Public Comments for 02/10/2023 Privileges and Elections
SB1150 - 2011 district descriptions; legal boundaries.
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SB1431 - Elected and certain appointed; procedure for removal by courts.
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SB1514 - General registrars; petition for removal.
Last Name: Grigorian Locality: York

I oppose SB 1514. Local Electoral Boards are the conduit for public involvement in the election process. They are the closest to the voting public. This policy will allow the SBE to leapfrog over the Electoral Board by going directly to the courts rather than first addressing the issue with the board as is currently required under the law. This diminishes the authority of the local board and by extension diminishes the voice of the local electorate. This policy also inserts the courts into the process by law rather than as a result of a grievance or dispute. The local Electoral Board has the authority to make this constitutional appointment, it should retain the authority of reappointment decisions. For these reasons, I oppose SB 1514

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