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All Agriculture Chesapeake and Natural Resources Bills
Bill Patron Title
HB1739 Wampler State parks; discounted rental and service fees, military and veterans. View Comments
HB1744 Campbell, R.R. Animal care; zoos and petting zoos, seizure of animals. View Comments
HB1750 Gooditis Dairy Producer Margin Coverage Premium Assistance Program; established. View Comments
HB1751 Brewer Peanuts; extends sunset date of excise tax on all peanuts grown in Virginia. View Comments
HB1760 Webert Conservation easements; certain easements be liberally construed in favor of purpose which created. View Comments
HB1766 Cox Disabled Veteran's Passport; expands program to all veterans with service-connected disability. View Comments
HB1767 Ware Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Fund; Powhatan County. View Comments
HB1799 Edmunds Sunday hunting; allowed on public lands. View Comments
HB1804 Orrock State parks; DCR to develop recommendations for funding, report. View Comments
HB1819 Cole, J.G. Rappahannock River; designating a 79-mile portion as a component of Va. Scenic Rivers System. View Comments
HB1833 Subramanyam Conservation and Recreation, Department of; leasing of land. View Comments
HB1836 Plum Natural Resources, Secretary of; changes name to the Secretary of Natural and Cultural Resources. View Comments
HB1837 Plum Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board; clarifies membership. View Comments
HB1839 Wyatt Special hunting and fishing licenses for disabled veterans; 50 percent disabled. View Comments
HB1855 Sullivan Mines, Minerals and Energy, Department of; renamed the Department of Energy. View Comments
HB1902 Carr Expanded polystyrene food service containers; prohibition, civil penalty. View Comments
HB1928 Aird Historic resources; acquisition and lease of land. View Comments
HB1958 Avoli South River; designates segment in City of Waynesboro as part of Va. Scenic Rivers System. View Comments
HB1965 Bagby State Air Pollution Control Board; low-emissions and zero-emissions vehicle program. View Comments
HB1982 Bulova Nutrient credits; use by facility with certain stormwater discharge permit. View Comments
HB1983 Bulova Wetland and stream mitigation banks; proximity of impacted site. View Comments
HB2030 Krizek Neonicotinoid pesticides; local regulation and notice, penalty. View Comments
HB2067 Webert Solar facilities; permit by rule. View Comments
HB2068 Rasoul Local Food and Farming Infrastructure Grant Program; established. View Comments
HB2074 Simonds Environmental justice; interagency working group. View Comments
HB2078 Marshall Industrial hemp; updates laws to address the new hemp producer license. View Comments
HB2083 Byron Wake surfing; proximity to certain structures or other persons. View Comments
HB2109 Fariss Agriculture and Consumer Services, Board of; expands membership. View Comments
HB2126 Robinson State parks; lifetime senior parking pass. View Comments
HB2129 Lopez Chesapeake Bay; wastewater treatment, Enhanced Nutrient Removal Certainty Program established. View Comments
HB2148 Willett Small renewable energy projects; energy storage. View Comments
HB2159 Guy Balloons; release of nonbiodegradable balloons outdoors prohibited, civil penalty. View Comments
HB2173 Plum Advanced recycling, etc.; definitions. View Comments
HB2187 Hodges Recurrent Flooding Resiliency, Commonwealth Center; study topics to manage water quality, etc. View Comments
HB2188 Hodges Engineered septic systems; Department of Health, et al., to initiate a 3-yr. pilot program to study. View Comments
HB2203 Filler-Corn Virginia Agriculture Food Assistance Program and Fund; established and created. View Comments
HB2221 Hayes Environmental permits; community and environmental justice outreach. View Comments
HB2275 Gooditis Food and drink permit; Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services to issue. View Comments
HB2298 Fariss Muzzleloading rifle and shotgun; clarifies definitions. View Comments
HB2311 Runion Objects of antiquity; unlawful to remove from battlefield, penalty. View Comments

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