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Bill Patron Title
HB1413 Marshall Industrial development authorities; safe and affordable housing. View Comments
HB1472 Fowler Emergency medical services agencies; ordinances or resolutions, designation as emergency response. View Comments
HB1473 Fowler Land use plans; zoning, notice. View Comments
HB1476 March Auditor of Public Accounts; civil penalty for local noncompliance. View Comments
HB1482 Ward Vacant building; registration. View Comments
HB1487 March Local government; live broadcast and archive of meetings. View Comments
HB1509 Kilgore Norton, City of; amending charter, November municipal elections, etc. View Comments
HB1528 Convirs-Fowler Virginia Beach, City of; amending charter, vacancies in office of council member and mayor. View Comments
HB1532 Clark Rent stabilization, local; any locality may by ordinance adopt provisions. View Comments
HB1539 Edmunds Farmville, Town of; new charter (previous charter repealed). View Comments
HB1540 Edmunds Solid waste disposal; adds Prince Edward County to list of counties that may levy a fee. View Comments
HB1607 Tata Localities; penalties for violation of ordinances, civil penalties. View Comments
HB1612 Williams Graves Vacant building; registration. View Comments
HB1634 Bulova Comprehensive plan; strategies to address resilience. View Comments
HB1641 Kilgore Pound, Town of; repealing Chapter 312, 2022 Acts, relating to Charter. View Comments
HB1665 Marshall Local land use; extension of approvals, sunset provision. View Comments
HB1667 Marshall Local land use approvals; extension of approvals to address the COVID-19 pandemic, sunset provision. View Comments
HB1671 Wyatt Residential land development and construction; fee transparency, annual report. View Comments
HB1674 Hodges Comprehensive plan; freight corridors. View Comments
HB1676 Hodges Annexation; extension of current moratorium. View Comments
HB1678 Ransone White Stone, Town of; amending charter, municipal elections. View Comments
HB1679 Ransone Kilmarnock, Town of; amending charter, November municipal elections. View Comments
HB1697 Simon Falls Church, City of; amending charter, qualifications of members of boards and commissions. View Comments
HB1746 Willett Regional planning; climate resilience to be included as part of strategic plans. View Comments
HB1798 Simonds Comprehensive plan; healthy communities strategy. View Comments
HB1856 Subramanyam Restrictive covenants; use of Loudoun County recreational property. View Comments
HB1880 Bennett-Parker Localities; record of legal settlement or judgment, disclosure of records. View Comments
HB1944 Hodges Solar photovoltaic projects; extension of land use approvals, extends sunset provision. View Comments
HB1962 Mullin Newport News, City of; amending charter, real estate assessment. View Comments
HB1964 Mullin Newport News, City of; amending charter, alters certain advertising requirements. View Comments
HB1994 Herring Law-enforcement officers; minimum qualifications, citizenship, waiver. View Comments
HB2005 Roem Haymarket, Town of; amending charter, municipal elections. View Comments
HB2041 Shin Parks, local; walking trails, liability for property owners. View Comments
HB2047 Carr Affordable housing; amending local zoning ordinance authority. View Comments
HB2100 Hudson Accessory dwelling units; establishes authority & requirements for localities in development & use. View Comments
HB2103 Hudson Short-term rentals; special exceptions. View Comments
HB2144 Guzman Law-enforcement officers; minimum qualifications, citizenship. View Comments
HB2243 Cordoza Assist Localities with Translation of Essential Documents Fund; established. View Comments
HB2271 Marshall Short-term rental property; locality's ability to restrict property managed by a Virginia realtor. View Comments
HB2352 Subramanyam Hate symbol defacement; removal by localities from any public buildings, etc. View Comments
HB2433 Avoli Economic development authorities; Essex County allowed to appoint one member to Authority. View Comments
HB2446 Fariss County and city courthouses; required to accept mail at the physical address where it is located. View Comments
HB2494 Ware Counties, cities, or towns, certain; powers & duties, report. View Comments

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