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All Education Bills
Bill Patron Title
SB1106 Stanley Public School Assistance Fund and Program; created. View Comments
SB1132 Suetterlein Public schools; severe weather conditions and other emergency situations. View Comments
SB1169 Norment Student driver safety; driver education program shall include dangers of speeding. View Comments
SB1175 Ruff Brunswick County school board; appointed school board salaries. View Comments
SB1190 Kiggans Health Standards of Learning; advanced directive education for high school students. View Comments
SB1196 Locke Teachers and other licensed school board employees; cultural competency. View Comments
SB1204 Barker George Mason University; management agreement with the Commonwealth. View Comments
SB1225 Boysko Broadband services; school boards to appropriate funds for expansion of services for education. View Comments
SB1257 McClellan SOQ; school board to provide at least three specialized student support positions. View Comments
SB1288 Dunnavant Special education; Department of and the Board of Education to develop new policies and procedures. View Comments
SB1303 Dunnavant Local school divisions; availability of virtual and in-person learning to all students. View Comments
SB1313 Mason Children's Services Act; funds expended special education programs. View Comments
SB1322 DeSteph Public schools; seizure management and action plans, biennial training, effective date. View Comments
SB1357 Dunnavant Standards of Learning; reading & mathematics assessments for students in grades three through eight. View Comments
SB1387 Boysko Students; eligibility for in-state tuition. View Comments
SB1401 Pillion Standards of Learning; reduces total number & type of required assessments to minimum requirements. View Comments
SB1405 Saslaw Get Skilled, Get a Job, Give Back (G3) Fund and Program; established. View Comments
SB1439 McClellan Students; guidelines on excused student absences, civic engagement. View Comments

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