Public Comments for 02/02/2023 General Laws - Subcommittee #2
HB1766 - Uniform Statewide Building Code; multifamily residential housing construction projects.
Last Name: Kessler Organization: ChargePoint Locality: Nelson

Staff, my apologies my previous PDF upload contained an error, please disregard and use this copy. Thank you, Ben Kessler ChargePoint

Last Name: Kessler Organization: ChargePoint Locality: Nelson

Please see the attached PDF for ChargePoint's comments in support of HB1766 Del. Reid. Thank you, Ben Kessler ChargePoint

Last Name: Stillman Organization: Virginia Sierra Club Locality: Vienna

Good morning. My name is Susan Stillman and I’m speaking on behalf of the VA Sierra Club in support of HB1766. Passing HB1766 is important so that folks that live in multifamily dwellings have vehicle choice. EV charging is accomplished 80% of the time at home because it is convenient, cheaper and puts less burden on electric utilities because it is mostly at night. This bill would also let localities require EV charging in commercial buildings. Commercial buildings need EV charging for employees and customers. I understand that there is some pushback from the builder community on putting EV charging in multifamily housing and commercial buildings due to the perceived risk of fires in EV’s. According to Kelly Blue Book, among other articles I found, per 100,000 vehicles gasoline-power cars had 1,530 fires and electric vehicles had 25 fires per 100,000 sold. This is not an issue. Thank you and I hope you will pass HB1766.

Last Name: Neil Organization: City of Portsmouth Locality: Hampton

Commnents from the City of Portsmouth: The Building Code doesn’t seem to define multifamily, so we don’t know if this would go all the way down to duplexes and the such, but it’s definitely more than we need right now. It would be helpful to further define if there’s a threshold for when it’s required. Also, explain how this would be enforced since it's a building code requirement and not a zoning code amendment; we typically would not amend the Zoning Ordinance for things like this. However, overall, we do support the provision of additional charging capabilities for residential developments like this.

Last Name: Gerena Organization: Drive Electric RVA Locality: Chesterfield

On behalf of the electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts in Central Virginia, Drive Electric RVA supports HB 1766. Electric vehicle ownership will only grow in the coming years, increasing the pressure for multi-unit dwelling (MUD) owners to install charging in the future. The problem is that retrofitting these buildings will be expensive — pavement has to be torn up, conduit and electrical lines need to be laid, and power capacity in parking areas will have to be increased — and this will be on top of the cost of the charging stations. However, if these investments are made upfront when a MUD is under construction, their cost is significantly lower according to numerous studies (see “EV Ready Codes Research Summary,” Regional Code Collaborative, July 2020, pages 3-5). This “procrastination penalty” can be avoided by codifying the installation of EV-ready infrastructure in MUDs.

HB1805 - Virginia Resources Authority; community development and housing projects.
Last Name: Montgomery Locality: Shiremanstown

We must protect Virginia waters and protect the community from harm we are danger

Last Name: Reyes Locality: Billericay

It's our responsibility to protect the ones that have no voice

HB1888 - Real estate settlement agents; fees, informed consent.
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HB2048 - Economically mixed projects; VHDA financial projects.
Last Name: Neil Organization: City of Portsmouth Locality: Hampton

Although in theory, the City of Portsmouth supports the idea, but in practice, we are concerned that in practice, there is no guarantee low income households will be able to afford rents at 10% reduction.

HB2058 - Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; tenant's assertion, condemnation of leased premises.
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HB2075 - Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; terms and conditions of rental agreement.
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HB2098 - Common interest communities; authority of association to suspend right to use certain facilities.
Last Name: Kaplan Organization: Providence Square Condominium Locality: Fairfax City

Attachment provides a rationale for changing the law to allow hearings and fines to be levied for repeat single offenses. David Bulova had asked me to speak at the committee meeting, but I was unaware that I needed to sign up before noon. Attached are my remarks.

HB2135 - Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; early termination of rental agreement.
Last Name: Patino Locality: Richmond

I am in support of this bill. This could prevent further re-traumatization for victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault who are no longer safe in their homes and bound to a lease. A conviction should not stand in the way of being able to break free from a lease when someone is looking to regain their safety. As someone who has worked closely with survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault, there are many reasons victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault do not report or move forward to pursuing a conviction, including fear of retaliation, amongst others. Please support this bill and create opportunities for victims of abuse to regain safety and healing. Without being able to break a lease, they potentially remain in unsafe homes, or leave but now have negative economic implications on top of the impacts of trauma experienced. Help us create safer communities for Virginians by supporting this bill.

HB2312 - Uniform Statewide Building Code; stop work orders, appeals.
Last Name: Neil Organization: City of Portsmouth Locality: Hampton

The City of Portsmouth does not support this bill because it will open up the locality to financial liabilities. Please oppose this bill!

HB2441 - Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; termination of multiple month-to-month tenancies.
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