Public Comments for 06/23/2021 Appropriations
Last Name: Scearce Organization: White Oak Primary Care, Inc. Locality: Halifax, Virginia

If your business was not fully operational February 15, 2020 you are ineligible for assistance at any level of Government. My wife and I opened an independent family medical clinic in the town of Halifax, VA in April 2020 from scratch after 2 years of planning and renovations. Without historical data we were not eligible for Cares Act funding, or for any other assistance for that matter as a for-profit clinic with less than 3 providers. Halifax County, Virginia has been a federally designated medically underserved area for over 4 decades and I would submit that will remain unchanged . I am respectfully asking to speak with Secretary Layne or the Deputy Secretary (not his constituent services representative) for further discussion and consideration. Thank you for your time and consideration, J. Brandon Scearce

Last Name: Dyke-Harsley Locality: Lynchburg

According to a press release issued by the Virginia Department of Corrections, "The VADOC plans to monitor the availability of capital improvement funds in SFY2022-2023 and hopes to address heat related renovations in additional facilities. Noted in the pdf of Virginia's ARPA Funding presentation, there was $221.7 million allocated to Virginia. This money will help to cover the installation of air-conditioning ventilation systems in prison facilities such as Augusta Correctional Center, Buckingham Correctional Center, Nottoway Correctional Center, as well as others where the men and women are suffering from extreme heat temperatures. Fans being installed in pods do not change the temperatures in cells, and cannot assist the men and women in maintaining a cooler body temperature which helps those who are elderly, and suffer from chronic illness, all while suffering through COVID-19 pandemic conditions. The funds are needed to be allocated to the VADOC and I support the appropriation of the funds for this purpose.

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Last Name: huWwmtaXV Organization: FxJijskzHp Locality: EbxwnsuCfLDizXg


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