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All Courts of Justice Bills
Bill Patron Title
HB1365 Williams Admission to bail; rebuttable presumptions against bail. View Comments
HB1374 Taylor Civil action for trafficking in persons; charge or conviction not required. View Comments
HB1380 Campbell, R.R. Issuing citations; certain traffic offenses. View Comments
HB1385 Ballard Divorce; affidavit submitted as evidence, minor children of the parties. View Comments
HB1386 Ballard Interlocutory decrees or orders, certain; appeals, report. View Comments
HB1404 Taylor Cigarette; definition, delivery sale requirements. View Comments
HB1412 Marshall Judges; maximum number in each judicial district. View Comments
HB1416 Brewer Sexually transmitted infections; testing of certain persons following arrest or indictment, etc. View Comments
HB1425 Coyner Conservators of the peace; search warrants; military criminal investigative organizations. View Comments
HB1429 Anderson Public defender; supplementing compensation. View Comments
HB1431 Scott, P.A. Contributory negligence bar; abolished. View Comments
HB1432 Scott, P.A. Trespass; service of process. View Comments
HB1435 Ballard Revocation of suspension of sentence and probation; hearing, sentencing. View Comments
HB1440 Ballard Finding of guilt in absentia; proof of such finding in a civil action. View Comments
HB1445 Wyatt Issuing citations; certain traffic offenses and odor of marijuana, exclusion of evidence. View Comments
HB1452 Orrock Medicaid Fraud Control Unit; appointment of sworn unit investigators to Unit, powers and duties. View Comments
HB1455 Anderson Fentanyl; selling, giving, or distributing a substance that contains 2 mgms. or more, penalties. View Comments
HB1474 Webert Law-enforcement officers; protected personal information. View Comments
HB1478 Ballard Crimes by gangs; expands definition, penalties for gang crimes. View Comments
HB1488 McGuire Abortion; use of public funds prohibited. View Comments
HB1493 Davis Best interests of the child; assuring frequent and continuing contact with both parents. View Comments
HB1502 Wyatt Trade secrets; theft of or trafficking, penalty. View Comments
HB1506 Convirs-Fowler Post-conviction relief; previously admitted scientific evidence. View Comments
HB1513 Adams, D.M. Psilocybin; possession or distribution for certain medical purposes permitted, penalty. View Comments
HB1523 Taylor Prostitution; solicitation, penalties. View Comments
HB1541 Campbell, J.L. Testimony of health care provider or custodian; evidence of medical reports, statements, or records, View Comments
HB1545 Taylor Special conservators of the peace; airport commission or authority. View Comments
HB1549 Campbell, J.L. Wrongful death; death of parent or guardian of child resulting from driving under the influence. View Comments
HB1550 Campbell, J.L. Child abuse or neglect; findings of local department of social services, appeal. View Comments
HB1561 Watts Arrest/prosecution of individual experiencing mental health emerg.; assault against law enforcement. View Comments
HB1562 Helmer Insurrections; bars serving in positions of public trust. View Comments
HB1572 Walker Emergency response; false information by device, penalty. View Comments
HB1581 Sullivan Child custody, etc.; educational seminars approved by Office of Ex. Sec. of Supreme Court of Va. View Comments
HB1583 Sullivan Peeping or spying into a dwelling or occupied building; electronic device, penalty. View Comments
HB1584 Sullivan Biological evidence; storage, preservation, and retention of evidence in felony cases. View Comments
HB1585 Sullivan Hard body armor; wearing in public, exceptions, penalty. View Comments
HB1586 Sullivan Wrongful incarceration; compensation. View Comments
HB1590 Sullivan Telephone, digital pager, or other device to signal; causing alert with intent to annoy, penalty. View Comments
HB1603 Wyatt Enhanced earned sentence credits; firearm-related offense, felony conviction during confinement. View Comments
HB1613 Williams Graves False emergency communication to emergency personnel; penalties, report. View Comments
HB1615 Clark Statute of limitations; medical debt payment period. View Comments
HB1636 Bulova Child day program or family day system; operating or engaging in the conduct thereof. View Comments
HB1642 Kilgore Felony homicide; felonious acts, certain drug offenses, penalty. View Comments
HB1647 Anderson Sexual abuse by person of authority; civil cause of action, limitations period. View Comments
HB1655 Price Fines, costs, forfeitures, etc.; collection fees, assessment against incarcerated defendant. View Comments
HB1672 Campbell, J.L. Resisting detention; Class 3 misdemeanor. View Comments
HB1673 Bell Strangulation by blocking or obstructing the airway of another; penalty. View Comments
