Public Comments for 02/03/2022 Transportation - Highway Safety and Policy
HB367 - Exhaust systems; excessive noise.
Last Name: Garland Locality: Vienna

Please SUPPORT HB 367. Loud noise causes stress. It disrupts sleep and work. Much noise is unavoidable as in the noise from engines that also perform useful work. But modifying a vehicle's engine for the sole purpose of making it noisier is anti-social. For the few individuals who enjoy making noise, let them raise funds to buy land in the wilderness for "noise parks".

HB553 - Commercial driver's licenses; Secretary of Transportation, et al., to implement various initiatives.
Last Name: Jenkins Organization: Virginia Loggers Association` Locality: Goochland

Virginia Loggers Association is a trade association (501 C 6) made up of 345 businesses whose majority depend upon commercial hauling to complete its important work. VLA supports HB 553 and all help the VA General Assembly can provide to improve the pool of qualified commercial drivers. Qualified commercial truck drivers are in short supply. This is well known fact across the US. Virginia's forest products industry requires the essential forest harvesters and haulers to move the harvested trees, logs, chips, and other raw materials from private forest lots to the wood mills of first processing. The condition of many VLA businesses is the view of many trailers setting idle because of a lack of eligible drivers. VLA businesses hire commercial drivers who want to return home each night and only remain close to their homes. Many older drivers fill these positions but may also be dealing with medical issues negatively impacting their ability to retain CDLs. Younger drivers are not entering the market place in forest products fast enough. Forest products and other similar industries must carry essential products via commercial trucks. The shortage of drivers is causing problems with our suppliers of raw forest materials. VLA seeks the assistance from state and federal government to recognize the need and streamline processes to help increase the number of qualified commercial drivers. Ron Jenkins, VLA Executive Director

HB567 - Toll Relief Program; eligibility.
HB632 - Exhaust systems; regulation of noise from vehicle on a highway, etc.
Last Name: Wright Locality: Richmond

Transportation Subcommittee, I am writing to indicate my support for HB632 which is intended to reduce excessive noise in car exhaust systems. This issue is significant and widespread in the Richmond city area. Many cars that drive through residential areas have extremely loud exhaust systems or no exhaust systems whatsoever, and residents' quality of life is negatively impacted as a result. For example, excessive loud exhaust startles and distracts other drivers on the road and is generally a nuisance. Solving this problem would be very popular with Virginians. I would like to recommend that this bill also include a mechanism for enforcement by local law enforcement officers. Members of the general public cannot address this issue or confront an offender and so it must be left to a police officer to resolve. In addition, I would like to recommend that these excessive noise requirements for exhaust systems should also apply to motorcycles. Thank you for your consideration of my comments and support of this important issue. D. Wright Richmond, Virginia February 2, 2022

Last Name: Mines Organization: Swansboro West Civic Association Locality: Richmond City

There has been an increase in noise and pollution in our community from vehicles with loud exhaust systems traveling the Hull Street Corridor between Belt Blvd and Broad Rock RD. and through my neighborhood via E 37th Street to Midlothian Tpk. An increase number of tow trucks also contribute to the noise. Sounds like drag races at night.

Last Name: Ryan Organization: Swansboro West Locality: Richmond

Maybe I’m not the target market for absurdly loud exhaust mods, or maybe I’m ignorant due to always having a working muffler, but my Lord there’s no good reason for driving such a loud car. It disturbs the people who live here. It disturbs the animals who live here. And it makes my old house rattle. People need to stop making our neighborhood their test run for their modified downpipes. Thanks!

HB641 - Transportation network companies; authorizes collection of cash fares.
HB1092 - Nonrepairable and rebuilt vehicles; repeals sunset clause.
HB1218 - Towing enforcement; certain violation of existing provisions subject to Va. Consumer Protection Act.
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