Public Comments for 01/13/2023 Privileges and Elections
HB1377 - Voter registration; cancellation for persons known to be deceased or disqualified to vote, deadline.
Last Name: Renda Locality: VIRGINIA BEACH

This bill is sorely needed to ensure integrity to our voter rolls. I support it wholeheartedly.

Last Name: Davison Locality: Vinton

Good Morning , I would like to speak on the Amount of votes needed for 3rd parties to get on the ballot . In State wide elections we must secure 10 percent of the votes. This is not allowing us ballot access . We do not demand full access even though that would be nice. I am asking the threshold be 2-4%. I think that is not to much to ask as states around us use that as their limits . Furthermore the libertarian party shall never have the L given to any other party and not using LP for any other party as is the party website . Thank You Dean D Davison Past Chair Libertarian Party Of Virginia And a concerned citizen

Last Name: Howard Locality: Virginia Beach

I fully support the bill I was working my poll when a lady who came to vote wanted to know why her husband who had been dead for 2 years was still on the voter rolls I had no answer for her since the voter rolls are not our responsiblity and told her she would have to go to the voter registras office and speak to them and she said she had received a letter after he had died that he was removed but their he was. There really should be some over site or remedy to ensure persons who are deceased are removed. In addition only those who request an absentee ballet should be mailed a ballot and not from a third party.

Last Name: Grigorian Locality: York

I support this bill. Any action by ELECT to clean the voter registration list is essential to voter integrity.

Last Name: Randall Organization: Self-employed Locality: Virginia Beach

This summary contains a short chronology of my experience regarding how clean and updated the "active voter rolls" are in Virginia Beach. Requiring mandatory weekly updates versus "prompt" updates will help. Still, until we bury the old rolls and start from scratch with new, clean, verifiable and vetted voter rolls, fraud will always be a possibility. Thank you.

HB1683 - Voter registration; final day of registration, notice requirements.
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