Public Comments for 01/27/2022 Health, Welfare and Institutions - Subcommittee #2
Last Name: Sims Locality: Chesterfield

It is extremely important to include SSDI as an exclusion for income for qualifying for Medicaid just as SSI is excluded. Without Medicaid, people with disabilities like my brother, who is severe and profound, non-verbal autistic would not be able to survive. The services and supports Medicaid provides are essential to being able to live safely. For SSDI to disqualify my brother from receiving the Medicaid benefits that are his lifeline would be penalizing him because his is disabled and receives help from the SSA because he cannot work. I implore you to consider the consequences, both good and bad, and allow my brother to continue receiving the services he needs to survive by excluding SSDI from qualification for Medicaid.

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