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All Courts of Justice Bills
Bill Patron Title
SB1103 Suetterlein Virginia Freedom of Information Act; Virginia Parole Board member votes. View Comments
SB1104 Obenshain Parole; notice and certification, monthly reports. View Comments
SB1105 Stanley Post-conviction relief; previously admitted scientific evidence, report. View Comments
SB1108 Stanley General district courts; jurisdictional limits. View Comments
SB1113 Spruill Communicating threats of death or bodily injury to a person with intent to intimidate; penalty. View Comments
SB1122 Stanley Habitual offenders; repeals remaining provisions of Habitual Offender Act. View Comments
SB1138 Locke Sexually transmitted infections; infected sexual battery, penalty. View Comments
SB1142 Cosgrove Marriage; persons who may celebrate rites, authorizes current members of the General Assembly. View Comments
SB1165 Surovell Death penalty; abolition of current penalty. View Comments
SB1168 Lucas "Abused or neglected child"; definition. View Comments
SB1181 Surovell Special immigrant juvenile status; jurisdiction. View Comments
SB1184 Deeds Standby guardianship; triggering event. View Comments
SB1206 Barker Confidentiality of juvenile court records; exceptions. View Comments
SB1209 Petersen Subcontractor's employees; liability of general contractor for wages. View Comments
SB1213 Edwards Restricted licenses; DMV authorized to issue. View Comments
SB1226 Boysko Compensation Board; determining staffing and salaries for an attorney for the Commonwealth. View Comments
SB1234 Petersen Virginia State Bar examination; foreign applicants, evidence required. View Comments
SB1241 Stuart Personal injury claim; disclosure of insurance policy limits. View Comments
SB1242 Edwards Personal appearance by two-way electronic video and audio communication; entry of plea. View Comments
SB1248 Deeds Juveniles; competency evaluation, receipt of court order. View Comments
SB1261 Edwards Court of Appeals; expands jurisdiction, increases from 11 to 17 number of judges on Court. View Comments
SB1262 Morrissey Restricted permit; prepayment of fines and costs. View Comments
SB1266 Deeds Admission to bail; rebuttable presumptions against bail. View Comments
SB1270 Cosgrove Eminent domain; notice of intent to file certificate. View Comments
SB1272 Mason Unrestorably incompetent defendant; disposition, capital murder charge, inpatient custody. View Comments
SB1297 Obenshain Emergency order for adult protective services; acts of violence, etc., or financial exploitation. View Comments
SB1315 McClellan Criminal proceedings; consideration of mental condition and intellectual, etc. View Comments
SB1325 Dunnavant Visitation; petition of grandparent. View Comments
SB1329 Mason Summons; promises to appear after issuance. View Comments
SB1336 Stuart Ignition interlock systems; restricted permits to operate a motor vehicle. View Comments
SB1339 Surovell Criminal records; sealing of records, Sealing Fee Fund created, penalties, report. View Comments
SB1351 Lewis Workers' compensation; claims not barred. View Comments
SB1391 Lucas Pretrial data collection; VCSC to collect and disseminate on an annual basis. View Comments
SB1397 Norment Parole and conditional release; notice by electronic means and certification. View Comments
SB1415 Stanley Protective orders; violations of preliminary child protective order, changes punishment, etc. View Comments
SB1426 Stanley Orders of restitution; docketed on behalf of victim, enforcement. View Comments
SB1431 Mason Unrestorably incompetent defendant; competency report. View Comments
SB1442 Morrissey Public defender office; establishes an office for the County of Chesterfield. View Comments
SB1443 Edwards Mandatory minimum sentences; elimination, modification of sentence to mandatory minimum term. View Comments
SB1456 Marsden Juveniles; eligibility for commitment to the Department of Juvenile Justice. View Comments
SB1461 Lewis Bribery in correctional facilities; penalty. View Comments
SB1465 Reeves Illegal gambling; skill games, definitions, enforcement by localities and Attorney General. View Comments
SB1468 Surovell Victims of crime; certifications for victims of qualifying criminal activity. View Comments
SB1475 Stuart Search warrants; date and time of issuance, exceptions. View Comments

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