Public Comments for 02/12/2021 Appropriations
Last Name: Keesee Organization: Pittsylvania County General Registrar Locality: Pittsylvania County

I want to express my sincere gratitude for item 87#1h. General Registrars across the Commonwealth of Virginia have such an instrumental role in the democracy. As a friendly reminder, the compensation equity is not just about pay but the inequitable population brackets for General Registrars. I appreciate every one of you, for your hard work and dedication. Thank you.

Last Name: Howard Organization: Voter Registrars Association of Virginia Locality: Radford City

Speaking to item 87 #1: Thank you for inclusion after years of waiting! The General Registrars of Virginia have been laboring under an inequitable population bracket scheme, (put into place in 1971) different than all other Constitutional and local offices. Our brackets are much wider, resulting in being left behind when populations increase and other officers' compensation increases. The comparison to Treasurers was the closest like office, but we find that Commissioner's of Revenue and (non-elected) Directors of Finance share the same base population brackets and entry level compensation. Please continue to support the change to equitable population representation and equity in compensation. Over the past several years the body of law, for which the local Registrar is responsible, has increased exponentially. Duties have been added for years but the recent sea-changes in Voter Registration, Absentee Voting, Increased technical duties and security, and the ever expanding pool of voters, creates the need for this change. Thank you again.

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