Public Comments for 08/27/2020 Appropriations
Last Name: Arment Organization: Self Locality: Louisa

I have noticed there are multiple attempts underway to reduce the budgets of Law Enforcement organizations in Virginia. If successful, there can be just one outcome....Virginia will become a more dangerous place to live!

Last Name: O'Leary Locality: Louisa

I am shocked that anyone would consider defunding the police or removing safety officers in schools. To what end ? Knee jerk, personal vendettas or pandering to the mobs should not drive legislation. Rather our legislators should be doing what is best for the citizens of Virginia. I urge you to reject any efforts to cut police budgets, cut school resource officers‘ budget or eliminate the mandatory penalty for anyone assaulting a police officer.

Last Name: O'Leary Locality: Louisa

I find it absolutely INSANE that you would consider defunding the police or reducing the number of school safety officers. Just what do you think this will accomplish? The protesters who are calling for this want to make it easier to be criminals without consequence. Police officers have one of the most difficult jobs in society. They should receive double pay.

Last Name: Adams Locality: north garden

I am totally opposed to the defunding the police, reducing penalty for assaulting a police officer, and reducing school resources officers. None of this will bring more safety, law and order to our communities. Why are you continuing to deny respect for police? And to keep our communities safe? There are many that no longer feel safe living in Virginia because of these policies. What is happening to our state? The politically correctness and "woke" ness is very disturbing. I pay taxes. I want our communities and our children to feel safe.

Last Name: Gimbert Organization: Citizen of the United States Locality: Botetourt

Please know I am praying believing and speaking daily for all those to removed from office that are not upholding Godly principles, Constitution of Virginia and the United States of America. There is an American Heritage series done by David Barton that should be mandatory to watch regarding our Godly Heritage and that proves we are a Christian nation. I pray first in agreement with God 1 Timothy 2: 1-8 which includes in verse 4 "Who (God) will all men to be saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth. verse 5 explains, For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; 6 who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time. Everyday is due time to be living proof of a merciful and gracious God that doesn't will that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9. God's BEST BLESSINGS unto to and through you everyday and for all your loved ones. I hope you got to see the prayer I hand delivered to your mail box January 20, 2020. If not please let me know and I will mail you another one to the address you designate. Gratefully and humbly, Mary B. Gimbert

Last Name: Dalton Locality: Albemarle

The primary responsibility of the government is to secure the safety of its citizens. Trained police are the means by which this security and safety are protected and guaranteed. Defunding the police and removing resource officers from the schools greatly jeopardizes this guarantee and constitutes a derelict of responsibility on behalf of the government for which they shall be held accountable. This is especially true if government's actions were based on politics or personal bias.

Last Name: shifflett Organization: polices . Locality: Charlottesville va22911

no do not defund polices and no cutting school fund our police is not paid enought as is and we need pertection the demc. need there paid cut .and why was Carter at place with all mess go on any way all police not bad just like ones in congress and why are blacks fighting cops back why need stand up like man when do wrong .god blessRebecca Shifflett

Last Name: Potter Organization: any patriotic Americans including Republicans and Veterans Locality: Fairfax County, Vienna

I am disappointed in the VA legislature, led by Democrat members, for current and on-going actions to reduce law and order in Virginia by 'defunding' of police, reduction of school resource officers (SROs) and passage of new laws to reduce penalties for assaulting police officers. I believe my representatives (Delegate Mr. Keam and Senator Mr. Petersen) are in support of these actions. I think this trend toward reduction of law and order are not appropriate actions in the interest of "reduction of systemic racism" or otherwise improving policing activities in the Commonwealth. In line with this, I am disappointed to hear of the illegal activities by state Senator Louise Lucas in Portsmouth. People like her in positions of responsibility should set a good example. Thank you very much. Patrick Potter

Last Name: McLaughlin Organization: Arlington Republican Women's Club Locality: Arlington

It is foolish and short-sighted to think that, by decreasing funding by police, you might make things better. We all rely on the police to keep our citizens safe and free. Would it not make more sense to focus legislation on the requirement that the few "bad apples" in our police forces not be allowed to inter-react with the public at all!

Last Name: Cole Locality: Albemarle

I am opposed to initiatives to defund our police and cutting school resource officers. Also, I am very much opposed to eliminating or reducing the penalty for assaulting police officers. I do not appreciate the current media initiatives that attack police officers when they deal with non-compliant citizens.

Last Name: Taylor Organization: 24105 Locality: Indian Valley

How long do you figure it will take for the new Democrat General Assembly to turn the once proud State of Virginia into another California, or our cities into clones of San Francisco, Chicago, Portland, or other like cities ? If the Delegates and Senators think law officers need to be defunded, then all of the aforementioned need to be completely "desalaried". The law law officers are worth a h*** of a lot more to the citizens of Virginia than the leadership trainees now occupying the legislature in Richmond. Support BLM (Blue lives Matter). MAGA

Last Name: gerstmann Locality: greene county

I am so upset what with what is going on in our country regarding the defunding of our police departments across this nation and im even more upset with the fooks that govern those decisions, we need to take back our commonwealth politically.

Last Name: gerstmann Locality: greene county

I am so upset what with what is going on in our country regarding the defunding of our police departments across this nation and im even more upset with the fooks that govern those decisions, we need to take back our commonwealth politically.

Last Name: Clark Locality: elkton

I want to thank you for your time and service to the state of Virginia. I am reading of legislation proposed that includes cutting police funding. I strongly oppose cutting any police funding. I do believe it would be good to keep our resource officers in the schools. Also, what does it take to deal with the over voting in Virginia? More people voting than are even eligible to vote in 21 cities/counties?

Last Name: Feroldi Locality: Fairfax

Neanderthals behave better. You call yourselves legislators? Things have a way of correcting themselves with unintended consequences. Please don't let that happen.

Last Name: Rawley Locality: Fluvanna

First of all, I believe that Lee Carter is unable to continue in his job to represent ALL the good people of Virginia. I have seen both the video and the written document of what he said. Lee took an oath, he needs to live by it. Lee does not have the right to put the safety and security of the citizens of Virginia at risk (you know, the citizens who allow you to get paid by sacrificing their hard earned dollars for you to REPRESENT us). DO NOT DEFUND the police. Instead, defund yourselves by 25% to make up for the extra time it takes to police your horrible policies. You were voted in, and you can easily be voted out. Kay Kory, what school do your children go to--have their officers been removed? Are they safe in some private school? Do you care about the people who elected you and the people you represent's safety? It needs to stop. You need to get your heads out of your collective cloud of indifference to the needs and desires of the people YOU WERE ELECTED TO SERVE and serve their needs for law and order. Please understand that you have no right to reduce the mandatory penalty for assaulting a law officer. If so then you have to abide by those rules and have 25% less police coverage for you and your own families and neighborhoods and I will find a way to make sure it is illegal for you to hire private security as well. Why should you be more protected than I am. You are no more important and are easily in another election. Please understand that while many people don't speak out, I am very well aware that they are looking for ways to have you removed from office. Stand true to the people who elected you, who you are disappointing daily, and do what is right by them. Think. Care. And don't be bought by the few who only care about destroying the safety and security of the citizens of this great state. You know, the state that spawned the main writers of our amazing Constitution, who fought against tyranny and overcame it because their cause was just and right. You have an incredible legacy to uphold. Do it.

Last Name: Bruns Locality: Rockingham

I would like to share support for our wonderful SROs and the continuance of full support of the program. It is imperative that young people feel safe and know officers are willing to lay down their lives to protect them (with the exception of the Valentine’s Day massacre in Florida a few years ago). Officers should continue to be funded so they can receive de-escalation training to better determine when a weapon should be drawn and when other use of force to subdue an assailant is needed. Also, continued monies to properly screen officers (this program was done away with in Minneapolis to recruit more Somolian born officers who were not all of a proper mindset to respect women, but also encouraged officers like the one who kneed George Floyd to slip through the psychological cracks. Can y’all stop being so partisan and use something rare- common sense?! No excessive prison sentencing with no hope of parole. No tolerating trashing monuments because protestors never got over their fathers abandoning them or their parents letting them live without consequences.

Last Name: Boyd Locality: Greene County

Do not - defund the Police and/or law enforcement. We the people have law, and are a lawful nation. We must have a well funded enforcement of those laws. Police and all law enforcment officers, should be protected to the fullest extent of the law when acting in the line of duty. Do not remove any protections or support from our officers. The Democratic Party, in calling for defunding the police, have lost thier collective minds - and lost me. I will NEVER vote for a political party that thinks like this!

Last Name: Shipe Locality: Churchville Va

I am greatly concerned about the proposed reduction to police/sheriff departments. We live in a rural area which is already understaffed and response time is already too long. Our granddaughter, who lives with us, is entering her senior year. She is on a first-name basis with her resource officer. He is at the door when students arrive In the morning and you can see him at most athletic events. This gives us great comfort. So if all this reduction is passed, does this mean all senate and house representatives will no longer have any security unless they pay for it personally??

Last Name: Grace Locality: Albemarle

I am very concerned over actions by some of our elected officials to reduce funding of our State Police, and eliminate officers from our schools. Our State Police are already underpaid for the work they do in protecting Virginia citizens and enforcing our laws on our highways and communities. When these men and women no longer feel appreciated and decline to serve, who will provide enforcement of our laws and protection for Virginia citizens?? Will it be those legislators that propose and support these bills? Will they put their lives on the line? I think we all know the answer!! As for the proposals to eliminate police from our schools; before you vote to reduce security and a sense of order you need to spend a lot of time visiting schools and discussing this with school officials who try to keep order while teaching our students. If all of our students were thoughtful to other students and our educators we would not need these officers in our schools. Unfortunately this is not always the case, and the presence of these officers contribute to maintaining a sense of order that allows our teachers to focus on education. Who will provide this order if these officer are not there? Do you expect the teachers to step up? How will this impact their relationship with their students? Will we lose some of our educators who just want to teach? I drove a school bus for a while, and I have seen these officers at our schools provide a valuable sense of order that helps our teachers focus on educating our students.

Last Name: Barnett Locality: Edinburg

I am very dismayed that Virginia's politicians are considering cutting funding to our state and local law enforcement. I will do anything in my power to support those who vote to fully fund law enforcement. I also pledge to do all in my power; through my efforts and campaign contributions to defeat anyone who votes to cut funding to; state law enforcement, local law enforcement or the SRO program. Regards, Frank

Last Name: Jones Locality: Fairfax

Cheers! Enjoy 4 more years of President Donald J. Trump!

Last Name: Swan Organization: concerned citizen Locality: Stafford

All we need is more buffoonery out of our elitists in VA society - the Democrats who serve in the Senate and Legislature of the Commonwealth. You are so out of touch with policing in this country that you all ought to be drawn and quartered to save the American way of life from anarchists who are trying to destroy society under the guise of false monikers such as Black Lives Matter and Can't Breathe and other blatantly stupid causes, which accomplish nothing but destruction. You will all be "woke" soon just like Biden is now woke to egregious errors in "running" his campaign against an extremely tough opponent. You are committing errors you will soon regret in defunding the police and in your belief that you can enact change. You haven't seen change yet, but it will be coming if the progressiveness continues to reap violence and destruction of personal property you are directly responsible for causing by not supporting the law and those who enforce it. I hope each of you progressives gets dead silence after your 911 call doesn't reach anyone who gives a s&%t.

Last Name: Lehman Locality: Albemarle

I'm am writing you to express my OUTRAGE that you are considering decreasing the Police funding for our Commonwealth. You are the ones who pass laws, and then task our Police to enforce those laws. If any entity on the budget needs MORE funding, it's our Law Enforcement. We ask them to go to crimes, know the law, and then make split-second, life-threatening decisions. All the while, you then criticize all of our Officers, because something bad has happened in another state. I support more tax dollars for additional training, support, and care for our police. Second issue, School Resource Officers. Have you not learned the lessons of the past? Don't you have history on violence in our schools? You should continue to fund the School Resource Officer program because it helps keep the kids SAFE.

Last Name: Fee Locality: Blackstone

I am totally against the defunding of our police! They need more support, not less. Lawlessness is a dangerous thing for everyone. The laws of our country must be upheld and our police must be fully supported financially and verbally to do that! Thank you.

Last Name: Ray Locality: County of Fairfax

In May, Delegate Lee Carter (D-Manassas) confronted police at a street protest. After being sprayed with tear gas, he shouted “I’m a member of the General Assembly -- I write the state police’s budget. They’re gonna ****ing regret this.” Today, Delegate Carter followed through on his threat, and presented a budget amendment to reduce state police funding by 25% and a second to cut $41 million from the local police. Del. Carter represents an extreme viewpoint that should be soundly rejected. Civil discourse, including change through peaceful protest, is underpinned by a robust police force with the authority and government support to stop criminal rioters and looters. The push by some to cut police budgets is a shortsighted solution to the real challenges. By all means, stop no-knock warrants, increase funding for mental health social services, and reform/end government police unions, but this General Assembly is not looking out for our best interests when it appears intent to enact policies that will lead to more political violence and a further reduction in trust in our institutions.

Last Name: Greason Locality: Ashburn

It is ridiculous and irresponsible that you would consider cutting SROs and making it a misdemeanor to assault a Police Officer. All cops aren't bad. They try to make us safe. After so many years of school shootings, why are you trying to make our kids in public schools less safe by cutting out SROs? This only punishes the administration and the students. Also - don't use examples of a few bad apples out of hundreds of thousands to punish police in our community who are black, white, male and female to make a political statement.

Last Name: Harvey Locality: Newport News, Va.

Please withdraw this budget ammendment immediately as its passage would seriously negatively affect the safety of the decent law abiding citizens of the commonwealth. My husband and I taught in the public schools here for many years. The officers in the schools keep both teachers and students protected. Those children whose parents have instilled a fear or hatred of the police see that there are police who can be trusted to keep them safe. My family has been affected by criminal thugs several times through the years. My oldest son was held at knife point in a local public high school for his lunch money several days before it was reported by another student. That thug carried on his criminal behavior until it ended after he shot into Huntington Middle School and later helped stomp a cab driver to death. My son was also held at gun point and robbed of $4,000 at the small business he started. Our house was burglarized as was our neighbors. My other son's mother-in-law was injured by a thug attempting to car jack her car. While I was stopped at a red light another car rammed me from behind. In every event police officers have responded positively. My oldest son also had his car broken into and stereo equipment was stolen. It was later returned by officer Stephen Rutherford who was murdered by a thug in a sting operation. To cut funding to the police is irresponsible and endangers citizens in the crime ridden community of Hampton Roads area. And when it's done in spite as Lee Carter's proposal is it's beyond disgusting as well.

Last Name: Geier Locality: Chesapeake

Especially since Governor Northam has released violent criminals, including murderers and rapists, some of whom have already committed murder since getting out of prison, we need our police fully funded. Please DO NOT DEFUND our police! And we need our resource officers in schools to keep our children and teachers safe. Shame on Del. Lee Carter and Del. Kay Kory for putting Virginia lives at risk.

Last Name: Williams Organization: The population of the State of Virginia Locality: MIDLOTHIAN

In lockstep with the Socialist party, aka Democrats, I see you have enacted some of the most reckless and stupid, for lack of a better word, measures I have ever seen here in Virginia. These measures are, as expected, party line and do not support rational thinking or the research done on SRO presence. I realize that the goal of the party is total control and subjugation of the population but logic and reason will prevail come election time in both the state and nation and these measures will ALL be done away with.

Last Name: Gearing Locality: Culpeper va

I would like to stress the importance of having police force that is adequately staffed and properly funded. The proposed reduction in funding is no more than an appeasement for the “new movement” Time has come to stand firm on this funding issue

Last Name: Bossi Locality: Charlottesville

Don’t defund police

Last Name: Whitlock Locality: Louisa

To ALL PUBLIC SERVANTS in the Virginia General Assembly, As elected representatives, you have a duty to legislate with integrity, fairness, and decorum. You are expected to know our constitutions, to possess the ability to reason and debate, to understand issues from all perspectives, and then to draft laws that serve citizens throughout our commonwealth. I am here to tell you that many citizens do NOT want to defund the police! Recent events have indeed illuminated the need for serious inspection of and reform of law enforcement training. What happened to the national push for more security in and around schools because of mass shootings and assaults on students of all ages? It is wrong to remove security from schools, neighborhoods, businesses, etc. Instead of following the mob and believing what media spews, be leaders who stay above the fray; offer solutions that are not emotion-driven, but address the core issue(s), and demonstrate innovation and compromise. Why does anyone expect everyone to agree on any issue? You have an opportunity here to be positive examples: go deeper into what's going on in cities, neglected neighborhoods, social and family crises, even within police officers' families. And do not dismiss how the shut-down, isolation, and loss of employment/financial security fueled the anger! But who can listen when there's violence and anarchy. We citizens, particularly the younger generation, need representatives who will be leaders, someone we can trust and respect. We, the people, have elected you to a lofty purpose. If you cannot endure the demands of this or cannot legislate with integrity and admirable character, then perhaps we, the people, should consider defunding your positions. I prefer to pray for our nation, its citizens, and its elected representatives.


Dear Members of the General Assembly, As a voting constituent of Virginia, I urge you not to support any bills that target defunding our police departments, cutting school budgets, and eliminating mandatory penalties for anyone who assaults a police officer. Please just imagine that you live in a world in which you cannot afford personal protection for you and your family but are at the mercy of having the local police protect you, your family, and your home against criminals. I, like most citizens, would never condone the abuse of authority by policy officers against anyone. However, the actions of some do not warrant leaving law abiding citizens without adequate protection. We NEED our police officers. I can't believe that it is even up for discussion that we don't want to protect the very people that put their lives on the line every day to protect the citizens of this great country. Our schools and colleges need School Resource Officers. We need to keep our children safe! I urge you to vote, not what you think your party would want you to do, but vote with your family in mind (if they had the resources that 99% of us have to protect themeslves). Lastly, I urge you not to vote to eliminate the mandatory penalty for assaults against police officers. Assaulting a police officer is never acceptable. We have to trust the criminal justice system to do the right thing by our citizens. Thank you for your time in this matter.

Last Name: Bland Locality: Vienna

I have lived in Vienna for 16 years. During that time I have always felt safe here and have never witnessed nor had a bad experience with any of the police officers responding to calls I’ve made (theft incident and car accidents). Furthermore, I don’t know anyone, nor have I heard (until recently) of anyone who’s had a negative experience with either the Vienna or Fairfax police departments. My father was a DC police officer for 20 years and a DEA agent following that so maybe I have been raised with a different level of respect for the law but it seems to me that if you are doing something to incite a negative interaction between yourself an and another then you hold some level of responsibility for the outcome of that interaction. Having said that, I do not condone police violence or violence from ANYONE in an interaction with law enforcement authorities. People on both sides of an interaction with law enforcement can make mistakes but that does not mean it is logical or practical to remove the person from the interaction who is there for the ultimate purpose of protecting and serving the community. Instead of defunding organizations/people you should consider increasing funding to provide more training and therapy for dealing with the disrespectful environment that exists to day. Freedom of speech doesn’t give you the right to be disrespectful or to ignore the law or the authorities trying to enforce it. Having grown up with a police officer I can attest to the mental stress that the job takes on these individuals; they see the worst of the worst on the same day and sometimes within the same incident of saving a live. Before you choose to get rid of the people that have committed to sacrificing their own health and safety for others, you should define and appoint someone else willing to do it with as much personal sacrifice as I’ve seen in my experience with the law enforcement community over the last 50 years. A few mistakes should not trump the millions of good decisions made by the men and women who put their life in danger everyday to protect yours. .

Last Name: Dewey Locality: Wintergreen

It is great sorrow that Democrat Members of the General Assembly appear to wish to submit to the ruling instructions of political powers outside of Virginia. Are we to believe that the parents of the Commonwealth would wish to reduce the protection of their children while in school? Is one to assume that Delegate Carter was attempting to use his position in the General Assembly to elevate his position while in hostile contact with law enforcement representatives. Would bullets be better than tear gas? Even if the actions of the police were wrong, should that be the basis for reduced funding that will create further safety issues? State Delegates and Senators owe allegiance to the citizens of Virginia, not to themselves or some out of state entity.

Last Name: Smith Locality: Fairfax

I am gravely concerned about the movement to defund, or even cut funding for, the police. The idea to lessen the sentence for assaulting a police Officer is absurd. The vast majority of our great police men and women do serve and protect and we are glad they’re here when needed. If anything, there should be more funding to provide enhanced training to help the officers deal with volatile situations. Don’t let the media and the anarchists sway your opinions and votes on this, stand strong for the safety of all.

Last Name: Porter Locality: Fairfax

I oppose the recent proposals to defund the police or to “ reallocate “ funds away from the police . I will vote against all politicians within my jurisdiction who are inclined to support legislation that is aimed at weakening the police either at the state or local level.

Last Name: Bishop Locality: Fairfax

Crazy politicians are against less police protection and less protection for the citizens that elected them. Say good bye to your livelihood if you are not for keeping people safe.

Last Name: Talley Locality: Henrico

As state representatives you swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States and to protect it's citizens from enemies, both foreign & domestic. I strongly oppose any legislation that would reduce funding for our state & local police, including SROs. Do not make a knee jerk reaction that would jeopardize the citizens of Virginia.

Last Name: Frazier Locality: Virginia Beach

I can’t even believe I have to write this. Defunding the police and making it harder for them to do their jobs is the most asinine stupid thing I’ve ever heard come out. If you want to do something positive, take away some of the power of the union because that is the group that probably makes it hard to get rid of bad police officers. But overall police officers work hard, risk their life every day. How about those if you in the house who want to cut this funding, release all of your personal security so that you have to walk the streets like the rest of us. Second I want to address the issue of removing security from her schools and colleges. This is another stupid idea that I can’t even believe you considered. So you’re telling me that a young woman or for that matter a young man walking across a college campus at night Has to do so with fear that they could be attacked, raped, and any other of unknown things that could happen. Remember elections are coming

Last Name: SHIFFLETT Locality: charlottesville

I support honoring policemen and policewoman. I support not cutting support, particularly at this time in history. I support treating people (including police) the way you should to be treated and I do not feel that laws should be changed to limit them in doing their job with safety or allow their orders not to be followed speaking to them with respect. I feel that the majority of police officers are honorable citizens and public servants and need to be respected.

Last Name: Boccanfuso Locality: Richmond

Please FUND. Our country is in peril and you have taken an oath to defend and protect. God takes OATHS VERY SERIOUSLY! What is your defense When you meet HIM face to face? Government on this earth is temporal... our lives are ETERNAL! It’s a matter of Location... where will you be?

Last Name: Volman Locality: Nellysford

Defunding Police is the most stupid idea I have ever heard of any political body consider. However, I have become use to stupid idea from our Governor and the new socialist Democrat Party. What a great country I have lived in for 83 years about to be destroyed. I pray for my grandchildren. Please get your heads out of your A---s.

Last Name: Sullivan Locality: Fairfax

I am very much opposed to & against cuts & defunding of our police budgets! This is not a good or smart move, in my opinion. Mob rule of antifa & other radical groups necessitate more police protection of our citizens & property from riots, anarchy, intimidation, arson, looting, etc,... resulting from mob rule--- Many police departments are "standing down" to mob violence!😡👎. Further, downgrading of assaults to our police officers penalties is a stupid move & taken by politicians for wrong reasons. We, citizens of Virginia, need to support our police & "blue" & not weaken laws that protect them. Politicians defunding our police are creating a more dangerous environment for our law-abiding citizens & police. The politicians supporting & voting for this defunding & downgrades to assaults on our police need to, in my opinion, be recalled and/or voted out of office!

Last Name: Yang Locality: Fairfax County

Do not defund the police. This is madness! Provide MORE resource allocation on training de escalation techniques and submission combative classes.

