Public Comments for 02/10/2022 General Laws - Subcommittee #3
HB300 - Alcoholic beverage control; distiller licenses to allow Internet orders and shipments.
Last Name: Nies Locality: Bamboo Creek

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HB1134 - Casino gaming; eligible host cities, limits on local referendums.
Last Name: Nies Locality: Bamboo Creek

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Last Name: Goldman Locality: Resident

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SUMMARY: This bill takes away the voting rights now given to Richmond residents by state law, particularly the city’s Black community, which overwhelmingly supports a Second Casino Referendum. Indeed, the Richmond City Council has already voted to put a Second Casino Referendum on the ballot this November. Pursuant to the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965 and case law interpretation, the Richmond voting patterns in last year’s Casino Referendum suggest the enactment of HB 1134 into law at this juncture would create a “reasonable cause to believe” that a violation of voting rights has occurred.

Last Name: Jackson Locality: Richmond

I am from Richmond, VA and PLEASE VOTE NO TO BILL HB1134.

Last Name: Jackson Locality: Richmond

Im from Richmond, VA and PLEASE VOTE NO TO BILL HB1134.

Last Name: Rowe Locality: Richmond

life-long Richmond city resident here, who worked hard to defeat the casino referendum the first time, i'm asking you to honor our vote and the democratic process and support this paper. Waiting 5 years gives host cities that defeated the referendum a chance to see if the projections of $$ and LOCAL employment, and uplift in the nearby communities hold true. Please support this legislation

Last Name: Levy-Lavelle Locality: Richmond City

Please vote "yes" on HB1134. I am a Richmond voter. Richmond voters rejected a casino last November, in a referendum designed to decide the issue. Now Richmond leaders want to force an undemocratic do-over vote, simply because they didn't like last November's result. When voters speak, that has to mean something. Thank you for supporting this bill.

Last Name: Willis Locality: Richmond, VA 23234

The city has chosen ONE as a gaming host. This bill is identical to Morrissey's SB203 which puts limits on a casino referendum in Richmond for five years. We in the city of Richmond feels as Mr. Morrissey have committed MUTINY on us. We see this bill (HB-1134) only as a designed to remove Richmond city from becoming a host city, which in the end becomes Richmond being remove indefinite. PLEASE VOTE NO to HB-1134.

Last Name: Robinson Locality: Richmond

I've lived in Richmond, VA all my life. I believe in our democratic system; I believe in voting and that government yields to the voice of a vote. It's healthy in my opinion. I also love how our democracy believes, accepts, and establishes second chances in regard to legislation, candidates/elected officials, or referendums. I strongly OPPOSE Kim Taylor's HB1134 bill. I hope this committee and all its delegates hear my written statement and support me as a citizen of this great Commonwealth we all love. Thank you for your time in reading this.

Last Name: Rudolph Locality: Petersburg

You’ve heard from the patron and others that Petersburg MUST have a casino or we’ll never be able to prosper. First, let me thank you legislators for providing generous funding in the 2021 session for a major economic development initiative in Petersburg, the development of a pharmaceutical manufacturing complex that reduces US reliance on drug components manufactured overseas. This is happening NOW, with an initial federal investment of $354 million potentially increasing to over $800 million. Next to that, the casino investment and projected revenues look far less impressive – not to mention that the promised fixes, from a casino, like more jobs, new schools, increased staffing and better pay for educators and public safety employees, are 4 years off. Meanwhile, site development is ongoing, more companies are getting involved, and training our citizens for manufacturing jobs is gearing up, offering true career development. I’m among Petersburg’s concerned citizens who’ve successfully repelled outside attempts to privatize our city’s water and sewer services, which would have deprived us of one of our greatest assets; and encouraged the state to shut down a noxious landfill -- one that was operated with little regard for our health and safety. What these unwanted, rejected efforts and the casino proposal have in common is that all of them are built on cynical expectations that a minority-majority city, experiencing high fiscal stress, high unemployment, high percentage of families living in poverty, poor educational outcomes and assessments; and scored as the unhealthiest locality in Virginia based on many public health indicators; can be readily preyed upon and will fall for any attractive offer dangled in front of us. We’re here to tell you, we beg to differ. There is progress in our city and also more people becoming engaged, demanding that our decision makers listen to us rather than to their developer friends and casino operators. It insults our intelligence that our senator and his colleagues in the other chamber are playing quid pro quo games with HB 1134’s companion bill – and tipping the scale by trying to prevent us from speaking out. Thank you, House General Laws committee, for allowing us the opportunity to make you aware that allowing a casino in Petersburg is by no means a universal “want”. It’s also not “the need” that you’re being led to believe.

Last Name: Hall Locality: City of Richmond

I am writing in opposition to HB-1134. I and many voters in Richmond deserve another chance at the ballot. Many factors like not opening Early voting locations on time, Sept. 17, 2021 in Latino and African-American areas. Placing the Referendum on the back of the ballot and most importantly voters not getting the tax break messaging and benefits to each Richmond taxpayer. Please vote NO on HB-1134.

Last Name: Jefferson Organization: Petersburg NAACP Locality: petersburg

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