Public Comments for 02/09/2023 Counties Cities and Towns - Subcommittee #2
SB838 - Vacant building; registration.
Last Name: Bateman Organization: Virginia First Cities Locality: Richmond

Virginia First Cities is very supportive of SB 838 as an improved tool to help our cities ameliorate the effects of blighted properties and public safety concerns surrounding vacant property. It is an issue and several of our cities have requested this additional tool to improve the public safety. As a practical matter and to try and get these additional tools, VFC is also most supportive of allowing any local government to avail themselves of the authority in § 15.2-2114.01 so that its applicability is not considered special legislation.

SB956 - Localities; authorized to create business improvement and recruitment districts.
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SB1014 - Restrictive covenants; limits use of property in Loudoun County for recreational purposes.
Last Name: Seighman Jr. Organization: Lower Loudoun Youth Football League Locality: Sterling

The Lower Loudoun Youth Football League has owned and operated 5+ acres known as Bill Allen Field for the past 53 years which resides in the heart of Sterling that passing this bill would affect. We support the bill and feel it will positively enhance the lives of even more of the Sterling community youth than we are able to today. Regards, George Seighman Jr., President LLYFL

SB1061 - Private activity bonds; updates notice requirements for public hearings.
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SB1091 - Local Stormwater Management Fund; condominiums.
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SB1312 - Electric vehicle charging stations; requirement for certain developments.
Last Name: Penniman Organization: Volunteer Locality: Reston

As a Virginia resident, I urge you to vote in support of Senator Boysko’s SB1312. (1) The proposal provides important support for new EV charging, including multifamily projects where access to at-home charging is critical to EV adoption. Employees and customers also need convenient access to EV charging. (2) The proposal is consistent with localities’ regulating the number and type of parking spaces in new development through zoning, comprehensive plans and project-specific plans. (3) The proposal would not weaken or contradict anything in the current Statewide Building Code or the pending proposed “2021” updates, each of which is silent on requirements for installing EV charging. (4) Given the different rates of EV adoption around the Commonwealth, it is reasonable for local governments to have authority to adopt EV charging standards for parking areas within their jurisdiction based upon their particular local needs.

Last Name: Leyen Organization: Virginia League of Conservation Voters Locality: Richmond

The Virginia League of Conservation Voters encourages you to SUPPORT SB1312 SB 1312 (Boysko) Requirement for electric vehicle charging stations for certain developments. Reasons to SUPPORT SB1312 This bill would allow localities to require electric vehicle charging stations as part of site approval plans for new commercial, industrial, or large multifamily residential developments. Planning for charging infrastructure on the front end is prudent, cost-effective and predictable. Localities currently lack the authority to require charging stations in large new developments. Without this authority, residents in condos and apartments could be left with limited charging opportunities for their vehicles, or burdened with large increases in rent or condo fees as adequate charging infrastructure is installed retroactively.

Last Name: Kessler Organization: ChargePoint Locality: Nelson County

Please see the attached document for comments in support of SB1312. Thank you for your time and consideration. Best, Ben Kessler ChargePoint

SB1394 - Cutting of grass and weeds on certain property; localities in Planning District 22.
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SB1467 - Trees; Town of Vienna allowed to require subdivision/development provide for preservation, etc.
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