Last Name: Giedd Organization: None Locality: Williamsburg James City County

Defunding Virginia's law enforcement is one way of failing to protect Virginians; infringing upon their Right To Bear Arms is another. Eventually, only criminals and law enforcement are armed, and there aren't enough police to both enforce the law and prevent crime. Every Virginian who likes to travel on the highway safely should be thankful for VA State Troopers, and willing to help fund Law Enforcement. I have taken the time to share with many immigrants that Virginia's police are to be appreciated, not feared. Citizens and law enforcement cooperate together to keep Virginia safe. Virginians want to fund law enforcement, own guns, and enjoy the benefits of living in a safe state.

Last Name: Stidham Locality: Cumberland

The budget for funding our wonderful state police funding by 25% and $41 million from the local police is certainly a bad idea Delegate Carter. Who are you going to call for help when these crazy rioters come calling. Certainly not Ghost busters. I would suggest that Delegate Carter stay away from protests and he won't be sprayed. Will Delegate Kay Kory be able to explain to parents of killed students when a shooter comes into a school and there is no one to stop him/her? Her proposal to cut millions from the School Resource Officer Program proposed cutting millions from the School Resource Officer (SRO) program should be dead on arrival (as the children will be) . Most children feel safer with them in the building. The Democrats proposal to eliminate the mandatory penalty for anyone who assaults a police office should not be passed by the House. You keep on messing with the police and you won't have anybody left to call for help. Hope it is not your home that is being attacked or someone you love in need of emergency help.

Last Name: Greene Locality: Montpelier

I have lived a fairly long life and to date have never witnessed such stupidity from people who are supposed to be adult and exhibit a fair amount of intelligence. You had better wake up before it's too late and you need one of these good people to protect you.

Last Name: Arthur Locality: Fairfax

Increase police budget we don’t want to be Portland or Seattle

Last Name: Mouly Locality: Albemarle

I am opposed to cutting the state police budget. Further, I am opposed to cutting local police budgets. I am opposed to cutting funding for School Resource Officers. And I am opposed to eliminating the mandatory penalty for assaulting a police officer.

Last Name: Saylor Locality: Fairfax, Herndon

This is not a personal matter. If he didn't want sprayed he should not have put himself in harms way. He should have considered the risk before attending instead of expecting officers to try to do their jobs around him. Virginia citizens shouldn't have to pay the price of safety and protection for his ego, pride and anger. I am sorry that he feels he should be so prominent to be picked out of a crowd at night in the dark, in a time of tremendous distress and KAOS but it has happened. Here is the video of the event. Warning -- strong language. In May, Delegate Lee Carter (D-Manassas) confronted police at a street protest. After being sprayed with tear gas, he shouted “I’m a member of the General Assembly -- I write the state police’s budget. They’re gonna ****ing regret this.” Today, Delegate Carter followed through on his threat, and presented a budget amendment to reduce state police funding by 25% and a second to cut $41 million from the local police. This is ridiculous, I am sure he, like the Mayor of Chicago will reserve budget to defend his home and neighborhood. Why shouldn't Virginia citizens be afforded the same protection? Honor your Oath of Office, Please stand up for Virginia citizens safety and protection in this time of unrest, riots, looting, destruction and violence. Sincerely Martha L. Saylor

Last Name: Saylor Locality: Fairfax, Herndon

Shame on Delegate Kay Kory (D-Fairfax) proposal cutting millions from the School Resource Officer (SRO) program, even though in a recent U.Va. study, a majority of students have said that such officers make them feel safer. And, on a party-line vote, Senate Democrats passed their proposal to eliminate the mandatory penalty for anyone who assaults a police officer. This bill will now come to the House. Why shouldn't Virginia Police Officers be afforded the protection they deserve? Please stand up for Virginia Police Officers and the citizens that depend upon them for safety and protection. The Police are already being baited and ambushed with 911 calls. What do you think this will do? This Bill is declaring open season on our Police Officers in this time of unrest, riots, looting and destruction. It is unimaginable that this bill would be supported. Sincerely Martha L. Saylor

Last Name: Dorman Locality: Augusta county

I am against any reduction of budget for law enforcement. We are a society governed by laws. It provides the structure needed to protect every citizen you represent. To pander to the bullies, thugs and hysteria is to give in and serve not the citizens but those who benefit from the chaos. Those who support reductions in budgets are doing so on emotional ignorance and should be held accountable the same as those who vandalized and destroy our business and kill our citizens.

Last Name: Larson Locality: Henrico

Each member of the General Assembly took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the US and the Commonwealth of Virginia. One duty of the government is to protect the people from foreign and domestic harm. Defunding the police would be dereliction of duty. Please honor your oath and refund the police.

Last Name: Hundley Locality: Suffolk

There have certainly been some horrible results due to citizen reactions with local and state police recently. The incidents have started with persons of interest not cooperating with police, and have escalated to the use of deadly force, and have resulted in death. There are a small percentage of police who are much too aggressive, and should not be police, but they are a very small minority. Removing these rogue and overly aggressive police, and providing more extensive training to hopefully eliminate this type behavior, should be used rather than the drastic actions being taken by the General Assembly. Reducing the police budget, and changing the police assault laws are destined to "backfire" and will endanger the lives of the general public unnecessarily. It is strongly suggested that these changes are overkill, and are definitely not the solution to these problems. Please reconsider these actions and preserve the rule of law in our society.

Last Name: Schratz Locality: Burke

As the wife and sister of retired police officers I am appalled and disgusted that you have such hatred for the police. If your house was being robbed would you call your car mechanic to help you?! You apparently have not been up nights wondering where your husband is when it is already past the time that his shift was over and you find out later that there was "an incident" that kept him on the streets longer than usual. Shame on you to jump on the political band wagon and throw our police officers under the bus. Not all cops are bad, just like not all politicians are bad - just some of them. It seems that today the cops are guilty before they even leave their house to go to would does it feel to you to be constantly criticized and looked down on because of your opinion? Shame on you - these men and women are tax payers who pay your salary. When they leave their houses to go to work on the street each day, to protect and serve people they don't even know, neither they nor their families know if this is the day that they don't come home. Do you feel that way when you go to work!? Maybe you should - perhaps you would feel different.

Last Name: Pulliam Locality: Palmyra

I and many, many of my fellow Virginians are very concerned that many of our state legislators are taking the Commonwealth down a very dangerous path just like many of those other lawless, violent, destructive states by adopting those dangerous and frankly stupid Social Justice ideas. We want and appreciate our law enforcement. Keep our police ,local sheriff and State police departments funded and keep our children in school safe with school resource officers present. No police in a gun free zone is just a very stupid idea as is cutting law enforcement budgets. DON'T BE STUPID! No more stupidity or you and your cohorts are bound to loose the next election!

Last Name: amato Locality: Prince William

For Item 406 #1h First Year - FY2021 Second Year - FY2022 Public Safety and Homeland Security Department of Criminal Justice Services I cannot believe Del Kory Kay introduced an amendment to reduce by $4.7 million to the VA School Resource Officer Program (SRO). The SRO is the on-site protection of hundreds of thousands of students in VA against any internal or external threat to a school. So, if there is a school shooting or multiple students are bullying another student, then the reduction in the SRO program means many schools will have to end or reduce the number of SROs on campus. The amendment reads "This amendment would eliminate the $4.7 million from the general fund each year appropriated to the Department of Criminal Justice Services for the provision of school resource officer / school security officer incentive grants to localities. A corresponding amendment to the Direct Aid for Public Education item would provide $4.7 million from the general fund each year in additional funding for school mental health counselors." So, does this mean mental health counselors are to respond when there is an active shooter at a school? Does this mean the mental health counselor will protect a school's student body from an Internal threat? I want to know as I have four children attending VA public schools! Sincerely, Steven Amato

Last Name: Strempke Locality: Campbell Co.

It is a huge mistake to undercut our police in Virginia. What will be gained, but more lawlessness by crooks and dishonest people. WE will not be safe. Men will not want to go into police work as a career when the state government makes life harder for them. Police work is stressful enough without the leaders in Virginia disrespecting their value.

Last Name: amato Locality: Prince William

I am appalled at the recent budget amendment by Delegate Carter. He had an altercation in Manassas, VA where he actively participated in a demonstration, the local law enforcement was managing this protest and in video one can hear Del. Carter threat about writing the state budget for VA police organizations. Thus, out of pure emotion he submits HB5005 to reduce State funding to the VA State Police local by 25%. Why is there a 25% reduction? There is no explanation. As a legal citizen of VA we need to fully fund the VA State Police. They provide the citizens of VA safety, security, and immediate assistance investigating numerous types of crimes. They are the frontline defenders to many communities. So, why is Del Carter reducing their budget support? I want to know? Sincerely, Steve Amato

Last Name: amato Locality: Prince William

2020 Special Session I Budget Amendments - HB5005 (Member Request) By Member » Item 482.20 #41h Chief Patron: Carter Reduce HB 599 Funding by 25% I am appalled at the recent budget amendment by Delegate Carter. He had an altercation in Manassas, VA where he actively participated in a demonstration, the local law enforcement was managing this protest and in video one can hear Del. Carter threat about writing the state budget for VA police organizations. Thus, out of pure emotion he submits HB5005 to reduce State funding to local law enforcement agencies by $41 million. Why is there a $41 million reduction? There is no explanation. As a legal citizen of VA we need to fully fund all local law enforcement departments. These departments provide communities safe and secure assistance. They are the frontline defenders to many communities. So, why is Del Carter reducing their budget support? I want to know? Sincerely, Steve Amato

Last Name: amato Locality: Prince William

I am appalled at the recent budget amendment by Delegate Carter. He had an altercation in Manassas, VA where he actively participated in a demonstration, the local law enforcement was managing this protest and in video one can hear Del. Carter threat about writing the state budget for VA police organizations. Thus, out of pure emotion he submits HB5005 to reduce State funding to local law enforcement agencies by 25%. Why is there a 25% reduction? There is no explanation. As a legal citizen of VA we need to fully fund all local law enforcement departments. These departments provide communities safe and secure assistance. They are the frontline defenders to many communities. So, why is Del Carter reducing their budget support? I want to know? Sincerely, Steve Amato

Last Name: Thieblot Locality: Schuyler VA

Nowhere do I see evidence of a need for less law enforcement. Please do not cut funding for state and local police departments. Do not cut funding for the School Resource Office Program (unless teachers will be permitted to carry firearms). And please maintain the mandatory penalty for assaulting a police officer.

Last Name: Slemp Locality: Wytheville

How dare you put WE THE PEOPLE at risk!!! You have your security details!! The democrats have shown they are on the side of anarchists and fascists who are trying to force us to do what the demand by violence!! I am and always have been for LAW AND ORDER!!!

Last Name: Pessagno Locality: Hampton City

The Virginia delegates and senators who are proposing the significant reductions in funding the Virginia State Police, local police, and the School Resource Officer program are guilty of misfeasance. Safety of the public is a fundamental responsibility of state government. Law enforcement agencies are organized and adequately funded in order to enforce laws passed by the legislature (General Assembly) and the "signed" by the executive branch. State officials that cut funding for adequate law enforcement resources are directly accountable for resulting actions, whether direct or indirect, that adversely affect the citizenry.

Last Name: Hill Locality: charlottesville virginia

Without a strong police force, whether it be at work, in our homes, or in our children's schools, there is a strong reduction in the safety and protection that is required of the government. Withdrawal of funds prlhibits the training and hiring of the numbers of officers required to provide that protection. Anyone who assaults an officer does not respect the position in which the officer has been placed and the requirements that have been placed on him to do his job. Every day that the officer goes to work, he demonstrates his willingness to put his life on the line to provide the protection that is necessary for the entire general public, for everyone.

Last Name: Snyder Locality: Manassas

Cutting funding to the School Resource Officer programs is quite a reversal of efforts over the past couple of decades. Gun violence will not decrease by defunding police budgets. Violence will decrease when families are raised in stable homes and enduring values are taught to children; when Hollywood stops glamorizing such violence in movies; when video games stop virtually putting guns in children's hands. I ask that you continue to fund our law enforcement programs and choose to support them through effective training programs. Cutting the budgets and limiting the training will not solve the issues that need attention today. It will only make it more difficult to prepare our public servants to adequately perform their duties. I fear that crime in general will increase as uncaring, selfish individuals and groups take advantage of any reduction in our police force.

Last Name: Adams Locality: Fairfax County

PLEASE do not reduce funding to our police, PLEASE do not reduce funding to our SRO program, and PLEASE do not eliminate the mandatory penalty for assaulting a police officer. We NEED our police and rule of law! We have kids in the public schools, and they feel SAFER with the SRO in their school. We need more respect for our public servants. Please stop this crazy agenda that is only leading to more chaos and unrest. SUPPORT OUR POLICE! The Democratic platform has gone too far to the left. We the people do not support your changes.

Last Name: Adams Locality: Fairfax

I do not think it’s a good idea to reduce the number of security people from the schools. I would like more personnel.

Last Name: Bland Locality: Manassas

I write this letter through the eyes of an 8 yr old boy, who is now a 61 year old man. I am haunted with memories of watching my father who was a thirty year veteran of the Syracuse, NY Police Dept. leaving our home with his Riot Gear during the summers of 1967-72. I never thought that I would witness a new generation of 8 yr old children watching their mother's and father's, leaving home with their Riot Gear in an attempt to restore Law and Order to our communities 53 yrs later. I am not afraid to stand up and announce, that Our Family BACKS BLUE! I know what it is like to have the neighbors send their children out to throw bottles and rocks through the windows of the house where my Maternal Grandfather a deceased Firefighter had bought in the late 1920's. My family and I are appalled to see that Delegate Carter and Delegate Kory would support such Legislation that would provide our Law Enforcement Agencies with a lot less money to keep our communities and schools safe from what is happening in other locales. I've never been afraid to speak out on behalf of our First Responders, and we have watched children of friends of ours grow up that are out in the world serving as Police Officers, Fire and Rescue. We want them to go off to work with all of the equipment they need, with the most up to date technology available to these agencies so that they come home each evening safe after their tours of duty. I close with some words of caution. ATTENTION POLITICIANS. I know the neighbors in my area support our Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue Personnel. We can vote with our feet, pack up and move to another locale that does support their Police and Fire and Rescue Personnel. I remind you to look at what has happened in New York State where people have moved, literally by the millions because they wanted to get away from high state and local taxes and disrespect by the politicians toward their constituents. I know we will if you continue on this path to self destruction.

Last Name: wheeler Organization: My family and all the families in the state of Virginia Locality: Fairfax County-McLean VA

To Delegates Lee Carter and Kay Kory- Your two proposed amendments regarding reduced police funding and cutting millions from the SRO are invitations to the hundreds of criminals now inhabiting our nation's homes and streets to vandalize, loot and kill your neighbors and families. Consider if your loved ones are victimized by a burgular in the dark of night and the expensive alarm system in you had installed in your home goes unanswered -no police coming to save them. Or your precious children's safety and survival in a place they considered safe - the classroom - and a demented or drug addict managed to get into the school and started shooting randomly killing innocent lives. And the proposal to eliminate mandatory penalty for anyone who assaults a police officer. Is this America or some Communist country we are talking about here? t seems you are putting politics above the love and safety of your loved ones. And mine. Shame on you. You are destroying the very fabric of our country- our way of living, destroying law and order and allowing mobs to rule. This is a great country - if you don't like it, please hurry and move away to another. China and Russia will be glad to have you join their billions of miserable, sad, hungry, repressed people. And we will celebrate your decision to leave.

Last Name: Armstrong Locality: Charlottesville

I urge you to keep the penalties for assaulting a police office the same. Police officers need to be protected. This bill does not address the issue of bad police officers who need retraining or those who need to be removed.

Last Name: Lamb Locality: Stanardsville

This all needs to be stopped. We need the police and they should not be defunded. We need the school resources officers.

Last Name: Riley Locality: Charlottesville


Last Name: O'Connor Locality: Virginia Beach

This is the most ridiculous and dangerous proposal I have ever seen put forward in our General Assembly. We can't promote lawlessness in the streets of our Commonwealth! Have the Democrats lost all reason? Don't they have families that need protection and safety?

Last Name: Bailey Locality: Charlottesville

The recent Senate bill allowing for changes in actions toward law officers should also apply to all officers of the court including judges. The Legislature should not be immune to these same rules. I am very wary of the consequences resulting from a change in the law and don't support it. As always I appreciate all your efforts on behalf of your constituents. Sincerely, Linda and Joel Bailey

Last Name: Cann Locality: Charlottesville

In May, Delegate Lee Carter (D-Manassas) confronted police at a street protest. After being sprayed with tear gas, he shouted “I’m a member of the General Assembly -- I write the state police’s budget. They’re gonna ****ing regret this.” Today, Delegate Carter followed through on his threat, and presented a budget amendment to reduce state police funding by 25% and a second to cut $41 million from the local police. Meanwhile, Delegate Kay Kory (D-Fairfax) proposed cutting millions from the School Resource Officer (SRO) program, even though in a recent U.Va. study, a majority of students have said that such officers make them feel safer. These measures will make it much harder for law enforcement in Virginia.

Last Name: Edens Locality: Amelia Court House

Please do not cut funding for state and local law enforcement. Providing law and order for all citizens of our Commonwealth is a fundamental duty of government and an excellent use of taxpayer money.

Last Name: James Locality: Heathsville

To reduce funding for these very much needed programs -- is nothing short of Insane !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Name: Lloyd Locality: Glen Allen

Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinions regarding State Police Funding, the School Resource Officer (SRO) program and Mandatory Penalties for Assaulting a Police Officer. I strongly oppose any effort to reduce funding for our State Police. I also support enhancing the SRO program . Finally, our police force must be protected from the reckless behavior of mobs and individuals with bad intent. The State Police are an example of one of the finest, best trained Police units in the Commonwealth. The State Police put their lives on the line for us every day they serve. The State Police budget should be increased to account for their brave and professional behavior in times of extreme stress. The SRO program is a deterrent internally and externally to disturbed individuals who wish to inflict pain and injury on our children in school. The SRO program should be enlarged to allow more officers to be present inside and outside our schools. Physical abuse of Police Officers should be dealt with quickly and harshly. Lack of sanctions for this type of disturbing behavior only fosters more assaults on our Police force. The Police force represent a thin line of defense against those who would do us all harm. The Police deserve our respect. They deserve higher pay. They deserve to be treated as professionals. The Police are officers of the court just as attorneys, judges and those who serve our justice system. We should treat the Police as we would like to be treated, with respect, with dignity and with swift resolve against those who would physically abuse our Police officers.

Last Name: Powell Locality: Williamsburg

I am opposed to any legislation that would reduce funding for any police organization, either local or state level. I am also opposed to eliminating or reducing the penalty for assaulting an identified police official. These are unhelpful laws that defy common sense. Virginia Democrats have gone off the deep end in flaunting their new-found ( and hopefully temporary) lock on Virginia's government by proposing and making laws that make citizens less safe and secure. I hope that this message will encourage you to reconsider the harm you are doing to Virginia and America.

Last Name: Baldwin Locality: Appomattox County

I'm sure that each and everyone of the delegates elected to represent Virginia are aware of the security police give to all the citizens of this state. However you all seem to not care. You only seem to want to make the citizens feel unsafe and unprotected. Why? I would say it is because you only care about your own personal lives. Money, power and reelection. It is time you stop your power trips and start doing the job you are required to do. That is to represent all citizens, not just a few special interest citizens that fund your reelections. If you feel you need to cut, then cut capital security for yourselves and the Governor. Leave me and my family's well being alone. You are in Richmond to represent and not to misuse your position to carry out your own private agenda or the agenda of some group paying you to do so.

Last Name: Griffith Locality: Reston

I request the state and local police be fully funded.

Last Name: Bray Organization: Please Select... Locality: Charlottesville

I do not think it is wise to suspend or reduce police funding during this time of unrest especially if it is being done to punish the police for real or imagined crack-downs on protests and demonstrations.

Last Name: Saylor Locality: Fairfax, Herndon

Shame on Delegate Kay Kory (D-Fairfax) proposal cutting millions from the School Resource Officer (SRO) program, even though in a recent U.Va. study, a majority of students have said that such officers make them feel safer. And, on a party-line vote, Senate Democrats passed their proposal to eliminate the mandatory penalty for anyone who assaults a police officer. This bill will now come to the House. Why shouldn't Virginia Police Officers be afforded the protection they deserve? Please stand up for Virginia Police Officers and the citizens that depend upon them for safety and protection. The Police are already being baited and ambushed with 911 calls. What do you think this will do? This Bill is declaring open season on our Police Officers in this time of unrest, riots, looting and destruction. It is unimaginable that this bill would be supported. Sincerely General M. and Martha L. Saylor

Last Name: Saylor Organization: Budget Cuts on School Resource Officer (SRO) program, Elimination of Mandatory Penalty for anyone who Assaults a Police Officer Locality: Fairfax, Herndon

Shame on Delegate Kay Kory (D-Fairfax) proposal cutting millions from the School Resource Officer (SRO) program, even though in a recent U.Va. study, a majority of students have said that such officers make them feel safer. And, on a party-line vote, Senate Democrats passed their proposal to eliminate the mandatory penalty for anyone who assaults a police officer. This bill will now come to the House. Why shouldn't Virginia Police Officers be afforded the protection they deserve? Please stand up for Virginia Police Officers and the citizens that depend upon them for safety and protection. The Police are already being baited and ambushed with 911 calls. What do you think this will do? This Bill is declaring open season on our Police Officers in this time of unrest, riots, looting and destruction. It is unimaginable that this bill would be supported. Sincerely General M. and Martha L. Saylor

Last Name: Romey Organization: citizen and community member Locality: Reedville

I strongly oppose reducing police budgets for political reasons. While there may be reasons to adjusts budgets, defunding and reducing the capabilities of local police forces has profound long term effects on our communities. The country is currently rife with examples of the results of even talking about these efforts. A clear-headed look at the facts relevant to each of the proffered reasons/needs for such action reveals that the perceptions behind such thinking is not substantiated. Decisions like this must be devoid of politics and personal emotional issues.

Last Name: Oss Locality: Fluvanna

What has happened to the Democrat party? They are aligning the party and policies with the radical protesters/rioters that are proposing extreme measures that will undermine the safety of our neighborhoods. Defunding the police is a bad idea.

Last Name: sorrentino Locality: Moneta

Seriously? Taking money away from the police when our country is being attacked by folks who are trying to destroy it is insane! Allowing thugs to attack police officers with minor consequences is shocking. Taking security out of schools is leaving students and staff vulnerable. You are supposed to be the cream of the crop. You are supposed to be wise and problem solvers. You are supposed to be negotiators for the good of your constituency. You are supposed to work together. You are supposed to know how to compromise. You are supposed to be role models and act like ladies and gentlemen. You are supposed to listen to all your constituents and listen to all views. You are not supposed to use the citizenry as a pawn to get re-elected. You are not supposed to have a temper tantrum when you don't get your way. You are not supposed to be vindictive and use your powers to get back at those who don't agree with you. You are not supposed to use your position for personal gain. Your position in the legislature is not a career. It is a service to the Commonwealth of Virginia and its citizens. You should be honored to be in service and not assume that you are above those who put you there. Yes, there are police that aren't good but there are , also, legislators that aren't good. Those legislators who voted to reduce charges for assaulting a police officer aren't wise, aren't good, aren't properly representing their citizens. You are creating a scary future for the Commonwealth. Taking funds away is handicapping our police. Why would any young person want to work in a dangerous job without proper equipment or pay or protection under the law? Why would you want your children in a school without protection? How many of you have walked a beat with a police officer? How many have had to break up a fight in the school hallway? How many have shown up at work to find that you no longer have a computer, secretary, phone, etc. so you can do your job? Oh , I forgot, you'd rather march in protest with those who are paid to cause chaos . Shame on you! Shirley Sorrentino

Last Name: Messier Locality: Prince Wiliam

Stop being ridiculous about defunding the police. We need police now, and in the future to protect our citizens!

