Public Comments for 01/25/2023 Appropriations - Commerce, Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee
HB1664 - Blue Catfish Processing, Flash Freezing, and Infrastructure Grant Program; created.
Last Name: Leyen Organization: Virginia League of Conservation Voters Locality: Richmond

Virginia LCV urges you to SUPPORT HB1664: Blue Catfish are a highly-invasive species that prey upon important Bay species, such as striped bass, blue crabs, river herring and American shad. Currently only a few seafood processors are processing blue catfish in Virginia due to onerous federal inspection requirements. This bill would help localities attract other processors and provide economic and ecological benefits. Reducing the blue catfish population directly benefits other struggling fisheries such as blue crabs. It boosts the viability of working waterpeople and waterfronts.

Last Name: Reyes Locality: Billericay

It's our responsibility to protect the ones that have no voice

HB2220 - GO Virginia Grants; matching funds, sunset.
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