Public Comments for 02/28/2022 Education - Higher Education
SB84 - New College Institute; noncredit workforce training.
Last Name: Jackson Organization: New College Institute Locality: Martinsville

Good morning. Writing in support of Senator Stanley's SB84. SB84 allows NCI to use internal staff as instructors where appropriate and allowable. With COVID, the availability and cost of external instructors has become prohibitive due to cost and availability, limiting options for students. The requested change will simply allow NCI to use staff who are credentialed to provide instruction rather than consistently be limited by instructor availability and price.

SB395 - Roanoke Higher Education Authority; board of trustees, membership.
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SB597 - Arts, Va. Commission for the; eliminates Va. Arts Foundation and transfers its powers & fund to Com.
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SB667 - Innovative Internship Program; SCHEV, et. al, to collect and utilize certain data.
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