Last Name: Saylor Locality: Fairfax, Herndon

This is not a personal matter. If he didn't want sprayed he should not have put himself in harms way. Virginia citizens shouldn't have to pay the price of safety and protection for his ego, pride and anger. I am sorry that he feels he should be so prominent to be picked out of a crowd at night, in a time of tremendous distress and KAOS but it has happened. Here is the video of the event. Warning -- strong language. In May, Delegate Lee Carter (D-Manassas) confronted police at a street protest. After being sprayed with tear gas, he shouted “I’m a member of the General Assembly -- I write the state police’s budget. They’re gonna ****ing regret this.” Today, Delegate Carter followed through on his threat, and presented a budget amendment to reduce state police funding by 25% and a second to cut $41 million from the local police. This is ridiculous, I am sure he like the Mayor of Chicago will reserve budget to defend his home and neighborhood. Why shouldn't Virginia citizens be afforded the same protection? Please stand up for Virginia citizens safety and protection in this time of riots, looting and destruction. Sincerely General M. and Martha L. Saylor

Last Name: Edman Locality: Lynchburg

We strongly oppose this terrible bill that endangers the lives of our law enforcement personnel. Police officers risk their lives to protect us and our property; to say that assaulting them is a "misdemeanor" is ludicrous. If anything, the bill should go in the opposite direction, requiring much greater penalties for this crime. You have caved in to terrorist demands and have disgraced the offices you hold. You ought to be ashamed. Edward and Mary Ann Edman

Last Name: Stone Locality: Keswick

I agree that there are some problems in some jurisdictions that need reform but it has been my experience over a 55 year career in the private sector that reform isn't accomplished by reducing resources available to the leadership or responsible parties charged with designing, overseeing, and/or implementing needed reforms. The need for reform is usually a reflection on the leadership of the entity and/or the oversight authority. Defunding or "reallocating resources" is not the answer to solving the incredible problems of rioting, killing, looting, and destruction we see nightly on responsible news casts. My comments should not be interpreted in any way as a condemnation of peaceful protests or restricting free speech!

Last Name: Corrins Locality: Albemarle

I wanted to let you know that I am aware of what is going on in this nation. I feel though as a citizen of the commonwealth of Virginia you should not pass the bill that would reduce penalties for assaulting police officers. I have a family member that is a police officer and fears for his life when he puts his uniform on and goes to work. Not all law enforcement officers are bad apples, but the few that are, are spoiling it for the entire bunch. I believe officers should receive more training on dealing with the public and interacting with people that may have mental illness or other issues. I feel though that we as a commonwealth should stand behind our officers and protect them from violence from citizens who feel it appropriate to assault them whether physically or verbally. When something goes wrong or your are being threatened who is the first person you call for help, our police officers. What will happen when you change the law and they no longer feel protected and will no longer respond what will we do then.

Last Name: Barnes Locality: Locust Grove

VA does not need to reduce state police funding by 25% nor cut $41 million from the local police. VA also should not cut millions from the School Resource Officer (SRO) program. VA also should not eliminate the mandatory penalty for anyone who assaults a police officer. All of these measures will make it much harder for law enforcement in Virginia.

Last Name: Jelinski Locality: Chantilly, VA

One needs to stop and consider what defunding the police really accomplishes. Who really benefits from defunding the police? As is said in many investigations - " just follow the money". When one looks to follow the money, the current effort to reduce / defund the police finding is nothing more than a thinly veiled effort to support organized crime through the expanded sale of drugs and sex trafficking. Why would anyone support organized crime? There must be a profit buried somewhere in the relationship between organized crime and those who support defunding the police. In my opinion, all who support reducing the police funding should be considered accomplices to organized crime.

Last Name: Vara Locality: Portsmouth

I do NOT want you to defund the police, state or local in any way. We need these police officers for our safety. You want to take our guns away, now you want to take our police away! what the hell is the matter with you people! wake up and start protecting us instead of worrying about reelection. We must also keep it a felony to touch any police officer in anyway whether they are hurt or not. They should not be made sitting ducks just for doing their jobs. I also want police security in the schools to keep those children safe. It’s the only way to deter violence in our schools. I cannot wait until election day!!

Last Name: McAdams Locality: Albemarle

To whom it may concern, The ideas put forward by the Democratic legislators to defund police dept. and funding in the state of Virginia is a very short sighted and reckless proposal. Now more than ever, we need to establish the Rule of Law that is given us, not only by the Natural Law, but also the ancient Judeo-Christian legacy. These may sound like fighting words, but they are values worth fighting for in the arena of ideas and actions, and at the ballot box. Woe to us in Virginia if we continue on this course of dismantling our rights to be safe and secure in our persons and in our properties. Please prayerfully reconsider this course of action. God be with you and all of us.

Last Name: Himes Locality: Buena Vista

Reducing law enforcement budgets at this time of crisis is unwise. The behavior of a few should not be used as grounds to punish the many officers who enforce the law and make our homes and cities safer places to live. I am strongly opposed to recent efforts by lawmakers to drastically reduce budgets of law enforcement and security officers at public schools.

Last Name: Zartman Locality: Christiansburg

In my opinion, there is no shortage of local militia wannabes in Virginia that will be eager to step up and organize further if they feel there is a need. Let's not give them a reason by unreasonable restraint and defunding. If you think our present system of law enforcement has fault wait until common citizens take over.

Last Name: Zartman Locality: Christiansburg

In my opinion, there is no shortage of local militia wannabes in Virginia that will be eager to step up and organize further if they feel there is a need. Let's not give them a reason by unreasonable restraint and defunding. If you think our present system of law enforcement has fault wait until common citizens take over.

Last Name: Wilson Locality: Charlottesville, VA

I lived in a Communist city in a predominantly Communist controlled country for many years. I can clearly see what is going on here. What many believe is happening here is nothing short of a Marxist power push. If the State Delegates thinking defunding law enforcement is a good idea, they should all give up their security detail; public or private. No tax-payer dollars should be spent protecting these 'public servants'. Every elected official took an oath to defend the citizens of the commonwealth along with supporting and defending the U.S. Constitution. It would seem to me that defunding the police would be a violation of their oath. State delegates are making the citizens of the Commonwealth less safe. I would like the Governor or one of the delegates to explain how they are not guilty of violating their oaths of office.

Last Name: Ahearn Locality: PALMYRA

Arbitrary reductions to police and resource officer funding are dangerous proposals. In major cities where such has been implemented arrests are down and crime is up significantly. Reducing penalties for assaulting police in essence encourages harassing and attacking police, whose jobs are difficult enough. Ride with your police for a week and experience their challenges firsthand. If you pass legislation making police personally liable for doing their jobs, it is a sure thing more officers will resign and recruiting will plummet, thereby encouraging criminals to take advantage of reduced police presence. It's time the Virginia legislature started serving their citizens ahead of political self- interests. I doubt the AG care to get into daily police duty, a mission for which the National Guard is not prepared. Think!

Last Name: Briggs Locality: Stafford

Do not cut funding for State, Local or School Resource Officers. These Resources are needed to Protect all the Citizens of Virginia from the Criminal Element, Ourselves and make Virginia a safer place to live..

Last Name: Beeman Organization: Myself Locality: Ruckersville

Ladies and Gentlemen, Cutting funds to our police forces and eliminating school resource officers is not the way to go. I will also point out that after what Minneapolis and other cities published about "defunding the police", what they were actually doing was restructuring of the police forces and not a huge defunding of those forces. Restructuring is something I can speak to because as a former soldier, it is something we did after, almost, every mission and did do after the end of the Cold War, Gulf War-1 and Gulf War-2. This is a good thing. You look at your operations, assess what worked and what didn't and then reconfigure/restructure your units as a result of your findings. You don't automatically cut funding. While I agree that the missions of Virginia's police forces, State and local, need to be studied, to just proceed with automatic funding cuts is short sighted and will not solve the problems, such as over-use of force, racial profiling, etc. Cutting funding, which could result is a cut of personnel, could actually have the opposite effect of increasing stress on those officers that remain and increasing the types of incidents that we all want to avoid. What really needs to be done is to provide increased and better training to our officers and to change some of their missions, such as responding to domestic disturbances - in this situation, the first person the civilian see should be should be a social worker, not a uniformed, armed police officer. The officers should be there for back-up, but it should be the social worker who first interacts with those involved in a domestic disturbance. That is just one suggestion. If the Army can train 18, 19 and 20-year old males, in a extremely stressful combat situation, to observe the very strict rules of engagement (ROEs) that we have in Iraq and Afghanistan, then we can surely train our outstanding police officers to that same level. In closing, per a report published by Statista, authored by Erin Duffin on 30 September, 2019, as of 2018 there were 686,665 full time police officers in the U.S. Even if we had apprehended 10,000 officers for committing serious felonies in 2020 that would mean that just 0.0145631% of our guardians in blue were felons. I do not know of any other profession that can boast of such a low percentage of "bad apples." The funding cuts and other actions currently being proposed by the Democrats do a huge disservice to our police officers and the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia. And by the way, in the last four elections I have voted Democrat, except for one man, my Representative Rob Bell, whom I consider to be a highly honorable and effective leader. Respectfully, James F. Beeman Ruckersville, VA 22968-3165 Mobile: (540) 308 - 3171 US Department of the Army (Retired)

Last Name: Proffitt Locality: Fluvanna County

Ladies and Gentlemen: We are a nation and a Commonwealth governed by laws. As legislators, you are responsible for setting the laws under which our society operates. In order to for society to function properly for the benefit of all, we are bound to obey those laws or suffer the consequences for breaking those laws. When laws are broken, this requires enforcement, and state and local law enforcement are the means by which society completes that task. Without enforcement, chaos ensues. Vigilantism takes its place. Anarchy becomes the rule of the day. We keep hearing enraged voices chant "Defund the police!" And many short-sighted lawmakers, apparently quick to side with the cause of the moment, join in. This movement is to our detriment. For those saying that police funding should be shifted to other organizations or efforts, when they become the victim of a crime, will they call a social worker? Will they call a community organizer? No, they will pick up the phone, and dial 911, with every expectation that they will hear someone on the other end of the call to respond. If you follow through with reducing police funding, do not be deceived. The money you take away will cut training and personnel. It will reduce available first-responders. The same officers that are there to enforce the laws that YOU create. Please do not follow through on this incredibly ill-conceived and wrong-headed policy. This bill, if it moves to fruition, will endanger Virginians, decimate the law enforcement community, and prevent adherence to the laws YOU create. Please vote "NO" on HB5005. Paul Proffitt

Last Name: Eadie Locality: Staunton

This is none sense. If the VA Senate does NOT have the peace & safety of the Commonwealth’s citizens in mind, then what do they have in mind to do to us? VA Senate Democrat’s now deserve to be removed from their offices. Elections come every year, and are ongoing. Remember will pay the price in your consciences and on the streets for reducing security in our communities. Shame. Shame on you. Shame on you all now Senate Democrats. Bill Eadie 1622 N Augusta St Staunton, VA 24401

Last Name: Nye Locality: Stanardsville

Police departments need more funds for training and equipment. They are the backup of safety in our community.

Last Name: gianniny Locality: scottsville , va.

I oppose legislation to reduce the budget for essential law enforcement operations. uncontrolled criminal activity destroys quality of life in neighbors , cities , and nations. please be smart you legislators .

Last Name: Harrison Locality: Woodlawn

The Worst Possible Time - to defund the police, state police and SRO is NOW. Virginia is still in a pandemic and essential personnel are needed now more than ever. Having a "pet grievance" of a personal nature, as does Del Lee Carter, is NOT taking the best actions for all Virginians. Who will replace our police when we call 911? Who will replace our State Police in stopping and investigating state crime and gang activity? Who will protect the children in inner city schools against violence if not the SRO? Del Lee Carter needs to serve the general population in a field that puts him in a heroic capacity. Before any defunding is even considered I strongly urge that Del Lee Carter and Del Kay Kory to ride along with Richmond Police nightly for 6 months. Put their bravery where their mouth is - show the public that they care and are aware.

Last Name: Rueckert Locality: Franklin County, Virginia

This is so wrong. What about property rights? Many of us who are peaceful and law abiding have worked hard our entire lives to EARN our homes, assets and retirement income. We have paid our taxes and supported social programs for the benefit of others. We depend on the police to protect us and our property. These absolutely stupid concepts will lead to Civil War. People will not just sit still and let their life's work be confiscated and given to those perpetuating anarchy.

Last Name: Woodward Locality: Elkton

To whom it may concern, Defunding the VA State Police and other municipal police forces and sheriff departments is ludicrous! It difficult enough to find and recruit new members into law enforcement but this will pretty much seal the coffin on our public service officers. Who will be there to assist during traffic accidents, domestic disputes, patrol and keep safe our roads from DUI drivers and road rage? If someone is threatening you who is going to come to protect you? Think your neighbors will always be there when you need them? I don't think so. Enough of the warm and fuzzy for everyone. Defund the police and it's going to get real. I don't support this and I never will. I have close friends who are law enforcement officers and I fear for them. I may be just one person but those in office who support this will never get my support or my vote again.

Last Name: Sorg Locality: Batesville

Sir: I'm appalled by the proposed resolutions to reduce funding for our state and local police forces which are really our only line of defense against violence and protection from many forms of abuse. It seems incredible that because of the inevitable rotten apples in the barrell some delegates feel the entire police body has to be curtailed which as we all know has a large majority of fair, just, honest and heroic members. Theses proposals blatantly ignore our increased feeling of insecurity and the comfort we derive from knowing police stands ready at hand should need arise. This is the basis for the general feeling of living in an environment safe enough for our comfort. I trust our judicious lawmakers will quickly dispose of these unbalanced and harmful proposals. By the same token I speak for the younger generation which too derives comfort in their school life through security from the SRO program. Please keep them fully in force. Respectfully submitted, Leslie E. Sorg

Last Name: ackerman Locality: albemarle

Delegates Kory and Carter, I object strongly to the defunding of police. I have voted democratic my entire life and now find myself walking away from the party because of actions like this. What makes it worse are the words of Del. Carter which evidently indicate personal motives. The police need more money, not less, money to recruit and train among other things. Weakening the force rather than strengthening them in the right ways is foolish. Did you learn anything from the surprise election results in 2016?

Last Name: fischer Locality: earlysville

please do not cut budgets on police departments. They are needed now more than ever. When I call 911 I want them to respond. Also - do not reduce penalties of people that assault police officers/emts/fire personal. This is sending the wrong message.

Last Name: Loveless Locality: Augusta

I am very upset that weak, confused or pathetic lawmakers would even consider defunding our law enforcement program at any level. Furthermore, I’m disappointed that some have so little education that they cannot express their thoughts without profanity-laced comments. I am looking to the more intelligent members of the house to weigh-in and defeat these measures. A better move would be to establish protocol and accountability to weed out law enforcement members who are a shame to their profession, which would probably be a very low percentage. Thank you.

Last Name: Griffis Locality: Culpeper

Hello, I would like to submit my written concerns on cutting the police budget, elimination of SRO's and eliminating mandatory penalty for assaulting police officers. I ask you to consider the law abiding citizens of Virginia, who appreciate the work of law enforcement and count of their protection. I have 4 kids in high school and with out the SRO's, my kids safety is at stake. I ask you to consider these factors when making decisions. There are a lot of good citizens out there that appreciate law enforcement and rely on their protection. Thank you for your time.

Last Name: Kelly Locality: Charlottesville

DO NOT defund police or decrease their budgets. DO NOT decrease funding for school resource officers. The Bible speaks about lawlessness, in ways that you should strongly consider. For example, 2 Thessalonians 2:7,8 says, "For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming." Defunding the police can only lead to increasing lawlessness. You know this. Why are you even proposing it? This will end in disaster for our nation on an apocalyptic level. Consider carefully which bandwagon you jump onto. This is the wrong one!

Last Name: dordal Locality: Fairfax

I don't know why Democrats aren't doing their job to support police who protect us from criminals, violence, and riots. This is why President Trump has my vote and why many other Americans will be voting out Democrats who by doing all these actions put citizens at risk. You all should really consider if the BLM rioters come to your door - who will you call. VA 2020 is not the VA I had grown up in and loved since 1984. I will be leaving this state in 2022 and in the meantime will fight to make sure you and your un-American democratic colleagues get defeated at the ballot box. Shame on the politicians who don't care about the citizens of their state, and the United States of America! GO TRUMP!!!!

Last Name: W Spanton Locality: Crimora

Do not reduce funding for our police, state or local nor School Resource Officers either Do not eliminate mandatory penalty for assaulting a police officer. Please! Thank you

Last Name: Asher Locality: Charlottesville

Dear General Assembly: As a citizen of Virginia I strongly advice you to NOT defund the police or make it easier for people to assault police without punishment. Our communities need the police. Defunding the police will only hurt the most poor and vulnerable among us. The rich among us will hire security but the poor neighborhoods will be left unprotected. Police are a bulwark for law and order in our nation. Without them chaos, rioting and looting will go unchecked as is happening now in most of the large cities in our nation. Most of our police are good honest people and need to be protected from harassment and assaults while doing their duty. I think it is a big mistake to allow citizens to assault our police without punishment. Personally I will be voting for law and order over lawlessness and chaos this November. I believe the people of Virginia will hold you accountable for your votes on these important pieces of legislation so please vote NO to defund the police and allow assaults against them without punishment. Thank you, Oliver L. Asher

Last Name: Brushwood Locality: Gordonsville

I believe cutting the funds of the State Police, local law enforcement and school safety officers by the Virginia House of Delegates is not serving my rights as a Virginia resident. And it will make our state a less safe place to live. I believe funds should be increased and used to better train officers so that all Virginians are served equally and fairly.

Last Name: Kirk Locality: Earlysville

Defunding police and not penalizing offenders who assault police will leave Virginia in a constant state of anarchy. I do not want to live in a constant state of anarchy.

Last Name: Crittenden Locality: NORTH CHESTERFIELD

I would like to object to the bill to cut the funding of the VSP and local Police. For whatever reasons these bills were brought to the table, I believe to do this will be the start of a downward spiral in our state. Protests are increasing and just about always ends up with roiting and looting. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see the damage and devastation done to city streets and businesses. Do we want this in Virginia? Do we want our beautiful state to become a place that is not safe to live or visit? And don't forget the devastation that would take place with rampant looting and who knows what else. Richmond would become a war zone. Do you want that? I sure don't. I was born in Virginia and am proud of our state. Proud to say I'm from here. Will that continue to be my motto? I dont think so if things continue in this way. Please reconsider these bills. Don't cut budgets and hinder our Police forces from being able to protect its citizens. My mother always told me "You reap what you sow". Lets keep Virginia and Virginians safe. Do the right thing and kill these bills. Thank you for your time.

Last Name: Hubbard Locality: Midlothian

I think reducing the state police budget would be a big mistake. My wife and I oppose any "defunding" of the police, absent a proportionate reduction of all state spending. Such action would be irresponsible and irrational.

Last Name: Saunders Locality: Albemarle

I am strongly opposed to defunding police and school resource officers as well as lessening the penalties for assaults against police officers. None of those things will make Virginians safer.

Last Name: McBee Locality: Albemarle

I am totally against defunding the police and removing school resource officers from the schools. We should be spending more money to recruit high quality police officers and provide state of the art police training in all areas of public safety. We should support these police officers and do everything to discourage assaults on police officers, including maintaining the mandatory penalty for such assault.

Last Name: Crean Locality: Henrico

Dear Sir or Madam: I am appalled that a member of the House of Delegates would abusively confront law enforcement and then show his pettiness by submitting legislation to defund the police at the state and local level. Shame on Delegate Carter. We unrealistically expect our law enforcement officers to act --often at the spur of the moment--in a way that will pass the Monday morning quarterbacking review of attorneys, review boards, and anti police citizen activists who all search for the slightest error. To have any chance of having high quality officers, we need more money--not less--to hire those people with good judgement and willing to take this abuse while defending us from criminals. We need to ensure that anyone who physically resists arrest and assaults an officer will know that the consequences are severe. I can't believe so many of our elected representatives have turned their backs on law enforcement

Last Name: Sutton Locality: Fluvanna County, Palmyra VA

Have we lost our common sense? How does decreasing police funding help anything? These courageous people risk their lives daily to protect us. They need bonuses, not a decrease in pay, and those who assault them should definitely receive a penalty. Does reducing their pay help protect the citizens of Virginia??

Last Name: Dudash Locality: Stafford County

Keep up your current course of actions and you will turn Virginia into those destroyed cities like; New York, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, an Philadelphia. Uphold your first responsibility keep the people of Virginia safe, not the anarchists and criminals.

Last Name: Booth Locality: Earlysville

When police are arresting anyone the cops lawfull order must be followed polity by the person being arrested . And assaulting an office should have a felony charge . You need to write rules of behavior for the public when they are interacting with the police . All looting , riots , violence that we have seen Has been caused by citizens disrespecting the police. The violent leftists must be stopped and their behavior must not be tolerated in Virginia .

Last Name: Bateman Locality: Rockbridge County, Natural Bridge Station, 24579

Delegate Lee Carter (Manassas) recently presented a budget amendment to reduce state police funding by 25% and a second to cut $41 million from the local police. In addition, Delegate Kay Kory (Fairfax) proposed cutting millions from the School Resource Officer (SRO) program, even though in a recent U.Va. study, a majority of students have said that such officers make them feel safer. I write OPPOSED to both of these actions. It is the state governments responsibility and duty to provide funding for law enforcement and public safety. The above actions seem to me to be in response to a nationwide fad to "make a statement" about police actions that have captured the news cycle in the past few months. I do not and have not seen any actions in the Commonwealth of Virginia to raise a concern that our police agencies have problems that would cause public concern. This seems to me as a "political stunt" enacted in order to garner favor with a small number of individuals and does not represent the majority of law abiding Virginia citizens. I urge the House of Delegates to REJECT THESE ACTIONS and support our law enforcement agencies rather than disrespect them for no apparent cause or reason. Sincerely, Christopher Bateman

Last Name: Townsend Locality: Charlottesville

Having ben in LE for over 40 years I've never been ashamed of what I do or who I am. But for you, to negate everything good that continues to be done in the face of extreme adversity is appalling. With these cuts, how long do you think it is before ALL agencies in this Country are faced with less than normal manpower because of the lack of persons willing to put their lives on the line and not be afforded back-up? Who will you call when YOU need OUR service or will you hire your own personal bodyguard at our, the taxpayer's, expense? Is the memory of all the tragic school shootings under the Obama administration so faded with you that you no longer think of the safety of the children that attend our schools? I can tell you what this US will look like if you succumb to the pressure of the rhetoric being spewed in the streets. ANARCHY! Who will you call then, the military? Do you think men & women will rush to the nearest recruiter to save a country that doesn't have law makers who give a damn about them? If they're no applicants for the military or first responders what will you propose then? More mental health and social workers? When was the last time you saw them going into a dangerous situation and have to fight to save their own lives? Who will they call when this happens? I can assure you, there will be more mental health calls than we're already facing and there will be less to answer that call. No civilian is going to continuously go into stressful and violent situations without some sort of protection. It's easy to "armchair quarterback" in your "Ivory Towers". I propose to ALL OF YOU, ride along with some of your local agencies in some of the most crime-ridden areas. Walk the hallways, if any are currently open, in your school districts with the most criminal activity with an SRO. If your prospective doesn't change about OUR honorable profession, then you indeed are ONLY a politician and a mouthpiece with no substance. I end with this, I'm still a POLICE OFFICER and will retire on my timeline and will defend the fine citizens of my community until that time or die doing so! GOD BLESS AMERICA Not afraid to say that either and anyone who refuses to say that is NOT an American. Carol Townsend Albemarle County Police Department VA

Last Name: Cooper Locality: Northampton

The rule of law is not negotiable, and your defunding actions make you vulnerable to electoral defeat. Instead of carrying water for the disgraced Democrat Party, why don't you improve our lives with the God-allowed time you have been given to actually 'govern'. Don't squander your opportunities.

