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All Finance Bills
Bill Patron Title
HB1367 Coyner Income tax, state; tax credit for employer contributions to Virginia College Savings Plan accounts. View Comments
HB1368 Coyner Advisory Tax Administration Commission; established, report. View Comments
HB1369 Coyner Income tax, state; installment agreements for payment of taxes. View Comments
HB1402 March Personal property taxes; valuation. View Comments
HB1405 McNamara Income tax, corporate; returns, affiliated corporations. View Comments
HB1417 Ware Cigars; modifies the statutory tax rate imposed on selling or distributing, etc. View Comments
HB1436 McGuire Income tax, state; military benefits subtraction, age restriction. View Comments
HB1438 Anderson Oyster shell recycling; creates a nonrefundable tax credit for taxable years 2023 through 2027, etc. View Comments
HB1442 McNamara Transient occupancy tax; administration. View Comments
HB1456 McNamara Income tax, state; pass-through entities. View Comments
HB1460 Wiley Income tax, state; subtraction for low-income mil. veteran w/permanent service-connected disability. View Comments
HB1470 Watts Real property; tax exemption for certain disabled veterans and surviving spouses. View Comments
HB1479 Anderson Employer-provided childcare; creates a tax credit for taxable years 2023 through 2027. View Comments
HB1481 Ware Internet root infrastructure providers; taxation of corporations, apportionment. View Comments
HB1484 McNamara Sales Tax; exemption for food purchased for human consumption, essential personal hygiene products. View Comments
HB1486 Webert Personal property tax; farm machinery and farm implements. View Comments
HB1500 Runion Adoption; nonrefundable tax credit for amount of qualified expenses. View Comments
HB1510 Adams, D.M. Urban green space; local incentives. View Comments
HB1522 Fowler Income tax, state; subtractions for volunteer firefighters and emergency medical services personnel. View Comments
HB1547 Campbell, J.L. Cannabis; deconforms from federal law. licensees. View Comments
HB1553 Brewer Nonfamily adoptions; creates a nonrefundable tax credit for taxable years 2023 through 2027. View Comments
HB1563 Fowler Sales and use tax; agricultural exemptions. View Comments
HB1578 Krizek Income tax, state; manufactured home park sale. View Comments
HB1595 Robinson Internal Revenue Code; conformity of the Commonwealth's taxation system. View Comments
HB1601 Robinson Retail Sales and Use tax; agricultural exemptions, structural construction materials, definition. View Comments
HB1605 Edmunds Local sales and use tax; construction or renovation of schools, Prince Edward County. View Comments
HB1617 Fowler Gaming Regulatory Fund; established. View Comments
HB1621 Wright State taxes; notice before penalty and interest. View Comments
HB1625 McNamara Taxes; period of limitations on collection. View Comments
HB1645 Anderson Litter tax; penalty for failure to timely pay. View Comments
HB1653 Price Income tax, state; eligible low-income taxpayers to claim a refundable tax credit. View Comments
HB1668 Marshall Historic rehabilitation; increases maximum amount of tax credit. View Comments
HB1677 Taylor Retail Sales and Use tax; diagnostic work for automotive repair and emergency roadside service. View Comments
HB1684 Orrock Worker misclassification; debarment procedures. View Comments
HB1685 Greenhalgh Business local; taxes, penalties. View Comments
HB1686 Greenhalgh Sales and use tax, local; exemptions for food purchased for human consumption. View Comments
HB1690 Greenhalgh Income tax, state; military benefits subtraction, age restriction. View Comments
HB1710 LaRock Real property; additional tax on commercial and industrial property in certain localities. View Comments
HB1740 McQuinn Income tax, state; contributions to Virginia College Savings Plan accounts. View Comments
HB1741 Williams Graves Sales tax revenues; entertainment arena. View Comments
HB1749 Walker Real property taxes; rate of increase procedure. View Comments
HB1767 Reid Income tax, state; motion picture production tax credit. View Comments
HB1771 Willett Landlords, participating; increases tax credit that may be issued. View Comments
HB1780 O'Quinn Small modular reactor plant; revenue-sharing agreement among certain localities. View Comments
HB1790 Reid Electric vehicle charging equipment; creates tax credit. View Comments
HB1821 Avoli Education improvement scholarships; expands tax credit program. View Comments
HB1832 Wyatt Virginia Port Authority; tax credits, creates grant programs, sunset date. View Comments
