Public Comments for 01/30/2023 Appropriations - General Government and Capital Outlay Subcommittee
HB1412 - Judges; maximum number in each judicial district.
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HB1463 - Relief; Haas, Michael.
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HB1582 - Relief; Kingrea, David Wayne.
Last Name: Kingrea Locality: christiansburg

Hello , and my name is David kingrea I am the person that is seeking compensation for being wrongly accused and convicted I do hope someone does read this because this isn't just about myself its really about my son Dylan and what he needs he will be 8 In April and a few months after His second birthday He started to have seizures and that started our journey with our son's Conditions and Disabilities, he has since been Diagnosed With many health Conditions but i will only mention these 2. Creatine transporter deficiency, and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome , And I will say it it would be Impossible To put into words All that we have had to go through And continue to go through on Dylan's behalf we have been blessed to have the people that's made a positive impact in his life Dylan is nonverbal and is extremely difficult to care for on a daily basis And This is what Dylan needs is a home that he has room to safely move and play and be able to be happy thats why its so important that i be compensated not only for the 1 year of false imprisonment but the total of years of suffering which is 12 yrs now from October 2011 when i talked to the detective And 26 court appearances before Trial me being on the sex registry and not able to get to the providers that could have helped in his care and i will ask please compensate me to which i can get my son a place here on our land because we would have had a place if i wasn't wrongly Convicted taken from my job my family and also I have been restricted to the overall health care he has had not Able to go the school until this year and I have so much love for my family I appreciate your time and help with seeing we can do this

HB1591 - Data Governance and Analytics, Office of; repeals sunset provision.
Last Name: Joyce Locality: Charlottesville

o HB 2207 will broaden the definition of people with disabilities to include all disabilities, not just those that are blind or visually impaired which is now the case under current state code. o HB 2207 will bring K-12 schools under the same directive (re: ICT accessibility) as higher education and state agencies thus allowing for more collaborative solutions throughout the Commonwealth. o HB 2207 asks each state entity to identify a Digital Accessibility Coordinator providing a contact for the dissemination of digital accessibility guidance and tools across the state. o HB 2207 identifies Section 508 as the digital accessibility standard thereby providing guidance when developing online job applications, academic online materials, and the development of digital tools for use by all Virginians. o HB 2207 will improve access to information and communications technology for all Virginians, including those with disabilities. This will not only lead to better educational outcomes for individuals with disabilities, but also increase opportunities for gainful employment.

Last Name: Nicholls Locality: Chesapeake

HB1591 - We need more information from our govt. Not less. We need more oversight, not less. HB1688 - Please protect the children. HB2385 - Please make sure that the state agencies have oversight. Not all have the same competent watchers.

HB1738 - Virginia Freedom of Information Act; state public bodies, meetings, virtual public access.
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HB1758 - Regulator Innovation, Department of, and Virginia Regulatory Sandbox Program; created, report.
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HB2016 - Appointment of counsel; Class 1 felony cases, compensation.
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HB2317 - Jury duty; increases allowance from $30 to $50 per day.
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HB2411 - Attorney fees; emergency custody and voluntary and involuntary civil admissions, increases fees.
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