Last Name: self Organization: none Locality: madison county

if Police do not have money to pay their officers properly for putting their life on the line..who will protect us in our streets , schools and homes. please don't penalize all police and sheriffs and deputy's as they have family's also.

Last Name: Colvin Organization: n/a Locality: Greene

I will do my best as a citizen of the state of Virginia to replace the liberal, socialist members of our Va. state governing body on election day by voting and electing to the state, members whom are truly dedicated to the interests and protection of the majority of the citizens of Va. and do not pursue their own personal agenda. I will encourage as many of our rightfully voting concerned citizens to do the same. Our Virginia government is traveling the wrong path and wil do unrepairable harm to our state if we allow the actions of the governing body to behave in their own personal interest and vengence such as lee Carter is attempting to do. Shame on you, lee Carter. The polls are where the people of Virginia can make a difference.

Last Name: Shank Organization: Retired US Army Locality: Charlottesville

This is the dumbest political idea ever proposed!

Last Name: jackson Locality: Rockingham - Grottoes

I can't believe how this state has gone from one of the safest places in the country to where we are headed if the proposals for law enforcement reform should pass. Defunded police departments is not the answer. Social reform groups will not work. Criminals will soon take over completely. The answer is to require stricter requirements for police officers to be held accountable when they abuse citizens. Can't wait until the next election, Maybe, people with common sense will get elected to take the place of the liberals who now are in charge, including Governor, Senate, and House of Representatives. For heavens sake, wake up!!!! UI think all of you in the Left are nuts!!!

Last Name: Gayon Organization: Gary Gayon Locality: Earlysville

What's wrong with the Democrats? Are they feeling so safe and protected in their gated Communities, with other liberal Supremacists, that they don't care an iota what happens to the citizens that aren't so fortunate? Are their brains so numbed with liberalism that promotes all people are good, and their is no crime, only the Police that causes crimes? Well, out here in the Real World, there are plenty of bad people (the jails are loaded with them, and they probably would all vote democrat, one of the reasons why dems want felons to vote), and who is going to protect the people? Will we have to depend on defending ourselves, all of the time? No way that anything wrong could got here, is it? Will we have to start carrying weapons all of the time if we have to confront and fight the democrat criminals because they know there won't be any police to stop them. Once again, nothing could go wrong there, can it? So, look for gun violence and self defense to dramatically increase. Or, is that what the democrats want? So they can push for more gun control, confiscation, and elimination? Only problem there, is the criminal democrat element will STILL HAVE GUNS! What should be defunded is liberal policies that encroach upon the Constitutional Rights of every American Citizen. I don't know what's happened to democrats, but they should be renamed Tyrannocrats. They are not the same Party they once were. They're worse than the communists, and socialists, of the rest of the World, because they're here in America, the Greatest Country ever known to human existence, and they want to muck it up with a socialist, liberal supremacist, oppressive Government. WHY! Fund the Police, strengthen the Police, but ensure they aren't overly zealous in their enforcement of the laws designed to protect ALL LIVES, because ALL LIVES MATTER. It appears to me the only lives that matter to the democrats, are the ones they believe will most likely vote for them and their liberal supremacist policies. A pox on their houses! The Founding Fathers would be so ashamed of what has happened in this State, and Country, and how they're (democrats, socialists) ripping the Constitution to shreds, and our Society with it. Be careful, you may not like what you're building here, especially when it may come to your gated Communities (not a threat, just an observation, after all, that's what your policies will likely foment). Wake up to the dangers you are forcing upon the everyday Citizens of the Sate of Virginia. Or, is getting elected their only concern?

Last Name: Abbey Organization: My Wife and myself Locality: Check (Floyd County)

I strongly! As in are you crazy? Defunding the police , whether State or our local Sheriffs is about the craziest thing I have heard out of the general assembly yet! While I have agreed with some of the fire arms laws, this really tops the cake. And the fool delegate Lee Carter, who threatened the police? I think he is lucky not to be in jail. Also, with the language he used, he should be suspended from the General Assembly! I am tired of politicians who think because they/re lawmakers, should be able to hold their language and act like grown ups. If the Speaker does not suspend him then come next election I will run against the fool and take his place. I am 70 years young, and expect more form our delegates and Senators in the Virginia Assembly. Thank you Russell Abbey Floyd County

Last Name: Haney Locality: Charlottesville

Hello, This is to all who have decided to "de-fund" any or all law enforcement agencies. When your wife/kids are home alone at 1:AM and someone is peeping in the windows or trying to break into your home, I hope the 911 answer is "we aren't here, call your local neighborhood thug, he surely knows how to protect you" and when you or a member of your family comes home and finds your whole house is turned upside down and all your valuable are gone, I'll bet the farm you will expect law enforcement to "do something", maybe the Easter Bunny will help you. As for anyone going out into a crowd that only wants to hurt people, steal/loot, you have to know there is a chance of being hit, sprayed or even killed so use some common sense. I never get hurt, I stay away from harm. As for common sense, that went out of style in the '60's, and I hope Santa brings every Dem a dictionary for Christmas because none of you know the meaning of the word "illegal" as in "illegal immigrant", you think that means free housing, free food, free medical and vote in every election with no picture ID. As for an elected official using harsh/bad language in public, to anyone at anytime, is a disgrace. Respectfully submitted

Last Name: Snow Organization: Mr. Locality: Elkton

I strongly oppose any cuts to police funding, state or local, or the SRO program, and our law enforcement officers must be protected from assault not put at further risk.

Last Name: Wright Locality: Glen allen

I'm deeply disturbed by the growing trend of those elected who enable community violence and at the same time, defund and or order law enforcement to stand down. I've encountered the violence of individual and gang assaults initiated by those who participate in lawless behaviors. And, when i reported these events to locality police, they were told to stand down. I expect better from those who participate in such violence, those who are charged in providing law and order and those elected to ensure community safety and welfare. As a result, i presently use the VA Fusion Center see something say something app to report community lawless behavior. It is a disgraceful day, when those who rep communities politicize community safety and welfare to further a political agenda.

Last Name: Mullin Locality: Fluvanna County

The Delegates Lee Carter and Kay Kory are both DISGRACES to Virginia and the Human Race.. Ignorant sociopaths playing with themselves while playing Khmer Rouge led by Red Herring and that bloody baby murdering racist ghoul, Northam. Now they’re endangering my family directly. In the year Democrats (MAOISTS) have control of state government, they have turned Virginia into a certifiable horror . I’m sure you’re all proud of yourselves. RM

Last Name: Ream Locality: Elkton

I would like to state my opposition to the two bills currently being considered that would reduce funding for police protection. It is pretty obvious what happens when police protection is reduced- crime goes up! One of the most important duties of our elected officials is to provide safety for its citizens. We should not need to fear. Passage of these bills will only embolden the criminals. And by the way, people are not basically good. Look at what you are doing intellectually and not emotionally.

Last Name: Clark Locality: Mechanicsville

I urge you not to cut funding for police or school resource programs for any purpose other than to meet fiscal budget needs. Doing so for so-called social justice reasons is unacceptable as we all truly understand the need for traditional policing and school presence programs. Thank you.

Last Name: Henry Organization: non member Locality: Williamsburg


Last Name: Eaton Locality: Keswick

Cutting police funding is a terrible idea. This will lead to increased crime. Part of your job is to protect your citizens not allow crime sprees. Police are the first line to help victims of crime. In this day and age we should be supporting our police departments

Last Name: Churchill Locality: Rockingham

There have been bad people who want to do bad things since the beginning of time. They exist today. They will always exist. Surely, no one can argue this. Unfortunately, some police officers are bad people . However, there are surely doctors, teachers and fire fighters who are bad people also. No one would ever consider proposing laws to reduce their numbers and make their jobs harder, simply because some of them are bad. I am not condoning the actions of the handful of police officers who who are at the center of these videos, that are swaying the opinions of many. I don't know all the facts. However, from what I understand, the perpetrators in these events were bad people, too. Why is this seemingly ignored by those who are making these proposals to limit law enforcement? Law enforcement officers are absolutely necessary for the protection of everyone, especially the children of our schools. To those who are proposing these bills that make law enforcement harder, I ask, "What is your alternate plan when a bad person is threatening you and your family?" When the governor came to Harrisonburg for a local business leaders discussion a year or so ago, I saw a security staff around him, presumably armed, presumably there to protect him from bad people. Are there bills to eliminate this security staff also? I write with hopes that those who read this, those who are leading our state and country, those who are enacting laws, would forget about an upcoming election result, perhaps their own, and simply do what is best to insure the safety of all families, including their own. Please take steps to support law enforcement activities. Thank you. Randy

Last Name: Miller Locality: Powhatan

You folks are our representatives. We elected you to do our business. I find it very difficult in this day and age to believe that most people want less police presence. Use your heads, people.

Last Name: McPoland Locality: Loudoun

It is a mistake to cut funding for the police who overall do a fine job. It is also reprehensible to eliminate mandatory sentences for those assaulting police officers absent specific named circumstances. Not happy with these decisions/legislation.

Last Name: Rizzo Locality: Dumfries

WE CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN BECAUSE of 1 person. Delegate Lee Carter (D-Manassas) confronted police at a street protest. After being sprayed with tear gas, he shouted “I’m a member of the General Assembly -- I write the state police’s budget. They’re gonna ****ing regret this.” THIS IS NOT WHO WE ARE. This is disgraceful and biased because he got his feelings hurt. COULD YOU IMAGINE IF IT WAS A REAL ISSUE. Now he is making an issue where there is NOT ONE. Today, Delegate Carter followed through on his threat, and presented a budget amendment to reduce state police funding by 25% and a second to cut $41 million from the local police. Meanwhile, Delegate Kay Kory (D-Fairfax) proposed cutting millions from the School Resource Officer (SRO) program, even though in a recent U.Va. study, a majority of students have said that such officers make them feel safer. And, on a party-line vote, Senate Democrats passed their proposal to eliminate the mandatory penalty for anyone who assaults a police officer. Have you seen all the good these resource officers are doing for bullying, safety and education? DON'T BE IGNORANT and just make a sweeping change because something happened in another state that does not apply to our great state. Have you see the videos of assaults on officers? Here is just a few headlines from this week, FROM CRIMINALS. Where are the rights for our police officers. YOU ARE PUTTING THE CRIMINALS BEFORE THE VERY OFFICERS WHO SERVE AND PROTECT US. Police: Erratic suspect bites an officer in Arlington SUN GAZETTE NEWSPAPERSUpdated Aug 22, 2020 Verbal confrontation escalates to shooting in Arlington SUN GAZETTE NEWSPAPERSAug 22, 2020 Vienna police arrest woman for obstruction, disorderly conduct SUN GAZETTE NEWSPAPERSAug 17, 2020 Search underway for Manassas man accused of trying to run over police officers Aug 16, 2020 How soon did you forget, SHAME ON YOU. Wait until the next 9/11, or the next DC SNIPER, or the next guy who steals a tank and you cant stop them. Check out what happened in Colorado when that happened. THIS CAN NOT HAPPEN. I do agree with more screenings, more vetting, taking away for officers who are convicted of misconduct to move to another agency or area of the department. PLEASE add funding for more resources, training, education, etc. Have you ever surveyed police offices to see how many have second or third jobs because they cant afford to live on what we actually pay them? Have you actually looked at how many work overtime hours because they can't pay bills for their families? I am looking for the State of Virginia to be an example to follow not the state you look to leave behind because the criminals are running the asylum. I am asking as a voting, long time resident of Virginia to PLEASE STOP THIS! Requesting all these changes over something that happened in another state is like saying that all the government officials that were arrested this last month for human trafficking, child pornography, etc are the same as ALL government officials here and we have to vote them all out. IT MAKES NO SENSE! Thank you for your time and listening.

Last Name: Clover Organization: Fund the police Locality: Burke,VA 22015

This is the most disgraceful general assembly in Virginia’s history. Gov. Northam’s reign of shame is almost over. As an independent voter, I will never vote for a democrat again. They seem to hate this country. I am ashamed to be a Virginian. .

Last Name: Pitts Locality: PWC

This is wrong and you know it. Delegate Carter followed through on his threat, and presented a budget amendment to reduce state police funding by 25% and a second to cut $41 million from the local police. I believe in the two party system but the Democratic Party has shown that it no longer is for the people. The people will be voting!

Last Name: Lanham Locality: Bedford

I am writing to share my horror at hearing how my legislature during unprecedented violence, riots and civil unrest have voted FOR legislation to defund our police. Most citizens are against this action and support our police and realize we need them now more than ever. Please vote FOR our police and citizens and against anarchy. That is your job. Thank you. Sonia Lanham

Last Name: Gilligan Locality: Chesterfield

There never should be any consideration given by our General Assembly to defund the police. It is understood and written that our local, state and federal governments have a duty to protect its citizens. Our state and local police need more funding, not less. Consider that. They need proper equipment to meet their job descriptions and better salaries worthy of the dangerous jobs they do. Having been a teacher for 31 years, I know what the school resource officer means to the elementary student as a friend, confidant and mentor. Thank goodness, I never had to experience a school shooting. Perhaps the SRO helped to prevent that. Above all, I expect my government representatives to make sound decisions based on facts and not emotion or personal vendettas.

Last Name: Hart Locality: Staunton

Reducing funding of law enforcement is asking for anarchy and more civil unrest. The GA should be increasing the Va. SP budget and local law enforcement funding. It is going in reverse if SRO's are removed from schools. They serve several purposes, safety, protection, and good relations between Law Enforcement and the students. We fought hard to get SRO's in schools, se we do not want them out. I suggest NOT passing these bills as they are detrimental to the Commonwealth is passed. Any Delegate that yells at a Va. State Trooper doing his/her job, should be removed from office. It is obvious Manassas elected a real JERK, who has no respect for the LAW, he is supposed to be following. Delegate Carter should have been arrested and jailed just like any other citizen.

Last Name: Avery Locality: Front Royal

I think it is outrageous that certain members of the General assembly of this state uses their powers to get revenge on the law enforcement . After all they were doing their jobs why weren't they doing theirs. I am sick and tired of the riots and protesting as far as I'm concerned they are not protestors or extremists they are committing treason.

Last Name: Avery Locality: Front Royal

I think it is outrageous that certain members of the General assembly of this state uses their powers to get revenge on the law enforcement . After all they were doing their jobs why weren't they doing theirs. I am sick and tired of the riots and protesting as far as I'm concerned they are not protestors or extremists they are committing treason.

Last Name: Billings Locality: Albemarle

Absolutely unacceptable.

Last Name: Berry Locality: Ruther Glen

Police funding will likely need increases, not cuts. States that do not address rioting and aggressive protestors will lose business owners and citizens to states that protect citizens and their property. If police are not adequately funded to provide citizen safety and protect our property, I will move my family from VA to somewhere I feel safe. I used to visit Richmond for dinners, museums, concerts and plays; but given current violence and intimidation I will not go into our cities now. This loss of business will lead our cities into a death spiral as the tax base disappears. I was recently planning to purchase VA land for my retirement home but due to the recent unrest and the Covid vaccine mandate I have started looking in other states now. VA politicians need to protect everyone `s right to be safe and free from aggressive protestors, rioters, looting and harrassment. Fund and support our police offers.

Last Name: Kidwell Locality: Vienna

I am very concerned by the proposal to cut state and local police funding as well as reduced funding for the School Resource Officer program. Why you want to make it harder for the police to protect us is beyond me. The police risk their lives for us and I can’t imagine the thinking that has led to this decreased funding or the proposal to eliminate the mandatory penalty for the assault of a police officer. I don’t see police as a problem in our nation. I know there have been some problems with what appears to be overly aggressive response by police but if anything it says to me we need to increase funding to the police for better training. I fear these proposals will make the citizens of Virginia less safe and police more vulnerable. I fear less men and women will choose to enter or stay in the police force. Perhaps you feel you are responding to some who see police as a problem, but I believe strongly that you are putting our lives and property at risk. I implore you to vote against any reduced funding of the police and that you will vote against eliminating the mandatory penalty for assaulting a police officer. Thank you.

Last Name: Wyman Locality: Haymarket

Every family, adult, and child must now be concerned about public security in Virginia. This threat includes violations of workplace, home, and other venues we have taken for granted as secure. The Democrats are a violent movement in the USA today with their billionaire donors pushing destructive and violent forces across the USA. The "Thin Blue Line" and their families are under extreme threat by Democrats in power and in the streets. It is time to remind your neighbors who typically vote Democrat that they are voting in 2020 for the same leadership that is pushing and leading violence in our streets and against the American people - against their families. Stop the insanity on 3 November.

Last Name: O'Meara Organization: Mr Locality: Madison Heights

The Democrats who vote to reduce police funding, eliminate or reduce the School Resource Officer program, and eliminate the mandatory penalty for assaulting police officers will be placing the public safety at risk. If citizens are injured or killed because of the lack of police protection due to reduced police funding the police are not to blame. It is the politician who is at fault!!! It is the politician who has "blood" on his/her hands!!! The political winds have changed in Virginia. Democrats are in charge today. The next election may well bring additional change to the political landscape. Elections do have consequences. A concept that ALL politicians should remember!!!

Last Name: Hood Locality: Henrico

To quote President Trump, "The overwhelming majority of police are noble, courageous, and honorable" and I am absolutely APPALLED that the Virginia Senate voted in the affirmative to cut funding for state and local police as well as the School Resource Officer program. As a retired teacher I can attest to the effectiveness of school SRO's in keeping students and staff safe. As a citizen of the Commonwealth of Virginia I expect my elected officials to act responsibly to protect its citizens by giving the police the resources they need to DO THEIR JOBS, not to hamstring them with politically correct legislation passed in the heat of the moment. By passing this legislation the Senate is setting Virginia on a course of lawlessness the likes of which has never been seen here before.

Last Name: Kelly Locality: Charlottesville

I am ashamed at our Democratic controlled legislature for proposing to cut funding of any amount for the police protection on our streets and in our schools. Teachers welcome police presence in the schools nowadays for many reasons that weren’t needed decades ago. What happened in Richmond this summer in the protests that resulted in looting and destruction while the mayor and our governor were afraid to go up against the Black Lives Matter protestors for fear of being called racists is what is happening in the Democratic party. Most of our police force are hard working honorable people out there every day defending our citizens and you want to cut funds. What has come over you people? You did nothing to keep the statues from being defaced. Our policemen need more money and more training if anything. Please do not pass this law into being.

Last Name: Thacker Locality: Scottsville

First of all let me tell you that I’ve never seen such inept bunch of legislators in my life. Not but a very few of you care what We The people think or for our lives or liberty. Tying the hands of the police and defunding essential equipment is not a good idea, and every single one of you will regret it when crime goes through the roof. Virginia was 6 in the nation safest state in the Union, but mark my words, it won’t be long after this session. I can’t believe you called an emergency session to let criminals out early, defund the police, reduce the penalties for police assault. Don’t be surprised If you can’t find officers to fill positions after mass resignations. Why should they risk their lives for the amount of pay they get now with your new defunding, taking away essential equipment that is meant to keep them safe and give them less lethal options. Do you really want our Commonwealth to be in ruins just as Chicago, Detroit,Portland New York and many other cities across the nation. The fact that you pander to domestic terrorist groups such as BLM and Antifa is also appalling. Has anyone even read BLMs manifesto, it reads just like a get out of jail free card. Don’t do the crime if you don’t want the time! And Antifa is just an Marxist left wing group of anarchists set on the destruction of every value Good Americans hold dear. I’ll be labeled a racist for that statement probably but it’s the truth. I have nothing against anyone and everybody deserves the same treatment, but this isn’t equal treatment by any means. As for the police killings, some were justified and some were not, When you buy a bushel of apples you will most certainly get a couple that are bad, Same with officers, you have to hold them accountable, not tie the hands of all police officers. Their lives are valuable also. We the people have had to fight you every step of the way this year, some taking time off from work to fight for rights already afforded us by the constitution, a document that I don’t think any of you have read or if you have don’t care about unless it pertains to you. This country is in sad shape and you are making it even worse. Matthew Thacker

Last Name: Metts DeNeal Locality: Roanoke

Do NOT defund our police officers. While there are some crooked officers in the field they in no way match the many thousands of honest hero’s that protect our children, our lives, our homes and our businesses. Instead of looking at cutting the salaries, let’s increase training and protocols...and punish the officers that are out of line and abuse their power of authority. Thank you, Cynthia Metts DeNeal Roanoke, VA

Last Name: Miller Locality: Warrenton

"In May, Delegate Lee Carter (D-Manassas) confronted police at a street protest. After being sprayed with tear gas, he shouted “I’m a member of the General Assembly -- I write the state police’s budget. They’re gonna ****ing regret this.” You can watch the video here -- Warning -- strong language. Unbecoming of a delegate, even for a Democrat, and a threat....." "Today, Delegate Carter followed through on his threat, and presented a budget amendment to reduce state police funding by 25% and a second to cut $41 million from the local police. " Maybe Delegate Carter could refuse police protection he may need. Will he reduce the police that guard the Richmond capitol and the Governor by 25% "Meanwhile, Delegate Kay Kory (D-Fairfax) proposed cutting millions from the School Resource Officer (SRO) program, even though in a recent U.Va. study, a majority of students have said that such officers make them feel safer. "Why would you not protect the children? Oh, why would you, when its okay to suction a screaming baby from the womb. "And, on a party-line vote, Senate Democrats passed their proposal to eliminate the mandatory penalty for anyone who assaults a police officer. This bill will now come to the House." This only encourages assaults. Do any democrats have loved ones in law enforcement? "All of these measures will make it much harder for law enforcement in Virginia." I am asking all to vote against these ridiculous and really cruel, lawless bills. Where terror, and lawlessness reigns, a free and civil society cannot thrive. Our way of life is threatened. Our way of life is threatened and our safety and liberty under Democrat representative and leaders. We all answer to God. No escape there.

Last Name: MULVIHILL Organization: Independent Locality: CHARLOTTESVILLE

Are stupid? Do not defund our police. It is bad enough our children are unprotected in the schools of any schools are open. Democrats have protection and citizens of Virginia pays your salary deserve protection. We pay the taxes for police protection and if you all defund them then reimburse every taxpayer. Defunding police is not open to debate! I am sick,of this mess! People need to sue if you even think of defunding.

Last Name: JETT Locality: Beaverdam

I am saddened that with this proposed legislation I will no longer feel safe in the city and that our children will not feel safe in their schools. The United States of America was founded on law and order and this legislation is not in our best interest. We love our law enforcement officers and we want them to be able to safely and effectively do their jobs.

Last Name: Monk Locality: Chester

It is obvious that democrats care nothing about the safety of law abiding citizens and our children. Unchecked riots and looting in Democrat controlled cities and states are the proof. Confronting the police and interfering with the execution of their DUTIES in the streets by representatives of our government is not the way to make our streets safe cutting funding to the police is going to make our streets much more dangerous. You only have to look at New York to see how disastrous that course of action is. Moving companies in N.Y.C are turning away customers wanting to move out of the city because they are overwhelmed by their numbers. Lightfoot in Chicago let rioters, looters and arsonists have free reign in her city now she has been reduced to begging the companies she left to the mobs not to leave and rebuild in Chicago. Cutting police budgets is not foolish, it is stupid.