HB1682 Wyatt Weapon of terrorism; definition, penalty. View Comments
HB1687 Brewer Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; expands the Supplement to the Registry. View Comments
HB1699 Cherry Minors; buying or selling, exceptions, penalties. View Comments
HB1703 Durant Issuing citations; certain traffic offenses. View Comments
HB1705 Bell Attorney General; instituting or conducting criminal prosecutions. View Comments
HB1706 Bell National Center for Missing and Exploited Children; dissemination of criminal history record info. View Comments
HB1708 LaRock Juveniles; prohibited sales and loans of materials deemed harmful. View Comments
HB1718 Clark Community corrections alternative program; defendants required to enter into and complete program. View Comments
HB1720 Clark Divorce; cruelty, reasonable apprehension of bodily hurt, or willful desertion or abandonment. View Comments
HB1724 VanValkenburg Improvements, repairs, or maintenance of property; entering adjoining property, petition for entry. View Comments
HB1755 Campbell, J.L. Property; directs the court to consider certain factors when it orders a partition. View Comments
HB1756 Campbell, J.L. Attorney-issued subpoenas; release of witness. View Comments
HB1757 Campbell, J.L. Immunity of persons; tort actions, tort based solely on statements, attorney fees and costs. View Comments
HB1786 Gooditis Child abuse or neglect; definition, independent activities. View Comments
HB1792 Ransone Temp. detention in hospital; testing, etc., mental/physical condition resulting from intoxication. View Comments
HB1795 Freitas Abortion; born alive infant, treatment and care, penalty. View Comments
HB1835 Bell Health care providers; threats made against providers, penalty. View Comments
HB1836 Jenkins Writs of eviction; returns to issuing clerk. View Comments
HB1838 Taylor Child Pornography Registry; required information. View Comments
HB1860 Bell Guardianship or conservatorship; primary health care provider of respondent. View Comments
HB1865 Scott, P.A. Abortion; based on a disability or sex or ethnicity of the unborn child prohibited, penalty. View Comments
HB1885 Byron Organized retail theft; establishes as a crime, report, penalty. View Comments
HB1892 Ballard Abduction of a minor; penalty. View Comments
HB1895 Filler-Corn Employee protection; prohibited retaliation, prohibited nondisclosure. View Comments
HB1897 Bell Protective orders; extensions and continuances, other monetary relief, penalty. View Comments
HB1899 Hope Family or household member; definition, penalty. View Comments
HB1908 Hope Criminal proceedings; disposition when defendant found incompetent. View Comments
HB1916 Batten Higher educational institutions, public; threat assessment teams, powers and duties. View Comments
HB1922 McGuire Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol; distribution, penalty. View Comments
HB1923 Tata Minors; admission to mental health facility for inpatient treatment. View Comments
HB1931 Durant Sexually violent predators; civil commitment, penalty. View Comments
HB1943 Runion Crime victim rights; notification from the attorney for the Commonwealth. View Comments
HB1954 Bell Killing the fetus of another; guilty of manslaughter, penalties. View Comments
HB1956 Runion Law-enforcement officer; magistrates to observe during training duties, etc. View Comments
HB1958 Leftwich Campgrounds; definitions, inherent risks, liability, notice required. View Comments
HB1959 Mullin Disposition of the unrestorably incompetent defendant; aggravated murder charge. View Comments
HB1960 Mullin Felony offenses; elimination of mandatory minimum sentences. View Comments
HB1961 Mullin Family abuse protective orders; relief available, password to electronic device. View Comments
HB1972 Leftwich Emergency relief payments; automatic exemption from creditor process. View Comments
HB1973 Leftwich Tetrahydrocannabinol; industrial hemp, regulated hemp products. View Comments
HB1976 Bell Involuntary admission; temporary detention, release of detained individual. View Comments
HB1990 Herring Juvenile and domestic relations district courts; appointment of counsel or guardian ad litem. View Comments
HB1991 Herring Juvenile and domestic relations district courts; concurrent jurisdiction, suits for divorce. View Comments
HB1992 Herring Juvenile and domestic relations district courts; notice of appeal to the circuit court. View Comments
HB1994 Herring Law-enforcement officers; minimum qualifications, citizenship, waiver. View Comments
HB1996 Herring Summons for Unlawful Detainer form; plain English instructions for interpretation of form. View Comments
HB1999 Kory Right to Contraception Act; sets out statutory protections for an individual's right. View Comments
