Public Comments for 01/16/2023 Courts of Justice - Civil
HB1440 - Finding of guilt in absentia; proof of such finding in a civil action.
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HB1615 - Statute of limitations; medical debt payment period.
Last Name: Denmark Locality: Richmond

I support HB1615

HB1756 - Attorney-issued subpoenas; release of witness.
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HB1836 - Writs of eviction; returns to issuing clerk.
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HB1996 - Summons for Unlawful Detainer form; plain English instructions for interpretation of form.
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HB2105 - Civil actions; standards governing consolidation and transfer, allocation of attorney fees.
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HB2252 - Magistrates; appointment and supervision.
Last Name: Champion Locality: Springfield

Please Vote YES on HB2252. This makes the Magistrate system more responsive for training and accountability. Having had a few encounters with Magistrates on behalf of accused individuals with special needs, the system lacks any sort of document tracking system (they do not keep records). this will allow for the legal oversight of a key entry piece into the justice system.

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