Last Name: Rich Locality: Albemarle

I am appalled that a state delegate ( lee Carter) would participate in a illegal street protest and confronted the police ( not a good example for a elected official) Then when sprayed with tear gas because he was breaking the law!! Shout out profanities while threatening the officers reminding them he writes the state police budgets. He then follows through on those threats by presenting a bill to reduce state police funding by 25% and a bill to cut $41 million from local police. Seems like a abuse of power for his own personal vendetta !! I personally believe all of us have a right to express our opinions peacefully and according to the laws that are written by these very representatives and with proper permits as all of the rest of us law abiding citizens must and should do. He was in the wrong and if he had any principles he should step up and apologize for his disrespect for our laws and the great state of Virginia and it’s law enforcement personal!!! Now we have delegate ( Kay Kory ) proposing to cut millions from the SRO program even though recent studies that show that the majority of students say they feel safer and make for a better learning experience. Then we have to hear about eliminating mandatory penalty for those who assault police officers. Just maybe if we all taught our children to respect our police officers and first responders as I was taught things would be different. The criminals in this country are finding out if you go out and have illegal protest ( this means no proper permits ) and burn and loot and break laws you will get what you want !!!! Less police!! I am a volunteer first responder in CROZET Virginia and I give an average of 60 hr. A month in service to my community and this state and I get nothing in return for my service and I am not asking for any either. I was brought up to serve the community you live in and help those around you. All I have ever asked for is RESPECT for all of our Volunteer and Paid first responders and police officers. Not everyone is perfect and not everyone is truly committed to serve their fellow human being. SO!! Don’t punish all for the acts of a FEW Isn’t that part of the problem we are trying to solve ( lumping certain groups of people in a group because of the ACTS of a few ) and thinking they are all the same. If we are to end racism it needs to come from all of the people from every race and color, there is this same racism from all ,we need to look at all people and not see color. What is happening now is not going to make this happen. We should all think about what John F Kennedy said Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. Think hard about what it really means, the more people want the country to do for them the closer we get to a socialist form of government and the end of our REPUBLIC. Thank You RODNEY RICH 434-960 -2893

Last Name: Dabney Locality: Alexandria

Hello, I am in my 7th year teaching at a public high school in Prince William County. Our School Resource Officer is vital to the functioning of our schools. There is a reason we have gone through live shooter drills year after year. If you pull this necessary resource from the school system, I do not think I will continue to teach in Virginia. The threats faced by students and school personnel on a regular basis are too serious to play politics with and that's exactly what is going on here. You are willing to throw students and educators under the bus for your own agendas and it's disgusting. You should be ashamed. Sincerely, Andrew Dabney

Last Name: Cuddy Locality: Spotsylvania

I have lived in four states. I have never had or seen a problem with the police. I have consistently found them to be polite, professional, helpful, and effective. I have seen them spending hours, working through issues of domestic dispute with my neighbors next door. Their presence was a blessing and small children were protected. They found a handicapped friend’s runaway daughter. They worked through a friend’s issue with her husband who became violent when he was off his meds and started shooting at them. An officer was hit with the gunfire. He was also hit. They both recovered, thankfully. If Virginia defunds police, I will feel unsafe and be in a constant state of worry for my home, family, safety, and times out of the house. If I have an alarm system on my home, and an alarm goes off, who will come to protect me, my possessions, and my home? Who will protect us from robberies, vandalism, violence, and those who commit evil? Who will control drug traffickers and drug use? Will these people be left to proliferate their destructive practices? Who will investigate crime scenes, collect evidence, make arrests, testify at criminal trials, and patrol streets and neighborhoods? Who will befriend children and encourage them to become good citizens? How many innocent lives will be shattered or even lost without the police? Not everyone is perfect and some may make a bad decision, but does that justify eliminating every police position? If you have a bad meal in a restaurant, do you never eat out again? If you own a car that turns out to be a lemon, do you junk it and never drive again? If you end up with a bad teacher, do you quit school and end your education? How can one or two questionable officers justify doing away with tens of thousands. What is the true goal here? Logic has been replaces by rampant emotions. Lawlessness results in destruction, waste, suffering, and loss for all those involved. Insurance rates will rise. Businesses will be destroyed. Communities will be decimated. The elderly, infirm, and disabled will live in fear and lose confidence that they will be safe and have opportunity. Situations like the Mafia extortion on “The Godfather” will arise. MS13 will gain power, stealing and murdering. Criminals will have a free-for-all, knowing the police won’t be pursuing them. Will the politicians in Richmond keep us safe? Can we sue them if their laws do away with the police and we suffer from their legislation ( if we survive a criminal attack)? Truthfully, if Virginia defunds the police and takes away their protections, I will seriously consider moving out of this state and going to a state that provides greater peace of mind and protections. We have invested in our home here and have sons here, but lower taxes, greater safety, and better security become more of a priority as we grow older. Please don’t allow the current cancel culture destroy the lives of our police, citizens, businesses, and prosperity. We love Virginia, but not enough to risk our lives to remain here. Defunding the police is unnecessary, irresponsible, and a choice that is illogical. Don’t let politics ruin a perfectly good dominion, place to thrive, and home for so many. I hate politics for what it can do to be the ruination of something perfectly viable and good. I would hate to see Virginia abort it’s safety and security, like the life of a preborn child- wasted, future less, diminished, shameful.

Last Name: Lourenzo Locality: woodbridge

The last thing we need is to lower our security through reduction of support and funding for those police forces that protect us . People with authority paid by the tax payer should not be using their office to threaten others or use their office or position to do anything other than doing what is best for the people...not their political party, not for personal benefit, and not for the benefit of a small group of elites. I am tired of hearing suggestions and talk about defunding police or police functions as safety and security are at the core of freedom and basics in life. It is not just idiotic to talk about taking steps to lesson our security, its treasonous and ignorant. If there is a conceived issue in any matter the adult and mature action is to assess, analyze, and take corrective actions. If our great state of Virginia . through our competent elected officials, thinks there are some areas of improvements that are needed in our police, or any of the other inefficient public functions then...assess, analyze, and make professional change Virginians are independent thinkers and do not follow the crowd, fall to pressure of group or popular thinking, and we certainly don't take orders or follow directions from other than the people of Virginia and what is best for Virginians When we place people into public duty, every thing that is done should answer several basic questions...does this help all Virginians, what are the down sides, what are the up sides, what is the cost benefit ratio, is their bias or unintended consequences. Defunding the police in any capacity that lowers safety and security does not help Virginians, has no up side, has a lot of down side, has no benefit, may be biased, and is fraught with potential negative consequences. Screw your heads on straight, pull your heads out of your center socket, and do the right things .

Last Name: Anderson Locality: Virginia Beach

I urge you to stop the lunacy of defunding the police. Most police personnel work hard and conscientiously at the fairly thankless job of providing public safety. I shudder to think of what our society would decay into without them because of the actions of a few bad actors. Instead of defunding the police, I believe we should increase their funding so that they can receive better training and so that better quality candidates can be hired. With the way they are being persecuted by the left, I am very afraid for our future. What person in his or her right mind would want to be a police officer given the horrible way they are being treated? Please, I urge you to stop this inquisition against the police. We need them now more than ever with all the out of control rioters burning up our streets and our businesses.

Last Name: Rafferty Locality: Charlottesville

Is not the solution. It may be wise to ponder where funds are spent , but in the end there is no law with enforcement and when I was attacked and beaten/kidnapped by an assailant (los. Angeles) 39 yrs ago guess who found him ? (Led to a conviction). Without agreements on the law we have no “rule of law” And without rule of law we have Republic. This country is so full of promise still.

Last Name: Briehl Locality: Earlysville

Dear representatives, I implore you to consider carefully the need for law enforcement. Our society will degenerate into chaos without reasonable police presence. It is a simple fact of human nature. And why are we eliminating SROs? A majority of students and parents like their presence; and by far relations between students of all color are improved by interacting with them. As a society we are making it impossible for teachers and policemen, the majority of whom are decent, to do their jobs. I so wish our representatives would do theirs....

Last Name: Rothery Organization: Tax Payers United Locality: Rockingham

We need full funding for all regular police work. You can defund protective work for Democrats in elective office.

Last Name: Ragland Locality: Charlottesville

Defunding and underfunding the Police Department is one of the most asinine measures that any government could entertain. Doing so would simply result in mob rule. Thugs, gangs, and criminals would wreak havoc on the general population without fear of retribution, except for those citizens equipped to defend themselves. It would most certainly result in a social experiment of the Survival of the Fittest! Moreover,many would-be criminals, who have hereto been dissuaded by the police presence, would be more inclined to do so, since there would be little consequence. Therefore, the incidence of crime would escalate significantly, leaving a depleted police force unable to provide assistance to those being preyed upon by criminals. The outcome would be that law abiding citizens would feel that they would need to take threats to safety and property into their own hands, resulting in significantly more injuries and deaths in general (Of course, this would lead to a lot of confusion in the courts, since they seem deeply conflicted when time to determine who the criminals and who the innocents are in cases where people are having their rights and liberties infringed upon). The alternative for wealthier citizens for protection of life and property, would be to hire private security. This would only further the divide between the outcomes for the poor and the wealthy. Defunding the police would have a significant impact on the state of our commerce as well. Those who would rob, loot, or destroy the property of businesses, would realize that the police would be hampered in pursuing them or investigating their misdeeds, resulting in a rise in this type of crime as well. The result would be that businesses and insurance companies would all have to raise their costs, which would trickle down to the consumer, paying for the criminals actions once again. AS for SRO's, they can provide valuable assistance on many levels. They build relationships with students, help maintain general order, and intervene in violent situations. As one student survey result suggests, most students (85% in Albemarle County) favor having them present in the school setting. The fact that some school systems have already made the decision to remove the SRO's from their schools this coming year, despite lack of significant support to do so or without even conducting surveys, demonstrates their lack of regard for the desires of the majority, and only validates their eagerness to cater to the liberal agenda freight train. The bottom line is that the people who clamor for the reduction of police funding are mostly those who don't want to comply with the laws. (After all, if I were a wolf, and I could make enough noise to get the shepherd to remove the watch dog for the sheep, don't you think I would do it?) I have never met an officer who has been anything but professional when I have treated him/her respectfully and complied with their requests. Sure, there are some police officers out there who do not exercise good judgment in their job, but if we are going to defund all public services because of some who commit criminal acts, then we would need to defund all teachers, municipal boards/committees, and most certainly politicians.

Last Name: Froehlich Locality: Crozet, VA 22932

Please, we support ALL persons of good will. That includes our brave police and first responders, and those of the populous who engage in PEACEFUL protest of any cruelty, injustice or brutality. Of course black lives matter (however, we do not support the Godless Black Lives Matter organization); each and every person is a precious child of God and deserves our respect and protection; these include children in their mothers' wombs.

Last Name: Smith Locality: Broad Run

Please stop these asinine attempts to defund the police. Anyone with common sense would see immediately that the only group who would benefit from this are criminals. The Democratic morons who are pushing this attempt to create anarchy will regret this. ANYONE WHO VOTES FOR THESE MEASURES IS SERVING THEIR LAST TERM!

Last Name: Rose Locality: Front Royal

I am opposed to taking funds away from our law enforcement as it is hard enough for them now. They are over worked and way under appreciated. I see the actions as being a knee jerk reaction to what we see on biased news casts.

Last Name: Kahn Locality: Goochland

As a citizen of this great commonwealth, I’m stunned that the Senate would pass a bill so disrespectful and dangerous to those who protect and serve our communities. This is bizarre and dangerous and not the way to address policing or judicial reform. It’s radical and outside the beliefs of reasonable people. Please reject this radical and dangerous bill.

Last Name: Giles Locality: Keswick

Dear Delegates, I am STRONGLY opposed to defunding police and cutting school resource officers. Please do not do this. We need our police officers and resource officers to keep us safe. I am very concerned that the most marginalized and underserved communities in Virginia will be the ones to suffer the most consequences if the police and resource officers are cut. I am also greatly opposed to eliminating the mandatory penalty for assaulting an officer. Sincerely, Kristy Giles Keswick, Va

Last Name: Walker Locality: Troy

I am so disgusted with Virginia's liberal idiocy. It keeps getting worse and keeps on doubling down on asinine policies, making our lives unsafe , terribly divided , poorer and angry. If something doesn't change soon, there will be another un-civil war, and once again it will be because democrats have tried to enslave Americans. WE WILL NOT LOSE OUR FREEDOMS!!!!!

Last Name: Kozuch Locality: Ruckersville, Greene County -Virginia

Please be careful when you go down this path, this county was build on the rule of law and if y’all do this to our police I fear for all Virginians safety and well being ... without a strong police force no one will be safe and only God knows what will happen. The Devil is at work and you all are playing into his False Promises ..He is the Prince of Lies!!! Wake up and smell the coffee and do what is right and just for all of us. Our thoughts and prayers are for you and your families on doing the RIGHT thing .. DO NOT pass anything that would DEFUND POLICE

Last Name: Morris Locality: Greene

I do not think the police department should be cut by funds in anyway! They need our support more then every.

Last Name: Coffey Organization: Community Integrative Health Care Locality: Charlottesville

THEY NEED YOUR SUPPORT I am sorry that happened

Last Name: Siever Locality: Mcgaheysville

It is heartbreaking to think so many lawmakers are against the police. I can’t imagine a country with fewer police or none at all. You cannot function without law enforcement. Please stop coddling criminals. If you get pulled over if you are approached by an office, DO AS THEY ASK AND DON RESIST. It’s very simple, why would ANYONE ever resist an officer,EVER?!? I have four children and I pray to God that they will ALWAYS respect police officers. There is no such thing as peaceful protests anymore, this has gotten out of control. Someone needs to stand up for the police in our country. And for any lawmaker that wants to defund or promote resisting officers give up your own personal security guards or better yet put your teenage daughter alone in the middle of a street at nighttime and hope that nobody will bother her and she is unable to call the police for help. Let me know how that works out for you. So many prayers for our country right now but praying that common sense will come back into the hearts of liberals. You CANNOT have a country without police.

Last Name: Hopkins Locality: Augusta County

Please be aware that our personal reactions to police should not overshadow the need for others to feel safe. Using your position to pay back police is wrong ,and should not even be considered when you take the protection away from others who need it.

Last Name: Morris Locality: Fluvanna County

To defund Law Enforcement and to lessen the penalty for assaulting an officer is to be pro-crime and promotes lawlessness. The people of Virginia have seen your actions and your days in office are limited.

Last Name: Albert Locality: Albemarle

You all are just sickening the way you’re crumbling to demands of certain groups. Our police force have served to protect the public since I can remember and I am 70 years young! Yes, we have a few bad officers but not many. The problem is with criminals and of course they want fewer police! No officer should have to worry about their safety and changing the charge to a misdemeanor is outrageous! It tells these UNDER PAID officers THEIR LIVES don’t matter! You need to do your jobs to keep ALL of us safe. I’m ashamed of ALL of you!! I’m an independent voter but know whom I’ll vote for again!

Last Name: Ritchey Locality: Palmyra

I do not support any defunding efforts that would negatively impact the law and order police provide. Funding for police should be increased to provide training, increase staff and raise salaries. Furthermore, charges for assaulting a police officer should be increased not decreased. Police deserve respect. They run in to trouble when others run away. They risk their lives every day as a result. They do this because they want to protect and serve. They must be supported in every way.

Last Name: Wagner Locality: Gainesville

The police system is in place to help protect the citizens. To defund the police force because of some individual mistakes is entirely the wrong approach. There are many conflicting emotions and actions taking place today placing various groups of people against each other and causing division when we should be trying to unify and bring peace. Another issue being sought is the elimination of the 2nd amendment rights of citizens. If both issues are passed the citizens will be left at the mercy of rioters, looters, rapists and other criminals. History teaches us that Hitler created gun registration, and then used the information to enforce gun confiscation and the same time defunding and eliminating police so that his forces could carry out these actions. These defunding and making guns unlawful laws are against the health and welfare of the citizens of this State and the United States. This is not what our Armed Forces fought so hard and gave their lives to preserve. They fought for our freedoms and protection.

Last Name: Bowden Locality: Hanover

I think it is time to defund Congress and now the General Assembly. Since neither no longer care about protecting the average citizen and care more about protecting their special interests, the average citizens no longer wish to fund politicians! Politicians should be serving all people and not line their pockets with the money from hard working citizens. We need more statesmen leading our country and state and fewer politicians !

Last Name: Rose Locality: Staunton

Please do not cut funding for the police! Not those working for the state, counties or the schools. We need MORE funding for MORE officers!

Last Name: Reynolds Locality: Chesterfield

I feel that you are not serving the people of Virginia by defunding the Police and cutting School Resource Officers. If we lived in a perfect world there would be no need for Police but since we don't, do not put both the citizens of Virginia and the law enforcement personnel in harms way by down sizing them. I have worked with the Resource Officers and found them to be caring of the students both the negative and hard working students. We had two members of our family in high school, one an A Student and the other less than perfect which required guidence from the Officer in a professional manner. This was appreciated. My neighbor as well as friends put their life on the line every time they put on the uniform and set out to work. These people are good, honest members of the community, not the enemy.

Last Name: Fowler Locality: Rockingham

Until recently there isn’t a community that wasn’t asking for more officers and pay increases for these poorly funded departments. Now you say the funds they have and as a result, cutting the number of officers available to respond to calls. This could not be a more backward approach to solving the problem. Listen to ALL the people you represent and also our students. Or will you choose instead to invite another school shooting tragedy?! Is there a single one of you who would trade places with our brave officers? And so so for the sad pay scale they work under? There are bad individuals and there is bad decisions made but the vast majority 99% are good hard working people. Give them more training to deal with the people who refuse to cooperate and resist when issued commands, Because all of the recent incidents I have involved one of the two situations.

Last Name: Walker Locality: Orange

Defunding police is a bad idea! If we do anything, we should increase their funding so they can hire better people to replace those who need to be fired. Our society cannot be a just society unless we have order. Who will serve as a police officer under the conditions being put forward? As the ranks are thinned, crime will increase. Heaven help us! I agree there are some duties currently being done by cops that other people should do. Currently, there is no money to hire and train them. Give them MORE money not less. And give them the respect that is due them.

Last Name: Trammell Organization: None Locality: Fredericksburg

Delegate Lee Carter (D-Manassas) today presented a budget amendment to reduce state police funding by 25% and a second to cut $41 million from the local police. Delegate Kay Kory (D-Fairfax) proposed cutting millions from the School Resource Officer (SRO) program, even though in a recent U.Va. study, a majority of students have said that such officers make them feel safer. And Senate Democrats passed their proposal to eliminate the mandatory penalty for anyone who assaults a police officer.  This bill will now go to the House. Apparently, many of you are more interested in aligning themselves with the criminal elements of the Marxist BLM and Antifa mobs than ensuring law and order for all citizens of Virginia. If enacted, these laws will make it far more difficult for police and sheriff deputies to carry out their duty to enforce the laws if the Commonwealth. Our school children will be far more vulnerable to gang activity and mass shootings. Police officers will be fair game to cop-hating criminals who know they will not be charged with attacks on the men and women who put their lives on the line every day. What the hell are you politicians thinking? Have you list your sense of right and wrong? Why would you pass laws to undermine law enforcement in our great state? Have you not seen the disastrous results of weak and no law enforcement in Seattle, Minneapolis, Kenosha, Portland, Chicago, New York and other cities across America? Do not vote to enact such ridiculous laws that will enable criminals and place law-abiding citizens at risk!

Last Name: Santillan Locality: Ruckersville

Dear Anti-Law Enforcement Delegates, You continued effort to de-fund State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies as well as the funds for School Resource Officers puzzles me. Are you really wanting to endanger not just the general public, but all the school children who are forced to attend schools that may be crime-ridden? Please, re-assess your priorities and seriously consider the long-term repercussions of your decision and remember that the life you can negatively affect can be your own loved one. Sincerely, Carlos Santillan

Last Name: Romey Locality: Northumberland county

I do not support any cut in funds for our state and local law enforcement. They are all vital to the safety of our communities and must be fully funded.

Last Name: Martin Organization: Private Citizen Locality: Blue Ridge

I think it is irresponsible to cut law enforcement budgets and jeopardize the safety of the citizens living in the Commonwealth. Those individuals proposing this should be charged with malfeasance in office. What do they think we can do if someone tries to rob us or steal from us, call McDonalds for help? What air heads.

Last Name: Miskovich Locality: Loudoun

I am absolutely infuriated at the decision to downgrade the minimum charge for assaulting a police officer to a misdemeanor as well as the cutting of police funding. The number one priority for our government should be the safety of the citizens and the police are an integral part of that. Our police departments should have MORE funding not less. There is a growing and silent disgust for the VA legislature and it’s attacks on our police, 2nd amendment rights, preservation of historical monuments (good and bad), and justice system. Normal people want law and order and to be left alone. Your increasingly radical assault on our rights is waking up a lot of otherwise apathetic voters. While we may not protest or shriek loudly at meetings, we are watching and will make our voices heard at the ballot box.

Last Name: Martin Organization: Private Citizen Locality: Blue Ridge

I think it is irresponsible to cut law enforcement budgets and jeopardize the safety of the citizens living in the Commonwealth. Those individuals proposing this should be charged with malfeasance in office. What do they think we can do if someone tries to rob us or steal from us, call McDonalds for help? What air heads.

Last Name: May Locality: Hanover

I am against decreasing the funding of the state police! I am against not funding the resource officer, I am against not letting the police use tear gas and rubber bullets when needed to disperse crowd !

Last Name: Wurzer Locality: Free Union

I had an opportunity to review a summary of each of the Topic of Interest bills. I hope you do not plan support HB 5032 which would remove the penalty for assaulting police officers. Do you think passage of this bill would lead to a greater number of competent men and women thinking seriously about becoming police officers? Why is it a good idea to clearly signal to police officers that they are on their own? If it is a good idea, would you support similar legislation regarding assault of elected officials? The public is not safer because this bill is enacted. I do not support this legislation! It is no better for police officers than it is for elected public officials to be subject to this bill and CERTAINLY WRONG FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE PUBLIC! HB 5034 – Early release of persons convicted of creating or selling child pornography, offenders who organize or profit from child prostitution, and offenders convicted of a third offense of domestic assault or strangulation. If you are serious about this, I certainly hope you have scientific evidence that releasing felons early for such crimes will result in greatly reduced recidivism rates (please share the specifics of the study, where, when, who conducted it and the statistics with the public). These are ugly crimes and without extensive mental health treatment (preferably in a mental health facility) it is hard to believe that shorter sentences are the cure. Frankly, neither bill is worthy of a special session’s time. Both bills increase the general public’s chance of becoming victims. In the first case it is our police officers who will be less willing and able to protect the public and in the second it is our children and the defenseless spouses or significant others of these deranged people. Finally, it is not good law making to push these bills through with so little time for the public to gain a good understanding of why they make sense and have a fair, open discussion among law enforcement officials, the courts and the general public. I urge you to vote NO on both these bills! Before I forget, I do not see how reducing funding for our police departments will increase public safety. Are you arguing that fewer police means better citizen behavior? That one deserves a short shuffle into the trash can! Peter J. Wurzer, Albemarle County

Last Name: NIEDER Locality: BURKE

The First 10 Amendments of the US Constitution are the RIGHTS RESERVED TO THE CITIZENS and SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. If assaulting police no longer is a crime in Virgina, then neither is assaulting anyone else, including elected and appointed officials, judges, body guards, security officers, or any other citizen. If citizens cannot have guns, then neither can politicians, judges or their bodyguards.

