Public Comments for 02/24/2022 Transportation
SB212 - License plates, special; issuance to members of United States Navy.
SB215 - Electronic vehicle titling and registration; permits DMV to expand existing program.
SB216 - Motor vehicle dealers and manufacturers; compensation for recall, warranty, and maintenance.
SB278 - Parking of vehicles; electric vehicle charging spots, civil penalties.
Last Name: Banashek Organization: Virginia Chapter Sierra Club Locality: Alexandria

The Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club supports SB 278. Virginians are driving more electric vehicles (EV) and automobile manufacturers are releasing more EV models to choose from. I have had several first-hand experiences with vehicles blocking EV chargers in the eight months since driving electric. EV charging should be accessible to EV drivers and not blocked by vehicles not capable of charging. This bill is not about privileging EV drivers; it is about protecting access to public infrastructure. Investment dollars are and will be used by Virginia to build its own charging network, by the Federal Government from the infrastructure bill, and by private investment from EV charging companies. It is also an equity issue. Access to public charging is essential for those who cannot install a charger at home because they live in an apartment or a house without off street parking. Please support SB 278. Thank you.

Last Name: Gerena Organization: Drive Electric RVA Locality: North Chesterfield

Drive Electric RVA supports Sen. Ebbin's effort to protect access to electric vehicle charging stations. Virginia is investing $14 million to build its own charging network, $104 million will come to the state from the federal infrastructure bill, and private investment from companies like Tesla, Electrify America, Chargepoint and Volta will continue. Protecting access to this infrastructure will be essential as the market for electric vehicles grows, driven nationally by decreasing battery costs, lower total cost of ownership vs. internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, and the demand for cleaner transportation alternatives. In Virginia alone, EV registrations grew by 44 percent between June 30, 2020 and June 30, 2021. This is also an equity issue. Access to public charging is essential for those who cannot install a charger at home because they rent an apartment or live in a house with no driveway or garage. Only 40 percent of Virginians have access to an outlet within 20 feet of where they park. Access is also important for those who own less expensive EVs with smaller batteries and need to travel long distances.

Last Name: Nicholls Locality: Chesapeake

Will Senator Ebbins' bill be treated as the handicapped spaces are, and any violations are basically ignored?

SB301 - Commercial driver's license examinations; requirements for third party testers.
SB342 - Transit Ridership Incentive Program; use of funds for reduced-fare or zero-fare transit projects.
Last Name: Phillips Locality: Frederick County

SB342 is good for people of limited means and GREAT for the climate. Please support it!

SB450 - Traffic incident management vehicles; certain vehicles exempt when en route to scene of an accident.
Last Name: Segal Organization: Hanover County Sheriff's Office Locality: Hanover County

There is clearly a need for traffic management vehicles to quickly arrive upon accidents scenes to assist law enforcement with mitigation. HOWEVER, the use of flashing red/white lights should ONLY be used at the scene to protect VDOT workers or similarly employed individuals. Using flashing red/white or even blue lights, or any combination of those colors, while any special vehicle is moving, requires the simultaneous use of a siren to indicate to a motorist to yield. And the use of any vehicle, other than fire, EMS, or police is not compatible with the implicit understanding that a life-threatening emergency is afoot. Traffic jams are an inconvenience, but do not signify this level of immediacy. Creating another class of vehicles to use flashing emergency lights WHILE MOVING will, in my opinion, have motorists question the validity of what constitutes an emergency vehicle. This is a dangerous slippery avenue upon which the Commonwealth would embark; in terms of liability, and exposing more vehicles to the dangers those as first responders are aware each time they drive with lights and siren. DO NOT approve this for traffic management vehicles while moving. I have no opinion of the use of the lights as to if the traffic management vehicles are on the scene.

SB653 - Public aircraft; extends sunset provision.
SB753 - License plates, special; issuance to commemorate The Richmond Planet.
Last Name: Snider Locality: Richmond

As a teacher of U.S. history and government, I appreciate the contributions of The Richmond Planet newspaper and support this bill for a commemorative license plate.

Last Name: Baker Locality: Essex

I believe The Richmond Planet License Plate is a great option for personal, cultural, and historical reasons.

