Public Comments for: SB1106 - Public School Assistance Fund and Program; created.
Last Name: Cossaboon Organization: Norfolk Public Schools Locality: New Kent

I'm providing this comment on behalf of Norfolk Public Schools. The division strongly supports SB 1106, which would create the Public School Assistance Fund and Program. Norfolk is a large urban school division, and 60% of our schools are 60 years old or older. Renovations, modernization and ongoing maintenance are extremely important for these older buildings and this would provide a specific funding source for these large projects. Our students cannot be expected to learn in buildings with leaking roofs, mold infestations, and failing heating and air conditioning systems. We need a funding source for these large projects, and this legislation would provide that. Please pass this bill; it will provide a necessary step toward providing a sorely needed resource for Virginia's schools.

Last Name: Diamond Locality: Floyd

I agree

Last Name: Harris Locality: Floyd

Im a student from floyd i hate online school because it is harder and i dont get to see a lot of my other friends.Its been hard and i hope this all ends so we can see all of our friends again and for things to go back to normall again.

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