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All Education Bills
Bill Patron Title
HB1004 Guzman Two-Year College Transfer Grant, etc; eligibility, removes registry for Selective Service. View Comments
HB1005 Guzman Public school teachers; continuing contract, resignation. View Comments
HB1007 Scott, P.A. Sexually explicit instructional material; Board of Education; to establish policy. View Comments
HB1009 Durant Sexually explicit instructional material; Board of Education; to establish policy. View Comments
HB1022 Guzman Public elementary and secondary school students, certain; excused absences. View Comments
HB1023 Guzman Family life education curricula, certain; optional instruction on human trafficking. View Comments
HB1024 LaRock Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts; established, definition of poverty guidelines. View Comments
HB1025 LaRock Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts; established. View Comments
HB1026 Guzman Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety, and Media Literacy Advisory Council; established, sunset date. View Comments
HB1032 LaRock Superintendent of Public Instruction and local school boards; standards for certain public schools. View Comments
HB1034 Ransone Department of Education; school boards; guidelines; provision of counseling services in schools. View Comments
HB1041 Guzman Public institutions of higher education; in-state tuition; children of active duty service members. View Comments
HB1047 Tran Students who need or use augmentative and alternative communication; instruction; eligibility. View Comments
HB1064 Brewer Public School Trades Incentive Fund and Program; created and established. View Comments
HB1068 Cordoza Public elementary and secondary schools; curricula and instruction. View Comments
HB1093 Batten Public elementary and secondary education; cultural competency training. View Comments
HB1100 LaRock Public elementary and secondary school buildings; standards for maintenance, operations, etc. View Comments
HB1108 Rasoul Public schools; instruction concerning gambling. View Comments
HB1110 Maldonado School boards, local; grievance procedure for certain employees, timing of resolution of disputes. View Comments
HB1120 McQuinn Higher educational institutions, public; admission, in-state tuition, and tuition waivers. View Comments
HB1124 Anderson Education, Board of; policies for codes of student conduct, contents. View Comments
HB1125 Anderson School boards; parental notification of certain incidents, Alyssa's law-silent panic alarms. View Comments
HB1126 Avoli Parental rights; right to review & obtain educational materials, etc. (The Parents Bill of Rights). View Comments
HB1129 Taylor School safety audits; law-enforcement officers. View Comments
HB113 March Public school buses; displaying decals with "In God We Trust" and "One Nation Under God" on buses. View Comments
HB1135 Bourne Standards of Quality; DoE to oversee work-based learning, teacher leaders and mentors. View Comments
HB1138 Reid Loudoun County School Board; staggering of member terms, lot drawing, timeframe. View Comments
HB1184 Guzman Public schools; English language learners. View Comments
HB1188 Davis Board of Education; appointment of nonvoting student advisor. View Comments
HB12 Anderson Public school buildings; limits entry points, screening individuals. View Comments
HB1215 Ransone Physical education; public safety training. View Comments
HB127 Davis Academic year Governor's Schools; certain practices prohibited and permitted. View Comments
HB128 Davis Virginia Diverse Educator Scholarship Fund and Program; created and established. View Comments
HB197 Webert Public elementary and middle schools; student growth assessments, alternatives. View Comments
HB201 Webert In-person instruction; education vouchers, etc. View Comments
HB210 Brewer Va. National Guard; funding for active members, recruitment. View Comments
HB217 Simonds Stem Education Advisory Board; required to review federal occupational categories. View Comments
HB221 Davis STEM+C; included in Standards of Learning. View Comments
HB230 Coyner Teachers; licensure by reciprocity for military spouses, timeline for determination. View Comments
HB236 Orrock Teachers' licenses, certain; Board of Education permitted to temporarily extend. View Comments
HB246 Kilgore School attendance; 4-H educational programs and activities. View Comments
HB251 Simonds School boards and local governing bodies; unexpended local funds, etc. View Comments
HB252 Simonds School division maintenance reserve tool; Department of Education to develop or adopt and maintain. View Comments
HB253 Simonds Literary Fund; open application process for loans, maximum loan amounts, etc. View Comments
HB256 Simonds New Economy Workforce Credential Grant Program; eligible institutions, contracts. View Comments
HB271 Byron School bds. & comprehensive community colleges, local; compensation structure for adjunct professor. View Comments
HB293 Freitas Education Savings Account Program; established. View Comments
HB294 Freitas Education improvement scholarship tax credit; eligible students in need of safer school environment. View Comments
HB308 Ransone School principals; incident reports. View Comments
HB313 Krizek Public school buses; new buses to be equipped with seat belts. View Comments
HB317 Freitas Higher educational institutions, public; per student enrollment-based funding, noncredit workforce. View Comments
HB319 Coyner Virginia Literacy Act; early student literacy, evidence-based literacy instruction, etc. View Comments
HB333 Freitas Public education; student education accounts. View Comments
HB340 Davis High school graduation; alternative pathways to the advanced studies diploma. View Comments
HB344 Davis Public charter schools; applications, review and approval. View Comments
HB346 Davis College partnership laboratory schools; application and establishment. View Comments
HB355 Freitas Higher educational institutions, baccalaureate public; website posting of certain comparative data. View Comments
HB356 Tata Public schools; regional charter school divisions. View Comments
HB357 Tata Higher educational institutions, public; grants for tuition and fees. View Comments
HB362 Subramanyam School boards, local; instruction on climate change. View Comments
HB363 Freitas School board employees, certain; grounds for dismissal, report. View Comments