Last Name: Long Organization: Mid Peninsula Support Your Local Police (Law enforcement) Committee Locality: North

Consider that if a county has no or greatly reduced law enforcement officers , TRUCKERS WILL NOT GO THERE .If they need to go through any such county to get to your community, they will not bring food, medicine and all that is trucked into your community. Mr. Floyd’s blood test shows that he died of an overdose of a dangerous cocktail of drugs and there was NO evidence that the pressure on his neck caused any damage.

Last Name: Smith Locality: Midlothian

I will keep this short. Keep the police well funded. We don't want Portland or Chicago in VA. Also the police presence on campuses or schools should continue as the students themselves say they feel more secure.

Last Name: Mayo Locality: Charlottesville

A travesty to not fully support our police officers. How could we expect anyone to want to be a part of their local or state police force. If we cannot support our officers then why should they in turn support us? We open our police departments to failure and support anarchy. Totally unacceptable! We the people could never support this measure.

Last Name: Pena Organization: Only as a concerned citizen of our Commonwealth Locality: Charlottesville

As a concerned citizen, I ask you, Members of the House of Delegates, does defunding Police and other Law and Order Enforcing Organizations pass "The Common Sense Test"? Are you so short sighted as to put our businesses, families, homes, and Society at risk? You took Oaths to Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States and of our Commonwealth, do these mean nothing to you?

Last Name: Kelly Locality: Lancaster

If you don't support the cops what makes you think they will support you, dumb ass.

Last Name: HARNED Locality: Richmond

Historically, law and order have gone together. Without order, laws cannot be enforced and thus have no substance or practical meaning. Without police there can be no enforcement. So why have any laws? We are clearly in the lost looney, zone!

Last Name: Hietanen Organization: Mr. Locality: Albemarle

Are you people crazy ! You are endangering the citizens and children of Virginia by reducing funding for police and school resource officers.

Last Name: henley Organization: none Locality: Powhatan

Proposals to cut police funding and reduce or eliminate penalties for assaulting a police officer are beyond foolish. I would like to see any elected official who is proposing or supporting such actions spend a few days doing ride alongs with police officers in Richmond or any other large city in the Commonwealth. I think they would quickly change their minds. The United States was founded as up until the present time is a nation of laws. Those that want to defund police apparently do not understand that we can not be a nation of laws if lawlessness is allowed with no repercussions. Lets hope that there is a tiny bit of sanity left in the state legislature.

Last Name: Martin Organization: VA. Taxpayer Locality: Tazewell

As a tax paying citizen I request the legislature to Leave police officers pay alone and do not reduce the penalty for assaulting a police officer. If you do these things the voters of Virginia will retaliate at the ballot box.

Last Name: Watson Locality: Charlottesville

It is very disappointing and disturbing that the General Assembly wants to defund police and eliminate SROs. If you had a family member that was attacked or a child that was hurt in school, you would want the resources there to take care of the situation by a professional. These ill thought out impulsive bills are going to make peaceful residents arm themselves and escalate a volatile situation. I respectfully ask that these bills not be passes.

Last Name: Reyes Locality: Albemarle

Dear Delegates & Representatives, I am writing as the granddaughter of one of Charlottesville Police Department’s finest, P.E. McCauley, a man who devoted his life to others. I am also writing in honor of my friends & neighbors representing various entities within the fields of law enforcement. As an educator & life-long resident of Central Virginia, it is imperative that we support our law enforcement agencies and school resource officers. Dialogue, mental health support, education, and training is what we should be offering our police. We should not be cutting funding or making it any more challenging to recruit highly qualified personnel. Already there is a flight of police officers, many early retirements, and fear to enter the field of law enforcement. Unfortunately, perfection is impossible no matter our walks of life, regardless of race, religion, gender, socioeconomic status, etc. Underfunding law enforcement and their school support will do more harm than good in the long run. Instead, take the proposed cuts and reallocate the funds for improving the aforementioned needs within law enforcement. We have a justice system in place to lever against those unwilling to operate within the law—civilians or police. Police officers are not above the law. In fact, they should be setting great examples for their fellow citizens, hence the need for funding toward education, training, mental health support, and community dialogue. I implore you to consider budgeting and community decisions based on something better than party-line votes. What kind of future will our children have if we cut funding to integral parts of our emergency response systems like the police? It would ludicrous to have an overwhelmed, inexperienced, underfunded doctor performing surgery, the same applies for those upholding the law and working with our future. Law enforcement might need changes and improvements, but not budget & funding cuts. Their jobs are challenging enough. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Jenette Reyes

Last Name: Boulden Locality: Fredericksburg

I would like to remind our delegates that protection of your citizenry is the first order of governmemt

Last Name: Mallard Organization: Parent and Child Locality: Falls Church

It was extremely stressful to hear in May, Delegate Lee Carter (D-Manassas) confront police at a street protest. After being sprayed with tear gas, he shouted “I’m a member of the General Assembly -- I write the state police’s budget. They’re gonna ****ing regret this.” This type of attack on our Police was unwarranted. Now, Delegate Carter followed through on his threat, and presented a budget amendment to reduce state police funding by 25% and a second to cut $41 million from the local police. Meanwhile, Delegate Kay Kory (D-Fairfax) proposed cutting millions from the School Resource Officer (SRO) program, even though in a recent U.Va. study, a majority of students have said that such officers make them feel safer. And, on a party-line vote, Senate Democrats passed their proposal to eliminate the mandatory penalty for anyone who assaults a police officer. This bill will now come to the House. this is outrageous. You have the privelege ---- you know what I mean by privelege, don't you -- to be protected by police, security guards, etc. that WE the taxpayers fund. However, we the "little people" are forgotten when it comes to protection. You are making it very hard for law enforcement in Virginia. I pray that you will reconsider what you are doing to all the communities of Virginia.

Last Name: Riggleman Locality: Rockingham

I am opposed to any defunding or cuts to state, county , or municipal law enforcement budgets. I further am against reducing felony assault charges to misdemeanors.

Last Name: Cox Locality: RURAL RETREAT

It is beyond any reasonable comprehension that any suggestion to defund Police could gain any momentum in the State of Virginia Legislature. Any such action can only be presented by someone in denial of right principle or one who has an ax to grind. Common sense should tell anyone that to cut back on law enforcement is foolishness. Where has sanity in politics gone? I am an independent voter and believe the Democratic party has certainly lost all reason and will certainly cause the public to pay a heavy penalty for their political foolishness. We should be increasing funding for our brave men and women who are actually our County's first line of defense. If this mentally incompetent action passes then I hope that those who introduced it and vote for it will have the decency not to call 911 when they have a need of law enforcement. However, if they do call, the Law Enforcement officers will honor their oath and will respond. God have mercy on this Country and this State as long as Democrats hold the majority in any government, National, State or local. Sincerely, James R. Cox

Last Name: Palmer Locality: Albemarle County

We need police protection in our schools and neighborhoods. Police men and women are essential to maintaining law and order in the United States of America: in our schools and neighborhoods.

Last Name: Keller Locality: Springfield

Defunding the police is NOT something the majority of citizens want. Also attacks against LEOs need to remain against the law. How do you expect us to remain protected once criminals declare open season on cops?

Last Name: Slye Locality: McGaheysville

PLEASE do not support any proposal to defund our state and/or local police. You need to work together to pass legislation requiring more training to become a police officer. It is one of only a handful of professions to require so little training , and they are carrying a gun!! We also must make it easier to get rid of a bad cop!

Last Name: Hartranft Locality: Albemarle

How dare your as a public servant use foul language in public. It is really too bad that your Mother did not wash your mouth out with soap. It is just another example of how pathetic a representative of the People you are. It is unfortunate that I no longer reside in Fairfax County so that I could organize a petition to have you removed from public office. Yor are a disgrace to your Office. As for the efforts of the Democrats who are seeking to defund the Police, resduce the State Police budget, you also are violating the oath of office you took to protect your constituents and the citizens of the Commonwealth. Rioters, vandlas, looters and those harming citizens are criminals. Your duty is to protest law abiding citizens not to try to pre vent sworn law enforcement officers from doing their duty to protect those citizens. And decriminalizing the act of assailing Police and Safety Officers is a disgrace and truthfully an illegal action. We all know that your platform supports anarchy and violence and the exact opposite of what our Constitution defines as the rights of citizens to be protected. Truthfully, I have come to the conclusion that y'all are on the payroll of those anarchists that are paying for these demonstrators to destroy private property, injure peaceful citizens and want to remove any resistance to the abolition of laws that protect law abiding citizens. I have lived in and traveled through many countries in my life. I have seen what happens when the Socialist and Communist governments are in power and ignore the rule of law. It is not pretty and not something that I want to see happen in this great Country of ours. Too many have given their blood and lives to protect the rights provided in the Constitution of Life and Liberty. In summationg, instead of trying to destroy our law abiding way of life, support those who protect us and our Constitutional rights. I would like nothing more than to have you be subjected to personal attacks and loss of property and have no one to respond to your calls for assistance. Rather than denigrate the people who sacrifice to protect you, you should respect the sacrifices they have made to protect our law abiding way of life.

Last Name: Dawkins Organization: n/a Locality: Glen Allen

Defunding the police will only hurt our inner city or low-income families. They want protection from the crime in their neighborhoods. Reducing safety officers at schools is okay if there are no students there, but parents will get VERY upset if there is no officer on student full campuses with the threats that are in our Commonwealth. And, reducing the charges against criminals who threaten our police will effectively make their jobs harder and put their lives at risk. Please use common sense to help protect our communities and our police officers!

Last Name: Brewer Locality: Va. Beach

I urge all Virginia Delegates and Virginia Senators to reconsider the Police Budget, as they support Law and Order that we expect in our Commonwealth of Virginia. As for me and my family of voters, we will NOT vote for any delegate, Senator or Governor who voted to reduce the budget for our Police department. We DEMAND law and order and if you elected officials can't provide that, then its time to elect a different set of elected officials who will represent us. Also, any delegate who becomes a part of and supports the domestic terrorism in our cities should be arrested and charged with a hate crime. That person is NOT the type of elected official we want making our laws.. IMO

Last Name: Aldridge Locality: Fluvanna

Police need funds not defending the Police

Last Name: Adkins Locality: Spotsylvania

I have to say I don’t u see stand how you feel it’s better to defund Police over simple policy fixes! It seems that instead of resolving the issue you would rather remove the police! What next then will you then remove the people you feel shouldn’t exist? Police are not security for the people they react not monitor! This is a mistake!

Last Name: Hutchison Locality: Centreville, Fairfax County

Reducing police budgets is so totally wrong and goes against everything I believe in with a state and country that believes in the rule of law. Yes there are a few bad cops- and there are ways to get rid of them. And yes, sometimes people make mistakes- Anyone reading this has made some mistakes in their life. Cops aren't perfect- neither are you. Making a mistake or error in judgement is human nature, a pattern of it is not. We learn form history- own own personal history- and become better for the errors we make. There are bad doctors, bad lawyers, bad teachers, bad clergy, bad librarians, bad plumbers, bad truck drivers. I'm a dentists and there are even bad dentists. My reputation is stained by them and I want them gone. Every cop i know wants bad cops off the force. But you are attempting to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Shame on you for not having enough common sense to see what the results will be. Careful what you wish for- you just might get it. Hope someone is there who will answer the call and give a damn when you need help. Keep treating cops like criminals and you'll have o one left to help you in your hour of need. THINK before you push this dangerous agenda.

Last Name: Probst Morrow Locality: Woodbridge

Hello, I am a middle school teacher who has a resource officer in our school. Our students have a good rapport with our officer. I have found that having a resource officer helps students feel safe. Furthermore, I feel more secure knowing that there is someone nearby. Why would you remove resource officers when they are doing good? This one size fits all attitude about police, could be said for about anyone in any profession. Obviously, there are racist people throughout our country, but removing police will not encourage people to behave or choose wisely. Crime will increase. It appears that Delegate Carter is trying to punish the police in our county because he was tear gassed at a demonstration. Delegate Carter even threatened the police who used the tear gas. This is a form of bullying on his part. Why does he believe that he can exercise authority and wield power? It appears he is power hungry and wants to make an example out of others. I thoroughly disagree with his actions that call for the defunding our police. How does it help build the morale of our police when funding is taken away? How does decreasing and/or eliminating charges against people who attack police help morale? Do you truly believe that people will just be more kind when they are caught doing something wrong? We all know the importance of hearing both sides of an argument. Unfortunately, most media outlets choose to air one side and disregard anything else. This is not true reporting. It is biased indoctrination and many people are willing to believe. In closing, I strongly support enforcement of existing laws when it comes to demonstrators who cross the line by either physically and/or verbally assaulting police or citizens. All people should be held accountable to for the destruction of property. By decreasing police presence, our communities will become havens for criminal activities. I for one will hold you, our elected officials responsible for this. I strongly oppose defunding the police and removing resource officers from schools!

Last Name: Moore Locality: Scottsville

What are you thinking with to even entertain a proposal to defund the police? It is so easy for you to sit in your expensive homes, surrounded by your security force and tell everyone else that the police are not needed just because you got your feelings hurt! If you would come down off of your ivory tower and live for just one month on a very fixed budget, trying to make ends meet that never do, you might have a better perspective on how most of the people of this state live. A lot of the people in office seem to have a God complex and think they are above the laws that everyone else have to follow. And unfortunately, it seems that they are right. The police perform a very vital service for an embarrassing small amount of compensation. I think everyone who is even thinking of voting for this proposal should be required to ride with the police for 24 hours. Maybe then you would appreciate the work they do a little better. I do not have any affiliation with any police force but I am certainly glad that they are there if i need them.

Last Name: Searfass Locality: Palmyra

I can not believe educated men and women think that defunding police is a good thing to do . I am sure the politicians and others will be the first to call for police to protect them. In fact they do , courthouses ,demonstrations , public events . The list could go on . Now you defund the police so now you are short officers but you want them to cover the same areas . I hope you all get of the band wagon that is going on in our country and think of the repercussions of cutting funding . Can you imagine waiting hours for a policeman when your house is being vandalized or worse. Please think this thru . Thank you for listening .

Last Name: Keene Locality: Henrico

If respect would be shown to the police, none of these proceedings would be necessary. Whenever there is a murder, a judge and jury should decide the consequences and not mobs on the streets. All citizens of the United States of America should understand the procedures when stopped by a policeman. Publish the procedures so that each citizen knows the safe way of being approached by an officer. RESPECT is missing.

Last Name: Ridley Locality: Virginia Beach

I believe it is a very good thing to continue the School Resource Officer program. It gives the students and the teachers a better sense of safety. It is also good for relationships between young people and police officers. Dialogue is crucial. I am a retired teacher so I know from experience. I also think it is dangerous to defund or reduce the money for the police at a time when it is most needed to stop the riots and violence sprouting up all over. I am also extremely concerned about eliminating the strongest penalty for assaulting police officers. It shouldn't matter whether they are hurt or not. If people think they can do this so easily violence against police will increase. Furthermore it will become harder and harder to find people who will want to join the police force.

Last Name: Garner Locality: Greene

This careless and totally irresponsible behavior by our law makers must stop. Defunding the police only makes their jobs harder and more danger is brought to them as well as the public that they protect.

Last Name: Beck Locality: Deerfield

As we see violent protests throughout our country, I can't believe our lawmakers would be so callus as to defund police officers who put their lives on the line every day to protect us. Do you actually think that will improve the killings and crime rate in America? Also, our children need to be protected at all costs. If having resource officers in the schools keep them safer, then that is what we should strive for.

Last Name: Dech Locality: Palmyra

Cutting funding for police a terrible idea. I really think that the police are an important part of our community and the first line of defense. I understand being upset about being maced but it completely shortsighted to reduce funding. Perhaps the individual officer needs more training; training that they will not receive with a reduced budget! Please do not put our communities at risk by reducing funding and possibly the number of police on the streets.

Last Name: Miller Locality: Rockingham

Please don’t defund our police. This is ludicrous. Those VA Delegates should be ashamed of their behavior & not make threats to our law enforcement officers. Sad day for True Virginians.

Last Name: Mills Organization: mr Locality: mechanicsville

WHY in the World would any of our REPs want to do something like this is beyond me. Don't you Think you have better things to do than make Virginia more Unsafe AND Follow the Dumb Ideas of the Party you are in Lockstep with Instead of looking after the people of Virginia like you should be doing. We don't Live in Calif. Where the Reps do what they want with no kickback. You will be replaced if you can't do your Job without going along with your and your Party's radical IDEAS.

Last Name: lerch Locality: fredericksburg

Have you lost your minds, defund the people standing between the public and criminals, yes criminals, every marter that you bring forward started the encounter with a criminal act. You are paving the way for a shooting war in this country. Please rethink your foolish pandering and do what you were elected to do. keep us protected.

Last Name: Wells Locality: Fairfax

All people deserve to feel safe and our police must become those we can ALL rely on. Those who profit from breaking the law will benefit from these cuts! We want our children And grandchildren to be safe. Sadly we must still be on guard against Predators, opioid dealers, and school shooters! Police and school safety officers should not be cut by budget cuts but retrained and reviewed more.

Last Name: Sozzi Locality: Stafford

Cutting funding from the folks who put their lives on the line to keep us safe every day is insulting, short-sighted, and ill-advised. regardless of whether someone thinks that it is a systemic problem or simply a few bad apples, to say we don’t need police or don’t need to fully fund them is equivalent to saying that because there’s evidence that some kids are not performing well academically, that we should shut down the school system or defund it. What I always find interesting about this debate is something that’s rarely brought up: I never see the policy makers who want to defund the police declining the police protection that is offered to them as part of official functions or even as part of their daily detail, depending on their position. I find it the height of hypocrisy.

Last Name: hawkins Locality: albemarle county va.

I have been a sworn law enforcement officer in Virginia for over 50 years the past president of the FOP and the past state president of the state sheriffs association. This is one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard in my entire career. You will be sorry for this stupid legislation in the future by forcing all the good police officers out of the profession and since public safety is the most important issue in everybodys life you will pay the price for this knee jerk reaction to mob rule that is forcing your hasty bad decisions. You will pay a hefty political price for these crazy responses to what you are trying to do to the citizens of the Commonwealth. The silent majority is going to raise the volume way up by your actions to your ideas to defund the police and leave the police officers with no protection while doing a very dangerous jobs that very few of you in the general assembly would be willing to do at any price. Better change your mind before it is too late.

Last Name: Sadler Locality: Madison County

If Virginia passes this, we will be just as vulnerable as the cities in Chicago, Portland, Seattle, NYC and now even Richmond. Our son is a retired policeman and I am thankful he is now retired. The disrespect for our laws and now our police officers, is bound to create a terrible time in Virginia. School resource officers provide a safe environment for our children. Please do not pass this horrible law. We need law and order and not destruction and chaos.

Last Name: Davis Organization: Two Virginia Owners of Two Virginia based businesses Locality: Goochland County Virginia

My husband and I are absolutely against our local and state police being defunded. We each own businesses and pay taxes to the state and we need to call on our police from time to time at our companies. We support and admire our police - both state and local. This is a very short sighted plan by the democrats in the Assembly. If you continue down this path we have decided to sell our companies or re-locate them and move to another less onerous state. I am a Native Virginian and my ancestors helped form the settlement of Jamestown. How dare you dismantle my home State, all of it's wonderful history and now our Police - we are completely sickened by the way things are being done in this once great state. We will do whatever it takes to remain free sovereign citizens and if that means taking our tax dollars to contribute to another state that still believes in FREEDOM for Americans then we will do so.

Last Name: Gallagher Locality: Ruckersville

I). MAJOR PREMISE Defunding law and order opens floodgates for additional riots. II). MINOR: Riots are illegal, therefore III). CONCLUSION: Arrests by police are necessary for safety. FUND POLICE or you serve anarchy.

Last Name: Schell Locality: Purcellville

Dear Virginia Delegates and Senators: I write as a concerned citizen of this great Commonwealth of Virginia to remind you that as duly elected representatives of your constituents, you have an obligation to do everything in your power to ensure that responsible laws are passed that ensure the safety of all Virginians. How will the proposed legislation that reduces funding for police and for School Resource Officers improve safety for Virginians? How will eliminating the mandatory penalty for assaulting a police officer improve safety for Virginians? I urge you to do what is right and not what you may deem to be most politically expedient for you personally. Take a lesson from what is happening in Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR, and refuse to repeat their mistakes, mistakes which have led to endless riots, death, and destruction. Do what is right for the citizens of Virginia. Reject the so-called "criminal justice reform" legislation that will jeopardize the safety of all Virginians. Respectfully, Janice L. Schell

Last Name: Thomas Organization: Police Locality: Chilhowie, VA

Whoever assaults an officer of the law should be accountable for the action. It should be more than a misdemeanor and should be charged with the crime. Keep the law same as was is my opinion.

Last Name: Davis Locality: Hanover

It would seem to me that we have already weakened and tied the hands of our police, without adding insult to injury by weakening them even more. With the way things are going, we need the police now more than ever. I'm sure those legislators who would shackle the police in this way have their own private security and don't need to depend on our police. We ordinary citizens only become more vulnerable and less safe the more we tie the hands of law enforcement. Something needs to be done now to stop this nonsense and restore some sanity and order before it's too late.

Last Name: Crickenberger Locality: Gordonsville

The law makers that design and pass bills to cut the funding of law and drastically, resource officers in schools that have proven to make students and teachers safer, and lower the penalty for assaulting police officers is absolutely poor judgment to say the least. The citizens of Virginia should be involved in these decisions. We are the ones that will suffer for your decisions. It is the money of the tax payers being designated to these services that are to protect the people. There is no wisdom in these bills and evidently are designed to demolish law and order and cause chaos. The police officers, children and all citizens are to be protected under law. Those of you who approve these obnoxious bills should be removed from office immediately. The majority of Virginia citizens will not stand for your unconcern for their safety.

Last Name: Thacker Locality: Charlottesville

Governor Northam and our Democratic lawmakers have failed miserably in eradicating bullying in our schools and law and order in our streets. So now they want to remove any and all protection for the people of our great state?! Why is that?! If they truly hate the Commonwealth of Virginia, they need to leave. They are certainly not competent enough or wise enough to lead the law-abiding, hard-working people of Virginia.

Last Name: Craft Locality: Williamsburg

The thought of reduced law enforcement protection(s) frightens and saddens me, that myself and my loved ones could be left vulnerable to all kinds of crimes, property damage/theft, assault and worse, etc. Also SRO's serve an important and vital role to our most vulnerable citizens and loved ones as they are learning.How can you learn when you don't feel comfortable and are preoccupied with remaining safe? As a survivor of assault and abuse this heightens my awareness and concern. I implore lawmakers to reconsider their reckless decision(s) made and lawfully protect those of us who are law abiding citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Last Name: Hendrick Locality: Vinton

You perverted, violent, lying Democrats wanting to not only cave to domestic terrorists such as BLM and Antifa but to enable and support them is more than enough reason for you to immediately resign from your seat. You are nothing more than subversive Communist TRAITORS purposely putting lives in danger, and should be held personally responsible for homicide by proxy. You might want to read what's written on Virginia's flag (if you can actually read). Now resign and GET OUT.

Last Name: Manzano Locality: Rockingham

You folks had better rethink your reactionary anti police agenda. It’s never been politically effective to preside over lawlessness. Virginia is rising.

