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All Public Safety Bills
Bill Patron Title
HB1407 Brewer Firearm or explosive material; carrying within Capitol Square and the surrounding area, etc. View Comments
HB1422 Coyner Concealed handgun permits; demonstration of competence. View Comments
HB1427 LaRock Firearms, etc.; control of possession by locality. View Comments
HB1428 LaRock Firearms; carrying in public areas prohibited in certain localities. View Comments
HB1458 Ballard Geriatric prisoners; conditional release. View Comments
HB1459 Wilt Law-enforcement officers, retired state; retention of badge. View Comments
HB1462 Wiley Firearms, certain; criminal history record info. check required for transfer, photo identification. View Comments
HB1501 Runion Law-enforcement civilian oversight bodies; requirements of members. View Comments
HB1515 Adams, D.M. Auto sear; prohibition on use penalty. View Comments
HB1524 Coyner Va. Opioid Use Reduction & Jail-Based Substance Use Disorder Treatment & Transition Fund; establish. View Comments
HB1536 Jenkins Grievance Procedure Manual; employees of the Dept. of Corrections and Dept. of Juvenile Justice. View Comments
HB1570 Walker Firearms or explosive materials; into a building owned or leased by the Commonwealth. View Comments
HB1579 Sullivan Firearms; purchase/transportation by persons convicted of operating boat/vehicle while intoxicated. View Comments
HB1646 Anderson Court duties of sheriff; commitment hearings at locations other than a courthouse. View Comments
HB1654 Price Civilian deaths in custody; report. View Comments
HB1719 Clark Virginia Fusion Intelligence Center; release or dissemination of information. View Comments
HB1729 Bennett-Parker Firearms; transfers to another person from a prohibited person. View Comments
HB1774 Carr Law-enforcement officers; training standards, comprehensive harm reduction program. View Comments
HB1788 Filler-Corn Firearms; sale or transfer, microstamping-enabled firearms, penalties. View Comments
HB1827 Cherry Autopsies; decedents in the custody of Department of Corrections. View Comments
HB1859 Webert Applicant Fingerprint Database; participation in FBI Next Generation Identification Rap Back Serv. View Comments
HB1871 Scott, P.A. Concealed handgun permit; extends period of validity. View Comments
HB1882 Freitas Virginia National Guard member benefits; health savings accounts. View Comments
HB1914 Hope Corrections, Department of; operations and costs. View Comments
HB1936 Plum Virginia Firearm Buy-Back Program and Fund; established. View Comments
HB1993 Krizek Fire marshals; police powers, training requirements. View Comments
HB2039 Shin Correctional facilities, local; fees, report. View Comments
HB2119 Hudson Photo speed monitoring devices; locality-designated highway segments. View Comments
HB2164 Scott, D.L. National Rifle Association; removes references from the Code. View Comments
HB2169 Williams Parole Board; decision requirements, annual reports. View Comments
HB2228 Wachsmann Renewal of concealed handgun permit; demonstrated competence. View Comments
HB2240 Helmer Assault firearms, etc. View Comments
HB2249 Rasoul Prisoners; Department of Corrections-issued and jailer-issued identification. View Comments
HB2250 Cordoza Criminal Justice Services, Department of; powers and duties, training for law-enforcement personnel. View Comments
HB2273 Hayes Firearms; waiting period for purchase, penalty. View Comments
HB2288 Sickles Assault firearms; age requirement for purchase, penalty. View Comments
HB2329 Cherry Care for Retired Police Canines Grant Program and Fund; established. View Comments
HB2350 Simon Firearms; storage in residence where minor present, penalty. View Comments
HB2365 Hudson Firearm or explosive material; carrying within Capitol Square or building state-owned or leased. View Comments
HB2377 Simon Concealed handgun permits; replacement permits, biometric changes. View Comments
HB2407 Williams Graves Purchase of firearms; demonstrated competence with a firearm or completion of training course. View Comments
HB2412 Campbell, E.H. Geriatric prisoners; conditional release, review hearings. View Comments
HB2413 Campbell, E.H. Offenders released from correctional facility; mandatory reporting if before completion of sentence. View Comments
HB2420 Cordoza Nonresident concealed handgun permits; time limit for issuance. View Comments
HB2449 Ballard Concealed handgun permits; Virginia Criminal Information Network, disclosure of information. View Comments
HB2451 O'Quinn Firefighters; training program on risk of electric vehicle fires. View Comments
HB2460 Fariss State agencies; control of firearms, rights of employees. View Comments
HB2467 Runion Firearms; purchase special identification without a photograph issued by DMV. View Comments
HB2487 Davis Correctional facilities; use of restrictive housing. View Comments
HB2488 Campbell, E.H. Virginia Public Safety Communications Infrastructure Fund and Program; established. View Comments

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