Last Name: Braxton Locality: Richmond

SB753. I have worked in education for a decade. I’ve been a full-time teacher of Va/US History for three years. I support this bill. This is history needs to be known. It’s our history. It’s Virginia’s history.

Last Name: harris Locality: Richmond

I think this plate will represent our (black) culture..

Last Name: Baytops Locality: Tappahannock

I wholeheartedly support the Richmond Planet Place license bill!

Last Name: Yates Locality: Tappahannock

I wholeheartedly support the passage of this bill. It is past time that there is a diverse license plate honoring the important work of the Richmond Planet.

Last Name: Ellis Locality: Richmond

I am very excited to finally have a diverse license plate option such as The Richmond Planet license plate. It is truly motivating to see the legacy of The Richmond Planet live on. It is truly more than just a license plate. It is symbolic for community, strength and hope. I have never had a license plate other than the regular license plate. I never had an option worthy of selecting that I could relate with. Finally, I will have the opportunity to select a license plate with a powerful meaning. I am grateful for Mr. Carter stepping up on faith and Mr. Morrissey for speaking up as well.

Last Name: Weinberg Locality: Chesterfield

I support the Richmond Planet plate! This is a great way to honor our black history. Please pass this Bill!

Last Name: Ray Locality: Reedville

Re:SB753 Richmond Planet License Plate A wonderful idea and great way to highlight and honor an important part of Virginia history. Please pass this bill.

Last Name: Richards Locality: Essex county

I support the passage of the Richmond Planet license plate application. This is a great way to honor black voices.

Last Name: Carter Organization: Richmond Planet License Plate Locality: Richmond City

My name is Reginald Carter. I am a Tappahannock, Virginia native, and have been residing in Richmond, VA, for the past eight years. In working with the local Genealogy Society researching a lynching that occurred back home on March 23, 1896, I stumbled upon a newspaper article from the Richmond Planet, which piqued my interest. After further research, I learned that the Richmond Planet was formed near Third and Broad Street in Jacksonward, VA, in 1882 by thirteen formerly enslaved men, most of whom were educators. James H. Hayes, James H. Johnson, E.R. Carter, Walter Fitzhugh, George W. Lewis, James E. Robinson, Henry Hucles, Albert V. Norrell, Benjamin A. Graves, James E. Merriweather, Edward A. Randolph, William H. Andrews, and Reuben T. Hill pooled their resources together to form one of the oldest negro newspaper companies in Virginia. Although the Richmond Planet was first edited by Edwin Archer Randolph, who was the first African-American graduate from Yale Law School. John Mitchell, Jr became Richmond Planet's first permanent editor in 1884 at 21 years old until he died in 1929. Under John Mitchell's tenure, the Richmond Planet became recognized as one of the premier newspaper companies within the Black Press. The idea that thirteen men who came from slavery would have the foresight to use their resources to create a newspaper company in Richmond, Virginia, in the late 1800s defines the American Dream and symbolizes Black Excellence. Just as the Richmond Planet continued to educate Virginia on the real-world issues that often went unreported. I wanted to develop this license plate as a creative and educational way to continue to tell the Richmond Planet's story. A story that has been ingrained in Virginia's history since 1882. This plate is all-inclusive and celebrates entrepreneurship, educators, and journalism. If the Richmond Planet Plate bill is approved, Virginia will join South Carolina, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Indiana, Arkansas, and Florida, as only the seventh state in America that offers a license plate that inclusively celebrates black excellence. South Carolina's plate acknowledges Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune's plate, one of the first African-American female activists who was instrumental in the Civil Rights Movement. Oklahoma's plate acknowledges Tulsa Greenwood District, which is better known as "Black Wallstreet." Louisiana's I'm Creole, and Proud plate recognizes creole ethnic group. Indiana's plate acknowledges the Indiana Black Expo, a nonprofit organization that advocates for the social and economic advancement of youth and families in Indiana. And both Arkansas and Florida have Dr. Martin Luther King, JR; I have a Dream plates.

Last Name: Smith Locality: Richmond

I support the Richmond planet plate

Last Name: Fauntleroy Organization: H.E.A.T Foundation Locality: Newport News

I Support The Richmond Planet Plate!

Last Name: Parker Locality: Caroline

I support The Richmond Planet Plate !!!

