Public Comments for 03/02/2022 Agriculture Chesapeake and Natural Resources - Chesapeake Subcommittee
SB482 - Tribal Nations; consultation w/ federally recognized, permits and review w/ potential impacts.
Last Name: Dunkin Locality: Louisa County

I'm very disappointed in Del. Ware's lack of leadership. Rather than bringing all Virginians together to do what's right, he prefers to continue to perpetuate a colonized racist ideology that European descended Americans are somehow superior to Indigenous Americans. Rather than surpressing Indigenous voices, we should all work together to elevate them. Uniting the committee to remain in a state of "backwoods" racist suppression tactics is not leadership.

SB629 - Oysters; season for taking.
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SB756 - Resilient Virginia Revolving Loan Fund; created.
Last Name: Neil Organization: City of Portsmouth Locality: Portsmouth

The City of Portsmouth strongly supports these initiatives.

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