HB2011 Roem Cemeteries; interment rights, proof of kinship. View Comments
HB2012 Adams, L.R. Retired Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges; recall in circuit courts. View Comments
HB2013 Adams, L.R. Probation, revocation, and suspension of sentence; penalty. View Comments
HB2015 Adams, L.R. Unlawful picketing or parading to obstruct or influence justice; penalty. View Comments
HB2016 Adams, L.R. Appointment of counsel; Class 1 felony cases, compensation. View Comments
HB2017 Adams, L.R. Juvenile 16 years of age or older; charges requiring preliminary hearing. View Comments
HB2019 Adams, L.R. Discretionary sentencing guidelines; review, deferred disposition. View Comments
HB2020 Wachsmann Unmanned aircraft systems; trespass over correctional facilities, penalty. View Comments
HB2024 Leftwich Retired judges and magistrates; personal information of; penalty, penalty. View Comments
HB2027 Roem Guardianship; procedures for restriction of communication, visitation, or interaction. View Comments
HB2028 Roem Guardianship; duties of guardian, visitation requirements. View Comments
HB2032 Glass Victims of crime; compensation, awards from Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund. View Comments
HB2037 Sewell Public defender; supplementing compensation. View Comments
HB2040 Shin Correctional officers; arrest without a warrant during transportation of inmate. View Comments
HB2044 Shin Criminal and traffic cases; fines and costs assessed against juveniles, report. View Comments
HB2051 Glass Custodial interrogations; false statements to a child prohibited, inauthentic replica documents. View Comments
HB2054 Hope Community services boards; information to certain defendants, services provided by boards. View Comments
HB2063 Glass Guardian ad litem; appointment, requested information, records, or reports. View Comments
HB2066 Glass Custodial interrogation of a child; statement of leniency. View Comments
HB2068 Lopez Juveniles; prohibited sales and loans, clarifies definition of sexual conduct. View Comments
HB2070 Murphy Firearms; purchase, etc., following an assault and battery against person in dating relationship. View Comments
HB2071 Lopez Persons other than ministers who may perform rites of marriage; issuance of order, etc. View Comments
HB2072 Glass Action of forfeiture; disposal of property, exemptions. View Comments
HB2074 Murphy Assault and battery; persons diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability. View Comments
HB2077 Murphy Veterans Services, Department of; disclosure of services provided. View Comments
HB2078 Murphy Firearm locks; required for sale or transfer of handguns, warning against accessibility to children. View Comments
HB2079 Murphy Assault and battery against a family or household member; prior conviction, second offense sentence. View Comments
HB2081 Mundon King Juvenile justice; human trafficking screening. View Comments
HB2105 Bourne Civil actions; standards governing consolidation and transfer, allocation of attorney fees. View Comments
HB2106 Bourne Arrest/prosecution of individual experiencing mental health emerg.; assault against law enforcement. View Comments
HB2120 Hudson Higher educational institutions, public; agreement to provide aggregated, nonconfidential case data. View Comments
HB2121 Hudson Juvenile transfer hearing; factors to be considered. View Comments
HB2128 Wilt Virginia Small Estate Act; funeral expenses and disposition, refusal to pay or deliver small asset. View Comments
HB2129 Delaney Child victims and witnesses; using two-way closed-circuit television, expands age range. View Comments
HB2131 Delaney Sex trafficked youth; DCJS, to administer two-year pilot program to provide safe harbor for youth. View Comments
HB2132 Wilt Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act; various changes to Act. View Comments
HB2134 Delaney Juveniles; prohibited sales and loans, clarifies definition of sexual conduct. View Comments
HB2141 VanValkenburg Owners of firearms; use of firearm by minor in commission of crime or to cause bodily injury. View Comments
HB2150 Delaney Trace evidence collection kit; collection, retention, and storage of kits, effective date. View Comments
HB2159 Price Community service work in lieu of payment of fines and costs; work performed while incarcerated. View Comments
HB2165 Williams Criminal appeals; duties of the Attorney General and attorney for the Commonwealth. View Comments
HB2166 Williams Racketeering offenses; penalty. View Comments
HB2167 Williams Workplace violence; violence in certain public places, penalty. View Comments
HB2168 Williams Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission; breach of Canons of Judicial Conduct. View Comments
HB2171 Williams Religious freedom; applicability of certain executive orders. View Comments