HB37 Anderson School boards; employment of at least one school resource officer in public middle and high school. View Comments
HB371 Convirs-Fowler School board employees, licensed; cultural competency training, bullying. View Comments
HB389 Bulova Early childhood care and education; regional entities, Child Care Subsidy Program Overpayment Fund. View Comments
HB4 Wyatt School principals; incident reports. View Comments
HB406 Freitas Higher education; students and student organizations, remedies for certain violations. View Comments
HB41 Scott, P.A. Early childhood care and education; publicly funded providers, assessment of children. View Comments
HB418 Delaney Elementary and secondary education, public; at-risk add-on funds. View Comments
HB419 Delaney Institutions of higher education; education preparation programs; coursework; audit. View Comments
HB433 Bulova Standards of Learning, certain; assessments, method of administration. View Comments
HB440 VanValkenburg School boards; teachers to ensure planning time and planning periods. View Comments
HB452 Bennett-Parker Public school buses; display of advertising, hiring of school bus drivers. View Comments
HB457 Helmer Higher educational institutions; immunity from disciplinary action in certain cases. View Comments
HB485 Helmer Student Emergency Aid Fund and Program; created and established. View Comments
HB486 Subramanyam Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology; admissions requirements. View Comments
HB511 March Students who receive home instruction; participation in interscholastic programs. View Comments
HB522 March Students who receive home instruction; participation in interscholastic programs, fees. View Comments
HB525 Murphy Higher educational institutions, nonprofit and public; hazing policies. View Comments
HB526 Batten Victims of human trafficking; eligibility for in-state tuition. View Comments
HB533 Batten Public elementary and secondary schools; agreements to establish opportunity classrooms. View Comments
HB535 Clark Teachers; required to be compensated at or above national average. View Comments
HB539 Batten Higher educational institutions, public; disclosure of certain criminal convictions to applicants. View Comments
HB547 Hudson Speech-language pathologists; Department of Education to develop/maintain statewide strategic plan. View Comments
HB563 O'Quinn School Construction Matching Grant Fund and Program; established, funding sources. View Comments
HB581 VanValkenburg School boards, local; teacher career ladder compensation programs. View Comments
HB582 Roem Higher educational institutions, public; notice to students, SNAP benefits. View Comments
HB583 Roem Public elementary and secondary school students; ability to pay for meals and school meal debt. View Comments
HB585 VanValkenburg Middle and high school end-of-course assessments; number and type. View Comments
HB587 Roem School Breakfast Program and National School Lunch Program; processing of applications. View Comments
HB59 McGuire School principals; incident reports. View Comments
HB608 Bourne School boards; unexpended local funds for capital projects. View Comments
HB629 Roem Hunger-Free Campus Grant Program; established, report. View Comments
HB636 Carr Virginia student environmental literacy; grant fund and program. View Comments
HB649 Carr Children who are deaf or hard of hearing; language development, assessment resources. View Comments
HB650 Kory School boards; school consolidation and redistricting and pupil assignment, etc. View Comments
HB688 Kory School boards; production of public records, fee schedules. View Comments
HB694 Keam Commonwealth College Completion Fund and Program; established. View Comments
HB721 Filler-Corn Get Skilled, Get a Job, Give Back (G3) Program; higher education centers. View Comments
HB732 Carr Higher educational institutions; debt collection, transcripts and diplomas. View Comments
HB741 Bell Annual public elementary and secondary school safety audits; creation or review of school building. View Comments
HB781 Williams Public elementary and secondary schools; student citizenship skills, etc. View Comments
HB786 LaRock Instructional material and related academic activities; Board of Education to establish policy. View Comments
HB787 LaRock Public elementary and secondary education; training or instruction on certain concepts. View Comments
HB789 LaRock Family life education programs; student participation, summaries. View Comments
HB8 Anderson School security officers; scope of employment, hiring certain veterans. View Comments
HB829 Wilt School counselors; staffing ratios, flexibility. View Comments
HB844 Lopez High school interscholastic athletic competition; prevention of hate speech, etc. View Comments
HB853 Reid Brown v. Board of Education Scholarship Program Fund; unused funds, etc. View Comments
HB857 Reid Virginia National Guard; institutions of higher education, tuition grants. View Comments
HB860 Reid Teacher Training Corps; established, report. View Comments
HB863 Reid Local law enforcement; certain reports to school principals and division superintendents. View Comments
HB873 Greenhalgh School boards; employment of at least one school resource officer in elementary & secondary schools. View Comments
HB879 Rasoul Education, Board of; qualifications of members. View Comments
HB89 Walker Disorderly conduct in public places; removes provision relating to elementary & secondary students. View Comments
HB9 Ware Public school teachers; probationary term of service, grounds for dismissal, and dismissal hearings. View Comments
HB938 Robinson Public schools; evaluation & recommendations for certain current and proposed policies. View Comments
HB946 Wampler Education, Board of; public notice and comment regarding certain materials. View Comments
HB977 McGuire Public elementary & secondary education; school boards & employees to promote diversity and respect. View Comments
HB979 Tran Provisional teacher licensure; teachers licensed or certified outside of the United States. View Comments
HB982 Scott, P.A. Education Savings Account Program; established, Education Improvement Scholarships tax credits. View Comments
HB985 Anderson School principals; incident reports, violent offenses. View Comments
HB988 Wyatt Transgender students; model policies. View Comments

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