Public Comments for 02/08/2021 Public Safety
SB1119 - Law-enforcement agencies; body-worn camera systems.
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SB1129 - Military honor guards and veterans service organizations; paramilitary activities.
Last Name: Williams Locality: Henrico, VA. USA

Only people that are 18 years or older can carry or display a weapon in any type of Military honor guards and veterans service organizations that has been modified to fire non-lethal rounds and has completed a training course designed for that purpose.

SB1198 - Government Data Collection and Dissemination Practices Act; license plate readers.
Last Name: Williams Locality: Henrico, VA. USA

Only Law-enforcement or DMV should ONLY have access to any type of license plate readers. NO ONE else should be allowed to access this information.

SB1256 - Criminal Justice Services Board and Committee on Training; membership.
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SB1296 - Emergency Management Equity Working Group; established.
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SB1300 - Inmates; Board of Local and Regional Jails to review services provided during pregnancy, etc.
Last Name: Williams Locality: Henrico, VA. USA

The baby is not guilty of any crime. Therefore, the jurisdiction MUST provide any and all services necessary for the birth and care of the baby until such arraignments can be made to remove the baby from the existing environment.

SB1301 - Correctional facilities; use of isolated confinement.
Last Name: Williams Locality: Henrico, VA. USA

I would ask that you support this bill!

SB1363 - Local and Regional Jails, State Board of; membership, powers and duties, effective clause.
Last Name: Weneta Organization: The Humanization Project Locality: Fairfax

The Humanization Project, while supporting the intent of SB1363, we believe the bill needs significant change and work. The composition of the oversight board it creates is not balanced and fails to incorporate important stakeholders such as family or loved ones of those incarcerated, a physician, and is heavy on law enforcement and correctional personnel. In its current composition it is effectively the police policing the police. While there is one advocate and one formerly incarcerated person on the board, as written this could be someone who spent one night in jail and nothing more. Even so, the advocate and formerly incarcerated members are seemingly token members as they are, again, far outweighed by former law enforcement. Another issue with this bill is that it does not create independent oversight. No remedy of issues. There is not a manner in which someone who is incarcerated or their loved ones can access this board, file a complaint, or submit a grievance, nor does it provide for reasonable access to correctional facilities, records, surveillance video from correctional facilities, etc. Again, while we appreciate the intent of Sen Marsden’s SB1363, we believe it needs work. We, along with many others in the advocacy community, would be happy to work with him to craft a more inclusive and equitable bill that provides for independent oversight, much needed access to facilities and records, and an ability to address issues in real time. We believe it is important that oversight is created. However, it MUST be meaningful and representative of actual stakeholders. We respectfully request that SB1363 be laid on the table with a letter from the Chair of this committee referring it to the Crime Commission for study and recommendations.

SB1381 - Weapons; possessing or transporting within Capitol Square, etc.
Last Name: Gutenson Locality: Vienna

Oppose SB1381 - Okay, so you think it's a good idea to limit law-abiding people from carrying at state buildings? Have you been to Richmond? That's a scary place - worse than our Rt. 1 corridor in Fairfax County Va. No way should any professional woman find herself in these areas without a concealed weapon. And parking lots? So what do I have to take my weapon out of my vehicle and stow it behind a tree somewhere off the state property every time I have business on state property and have to park in a state parking lot? This is crazy. And it affects people like me who follow the letter of the law. Oh and rest areas ... are you serious? So anyone carrying can't park in a rest area and use the facilities because this would have them breaking the law. The criminals won't give a hoot about the law. Just us moms out here trying to live a good life as law-abiding citizens. Virginia is one of the safest states. Stop the harassment of the good people of Virginia. I have a right to speak my mind, carry the weapon of my choice, hang out with whomever I want, send my children to an actual school that meets in person, make my own health decisions as it is my body, and live a free life. Nothing is more important than freedom. Stop infringing on our rights. This is just over the top.

Last Name: Williams Locality: Henrico, VA. USA

No private citizens needs to have on the Capital Squire. Please support this bill.

Last Name: Williams Locality: Henrico, VA. USA

Please support this bill WITH OUT the notification language.

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