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All Courts of Justice Bills
Bill Patron Title
HB1015 Durant Protective orders; workplace violence. View Comments
HB104 Anderson Judicial emergency; administrative delays, prosecution of felony due to lapse of time. View Comments
HB1048 Scott, P.A. Death of the parent or guardian of a child resulting from driving under the influence. View Comments
HB1058 Cordoza Interest on child support arrearages. View Comments
HB1066 Leftwich Notice of probate; exception to notice. View Comments
HB107 McGuire Larceny and certain property crimes; penalties. View Comments
HB1073 Leftwich Probation, revocation, and suspension of sentence; penalty. View Comments
HB108 McGuire Felony homicide; certain drug offenses, penalties. View Comments
HB109 McGuire Search warrants; removes certain provisions in regard to execution of warrants. View Comments
HB1095 Kory Health care; decision making, end of life, penalties. View Comments
HB1115 Mundon King Juvenile justice; human trafficking screening. View Comments
HB1118 Scott, D.L. Earned sentence credits; credits may be earned by any person committed to the custody of the DOC. View Comments
HB1132 Williams Fiduciaries; payment of small amounts to certain persons without involvement, threshold amount. View Comments
HB1145 Leftwich Civil actions; health care bills and records. View Comments
HB1147 Bell Temporary detention; alternative custody. View Comments
HB1150 Mundon King Commercial sex trafficking, prostitution, etc.; mistake of age defense. View Comments
HB1165 Clark Nolle prosequi or dismissal without prejudice prior to preliminary hearing; subsequent indictment. View Comments
HB1181 Mullin Right to counsel; target of investigation. View Comments
HB1182 Mullin Fraud-related crimes; penalties. View Comments
HB1212 Glass Guardianship and conservatorship; notice of hearing. View Comments
HB1214 Carr Damage to motor vehicles; catalytic converter; penalties. View Comments
HB122 Wyatt Issuing citations; certain traffic offenses, exclusion of evidence. View Comments
HB13 Anderson Libraries; assessment for costs in civil actions, disbursement for law libraries. View Comments
HB134 Cherry Involuntary commitment; release of person before expiration of order. View Comments
HB135 Cherry Emergency custody and temporary detention; transportation of person when transfer of custody. View Comments
HB136 Campbell, J.L. Wrongful death; death of parent or guardian of a child resulting from driving under the influence. View Comments
HB159 Byron Emergency custody and temporary detention orders; transportation of minor, acceptance of custody. View Comments
HB16 Fowler Abuse and neglect of a child; safe haven defense. View Comments
HB163 Ransone Emergency custody and temporary detention; governing transportation & custody of minors and adults. View Comments
HB17 Fowler Military honor guards and veterans service organizations; paramilitary activities, exception. View Comments
HB181 Ransone Criminal records; sealing of records. View Comments
HB247 Ransone Grand larceny and certain property crimes; decreases threshold amount, penalty. View Comments
HB25 Anderson Earned sentence credits; possession of child pornography. View Comments
HB257 Simonds Human trafficking; VSCC to convene a work group to create a common definition. View Comments
HB265 Campbell, R.R. Multi-jurisdiction grand jury; investigation of elder abuse crimes. View Comments
HB279 Coyner Criminal records; sealing of records by petition, criteria. View Comments
HB282 Coyner Criminal records; effect of criminal convictions on licensure, data to be included in report. View Comments
HB322 Campbell, J.L. Criminal records; changes to provisions to sealing of records. View Comments
HB334 Convirs-Fowler Sexually explicit visual material to another; unlawful dissemination, penalty. View Comments
HB345 Watts Robbery; conforms certain provisions of the Code of Virginia to the degrees of robbery offenses. View Comments
HB350 Freitas Threats and harassment of certain officials and property; venue. View Comments
HB359 Watts Termination of parental rights of person who committed sexual assault; evidence standard. View Comments
HB365 Sullivan Parenting Coordinator Act; created. View Comments
HB366 Watts Assault and battery; penalties when committed against certain persons. View Comments
HB369 Williams Graves Court appearance of a person not free on bail; changes to provisions regarding bail hearings, etc. View Comments
