Public Comments for 02/24/2022 Public Safety - Subcommittee #1
Last Name: Bilgin Locality: Fairfax

Dear Committee members, As a parent and a concerned citizen I an asking you to support SB310 and SB643. Recently I learned from teachers and other parents that ghost and plastic guns are becoming a "major" and "cool" thing among many teenagers. This by itself is concerning, but even more concerning is the lack of responsibility, trackability and ways of identifying those weapons by law enforcement agencies. SB310 and SB643 will make it make it possible for Law Enforcement to uncover and prove crimes perpetrated with these type of firearms and bring those responsible for them to justice. It will also serve as a deterrent for ill intentioned acts while not preventing lawful and responsible gun ownership. It will Law Enforcement in an area which is currently very murky and unregulated.

Last Name: Walatka Organization: Self Locality: Sterling

Please support the SB310 bill. It is common sense!!!

Last Name: Neil Organization: City of Portsmouth Locality: Hampton

The City of Portsmouth strongly supports this bill. This matching grant fund has proven very helpful to us is upgrading the HVAC system in one of our older public schools which is used as an emergency shelter. This grant fund has been well received statewide. Out of the first round of funding in 2021, 3 other cities and 14 counties were provided aid in upgrading their emergency shelters. The bill merely requests a slight language change that would provide the opportunity for local governments that operate but do not own their emergency shelters the opportunity to compete for funding. As the bill currently stands, only local governments that own and operate their emergency shelters can seek funding assistance from this Fund. Please support... thank you

Last Name: Bopp Locality: Falls Church

Please support SB310 - Ebbin and SB643 - Ebbin Please oppose B60 - Hackworth, SB328 - Reeves, SB353 - Vogel, and SB675- Reeves

Last Name: Snyder Organization: Citizen, First Responder and City Council Member Locality: City of Falls Church

Dear Legislators: I write in strong support of Senator Ebbin's legislation. It is critical to law enforcement and to the public that we combat the rising violent crime involving firearms. Critical to that is preventing ghost guns and the modification of firearms so they cannot be traced to the criminals using them. Thank you. Sincerely, Dave Snyder

Last Name: Doney Locality: Christiansburg

Please support Senator Ebbin's bills which will improve public safety for ALL Virginians.

Last Name: Gibbs Organization: Mothers Against Gun violence Locality: Manassas

I support Sen. Ebbin's two bills. You should too. I trust the judgment of Martina Lenz and her organization. They have been level-headed and consistent in fighting the proliferation of weapons in the hands of untrained and immature citizens. I have been the wife of a Capitol policeman in DC, and I know the pressure of reckless youth and illogical citizens who fancy themselves to be "protectors of liberty"'. In fact it takes frequent and repeated instruction to handle a gun safely. Manufacture of guns without serial numbers is a careless and dangerous practice because it puts weapons into irresponsible hands. Support Ebbin's two bills. Sally Gibbs

Last Name: Johnson Locality: Midlothian

I oppose this bill.

Last Name: Johnson Locality: Chesterfield

As a survivor of a shooting in 2009, I support both of these bills.

Last Name: Cohen Locality: Falls Church City

As a parent and Virginia resident I support both Senator Ebbins’ bills SB310 and SB643 to improve safety in our communities. I oppose SB60, SB328, SB353 and SB675. Thank you for preventing more weapons from entering our communities.

Last Name: Garth Organization: CCGVP Locality: Charlottesville

Please support sen. Ebbin’ s bills to suppress the present availability of ghost guns. They are used by criminals and appeal to young people for beginning crimes. Thanks

Last Name: Geren Locality: Fairfax County, McLean

I am asking the subcommittee to support senator Ebbins bills and to not support any of the others.

Last Name: Mashburn Locality: Abingdon, VA

I am writing to encourage you to adopt or affirm the two bills that Senator Ebbin is sponsoring (SB643 and SB310) and reject the rest of these bills. I have a Masters in Public Health and have a strong interest in curbing gun violence, which in our country is a major public health problem.

Last Name: Brody Locality: Arlington

Please support SB 310 and SB643. And please vote against SB60, SB328, SB353, and SB675. For the safety of all Virginians!

Last Name: Olson Organization: Temple Rodef Shalom Locality: Arlington

I strongly support the Ebbins bills. We need a safer environment for ALL of us--school children and the public at large. Stopping Gun Violence is a public safety issue--not a political one. Nor is it about ego--one side being right while the other is "wrong." We have plenty of ways in America to express and celebrate our differences. Putting others at risk with as astounding number of guns should not be one of them.

Last Name: Dickinson Locality: Great Falls

I support this bill. Plastic “ghost” guns should not be allowed in Virginia. Please pass this bill.

Last Name: Sweeney Locality: Chesterfield County

I support Sen Ebbins GVP bill and oppose all of the others.

Last Name: Weitzman Organization: Temple Rodef Shalom GunViolence Prevention Group Locality: Fairfax

I call on you to support SB310 and SB643, and not to support the other bills. Keep the Commonwealth of Virginia safe with sane gun legislation. Thank you.

Last Name: Falkerson Organization: Self Locality: Reston

Please VOTE ON on SB328 and SB 675. SB 328 would allow law enforcement to acquire military hardware which would increase the number of dangerous weapons on the streets of Virginia. SB 675 would exempt retired police officers from back grounds checks when buying their service weapons. NO ONE SHOULD BE EXEMPT FROM A BACKGROUND CHECK, especially police officers who may have been charged with domestic violence. We need our legislators to protect Virginia citizens from gun violence, not make it easier for anyone to acquire more weapons. Thank you. ~Linda Falkerson

Last Name: Falkerson Organization: Self Locality: Reston

Please support SB 310 and 643 so we can help law enforcement do their job. "Ghost Guns" which have no serial numbers, or guns whose serial numbers have been altered, make it impossible for law enforcement to trace weapons and apprehend criminals. Please protect the citizens of Virginia and stand with law enforcement by supporting these bills. Thank you. ~Linda Falkerson Gun Violence Survivor

Last Name: Caro Locality: McLean

I SUPPORT Sen. Ebbin’s bills and to OPPOSE all of the other bills. Virginia must do more to prevent gun violence.

Last Name: Schardt Organization: Brady Locality: Washington DC

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Last Name: Fox Organization: Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Locality: Albemarle County

I'm the state legislative lead of the Virginia chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and I support this bill.

Last Name: Fox Organization: Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Locality: Albemarle County

I'm the state legislative lead of the Virginia chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and I support this bill. Under ATF’s current interpretation of federal law, whether it’s a 15-year-old, a felon, a domestic abuser or a gun trafficker, if the person has a drill and an hour, they can undermine all of our gun safety laws and make a ghost gun.

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