Public Comments for 02/25/2022 Counties Cities and Towns - Subcommittee #1
SB54 - Chesapeake Airport Authority; removes language Authority authorizing language related to removal of.
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SB172 - County boards of supervisors; salaries.
Last Name: Barnes Organization: Board of Supervisors Locality: Louisa

I am strongly in support of this legislation.There are no fiscal restraints on the State Budget with Supporting this legislation.

Last Name: Barnes Organization: Louisa County Board of Supervisors Locality: Louisa

I'm in support of Senator Peaks Bill in regards to allowing local Government the same right as towns and cities in regards to pay increases.There is not fiscal impact to State Budget.

SB251 - Northern Virginia Transportation Authority; funds for pedestrian and bicyclist projects.
Last Name: Newman Organization: Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling (FABB) Locality: Fairfax County

Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling fully supports Senator Surovell’s bill SB 251 to convene a work group assessing pedestrian and bicycle projects not part of road widening projects. While Fairfax County has done a good job of implementing bike projects as part of repaving and widening projects, there are long lists of unfunded projects necessary to create a complete bicycle and pedestrian network. We need to build out these safe, convenient, and comfortable bike facilities if we hope to encourage more people to take short trips by bike. Among many other projects, this includes widening the overcrowded W&OD Trail and additional protected bike facilities in growing areas of the county including Tysons. Even adding shared lane markings, an inexpensive safety addition, is beyond the resources of the county and state DOT as stand-alone projects. SB 251 would provide much needed impetus and hopefully future resources for creating a better bicycling and pedestrian network.

SB253 - Hampton, City of; amending charter, election of mayor.
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SB283 - Augusta County; removal of county courthouse, authorization by electorate.
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SB286 - Historic districts; required disclosure for buyer to beware, due diligence.
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SB322 - The Plains, Town of; amending charter, election dates and terms of offices.
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SB387 - Port Royal, Town of; amending charter, reduces town council membership.
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