HB370 Sullivan Uniform Fiduciary Income and Principal Act; replaces prior Act. View Comments
HB375 Williams Graves Fines and costs; period of limitations on collection. View Comments
HB378 Williams Graves Jury duty; allowance increase. View Comments
HB404 Delaney Sexual assault nurse & forensic examiners; admission of evidence from certain reports. View Comments
HB409 Ballard Statute of limitations; promises not to plead. View Comments
HB413 Delaney Sex trafficking; minors engaged in prostitution, etc. View Comments
HB415 Ballard Criminal cases; sentencing by jury. View Comments
HB42 Anderson Improper driving; person may be charged with offense when conduct constitutes reckless driving. View Comments
HB422 Herring Writ of actual innocence; previously unknown or unavailable nonbiological evidence, etc. View Comments
HB423 Herring Writ of actual innocence; previously unknown or unavailable nonbiological evidence. View Comments
HB424 Herring Guardianship; duties of guardian, visitation requirements. View Comments
HB428 Willett Drug-related investigations; use of confidential informants. View Comments
HB434 Sewell Criminal sexual assault; definition of intimate parts, penalty. View Comments
HB449 Bulova Personal property; distrained or levied on property, auctioneers or auction firms outside county. View Comments
HB451 Bennett-Parker Stalking; venue, penalty. View Comments
HB47 Anderson Suspended sentence or probation; violation of the terms and conditions, technical violations. View Comments
HB475 Murphy Protective orders; human trafficking and sex trafficking, penalty. View Comments
HB496 Mullin Abuse and neglect; financial exploitation, changes term incapacitated adults, penalties. View Comments
HB497 Mullin Misuse of power of attorney; financial exploitation of incapacitated adults, penalty. View Comments
HB499 Mullin Grand jury, regular; provisions for court reporter, use and disposition of notes, etc. View Comments
HB501 Mullin Discovery in criminal cases; copies of discovery for the accused. View Comments
HB502 Mullin Credit for time spent in confinement while awaiting trial; separate, dismissed, etc. View Comments
HB503 Mullin Bail; subsequent proceeding arising out of initial arrest. View Comments
HB504 Mullin Expunged criminal records; use in civil action. View Comments
HB505 Mullin Civil actions; filed on behalf of multiple persons. View Comments
HB51 Fariss Damage to motor vehicles; penalties. View Comments
HB515 March Malicious prosecution; creates civil cause of action, self-defense. View Comments
HB536 Convirs-Fowler General district courts; filing an order of disposition from a criminal case. View Comments
HB554 Hayes Larceny of a catalytic converter; penalty. View Comments
HB569 Clark Hospices, home care organizations, private providers, etc; immunity from liability. View Comments
HB572 Scott, D.L. Child support obligations; party's incarceration not deemed voluntary unemployment/underemployment. View Comments
HB573 Clark Statute of limitations; judgment entered for medical debt. View Comments
HB578 Convirs-Fowler Victim of sex trafficking; clarifies definition to include minors, affirmative defense, etc. View Comments
HB579 Convirs-Fowler Victims of human trafficking; expands definition, affirmative defense, writ of vacatur. View Comments
HB594 Scott, D.L. Magistrates; appointment and supervision. View Comments
HB609 Bourne Civil action for the deprivation of rights; duties and liabilities of certain employers. View Comments
HB612 Hudson Controlled substances; reduces penalties for possession. View Comments
HB613 Bourne Arrest/prosecution of individual experiencing mental health emerg.; assault against law enforcement. View Comments
HB614 Bourne Appeals bond; removes requirement for indigent parties to post, appeal of unlawful detainer. View Comments
HB617 Bourne Discretionary sentencing guidelines; prior convictions and juvenile adjudications. View Comments
HB619 Hudson Controlled substances; substance shall not include mere residue that is not a usable quantity, etc. View Comments
HB620 Hudson Criminal cases and traffic infractions; eliminates accrual of interest on fines and costs. View Comments
HB622 Hudson Custodial interrogation of a child; advisement of rights. View Comments
HB623 Hudson Guardianship and conservatorship; duties of the guardian ad litem, report contents. View Comments
HB634 Roem Guardianship; duties of guardian, visitation requirements. View Comments