Last Name: French Locality: Essex

I ask that you support this bill. This is such an important statement to mark the value of a free press throughout American history, and particularly of the communities of Richmond, Virginia- All The People. What a great tribute for Virginians to continue to demonstrate their leadership in the American pursuit of justice, equality and free speech.

Last Name: Washington Locality: Tappahannock

I support the Richmond Planet Plate.

Last Name: Conway Organization: N/A Locality: Tappahannock

I strongly support the creation of the Richmond Planet License Plate (SB 753). This is a wonderful opportunity to honor the heritage of the Richmond Planet and is simply the right thing to do. Thank you.

Last Name: Motley Locality: Richmond, Va

The Richmond Planet was one of the most influential black newspapers of its time covering local and national news. It was first published in 1882, and was founded by 13 former Richmond slaves. For the Richmond Planet newspaper to be around for years, it’s an honor to see the legacy will continue and transition into the Richmond Planet License Plate. To be from the once known Harlem of the South, an area that produced and created great things and now to see the Richmond Planet License Plate on vehicle's shows the history of John Mitchell, Jr. and represents a pioneer to the City of Richmond, VA.

Last Name: Thompson Locality: Northumberland county

I support the Richmond Planet Plate!

Last Name: Lyles Locality: Henrico

SB753-This bill will approve the license plate that commemorates the Richmond Planet all that did for African- Americans during that time. The plate will be seen by many in the United States promoting the state of Virginia and it's rich history. Please approve this symbol of history.

Last Name: Wynn Locality: Suffolk

A commemorative license plate that celebrates Black excellence is the best way to pay homage to the Richmond Planet and Mr. Mitchell and his story. I support bill SB753!

Last Name: UNDERWOOD Locality: Williamsburg

I support the Richmond planet license plate!

Last Name: Junius Locality: Midlothian

SB753 Awesome initiative that needs more attention. In full support of this commemoration on black history in Richmond VA!

Last Name: Williams Locality: Midlothian

I have a dream that one day the Richmond Planet Plate will be in DMV’s all throughout VA. I enthusiastically support the Richmond Planet Plate.

Last Name: Turner Locality: North Chesterfield

Thanking the Patron and supporters of this bill and advocating it’s passage. Commemorating the historical Richmond Planet in such a visible way (license plate) is awesome. Community members and visitors alike will see, inquire and be informed of an iconic piece of Virginia/American history (1883-1938)! Please support the passage of this bill. Thank you.

Last Name: Williams Organization: Kappa Alpha Psi Locality: Stafford

This bill commemorates the long standing suffering and contributions the African American people of the world. We must never forget. I support this great bill.

Last Name: Thrower Locality: Henrico

I support the Richmond Planet License Plate. It’s far time for recognition of Black suffering.

Last Name: Johnson Organization: Richmond City Resident Locality: RICHMOND

This bill commemorates the long standing suffering and contributions the African American people of the world. We must never forget. I support this bill.

Last Name: Coghill Locality: Caroline

I support the Richmond Planet license plate.

Last Name: Smith Organization: 3E Programs Inc. Locality: Richmond

As we move towards more equitable structures and systems within society for historically marginalized populations I feel that this license plate represents a symbol of hope toward these efforts. This was a great initiative inspired by Reggie and to see it come to fruition from a tiny idea reflects hope in itself. Thanks Reggie!

Last Name: Johnson Locality: Richmond

This initiative has proven to become a grand experience in education not only natives of Virginia but in the surrounding areas. We must remember as a nation that African American history is America’s history. The Richmond Planet for years has ensured our communities with current daily news and significant events taking place in our nation for many decades and it would only be right that we honor them in any way we see fit. The license plate implementation has been by far the most honorable recognition of our heritage locally here in Richmond since the name change of the Boulevard now called Arthur Ashe Boulevard. Amazing things are taking place as history unfolds. Let’s this plate be a reminder that through perseverance our voices can and will be heard and received upon kind hearts.

Last Name: Ashlock Organization: Reggie Carter Locality: Tappahannock

I 100 percent support the “ The Richmond Planted License Bill” you can’t changed the past but you can definitely make changes to the future!!!!

Last Name: Britt Locality: Newport News

This is what we have been waiting for. As an African American Educator, I eagerly await the opportunity to adorn my vehicle with this Historic Plate! Education of TRUE history and not trying to hide it behind guilt and fragile egos is Critical to our future. This is the first step of many. Mr. Carter has my full support.