HB1834 Cherry Land preservation; deadline for filing an application for tax credits. View Comments
HB1863 Scott, P.A. Taxation in the Commonwealth; numerous changes to tax structure, report. View Comments
HB1896 Byron Banks; payment of franchise tax. View Comments
HB1915 Williams Graves Stillborn child; tax credit for loss. View Comments
HB1920 Hope License taxes and fees, local; exemptions, blog or online website. View Comments
HB1927 Durant Tax returns; filing returns or payment of taxes by mail. View Comments
HB1933 Runion High school equivalency; creates tax credit. View Comments
HB1942 Durant Real property tax; notice of rate and assessment changes. View Comments
HB1975 Krizek Income tax, state; Foreign Service retirement benefits subtraction. View Comments
HB1978 Leftwich Taxable income apportionment; retail companies. View Comments
HB2043 Shin Research and development expenses; increases tax credit. View Comments
HB2061 Lopez Income tax, state; Virginia local journalism sustainability credits. View Comments
HB2064 Lopez Historic rehabilitation; maximum amount of tax credit. View Comments
HB2065 Lopez Income tax, state; create tax deduction for teaching materials. View Comments
HB2099 Bulova Livable home; increases allowable tax credit. View Comments
HB2109 Bourne Historic rehabilitation; extend tax credit to use for historic school buildings. View Comments
HB2110 Bourne Delinquent tax lands; extends maximum duration of an installment agrmt. between locality/landlord. View Comments
HB2112 Hudson Real property taxation; land and improvement classifications. View Comments
HB2138 McNamara Income tax, state and corporate; business interest, qualified business income deduction. View Comments
HB2162 Scott, D.L. Tax exemptions; Confederacy organizations. View Comments
HB2176 Sickles Income tax, state; distribution of revenues to localities, funds for local school construction. View Comments
HB2178 Morefield Green job creation; tax credit. View Comments
HB2193 McNamara Income tax, state; rolling conformity, report. View Comments
HB2196 Byron Sales and use tax, local; exemption for essential personal hygiene products and infant formula. View Comments
HB2200 Robinson License taxes; deductions for anti-cancer drugs purchased by a medical practice, etc. View Comments
HB2205 Tran Children; refundable tax credit for individuals whose household includes a child younger than 18. View Comments
HB2245 Tran Va. Free File Program and related agreement with Consortium of Va.; Tax Commission to terminate. View Comments
HB2261 Cordoza Income tax, state; deduction for elderly and disabled individuals. View Comments
HB2268 Watts Income tax, state; individual tax brackets, deductions, and exemptions. View Comments
HB2296 Hope Tobacco products tax; liquid nicotine and nicotine vapor products, licensing requirements. View Comments
HB2316 Bourne Sales and use tax, local; additional tax authorized in all counties & cities to support schools. View Comments
HB2319 McNamara Income tax, state; lowers rates and raises standard deductions. View Comments
HB2334 Morefield Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for oil and gas drilling equipment, extends sunset provision. View Comments
HB2353 Wiley Income tax, state; establishes a subtraction for professional firefighter pension. View Comments
HB2361 Wiley Real property; tax exemption for certain disabled veterans and surviving spouses. View Comments
HB2373 Wyatt Income tax, state; subtraction for members of National Guard. View Comments
HB2387 Lopez Income tax, state; firearm safety device tax credit. View Comments
HB2401 Morefield Coal and Gas Road Improvement Fund; funds may be used to construct flood mitigation measures. View Comments
HB2406 McNamara Income tax, state; deductions for businesses. View Comments
HB2414 Scott, D.L. Real property; tax exemption for disabled veterans or surviving spouse. View Comments
HB2416 Seibold Retail Sales & Use Tax; exemption fee for a child restraint device. View Comments
HB2431 Morefield Income tax, state; tax credit for Neighborhood Assistance Act, Education Improvement Scholarships. View Comments
HB2442 Price Sales tax; additional local tax for schools in City of Newport News. View Comments
HB2445 Bennett-Parker Wholesome food donation; tax credit renewed. View Comments
HB2479 Knight Cloud Computing Cluster Infrastructure Grant Fund; created. View Comments
HB2480 LaRock Home instruction and private school; tax credit, created. View Comments
HB2493 Kory Plastic bag tax; fee usage. View Comments

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