Last Name: Thomas Locality: Chilhowie, VA

We need to continue funding our police and school resource officer programs. These programs are so vitally important to the public and school systems safety

Last Name: Brink Locality: Chesterfield

I oppose the mindless rush to defund our law enforcement agents. This is insanity. It is immature foolishness. It is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Last Name: milam Locality: midlothian

we need to fund state & local police and keep police resource officers in the schools. we need law and order and prosecution of arsonist;looters and violent protestors

Last Name: Szejniuk Locality: Troy

My grandson just finished at Monticello HS in Albemarle County. Defunding resources officers is a huge mistake. A couple years ago a student was discovered regarding a gun and was thawarted before a single student, including my grandson could have been hurt. Also, the arrogance of Delegate Lee Carter (D-Manassas) who confronted police at a street protest. After being sprayed with tear gas, he shouted “I’m a member of the General Assembly -- I write the state police’s budget. They’re gonna ****ing regret this.” Really, these are our repsentatives? This is communicating a THREAT!!! If her did not want to get tear gassed protest in another matter. As a FORMER Marine he should of brought his gas mask to the party. Seriously, a US Marine making a threat to hurt proper law enforcement. I agree with 2020 Legislation: - regarding strip searching children. There are other ways like full body scanners, that would make more sense! - Capping the monthly copay for insulin at $30. But, ended up being a $50 monthly copay cap. I also agree with his stand supports the right to keep and bear arms. But, I find it odd he could be a Sanders Supporter. Again, as a FORMER US Marine he should have understood this was a risk. Using his office to make a threat is unamerican, not in keeping with being a US Marine and even though not in my district, now would not vote for even if he were. Again communicating a threat in the dark of night is not the behavior of a US Marine. Nate Szejniuk HMC (SW/AW), USN (ret), HM8432 (PrevMedSpec)/HM-8404 (FMF Doc)

Last Name: Skelton Locality: West Augusta

I STRONGLY disagree with your proposals to take funds away from our police officers and your plan to reduce the penalties for assaulting our police officers. Please try to represent ALL Virginians. There are many of us who do not support this. Represent the people of Virginia not special interest groups. I have lived in Virginia all my life, but the policies being pushed through in Richmond right now make me seriously think about leaving this state.

Last Name: Cypher Organization: We the people Locality: Sterling, va. 20164

We need to supports &fully fund our police. True, de-escalation techniques need continually trained and reinforced, but stop the “gaslighting”! We are a republic of rules and laws which apply across the board. Scott

Last Name: McDowell Locality: Charlottesville

Why are you defunding the police? Do you not see a civil war in the offing? Our society has already begun to unravel, and it's not the fault of the police. There are multiple variables, but defunding the police will escalate the process. We have already begun to lose control of it. Your children will suffer greatly. What's wrong with you people? We need police for law and order. I am stunned, shocked, and almost speechless that you legally elected representatives woud flout the law in this fashion. I am greatly saddened that you are so ignorant and misguided. We need police to maintain law and order. You stay on this path and this United States of America is going down, and you're going down with it. Shame on you! Shame, shame.... are you trying to be popular or look important? Do you not know how fragile our civilization is? It's very fragile and you are destroying it... God help us all.

Last Name: Snow Locality: Louisa

Delegate Carter followed through on his threat, and presented a budget amendment to reduce state police funding by 25% and a second to cut $41 million from the local police. Delegate Kay Kory (D-Fairfax) proposed cutting millions from the School Resource Officer (SRO) program, even though in a recent U.Va. study, a majority of students have said that such officers make them feel safer. Senate Democrats passed their proposal to eliminate the mandatory penalty for anyone who assaults a police officer. This bill will now come to the House. All of these measures will make it much harder for law enforcement in Virginia, please DO NOT approve these Bill's, it's an awful thing to do. We need law and order, look at the world!

Last Name: Kubosh Locality: Mcgaheysville

Hey General Assembly members. I am all for defunding the police, school officers, sheriffs, etc. I know a way that you can do this without any risk or fear of problems it might cause. This so simple I am surprised you have already not thought of it. Just have people...QUIT BREAKING THE LAW! Oh....can not do that? Then genius, better keep the police! Because...think about this.....less funding....more law breakers.....heaven forbid but maybe no one to stop a horrific school shooting. Quit catering to what you think will get you elected, get your head in the right place, do the right thing. Sure improvements are needed, training, managing work loads, many things but, defunding police is the dumbest think I have ever heard of!

Last Name: Malinowski Locality: Stafford

I am deeply disappointed that the General Assembly would attempt to balance the state budget on the backs of the police forces and school resource officers. Our students deserve to have the safety our SROs provide. Our counties and cities deserve to have well trained and funded police forces. Do not signal to our public safety professionals that their sacrifices and the risks they take every day to protect citizens are not appreciated. Please protect their funding, not eliminate it.

Last Name: Jewell Organization: Myself Locality: Haymarket

I expect our elected officials to care about our safety and the safety of our children as they care for THEMSELVES AND THEIRS. I want law and order and civility in our state. I'm embarrassed by the actions of Lee Carter, his foul k anguage and taunting of our public safety. He SERVES us. He seems to not remember that. We don't enough State Police funding as it is.

Last Name: Sansovich Locality: Keswick

Dear Delegates, I am STRONGLY opposed to defunding police and cutting school resource officers. Please do not do this. We need our police officers and resource officers to keep us safe. I am very concerned that the most marginalized and underserved communities in Virginia will be the ones to suffer the most consequences if the police and resource officers are cut. Sincerely, Tessa Sansovich Keswick, Va

Last Name: Jackson Organization: Myself Locality: Fairfax County

I have been a resident of Fairfax County for the last 15 years. I also grew up in the county. I strongly oppose measures to limit to a misdemeanor the assault of a police officer. I also have 3 children in public school and do not agree with cutting millions from from the SRO program. I am shocked that despite talking with my neighbors and friends who support SROs in the schools that we are doing this. I guess you are looking for residents to move out of the state like they are doing in Florida and to homeschool their children. You are making it less safe for police who protect us and for our children to attend school. First restrictive gun laws, now demoralizing the police who protect us? Do you think we are stupid?

Last Name: Guthrie Locality: Arrington

If you do not back up the police, you are condoning lawlessness. If you don’t have enough Trained police officers, you are inviting more trouble, if you don’t have laws to protect them, they cannot do their job. Do not change laws as a knee jerk reaction to a fee bad apples. There are many more police officers out there doing there jobs properly!

Last Name: Lynch Locality: Fairfax VA.

This will NOT enhance security on the march, in the neighborhood, or the schools. While I don’t believe the delegate was part of an insurgency, I do believe we have one in WI, WA and Oregon States. This country was built on rule of law, imperfect, slow but relentless. Just in 1999 the world was concerned about Hong Kong’s return to communist rule, the rule of law missing; so must this country be concerned with the lack of law that the defunding mandates. You will have more crime, not less!!! Patrick Lynch Herndon VA

Last Name: Cobb Locality: Manassas

You must not cut spending rates, nor budgeted funds for public protection. I have seen the chaos and riots of the 1970s in Europe, as armed gangs tried to force change to socialism. The first steps toward socialism in this country have already been taken, and it must be stopped. I beg you to come to your senses, ignore the daily DNC fax, and use your common sense. Do not vote to defund police, or reduce penalties for attacking a police representative.

Last Name: Roberts Locality: Glen Allen

I am utterly disgusted by any lawmaker that can actually consider reducing any funding for our men and women in blue while at the same time refusing to cut any state spending to offset our budget crisis. Our brave first responders and their families have been through hell as a result of your inaction and that of the Governor. Your friends at the federal level will pay the price November 3rd.

Last Name: MAHER Locality: PALMYRA

What in the world is wrong with the Democrats. They are determined to defund the police and reduce mandatory sentencing. I would not want to be a policeman today. They can't do their jobs with one hand tied behind their backs and now they have to be physically hurt before someone is charged. Are you kidding me. This reminds me of the VietNam war when our soldiers were limited in what they could do, their hands tied. Who was in power for most of the war, democrats. If you ask me they have become anti american

Last Name: losciuto Organization: The citizens of Virginia Locality: BARBOURSVILLE

Defund or reduce funding for any police agency and I will do everything in my power both financially and time wise to ensure you are never re-elected to state office again. You should spend a little more time fixing the social issues that are the root of these issues.

Last Name: Myint Locality: Henrico

To Whom It May Concern, My name is Tin Myint and I live at 7908 Cobblewood Drive, Richmond, VA 23227 in Henrico county. I have been living in Virginia since 1996 with my family. I am writing to you in support of budget amendment that would eliminate the 40 quarters rule. I support the elimination of the 40 quarters rule because this rule has been a barrier for my grandmother from receiving proper medical care. My grandmother has been taking care of me and the rest of the family since I can remember. My grandfather died over 40 years ago, and my grandmother took care of 4 children, including my mother, and 11 grandchildren. My family migrated to United State in 1996 with Diversity Lottery Visa, and my grandmother has been living in Virginia for over 10 years. I just want to take care of my grandmother as she cared for me and everyone else around her. She worked hard throughout her life. Unfortunately, her health has been declining. Recently, her mobility has been completely stopped and she required assistance to basic need, such as bathing, eating and bathroom use. The elimination of the 40 quarter rule will support my family to care for my grandmother. Currently, my uncle and my cousin are helping with bathing and my mother is helping with other activities. This rule will give the family some free time to take care of ourselves and focus on other cares. More importantly, elimination of this rule will provide medical access to my grandmother, especially during the Covid-19 time. Access to health care is going to be extremely helpful during COVID-19 pandemic for my grandmother. Kowing that my grandmother will receive proper care if she were to get sick and her health further degrade. She needs a consistent medical provider and proper transportation. 44 other states allowed a legal immigrant who has lawfully resided in the United States for more than five years to become eligible for Medicaid. It is time for Virginia to end the 40-quarters rule for Lawful Permanent Residents. I love this commonwealth and I lived here for most of my life. I would like to contiue living here and taking care of my grandmother. Thank you for your time Tin H. Myint 7908 Cobblewood Drive Richmond, VA 23227

Last Name: Milling Organization: The Arc of Virginia Locality: Richmond

The Arc of Virginia supports this amendment. A coalition of 40 Advocacy groups submitted a letter to the Administration on July 17th requesting that they put out a policy and guidance to ensure people with disabilities are accommodated in any healthcare setting. We also shared several stories of incidents in VA when people have not had their healthcare rights protected and were not allowed to have support for their communication and disability needs. I will email that letter to committee members. Thank you, feel free to contact The Arc of Virginia with questions ~ Tonya Milling

Last Name: Johnston Organization: Shenandoah Rail Trail Exploratory Partnership Locality: Arlington

I am writing to support an amendment to the House Budget Bill asking for a feasibility study to be conducted by DCR of a potential rail-trail corridor between Riverton and Broadway, Virginia. I am an Arlington resident, with a second home in the Valley. Recently I have been working with the Shenandoah Rail Trail Exploratory Partnership to help establish this trail. As a long-term user of the WO&D trail, and a former employee of the Trust for Public Land, I believe that the Shenandoah Rail Trail is an exceptional recreational opportunity for the people of Virginia. Built in the 1850’s, this rail line played a historic role in the Civil War. It passes through famous battlefields, connects a series of picturesque towns, provides safe, off-road access to more than a dozen elementary and secondary schools. The line runs through a spectacular landscape of rolling farmland at the foot of the Massanutten Mountain, crossing the North Fork of the Shenandoah River multiple times. The communities along the rail line are united in their support of the trail. The Exploratory Partnership includes the leaders of eight towns, two counties, two planning commissions, and four local non-profit groups. Every Partnership member has contributed funds to our project, enabling us to complete an economic impact study in 2019. The study predicts substantial job creation and tax benefits to the region. Thank you for the opportunity to voice my support for the DCR study of the project. Bill Johnston Chairman, Committee on Industry and Government Relations Shenandoah Rail Trail Exploratory Partnership

Last Name: Calvert Organization: Virginia Conservation Network Locality: Charlottesville

Virginia Conservation Network is in full support of Governor Northam's budget amendment as proposed.

Last Name: Annan Locality: FAIRFAX

Budget and SRO Testimony My name is Kofi Annan, a resident of Fairfax County, President of The Activated People, and a steering committee member of the Virginia Coalition for Transforming Police. The Virginia Coalition for Transforming Police supports SRO Budget Amendment (Item 144 #1h & Item 403 #1h) to eliminate funding for school resource officers (SROs) this fiscal year. Even though we are disappointed that neither chamber took up legislation to ban SROs during this special session, we commend Delegate Kaye Kory for introducing this budgetary amendment to reduce the funding. An overwhelming amount of evidence demonstrates that the SRO program does far more harm than good - particularly as it applies to black and brown youth. In Virginia, black students make up 39 percent of the enrollment in public schools with at least one arrest but 75 percent of school-based arrests. Thirty percent are the arrests in Fairfax County, Virginia are of African American students, even though only 10 percent of Fairfax County Public School population is black. These programs are also notoriously under-regulated. Many school districts allow SROs to switch from being law enforcement officers to administrators. This intentionally ambiguous policy allows officers to conduct activities such as searches and seizures, stop and frisk, or interrogations as administrators that would otherwise be prohibited as officers, and then use the evidence collected in criminal proceedings. Depending on the circumstances, this potentially creates constitutional violations that the average child - or even parent - would not be aware of or have the wherewithal to defend against. Most SRO policies do not empower parents to intervene on their children’s behalf to protect against self-incrimination or unwarranted searches. Much more needs to be done to ensure parents know what SROs are doing on a regular basis; and parents certainly deserve the right to intervene prior to their children being questioned in relation to an alleged crime. We all want orderly and safe classrooms, but no one should want or expect our law enforcement to become entangled in disciplinary issues that should otherwise be handled administratively. While schools’ primary role is to serve as an institution for learning, it must also remain a suitable place for young people to mature and sometimes err, without being subjected to the unquestionably perilous path of the criminal justice system. SRO programs in Virginia have rocketed the “school to prison pipeline” into hyperdrive, and Black and Latinx children are paying dearly. Reducing the funding for SROs also makes financial sense right now as most schools across the Commonwealth will be operating virtually for at least the first half of the upcoming year - if not longer. The cost-savings achieved by reducing SRO funding can then be better spent on services to help better support the most vulnerable students.

Last Name: Overton Organization: Town of Timberville Locality: Timberville

Dear Members of the House Appropriations Committee, As a member of the Shenandoah Rail Trail Exploratory Partnership, representing the Town of Timberville, I support Item #374, #1h allowing the Department of Conservation and Recreation to undertake a feasibility study of the costs and benefits of a potential rail trail in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. This potential rail trail project would be of significant benefit to the Town of Timberville's economic development as well as providing many other opportunities to citizens of the town and Commonwealth. Converting this unused rail corridor into a multi-use trail enjoys broad community support with representation in the Partnership from all the communities along the trail. I ask that you consider supporting this amendment as the first step in converting this significant, unused resource running through our town into an asset that will serve local communities and visitors and create new economic opportunities. Thank you, Ned W. Overton Councilman

Last Name: Slater Organization: RISE for Youth / The Activated People / VA Coalition for Transforming Policing Locality: North Chesterfield

I am Valerie Slater, Executive Director of RISE for Youth and Steering Committee member of the Virginia Coalition for Transforming Policing. I am a community advocate, leader, and mother to my own Black children, and to the many Black, Brown, LGBTQ, differently abled and other marginalized children I fight alongside for justice and equity in schools. I submit this testimony in support of Del. Kory’s budget amendments, Budget Item 144#1h and Budget item 406#1h. I write to ask that the Appropriations Committee adopt these budget amendments that together work to take funds intended to support school divisions’ funding of SRO programs and reallocate those dollars to instead fund mental health providers in Virginia’s public schools. It is disappointing that the issue of removing SROs was not more fully addressed during this Special Session, but I and the organizations and community members I represent and advocate alongside applaud Del. Kory for her efforts to begin appropriately addressing the root causes of behaviors children exhibit that are not conducive to the learning environment. These budget amendments create the path for each school division in Virginia to receive the funds necessary to fund school with critically needed mental health support staff and move us closer to ending the reliance on police departments for supporting children in public school. Increasing mental health support staff within Virginia’s schools will allow for a much-needed shift in the way we address the educational and support needs of our youth in public schools. This shift is monumentally important because there is a significant difference in school divisions across the Commonwealth based on the communities our young people live in. Overwhelmingly Black, Brown and other ethnic populations live in the most resource deprived school divisions. This unfortunately translates in communities and in schools to over-policing what we as a Commonwealth have failed to properly resource. Children in under resourced and over policed communities and schools are criminalized for behaviors that should be met with support. To help you put this in perspective, consider that Black youth ages 15 to 17 make up only 21% of Virginia’s population, but 57% of students suspended, 49% of students referred to the justice system from school, 42% of youth referred to Court Services Units and 68% of youth incarcerated in Virginia’s juvenile prison. These numbers are even higher when we overlay the statistics for youth who are differently abled and are a part of the LGBTQ community. These statistics send the message that in Virginia we are more committed to harshly punishing Black youth than we are to providing educational opportunities for them. This MUST change. And the first step should be moving away from school policing and into providing more school supports. Del. Kory’s budget amendments are a concrete step towards shifting the way we address the needs of the children with the greatest needs in Virginia’s schools and should only be a first step towards a true meaningful funding of schools with all supports necessary to completely dismantle the school to prison pipeline. I ask you members of the Appropriations Committee to adopt these budget amendments and send the message to the youth, families and educators in Virginia Public Schools that you care about investing in every child having true access to education and not criminalization. Thank you for your consideration.

Last Name: Burke Locality: Winchester City

Please consider budget amendment to Item 4-0.01 today; further, do not allow deprivation of citizen rights or privileges whether one is for or against vaccines.

Last Name: Cundy Locality: STAUNTON

I support Delegate Wilt's amendment to make funding available to study the Shenandoah Rail Trail. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase this ROW from NSRR and create an amazing facility for all Virginians.

Last Name: Durkin Organization: Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce and VA West Business and Legislative Coalition Locality: Roanoke

We are concerned with the additional cost to employers imposed by this bill, as well as the overall lack of flexibility it provides to employers to work within their existing paid leave programs. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) already covers paid sick leave due to COVID-19 and another added layer on the state level could confuse business owners already under stress from complying with ever changing regulation. Business owners are committed to taking care of their employees and getting through this pandemic to further strengthen our economy. The Roanoke Regional Chamber and the VA West Business and Legislative Coalition opposes HB 5116.

Last Name: Alexander Organization: Institute for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue, James Madison University Locality: Harrisonburg

The item for which I indicate my support is located on page 58 and 59 of the Request to Amend House Bill 5005 document. As a professional facilitator with extensive work experience with the local governments, PDCs, and key civic and non-profit stakeholders in the Northern and Central Shenandoah Valley, I strongly support Delegate Wilt's amendment to provide funding for the assessment of a feasibility study for a linear park adjacent to Seven Bends State Park. The local governments, counties, PDCs, and key stakeholders such as the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation and Alliance for the Shenandoah Valley demonstrate high administrative and collaborative capacities for utilizing this funding efficiently and effectively. They are prepared for utilizing this funding and have demonstrated due diligence in their own assessments and evaluation of similar efforts within the Commonwealth and beyond. As a facilitator who has worked with these agencies, organizations, and individuals, I am inspired by their ability to work collaboratively and with deliberation. I believe in their abilities to curate our precious public funds to create public good. I have much confidence that a prospective linear park in this portion of our Commonwealth will bring an economic and quality of life boom for the region and for individual town and county residents. A crucial piece in determining if this confidence is fully grounded in reality is the ability to engage in the feasibility study. I trust that you will also see the wide range of positive impacts this project could hold, should the feasibility study support it. The time for this is now - the key stakeholders are ready. Sincerely, Rob Alexander, PhD Masters of Public Administration Program Institute of Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue James Madison University

Last Name: Garber Organization: Town of Timberville Locality: Timberville

Dear Members of the House Appropriations Committee, As a member of the Shenandoah Rail Trail Exploratory Partnership, representing the Town of Timberville, I support Item #374, #1h allowing the Department of Conservation and Recreation to undertake a feasibility study of the costs and benefits of a potential rail trail in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. This potential rail trail project would be of significant benefit to the Town of Timberville's economic development as well as providing many other opportunities to citizens of the town and Commonwealth. Converting this unused rail corridor into a multi-use trail enjoys broad community support with representation in the Partnership from all the communities along the trail. I ask that you consider supporting this amendment as the first step in converting this significant, unused resource running through our town into an asset that will serve local communities and visitors and create new economic opportunities. Thank you, Austin C. Garber II Timberville Town Manager

Last Name: Clem Organization: Town of Woodstock Locality: Town of Woodstock

Dear Chairman Torian, Vice Chairman Sickles, & Members of the House Appropriations Committee, As a member of the Shenandoah Rail Trail Exploratory Partnership (, representing the Town of Woodstock, I support Item #374, #1H allowing the Department of Conservation and Recreation to undertake a feasibility study to determine the costs and benefits of a potential rail trail in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. This segment of the Norfolk Southern Corporation Network has been unused since 2014. Rail trail projects are transformational for communities where they are developed and are a benefit to all Virginians. Converting this unused rail corridor into a multi-use trail enjoys broad community support with representation in the Partnership from all the communities along the trail. The vacant and overgrown rail line runs through the Town of Woodstock, the seat of Shenandoah County. There are many economic development opportunities for the corridor for active recreation, tourism, and potential enhancement of dilapidated structures once vital to our community. In addition, Woodstock is home to the new Seven Bends State Park, naturally doubling the outdoor recreation opportunities our community will offer; a home base for outdoor recreation. I hope that you will consider supporting this amendment as the first step in converting this significant, unused resource running through our towns, once an integral part of the Shenandoah Valley, into an asset once again. This is an opportunity to serve local communities, visitors, and to create new economic opportunities. Thank you in advance for your consideration on this matter. Thank you, Angela K. Clem, Town Manager

Last Name: Pearson Organization: Town of Strasburg Locality: Strasburg

As a member of the Shenandoah Rail Trail Exploratory Partnership (, representing the Town of Strasburg, I support Item #374, #1h allowing the Department of Conservation and Recreation to undertake a feasibility study of the costs and benefits of a potential rail trail in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. This segment of the Norfolk Southern Corporation Network has been unused since 2014. Rail trail projects are transformational for communities where they are developed and are a benefit to all Virginians. Converting this unused rail corridor into a multi-use trail enjoys broad community support with representation in the Partnership from all the communities along the trail. The Town of Strasburg specifically has recently lost a large industry (LSC Communications) leaving many in our community without employment. COVID-19 has doubled down on that difficulty by distressing our small business community in a very concerning way. As I am sure you know already, having a diversified tax base is really important for small towns looking to build resiliency through difficult economic times. While our community currently has some opportunities for outdoor recreation, the Shenandoah Rail Trail could provide us an anchor outdoor recreation asset that would benefit our community in so many ways, and serve to bolster our tourism base. I hope that you will consider supporting this amendment as the first step in converting this significant, unused resource running through our towns, once an integral part of the Shenandoah Valley, into an asset once again, serving local communities, visitors, and creating new economic opportunities.

