Public Comments for 01/31/2023 Commerce and Energy - Subcommittee #2
HB1503 - Health insurance; provider contracts, timeframe for provider to request appeal.
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HB1505 - Health insurance; provider contracts, audits.
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HB1739 - Health carrier fair business standards; SCC's Bureau of Insurance to evaluate.
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HB1782 - Health insurance; ensuring fairness in cost-sharing.
Last Name: Billger Organization: American Diabetes Association Locality: Alexandria

Please see the attached letter in support of HB 1782

Last Name: Wood Organization: Patient Pocket Protector Coalition Locality: Lexington

Dear Chairman Webert and Members of the Committee, We are writing to voice our support for HB1782, requiring Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) rebates to be passed through to patients at the point of sale. This is a topic of critical importance for millions of Virginians living with chronic conditions. Across the board, pharmaceutical rebates for branded drugs average 48%, meaning vulnerable citizens are paying nearly twice the price for their lifesaving and life-sustaining medications than their insurance company pays for the same drug. This, despite the fact that these consumers have paid a premium for access to the insurance plan. The rebates are being kept by the PBMs, who negotiate drug prices and take a cut of each transaction, and insurers themselves who keep the lion’s share. Insurers will claim that they are retaining the rebates to keep premiums lower for everyone, but an actuarial study estimates that the increase in premiums would be less than 1% overall, and the fact of the matter is that the sick should not subsidize the healthy. Our most vulnerable populations living with chronic conditions are forced to overpay for their medications, oftentimes leading to rationing resulting in poor health outcomes or more tragic consequences, costing everyone more in both dollars and human suffering. The Patient Pocket Protector Coalition stands together with other patient, provider, and clinical advocacy organizations in support of much needed reform to this practice of overcharging consumers through health plans. Please put Virginians first, supporting people over profit, with a favorable vote on HB1782. Sincerely, Patient Pocket Protector Coalition

Last Name: Brown Organization: Chronic Disease Coalition Locality: Portland, OR

Attached is a letter of support for HB 1782 on behalf of the Chronic Disease Coalition. This bill would help lower health care costs for Virginians and we encourage your strong support.

Last Name: Gonzalez Organization: Virginia Cancer Institute Locality: Chesterfield County, Midlothian

On behalf of Virginia Cancer Institute, please accept the attached letter of support for House Bill 1782.

Last Name: Ingram Organization: Virginia Association of Hematologists and Oncologists (VAHO) Locality: Winchester, VA

On behalf of the Virginia Association of Hematologists and Oncologists (VAHO), please see the attached letter in support of HB 1782.

Last Name: Mizelle Organization: Association of Women in Rheumatology (AWIR) Locality: Newport News

Please see the attached letter in support of HB 1782

Last Name: Levin Organization: Alliance for Transparent and Affordable Prescriptions (ATAP) Locality: Clearwater, FL

Please see attached letter in support of HB 1782.

Last Name: Tran Organization: VIRGINIA ASIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Locality: Glen Allen

Date: January 25, 2023 To: Members of the Energy and Commerce Committee House of Delegates Virginia General Assembly Topic: HB1782 From: My Lan Tran, Executive Director Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce HQ: Ashland. Offices in: Chantilly, Vienna, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Henrico, Charlottesville, Rocky Mount Distinguished Committee Members: Greetings and Happy Lunar New Year 2023! May the Year of the Water Rabbit will bring you peace, longevity, and prosperity. First: Thank you for your leadership and service in helping to bring real solutions to so many in our communities. Please se our agency statement below: As a proactive -grass roots community driven AAPI business membership association serving employers responsible for a highly diverse workforce, our association, with a network of more than 1,500 strong, we are writing you today to express our firm support for the Share-the-Savings legislation. We support Delegate O'Quinn's HB1782 as we clearly see this important piece of legislation as a workforce issue. When the employees of our businesses can afford to stay on their medicines, it makes for a healthy and productive workplace. The Healthcare system is a challenge for many of our members, but HB 1782 is a critical great step in the right direction, sharing savings on prescription drug costs with patients. Thank you in advance for supporting legislation to help lower drug costs and in doing so keeping all of Virginia’s businesses vibrant, healthy, and competitive. I ask you to please vote FOR HB1782! Respectfully, My L. Tran Ms. My Lan Tran, CED, CIT, CVET Executive Director, Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce Administrator, Virginia Asian Foundation E: * T: 804 502 8081 *

HB2216 - Health insurance; coverage for mobile crisis response services and residential crisis units.
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HB2389 - Mortgage lending and brokerage entities; definitions remote location requirements.
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HB2447 - Virginia Consumer Protection Act; prohibited practices.
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HB2491 - Health insurance; pharmacy benefits managers, employee welfare benefit plans.
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