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All Agriculture Chesapeake and Natural Resources Bills
Bill Patron Title
HB1370 Ware Landfill siting; proximity to private wells. View Comments
HB1372 Fowler State Air Pollution Control Board; regulations; low-emissions and zero-emissions vehicle standards. View Comments
HB1378 Wilt State Air Pollution Control Board; motor vehicle emissions standards. View Comments
HB1381 Anderson Marine Resources Commission; regulations for the management of menhaden. View Comments
HB1382 Gooditis Cats; prohibition on declawing, civil penalty. View Comments
HB1383 Anderson Menhaden reduction fishing; prohibition. View Comments
HB1388 Fowler Virginia National Guard Passport; established, free entry and parking for state parks. View Comments
HB1390 Ballard Fires; negligence, recovery of costs of firefighting. View Comments
HB1406 Anderson Dogs and cats; eliminates the requirement to pay license tax for ownership, etc. View Comments
HB1421 Webert Virginia Breeders Fund; disbursements to certain breeders and owners of horses. View Comments
HB1441 Ballard Tobacco Indemnification & Community Revitalization & Tobacco Region Revolving Funds; eligibility. View Comments
HB1451 Orrock Pet shops; posting of information about dogs, civil penalty. View Comments
HB1466 Anderson Low emn/electric motor vehicles; voluntary anti-forced labor & child slavery certification for sale. View Comments
HB1468 Ware Companion animals; maximum charge for rabies vaccination. View Comments
HB1485 Webert Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan; effective date. View Comments
HB1527 Convirs-Fowler Cats; trap, neuter, and return programs, civil penalty. View Comments
HB1548 Campbell, J.L. Aerial pesticide application; civil penalty. View Comments
HB1577 Wachsmann Rabid animals; quarantine of dog or cat, access by local health director or his designee. View Comments
HB1588 Sullivan Electric Vehicle Rural Infrastructure Program and Fund; created. View Comments
HB1623 Wright Eastern Va. Groundwater Mgmt. Advisory Com.; removes annual report by DEQ on Committee. View Comments
HB1628 Coyner Wetland and Stream Replacement Fund; availability of credits, use of funds. View Comments
HB1632 Bulova Virginia Erosion and Stormwater Management Act; regulations, effective date. View Comments
HB1660 Wilt Dairy Producer Margin Coverage Premium Assistance Program Fund; created, removes sunset provision. View Comments
HB1662 Edmunds High Bridge Trail State Park; conveyance of easement to Woodrow R. Jackson, Sr. View Comments
HB1663 Edmunds High Bridge Trails State Park; DCR to convey property to Roy B. Stanton, Jr., etc. View Comments
HB1664 Hodges Blue Catfish Processing, Flash Freezing, and Infrastructure Grant Program; created. View Comments
HB1675 Hodges Machicomoco State Park; DCR to convey easement to certain persons. View Comments
HB1692 Taylor Tobacco Indemnification & Community Revitalization & Va Tobacco Region Revolving Funds; eligibility. View Comments
HB1721 Clark Public drinking water; Commissioner of Health's work group to study occurrence of microplastics. View Comments
HB1722 Simonds Mineral mining and processing; use of certain chemicals prohibited. View Comments
HB1781 O'Quinn Southwest Virginia Energy Research and Development Authority; powers and duties. View Comments
HB1802 Freitas Food product sales; waive government inspection. View Comments
HB1804 Bloxom Tidal wetland mitigation bank; credits. View Comments
HB1805 Bloxom Virginia Resources Authority; community development and housing projects. View Comments
HB1807 Bloxom Flood plain management; state agency compliance with regulations. View Comments
HB1811 March Hunting deer; establishes continuous open season. View Comments
HB1828 Torian Leesylvania State Park; DCR to grant certain easement to River Mouth Corporation. View Comments
HB1832 Wyatt Virginia Port Authority; tax credits, creates grant programs, sunset date. View Comments
HB1839 Taylor South Central Wastewater Authority; watershed general permit for nutrients. View Comments
HB1848 Wachsmann Stormwater management and erosion and sediment control; agreement in lieu of plan. View Comments
HB1941 Hodges Septic systems; loans to local governments or other entities, View Comments
HB1949 Bloxom Oyster-planting grounds; fees. View Comments
HB1950 Bloxom Virginia Marine Resources Commission; Powers and duties. View Comments
HB1968 Mullin "Green Book;" Department of Historic Resources to designate historic sites. View Comments
HB1970 Bennett-Parker Virginia Coastal Resilience Technical Advisory Committee; renames Committee. View Comments
HB1977 Krizek Eastern Virginia Groundwater Management Area; continued withdrawal permit for residential well. View Comments
HB1984 Kory Companion animals; amends the definition of "adequate water". View Comments
HB1985 Kory Pet shops; sale of dogs or cats. View Comments
HB1989 Kory Coyotes or fur-bearing animals; prohibition of killing contests and competitions. View Comments
HB1998 Krizek Native plant species; state agencies to prioritize use on state properties. View Comments
HB2000 Kory Higher educational institutions, public; procurement of dogs and cats for research. View Comments
HB2004 Krizek Federally recognized Tribal Nations in the Commonwealth; consultation on permits and reviews. View Comments
HB2042 Shin Animal testing; whistle blower protections created. View Comments
HB2060 Lopez Aboveground storage tanks; Hazardous Substance Aboveground Storage Tank Fund created. View Comments
HB2095 Bulova Plans and programs; drought evaluation and response plans, Potomac River. View Comments
HB2096 Bulova Noxious weeds; invasive plant species. View Comments
HB2101 Bulova Endangered & threatened species; DWR in case decisions must comply with certain provisions. View Comments
HB2123 Hudson Food inspections; private homes, pickles and acidified vegetables; gross sales. View Comments
HB2126 Wilt Soil erosion control and stormwater management plans; Phase I Utility. View Comments
HB2151 Fariss State parks; master planning requirements. View Comments
HB2181 Morefield Subaqueous beds; nontidal waters, permit requirements, penalty. View Comments
HB2189 Rasoul PFAS; requirements to test, publicly owned treatment works, discharges into state waters. View Comments
HB2209 Tran High polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon; prohibits pavement sealants that contain, civil penalty. View Comments
HB2244 Cordoza African American cemeteries and graves; appropriations DHR. View Comments
HB2282 Edmunds Forest crops; exemptions from Virginia Stormwater Management Program, etc., for harvesting. View Comments
HB2285 Wiley Shenandoah River State Park; conveyance of easement. View Comments
HB2297 Ware Cattle Industry Board; collection and disposition of assessment by handler. View Comments
HB2325 Bloxom Agricultural land; ownership by foreign governments prohibited, report. View Comments
HB2331 Campbell, E.H. Animal care; seizure of animals, zoos. View Comments
HB2348 Webert Animal testing facilities; noncompliance with federal laws and regulations, civil penalty. View Comments
HB2390 Runion Virginia Erosion and Stormwater Management Act; regulations; effective date. View Comments
HB2393 Hodges Coastal resilience policy; research university collaborative. View Comments
HB2417 VanValkenburg Dogs and cats; financing for rental, sale, etc., prohibited. View Comments
HB2453 Tran All-terrain power wheelchairs in state parks; DCR shall establish a two-year pilot program. View Comments
HB2470 Edmunds Hunting/fishing licenses; reimbursement to Dept. for lost revenue resulting from license exemptions. View Comments
HB2483 Kory Elephants; pain-inflicting training tools prohibited, penalty. View Comments
HB2496 Runion Virginia Recycling Development Center; established, report, sunset provision. View Comments

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