HB2184 Coyner Judgment liens; release of specific property. View Comments
HB2186 Rasoul Trespass; other person lawfully in charge of the property includes locality. View Comments
HB2203 Williams Graves Fines and costs; period of limitations on collection. View Comments
HB2204 Delaney Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination thereof; data collection. View Comments
HB2208 Kilgore Hate crimes and discrimination; anti-Semitism, penalties. View Comments
HB2221 Hayes Personal appearance by two-way electronic video/audio communication; waiver of preliminary hearing. View Comments
HB2226 Wampler Parolee or felon; arrest & return when serving a period of postrelease supervision. View Comments
HB2227 Murphy Civil action against parent; minor's possession and use of firearm. View Comments
HB2230 Wampler Probation; revocation for failure to complete, etc. View Comments
HB2241 Willett Human services workers; assault and battery, penalty. View Comments
HB2252 Williams Magistrates; appointment and supervision. View Comments
HB2259 Cordoza Paternity; genetic tests to determine parentage, relief from paternity, certain actions, penalty. View Comments
HB2263 Wilt Sex offenses; prohibiting proximity to children and school property, penalty. View Comments
HB2270 Greenhalgh Abortion; right to informed consent, penalties. View Comments
HB2278 Byron Abortion; when lawful, 15-week gestational age, exceptions, penalty. View Comments
HB2290 Brewer Judgment or child support order; pregnancy and delivery expenses. View Comments
HB2291 Brewer Infants left in newborn safety devices or hospital personnel, etc.; placement protocol. View Comments
HB2294 Kilgore Marijuana; modifies definition, tetrahydrocannabinol definition, civil penalty. View Comments
HB2298 Ware Concealed weapons; exceptions, penalty. View Comments
HB2313 Head Criminal history record information; dissemination. View Comments
HB2317 Williams Graves Jury duty; increases allowance from $30 to $50 per day. View Comments
HB2320 Campbell, E.H. Dangerous weapons; carrying to place of religious worship. View Comments
HB2321 Campbell, E.H. Investigation prior to release; input from the attorney for the Commonwealth. View Comments
HB2323 Hope Circuit court clerk; posting of notices. View Comments
HB2330 McQuinn Assault and battery; public transportation service vehicle operators, penalty. View Comments
HB2339 Bell Court-ordered treatment; expedited diversion in lieu of criminal adjudication. View Comments
HB2343 Williams Graves Mutual liability for necessaries; furnishing of medical care. View Comments
HB2349 Simon Books & motion pictures; proceedings for adjudication of obscenity, etc. View Comments
HB2357 Murphy Surrogacy; relinquishment of parental rights. View Comments
HB2360 Webert Firearms; use or display when committing a felony, increases mandatory minimum sentences, plenty. View Comments
HB2370 Scott, D.L. Alcohol safety action programs. View Comments
HB2372 Wyatt Catalytic converters; possession, purchase, or sale, penalty. View Comments
HB2383 Hope Guardianship and conservatorship; identifying information and evaluation report. View Comments
HB2384 Adams, L.R. Marijuana; search and seizure, driving or operating a motor vehicle, etc., while intoxicated. View Comments
HB2398 Bell Sexual extortion; penalties. View Comments
HB2400 Herring Criminal records; expungement and sealing of records. View Comments
HB2410 Watts Involuntary temporary detention; termination of a period of detention. View Comments
HB2411 Watts Attorney fees; emergency custody and voluntary and involuntary civil admissions, increases fees. View Comments
HB2424 Seibold Interpreters for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing; court my appoint certified interpreter. View Comments
HB2428 Wilt Marijuana; advertising restrictions, penalties. View Comments
HB2434 Bell Orders for involuntary outpatient evaluations & services; evidence of defendant's mental condition. View Comments
HB2448 Avoli Arrest without warrant authorized in certain cases; powers of arrest, private police officers. View Comments
HB2456 Williams Graves Weapons; possession or transportation, facility that provides mental health services. View Comments
HB2466 Hodges Probation; possession of controlled substance by confidential informant. View Comments
HB2474 Herring Adults charged with a criminal offense punishable by incarceration; collection & reporting of data. View Comments
HB2475 Krizek Sexual battery; an accused who was a member of clergy, penalty. View Comments
HB2476 Durant Pregnant women; website that provides available service and programs. View Comments
HJ519 Herring Constitutional amendment; fundamental right to reproductive freedom (first reference). View Comments

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