Public Comments for 01/20/2021 Appropriations - Elementary and Secondary Subcommittee
HB1776 - Education, Board of; temporary extension of certain teachers' licenses.
Last Name: Beyer Locality: WillIamsburg

I support the notion that schools should be open 5 days a week immediately or the districts should be defunded. Taxpayer money is being wasted. CARES money is being misappropriated. Please help stop the madness and send our kids back now!

Last Name: Twyman Locality: Virginia Beach

Please consider putting these bills into effect.

Last Name: Scipio Locality: Orange County,, Locust Grove

In favor of programs to better facilitate the development and progress of my community.

Last Name: Riddle Organization: Virginia Education Association Locality: Richmond City

The Virginia Education Association (VEA) supports HB 1776 and we urge the committee to favorably report HB 1776. Thank you.

Last Name: Smith Organization: Virginia Association of School Superintendents Locality: Palmyra

The Virginia Association of School Superintendents is in strong support of HB 1776. The COVID-19 crisis has made it extremely difficult for teachers to meet these requirement as schools have gone from virtual to in-person and back. Thank you, Dr. Tom Smith VASS

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