Last Name: Alexander Organization: Virginia PTA Locality: Loudoun

Virginia PTA supports budget amendments that restore K-12 education funding. Our families and communities have faced unprecedented change over the past several months, but the one thing that hasn't changed is the need to care for and educate our children. The impact of neglecting critical state level investments in our schools is now on full display. Our schools are working to re-open in a way that is safe and equitable. Yet, how do you reopen - If schools don’t have safe ventilation systems? - If schools don’t have a registered nurse to perform COVID health assessments? - If schools don’t have funds for custodians, cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment? - If students don’t each have a laptop? - If student and teachers don’t have internet access? - If students can’t concentrate because they are hungry? - If schools don’t have staff to support Special Education compensatory services? None of these challenges were unknown prior to COVID, but as a result of COVID the inequality gap has grown. The State has failed to adequately fund education for the past decade leaving Virginia as 42nd in the nation for per pupil spending and 33rd in the nation for early childhood education. The fact is, Virginia put off preparing for the storm – and now it’s not just raining, it’s pouring. Thousands of students will not physically return to school this fall. Some students will be sitting in parking lots trying to connect to the internet. Due to distance learning, some parents are leaving the workforce or struggling to find childcare. Families have lost jobs and with it their family’s access to affordable healthcare. Students are struggling with mental health challenges and trauma resulting from the pandemic and social unrest. Schools are an economic driver. They employ thousands, drive spending on school supplies and enable parents to participate in the workforce. Schools serve as a delivery channel for not only a high quality education but also a network of social services that includes access to nutritious meals, nursing and mental health support. The impact of removing funding from our schools is the most detrimental for school divisions with the highest ratios of students of color and students in households with low-income. The $480M of unallotted funding supports programs for our highest poverty areas by expanding pre-school for at risk 3-4 year olds, increasing the at-risk add on and expanding funds for school meals in addition to providing a long overdue compensation increase for teachers. Virginia PTA asks that you to use rainy day funds and the unappropriated balance to fund a safe return to in-person instruction and provide equitable opportunities for distance learning. We urge you to pass amendment Items: > 482.20 #33h to restore $480M in K-12 funding; > 145 #8h to restore $50M in school counselor funding; > 482.20 #37h to restore $10.6M for free school meals; and > 479.10 #8h to expand access to affordable licensed childcare. We also urge you to ensure every school has a registered school nurse to support the COVID response, and to fund broadband at $85M to begin addressing the digital divide. Our families and communities face incredible barriers to accessing equitable education opportunities and can’t wait any longer. Please invest in our current and future economy by restoring education funding.

Last Name: Harshman Organization: Town of Edinburg Locality: Edinburg

The Town of Edinburg supports Delegate Wilt's proposed legislation that would allow DCR to do a feasibility study for the development of a linear park along the Shenandoah Valley Rail Corridor. We ask that members of the House Appropriations Committee support and recommend approval of Delegate Wilt's proposal. Respectfully, Mayor Dan Harshman

Last Name: King Organization: Rockingham County Locality: ROCKINGHAM

The Rockingham County Board of Supervisors fully supports Delegate Wilt's proposed amendment. Stephen King County Administrator

Last Name: Pollack Organization: District 3, Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors Locality: Shenandoah

A linear park along the Shenandoah Valley rail corridor from Front Royal to Broadway, Virginia, is a great idea. Seven Bends State Park is wonderful and this would be a great addition for the citizens of Shenandoah County.

Last Name: Lawrence Organization: Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition Locality: HARRISONBURG

As a member of the Shenandoah Rail Trail Exploratory Partnership, representing the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition, we support Item#374, #1h allowing the Department of Conservation and Recreation to undertake a feasibility study of the costs and benefits of a potential rail-trail in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. This segment of the Norfolk Southern Corporation Network has been unused since 2014. Rail trail projects are transformational for communities where they are developed and are a benefit to all Virginians. Converting this unused rail corridor into a multi-use trail enjoys broad community support with representation in the Partnership from all the communities along the trail. If completed, this corridor would begin near Front Royal and offer an important recreation and transportation opportunity for all Virginians. The current pandemic has only accelerated Virginia's outdoor recreation boom with walking and biking increasing in the Commonwealth and the country as a whole. Now is the time to ensure we retain and protect important rail corridors to be used for transportation and recreation. I hope that you will consider supporting this amendment as the first step in converting this significant, unused resource running through our towns, once an integral part of the Shenandoah Valley, into an asset once again, serving local communities, visitors, and creating new economic opportunities. Thank you for your time and service.

Last Name: Gunn Locality: Falls Church

As an administrator for an OB clinic for the indigent, I see the difference first hand, that quality prenatal care can make. It ultimately improves birth outcomes and is a cost savings for medical centers. I support the budget amendment to provide additional funding to provide prenatal care to women in need. Hunter Gunn

Last Name: Davis Organization: Shenandoah Rail Trail Exploratory Partnership & Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission Locality: Shenandoah County

8/27/20 Subject: Amendment – Item #374, #1h Dear Members of the House Appropriations Committee, As Chairman of the Shenandoah Rail Trail Exploratory Partnership (SRTEP) ( and the Executive Director of the Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission (NSVRC), I am writing to express my support of Item #374, #1h allowing the Department of Conservation and Recreation to undertake a feasibility study of the costs and benefits of a potential rail trail in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. This segment of the Norfolk Southern Corporation Network has been unused since 2014. Rail trail projects are transformational for communities where they are developed and are a benefit to all Virginians. Converting this unused rail corridor into a multi-use trail enjoys broad community support with representation in the Partnership from all the communities along the trail. With the support of the Legislature, I am confident that we can bring this project to fruition. I hope that you will consider supporting this amendment as the first step in converting this significant, unused resource running through our towns, once an integral part of the Shenandoah Valley, into an asset once again, serving local communities, visitors, and creating new economic opportunities. Respectfully Submitted, Brandon P. Davis SRTEP Chairman & NSVRC Executive Director

Last Name: Austin Locality: PETERSBURG

As Executive Director of the Friends of the Lower Appomattox River (FOLAR), I am writing in support of Budget Amendment Item #374, #1h, to authorize DCR to conduct a feasibility study for the Shenandoah rail to trail project that has the potential to connect two counties, eight communities, as many historic and cultural resources and multiple schools and businesses. I and thousands of supporters of FOLAR's service area - six Central VA jurisdictions - know very well the importance and the benefits of shared-use trails (Bike and Pedestrian). FOLAR is working to build the 25-mile long, world-class Appomattox River Trail that will connect our six jurisdictions to each other and to a growing region wide network of trails. The more trails and more connections there are in Virginia – the greater the collective benefit. We know from experience in our region that trails: • Offer effective transportation alternatives that also serve to reduce air and water pollution and make our communities safer; (When people are more active outdoors, they make connections with their neighborhood) • Improve peoples’ access to nature and support stewardship, environmental education, and conservation of land and water; (Trails and greenways can serve as a hands-on environmental classroom for people of all ages.) • Provide opportunities that increase a culture of healthy and active lifestyle for individuals and families, helping to reduce public health cost; (Access to trails affects people’s ability to reach the recommended 30 minutes each day of moderately intense physical activity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Physical inactivity causes numerous physical and mental health problems, is responsible for an estimated 200,000 deaths per year, and contributes to the obesity epidemic.” The CDC determines that by creating and improving places in our communities to be physically active, there could be a 25 percent increase in the percentage of people who exercise at least three times a week bringing measurable health benefits. ) • Advance the economic vitality through tourism, increased property values, and greater interest for business relocation. (Infrastructure for walking, biking, and active recreation drives primary industries that bring well-paying, year-round employment which increases local tax revenues. Here we have Westrock, Vulcan Materials, and American Water Co. to name a few.) Trails are a win, win, win, win investment for our Commonwealth. I hope you will give favorable consideration and vote to approve Budget Amendment Item #374, #1h.

Last Name: Hindman Organization: Shenandoah Rail Trail Exploratory Partnership Locality: Woodstock

Amendment - Item # 374, #1h Don Hindman <> Aug 26, 2020, 5:02 PM (17 hours ago) to DelLTorian, DelMSickles, DelKPlum, DelRTyler, DelDBulova, DelDMcQuinn, DelBCarr, DelPKrizek, DelLAird, DelCHayes, DelCHurst, DelJJones, DelDReid, DelKCox, DelBKnight, DelJMorefield, DelMFariss, DelNRush, DelGDavis, DelTAustin, DelRBloxom, DelEBrewer, Chad The Honorable Luke E. Torian Chair Virginia House Appropriations Committee Pocahontas Building 900 E. Main St, Richmond, Virginia 23219 August 26, 2020 Dear Chairman Torian and members of the House Appropriations Committee, I am asking for your support for item #374, #1h. This will allow the Department of Conservation and Recreation to undertake a feasibility study of the cost and benefits of a potential rail trail in the Northern Shenandoah Valley, my community. As a retired Emergency Medicine physician and former cross country bike rider, my visions and motivations have been and are to see my neighbors hiking and biking and horseback riding to nearby towns, battlefields, workplaces and schools on a beautiful, safe and essentially flat trail. The physical and mental health benefits of this lifestyle change would be enormous and would echo down generations. A small group of local volunteers has been working on this idea since 2016. Last year, we held a summit with over 50 local leaders. Subsequent to that, we raised money from all 8 of the incorporated towns and 2 counties to commission a Economic Impact Analysis that concluded that the investment in such a trail would result in a handsome return from tourist dollars. We also formed a formal sixteen member Shenandoah Rail Trail Exploratory Partnership ( to further study and promote the idea of this becoming a State Park. This single track rail corridor is unused, overgrown and officially out of service. It goes through 10 towns (eight of them incorporated), two counties, three Civil War Battlefields and by numerous schools and employers. When completed, it will fundamentally improve not only the physical and mental health, but also the economic health of our community. I hope that you will consider supporting this amendment as the first step in converting this significant, unused, historic resource into a strong community asset again. Thank you sincerely, Don Hindman, MD

Last Name: Rodriguez Organization: MORE The (Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiast) Inc. Locality: Falls Church

Please authorize DCR to conduct a feasibility study on a rail trail in the Northern Shenandoah Valley and ultimately creation of a linear park along the Shenandoah Valley. The trail will connect two Shenandoah Valley counties, eight communities, many historic and cultural resources and multiple schools and businesses. Outdoor recreation is a vital economic engine which will support businesses and communities in the Shenandoah Valley and State. Thank you for your consideration,

Last Name: Brotman Organization: Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River Locality: Woodstock

Dear Chairman Torian, and Members of the Appropriations Committee, As a 32-year organization supporting one of Virginia’s most historic rivers, and of a 1000-acre state park, Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River (FNFSR, also dba Friends of Seven Bends State Park, FSBSP) we strongly support item #374, #1h allowing the DCR to undertake a feasibility study of the costs and benefits of a potential rail trail in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. Our organization serves as a link between our mission to support the health and recreational accessibility of our namesake river, and the mission of the DCR through our direct programmatic support of Seven Bends State Park. Our broad programs and community outreach connect the park, the river, our schools, and our residents and tourists alike. Having studied the recorded economic and quality of life benefits of other rail trail projects in Virginia, we have joined and given our full support to the Rail Trail Exploratory Partnership – a region-wide association locked in support and pursuit of the benefits that the proposed rail trail will bring to the region. The Partnership’s constituents and solidarity are broad-reaching, and include representatives from both Rockingham and Shenandoah counties, the eight towns along the corridor, four local nonprofits, and two area planning district commissions At the center of the proposed amendment is a project that stands to be a great recreational and economic link throughout our linear community, and an attraction that will boost livelihoods and tourism throughout. This cost/benefit study will provide crucial data for the shaping and forward movement of this regionally influential project. We thank you for your consideration, and we sincerely hope to have your support for this next important step. With warm regards, Frank P. Cihlar, Chairman, Board of Directors, FNFSR & FSBSP David V. Brotman, Executive Director, FNFSR & FSBSP Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River Friends of Seven Bends State Park P.O. Box 746; Woodstock, VA 22664 O: 540-459-8550 C: 540-252-9545

Last Name: Woodwell Organization: Alliance for the Shenandoah Valley Locality: Shenandoah

Alliance for the Shenandoah Valley, a member of the Shenandoah Rail Trail Exploratory Partnership (, supports Item #374, #1h allowing the Department of Conservation and Recreation to undertake a feasibility study of the costs and benefits of a potential rail trail in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. This segment of the Norfolk Southern Corporation Network has been unused since 2014. Converting this unused rail corridor into a multi-use trail enjoys broad community support with representation in the Partnership from all the communities along the trail. The Alliance works in the Shenandoah Valley to promote land use projects and economic development compatible with the rich agricultural and rural heritage of our region. We believe this project is a good fit for the valley. Rail trail projects are transformational for communities where they are developed and are a benefit to all Virginians. We anticipate similar results with the Shenandoah Rail Trail—widespread and lasting benefits for public health, quality of life, and the local economy, if the rail trail is developed. We hope you will consider supporting this amendment as the first step in converting this significant, unused resource running through our towns, once an integral part of the Shenandoah Valley, into an asset once again, serving local communities, visitors, and creating new economic opportunities. Thank you.

Last Name: Spencer Organization: William & Mary Law School Locality: James City County

This comment is to speak in favor of the amendment to HB5005 that provides funding for a Community Law Clinic at William & Mary Law School, America's first law school. We are launching the Community Law Clinic in response to the COVID-19 crisis to provide a much needed resource for the hard working women and men who have been adversely affected by this global pandemic. Specifically, the COVID-19 crisis has presented innumerable challenges to those seeking to be secure in their housing, as income challenges have made it difficult to avoid evictions. This is also a time when a number of people are vulnerable in their role as consumers, as various others attempt to take advantage of those in need. Additionally, this is a time when people desperately need to access the government benefits to which they are entitled, something that is increasingly difficult to do without informed advocates on your side. Finally, some of the most vulnerable members of our community--the elderly--need competent pro bono legal services now more than ever as they face a combination of health care and financial challenges presented by the global pandemic. As the premier public law school in the Hampton Roads area, William & Mary Law School has an obligation to make itself a resource for the families in this region who cannot afford legal services to fight for their interests. Competent legal representation should not be a luxury simply for the privileged few; it should be something that all of our citizens have access to. I am hopeful that the members of the General Assembly will recognize that it is more than an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars to fund a legal clinic that will serve the citizens of this Commonwealth by empowering them to get the legal advocacy they need to protect themselves and their families in this unprecedented time of need. Without this funding, we will not be able to attract and hire legal counsel that will enable us to serve citizens in the aforementioned practice areas nor cover the expenses associated with such legal representation and advocacy. I urge each of you to support this amendment and partner with us in making the promise of liberty and justice for all a reality in our region. Signed, A. Benjamin Spencer, Dean & Chancellor Professor, William & Mary Law School

Last Name: Yglesias Organization: Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance Locality: Richmond

Dear Members of the House Appropriations Committee, On behalf of Virginia’s 65 sexual and domestic violence agencies (SDVAs), the Action Alliance thanks you for taking action earlier this year to establish the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention Fund. Unfortunately, this was one of the funding initiatives that was put on hold as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now we are asking you to support Budget Item 482.20 #44h (Delaney) and to restore these crucial investments in our communities. As Virginians grapple with questions like - how do we ensure safety and justice for all? And what does accountability look like? – sexual and domestic violence advocates statewide are listening to what survivors of violence and their families tell us: “We want violence prevention, not incarceration”. We know that the best form of victim services is preventing violence before it can occur. This feels particularly true as the legislature considers strategies to divert from incarceration and criminal justice interventions in favor of programs that seek to build stability and wholeness in our families and communities. Investments in prevention are even more important now as we have seen the rates of sexual and domestic violence drastically increase statewide as a direct result of COVID-19 while perpetrators have increased access to those they harm. Over half of Virginia’s SDVAs have not only reported notable increases in the demand for services but 87% of agencies have also reported significant shifts in their staffing and work to address the complex and ongoing needs of survivors during the pandemic. Choosing to invest in prevention can reduce – and even stop – these rates of violence while diverting from the need for carceral and criminal justice interventions later on. Evidence-based prevention programs at SDVAs are the cornerstones for ensuring the long-term health and resilience of Virginians — a key factor in preventing all forms of systemic and interpersonal violence. We urge policy leaders to join us in supporting Budget Item 482.20 #44h (Delaney) and to invest in violence prevention as a critical component of strengthening communities and creating just and peaceful futures for all. Thank you for your leadership during this challenging time. Sincerely, Jonathan Yglesias Policy Director, Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance Kristi VanAudenhove Executive Director, Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance

Last Name: Sked Locality: Richmond City

I am in support of HB 5043, the Marcus alert system. (Mental Health Awareness Response & Community Alert System.) Marcus-David Peters was murdered by a police officer during a mental health crisis. He needed help not death. This should never happen again, & this bill will make it less likely to happen again. If I or my loved one, has a mental health crisis - who do we call? If it's not an emergency we'd go to a mental health specialist, right? But when we reach the point of emergency - why is it police that responds? The police are *not* equipped to provide mental health services - they are not trained for it. They are trained to shoot & kill. No amount of crisis intervention training will prepare police officers to help those having a mental health crisis. The Marcus alert would create "community care teams", consisting of mental health service providers, peer recovery specialists, & law enforcement officers - working *together* Regarding funding for this bill - we can find money when we *want* to spend it on something. We can reallocate funds from the police department to fund this bill. This bill will save lives. This Marcus alert *must* be named in honor of Marcus-David Peters. His death shall not be in vain.

Last Name: Braley Organization: Legal Services Corporation of Virginia Locality: Richmond City

Delegate Carroll Foy has submitted a budget amendment to reallot $1.5 million for Legal Aid to hire housing attorneys to provide representation to low income Virginians facing eviction during a public health crisis. Nothing will have a more immediate, positive impact on flattening the eviction curve than providing families with Legal Aid attorneys whether to assert legal protections or to help negotiate rent relief with landlords ensuring that people remain in the safety of their homes and landlords receive the benefits of the rent relief program.

Last Name: Calvert Organization: Virginia Conservation Network Locality: Charlottesville

Virginia Conservation Network is in full support of Delegate Wilt’s proposed budget language amendment, and specifically requests consideration of and stakeholder representation of prospective passenger rail interests.

Last Name: Calvert Organization: Virginia Conservation Network Locality: Charlottesville

Virginia Conservation Network is in full support of Governor Northam’s proposed budget amendment.

Last Name: Aguilar Organization: CASA Locality: Woodbridge

On behalf of our 10,000 members. At CASA, we are a community-based organization fighting for justice & equity. We are in support of Item 144 #1h by Delegate Kory that will support grants to local school divisions establishing new mental health counselor positions. We support because according to NAMI’s Mental Illness and Virginia’s Youth Report, in 2008, 1,680 of Virginia’s youth were on a waiting list for services at their local CSB and only 7% of mental health expenditures in Virginia go to children under the age of 18 years. Virginia also lacks community based services, 87 localities have no child psychiatrist. We are in support of Item 482.20 #58h by Delegate Carroll Foy, Item 313 #4h and Item 482.20 #14h by Delegate Samirah that will restore funding to eliminate the current Medicaid requirement that legal permanent residents have 40 quarters (10 years) of work experience in order to be eligible for Medicaid benefits. We have seen how the lack of healthcare access has directly impacted the immigrant population, according to The Commonwealth Institute of Fiscal Analysis more than 1 in 3 noncitizen residents lack access to health insurance, even worse than in the country as a whole. While the national uninsured rate for noncitizens has dropped 16 percentage points since 2009, Virginia’s rate has dropped just 5 percentage points. We are in support of Item 312 #2h by Delegate Guzman that will extend prenatal care for all children regardless of the expectant mother’s status. We believe that every mother and child deserves this and that we should not discriminate against Virginians and the health and well being of their families. We are in support of Item 479.10 #4h by Delegate Guzman that will authorize use of appropriated federal funds to guarantee two weeks of paid quarantine leave. According to the Virginia Department of Health, as of August 26, 2020 there have been a total of 115,458 thousand cases of COVID19 across the Commonwealth. 33.8% of those cases are by Latinos, 32.7% are by whites and 25.7% are by Black people, COVID19 is not discriminating by race, but it is clear that it is the most economically disadvantaged the ones who are suffering the most. We believe Virginian workers deserve paid quarantine leave. We are in support of Item 403 #1h by Delegate Kory that would provide $500,000 from the general fund each year for the Department of Criminal Justice Services to establish a local Crisis Intervention Team grant program. Thank you,

Last Name: Marshall Organization: self Locality: Manassas

Dr. Herbert Ratner, Public Health Director of Oak Park, Illinois in the 1950’s explained that the millions of children and adults who received the Salk vaccine from 1954 to 1961 were unwittingly inoculated with live Simian virus 40, because the polio vaccine was cultured from monkey kidney tissues. He contended that Simian Virus 40 would play a role in developing future cancers in humans. In May, 1961 it was discovered that injecting monkey kidney tissue extracts into hamsters induced cancerous tumors. Ratner point out that the “SV40 was found in the Salk vaccine was more resistant than poliovirus to inactivation by formaldehyde. … that the DNA of it nucleic acid can combine with the RNA of host cell, that it can hybridize with other viruses, that it can enter a latent ‘virogenic state’ and be reactivated. (Herbert Ratner, Nature, the Physician and the Family, Author House, Bloomington, Indiana, 2007, “Monkey Viruses and the Salk Vaccine,” 260, 261.) The vaccine’s effects of SV 40 took more than a quarter of a century to make its ill effects known. Some of the Covid 19 candidate vaccines operate by restructuring the DNA of cells by use of RNA, which could possibly be altered permanently with adverse consequences to future generations: “… Potential side effects could include chronic inflammation … Other concerns include the possible integration of plasmid DNA into the body’s host genome, resulting in mutations, problems with DNA replication, triggering of autoimmune responses, and activation of cancer-causing genes.” (Audrey Zhang, “DNA Vaccines: Scientific and Ethical Barriers to the Vaccines of the Future,” Harvard College Global Health Review, 11/15/11) The principle that animal efficacy and safety trials should precede human drug trials was upheld by World War II Nuremburg Medical prosecutions conducted by the International Military Tribunal from December, 1946 to July, 1947 of 23 defendants, 20 of whom were medical personnel. The American prosecutor, Telford Taylor, accused the Nazi defendants of violating the millennia old ethical norms of the sixth century BC Oath of Hippocrates, the basic premise of which was, “do no harm.” Defense attorneys argued, that doctors in the victorious nations had conducted experiments regarding malaria on prisoners without their consent such as had been done on 800 men in state and federal prisons in the U. S.. They further argued that medical experiments were ordered by German civilian authorities for the purpose of how to best protect German aviators and others who would benefit from the research. This necessitated a standard that could not allow a repetition of the Nazi offenses. The International Tribunal at Nuremberg promulgated conditions prohibiting medical experiments without prior ANIMAL STUDIES . The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study that the anticipated results justify the performance of the experiment.” The World Medical Association, based on the findings of the Nuremberg Trials, adopted this policy: "I will maintain the utmost respect for human life from the time of its conception; even under threat, I will not use my medical knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity." No Virginian should be compelled to take a Covid 19 vaccine derived from abortion tissues, or which may alter RNA/RNA, or absent animal studies.

Last Name: Cole Organization: Delegate Mark Cole Locality: Spotsylvania

Delegate Cole would like to speak to: First Year - FY2021 Second Year - FY2022 1 #1h Virtual Meeting per Diem for General Assembly Members (Language Only)

Last Name: Muhammad Organization: Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy Locality: Prince William County

The Virginia Interfaith Center supports this budget amendment. I spearhead our health equity program, Health Care Hope. Since the fall of 2018 after Medicaid expansion passed, I have organized Medicaid application assistance events throughout the Commonwealth. I have been heartbroken when screening applicants and having to tell pregnant women that they do not qualify simply because of their immigration status. Last fall, I worked with the Governor’s Office to co-host and organize the maternity health listening session held in Prince William County where I reside as part of Office of Health and Human Resources national tour. I sat on the panel along with Del. Guzman and others who are championing maternal health in my community. Interrupting the moderator as she made her closing remarks for the discussion, Del. Guzman passionately raised the point that we cannot fully address reversing the Commonwealth’s rising number of pregnancy-related deaths for women of color if we do not find a way to provide prenatal care for undocumented women. I whispered to her that there is a way. I am honored to have worked with her to bring this vital policy solution for your vote of support today. It is a matter of life and death. You can save women's lives. COVID has raised the stakes and made pregnancy more precarious for immigrant expectant mothers who cannot access essential prenatal care. You have before you the opportunity to erase the margins that reinforce their vulnerability. I urge you to pass this amendment.

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