, J.L. Virginia Public Procurement Act; construction manager allowed to bid on certain contracts. View Comments
HB2452 Brewer Charitable gaming; amends definition of Texas Hold'em poker tournaments. View Comments
HB2455 Leftwich Charitable gaming and historical horse racing; regulation. View Comments
HB2458 Bagby Charitable gaming; regulations related to electronic devices, prohibited practices. View Comments
HB2461 Durant COVID-19; penalty reimbursements, sunset provision. View Comments
HB2484 Subramanyam White Collar Crime Task Force; created. View Comments
HB2498 Kory Virginia Freedom of Information Act; training for local officials, members of park authorities'. View Comments
HB2499 Williams Casino gaming; eligible host localities. View Comments
HB2500 Wiley Virginia Public Procurement Act; private contracts, payment of subcontractors. View Comments

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