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HB6001 - Motor fuel tax; limits rate of taxation.
Last Name: Reynolds Organization: Greater Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce Locality: Chesapeake

On behalf of the Greater Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce, we are writing to express our significant concerns with HB6001. The gasoline tax is one of the top three dedicated sources of Virginia transportation funding. This user fee is directly reinvested into maintaining and improving our multimodal transportation system including roadways, bridges, ports, airports, rail, transit, bike, pedestrian, and transportation technology infrastructure. Virginia’s willingness over the last decade to invest in transportation has been critical to our quality of life, economic success, and prosperity. While we support the Commonwealth’s commitment to easing the impact of the rising cost of living, we respectfully submit that the the proposed suspension of the gasoline tax is not an effective way to provide needed relief to Virginia residents. Thank you for your consideration.

Last Name: Goodale-Porter Locality: STAFFORD

Hello, I am a resident of Stafford County. I would like to register my opposition to Delegate Durant's proposed bill (HB6001) for the following reasons: 1. There are no measures in the bill that forces private companies to pass the tax relief onto consumers. If I were a petroleum company, I would simply keep the gas prices the same and pocket the extra money as profit. Without a forcing mechanism for petroleum distribution companies, this tax relief will not have the intended effect of lowering gas prices. 2. There are no measures to ensure only Virginia residents will benefit from this supposed gas tax relief. While benefitting drivers from all states is, in some respects, laudable, as a Virginia taxpayer, I want this relief to apply only to Virginia residents. Otherwise, drivers from neighboring states will flock to Virginia gas stations to get discounted gas, driving up demand and eventually prices while also congesting our already congested roads. 3. There are no measures to backfill the deficit in road maintenance funds that this tax relief will generate. In my 26 years of experience in the Army, I have learned that when scheduled maintenance is deferred, the maintenance that is eventually needed costs much more than the original. Simply put, postponing fixing problems makes them cost more. For road maintenance that cost will be not only in Virginia taxpayer money but will also be paid in the lives of Virginians and potentially others that use our roads. Due to these reasons, I believe that this gas tax relief bill is a gimmick that will not appreciably lower gas prices. However, it will cost the State of Virginia and more personally, Stafford County much-needed roadway maintenance and improvement funds that may result in higher costs and increased roadway fatalities. Therefore, I urge that this body reject HB6001.

Last Name: Durkin Organization: Roanoke Regional Chamber Locality: Roanoke

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Please see the attached letter from Roanoke Regional Chamber President & CEO, Joyce Waugh, which raises concerns about the proposed temporary fuels tax reduction. This letter was originally emailed to General Assembly members within the Chamber's geographic footprint in late March. Thank you for your consideration.

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