HB643 Roem Guardianship and conservatorship; periodic review hearings. View Comments
HB658 Hope Juveniles; appointment of counsel, indigency. View Comments
HB660 Wampler Search warrants; removes certain provisions in regard to execution of warrants. View Comments
HB661 Wampler Capital murder; death penalty for willful, deliberate, etc., killing of a law-enforcement officer. View Comments
HB662 Wampler Multi-jurisdiction grand jury; investigation of elder abuse crimes. View Comments
HB671 Hope Permanent protective orders; Hope Card Program created. View Comments
HB672 Hope Sexual abuse of animals; penalty. View Comments
HB678 Hope Person under a disability; parties unknown. View Comments
HB682 Hope Service of process; investigator employed by an attorney for the Commonwealth, etc. View Comments
HB684 Hope Involuntary temporary detention; disclosure of health records. View Comments
HB686 Kory Death of parent or guardian of a child resulting from driving under the influence; child support. View Comments
HB69 Davis Best interests of the child; assuring frequent and continuing contact with both parents. View Comments
HB711 Keam Writ of vacatur; victims of sex trafficking, payment of fees or costs. View Comments
HB713 Keam Family abuse; coercive control, penalty. View Comments
HB719 Filler-Corn Physical evidence recovery kits; victim's right to notification, storage. View Comments
HB731 Ward Juvenile law-enforcement records; inspection of records. View Comments
HB733 Bell Juvenile records; identification of children receiving coordinated services. View Comments
HB735 Bell Earned sentence credits; repeals four-level classification system for awarding & calculation, etc. View Comments
HB736 Bell Search warrants; execution. View Comments
HB738 Bell Competency to stand trial; order for evaluation or treatment. View Comments
HB740 Bell Catalytic converters; penalties. View Comments
HB744 Bell Killing the fetus of another; guilty of manslaughter, penalties. View Comments
HB748 Bell DNA data bank sample tracking system; replaces certain references in Code. View Comments
HB749 Bell Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Victim Fund; purpose, fee apportionment. View Comments
HB755 Krizek Anti-Human Trafficking and Survivor Trust Fund; created, report. View Comments
HB756 Adams, L.R. Bail for a person accused of a crime that is an act of violence; notice to attorney. View Comments
HB758 Adams, L.R. Probation, revocation, and suspension of sentence; penalty. View Comments
HB759 Adams, L.R. Window tinting; vehicle stop. View Comments
HB760 Adams, L.R. Suspended sentence or probation; violation of the terms and conditions, technical violations. View Comments
HB761 Krizek Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission; availability of complaint forms. View Comments
HB762 Adams, L.R. Judges; maximum number in each judicial district. View Comments
HB782 Williams Nonsuits; appeals from judgment of a general district court. View Comments
HB79 Campbell, R.R. Marijuana and certain traffic offenses; issuing citations. View Comments
HB794 Ballard Criminal proceedings; evidence of defendant's mental condition. View Comments
HB797 Price Community service work in lieu of payment of fines and costs; underpaid work. View Comments
HB799 Price Fines, costs, forfeitures, penalties, and restitution; collection fees. View Comments
HB808 Price Support orders; income withholding order, employer fees. View Comments
HB811 Williams Admission to bail; rebuttable presumptions against bail. View Comments
HB812 Williams Admission to bail; rebuttable presumptions against bail. View Comments
HB821 Torian Judges; increases from six to seven the maximum number in the Thirty-first Judicial Circuit. View Comments
HB856 Reid Child custody, visitation, and placement; best interests of the child. View Comments
HB866 Lopez Misdemeanor; reduces maximum term of confinement in jail. View Comments
HB871 Lopez Discovery in criminal cases; copies of discovery for the accused. View Comments
HB887 Tata Transfer on death deed; conveyance of cooperative interest. View Comments
HB898 Adams, D.M. Hallucinogens or psychoactive substances; possession, civil penalty. View Comments
HB906 Coyner Petition for modification of sentence; eligibility, procedures. View Comments
HB993 Murphy Unlawful hazing; amends definition, penalty. View Comments

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