Last Name: Moon Organization: The JXN Proejct Locality: Springfield, VA

The JXN Project learned of Reginald Carter’s campaign to establish a license plate in tribute to John Mitchell, Jr. and The Richmond Planet from both news outlets and social media platforms around the same time that we launched as a project -- and we reached out not only to share our support of his efforts with both the license plate and monument removal in his hometown, but to also find ways to partner considering the alignment of our respective missions. In addition to our synergetic missions, the Mitchells are family friends of the Moons and so with their family's support in hand, we felt a responsibility to help Reggie and his campaign become the first license plate of its kind -- which stands on the shoulders of a ward that has been home to several firsts in its own right. In that spirit, JXN has been intentional with incorporating Reggie in the handful of programs that we hosted in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Jackson Ward and have used our platforms to try to further elevate our support on his journey to 450 signatures. Over the past year, we’ve watched him work tirelessly to collect those signatures — traveling the commonwealth from cookouts to the capitol to advocate on behalf of the legacy of John Mitchell, Jr. — so in this moment, JXN is incredibly inspired by Reggie’s fight to honor “The Fighting Editor”.

Last Name: Fauntleroy Locality: Tappahannock

This is such a great initiative to commemorate the Richmond Planet newspaper. Reggie Carter has done a fantastic job of spearheading this project. It is a significant story about Black American history in Richmond city and the state Virginia. Good job Reggie from your Tappahannock family!

Last Name: Ross Locality: Richmond

I strongly support this bill and its efforts to promote black excellence. As a native of Richmond, VA, this license plate is more than just an accessory for vehicles but a timestamp that highlights the historical accomplishments that lie within the city.

Last Name: Merritt Locality: Henrico

This is a great honor and approach to pay homage to early acts of racism resistance in the early 1800s. This idea mobiles history in a very unique way. It’d be a dynamic opportunity for folks to be able to select in order to be a part of the honor and encourage others to find out about other hidden history across Virginia and abroad.

Last Name: Kinney Locality: Tappahannock

I think this is great for our culture!! I can't wait to have them on my car!! I support the Richmond Planet Plate 100%!!

Last Name: Chong Organization: Humvn Creations Locality: RICHMOND

I support in fully the message and movement of the Richmond Planet License plate. It represents a piece of history for not only the African American race and community, but America as a whole.

Last Name: Holmes-Jackson Locality: Woodbridge

This is so needed for us and by us here in VA!! I totally support the The Richmond Planet as a plate representing us and our history. I cannot wait to see these plates here in VA on vehicles!!!

Last Name: Johnson Organization: Richmond Planet Plate Locality: Richmond

I 100% support Richmond Planet Plate!!!!!

Last Name: Moody Locality: Lancaster

I am very excited to see this license plate come into fruition as it holds a lot of meaning to the African American Community for their Strength and resilience during slavery, the Civil Rights Movement and even now during times of racial adversity.

Last Name: Lavery Locality: Warsaw, VA

This is an essential way of commemorating black history and an easy way to support the community.

Last Name: Smith Locality: Brunswick County

I support the Richmond Planet Plate. The opportunity to broadcast such amazing history for the great state of Virginia on a license plate will be amazing.

Last Name: Greulich Locality: Henrico

I would like to express my gratitude for the passage of SB753, which will allow the commemoration & celebration of The Richmond Planet. It’s important to share and keep these moments in history alive and this license plate will be a conversation starter, spark interest and continue the celebration of Black voices.

Last Name: Carter Locality: Henrico

I strongly stand in support of this bill and ask that you support it as well by passing the bill. This history is not only a part of Richmond History but American History. A testament to the accomplishments we have and continue to have in society!

Last Name: Hazard Locality: Henrico

Representation matters, Richmond’s rich cultural history needs to be represented through initiatives such as this. Let this be the start of many efforts that represent an inclusive, forward moving commonwealth!

Last Name: Kellam Organization: 2getherWeStand Locality: Virginia Beach

I support the Richmond planet ! I love what it represents ‼️

Last Name: Cason Organization: Cason Funnel Cakes Locality: Richmond City

My name is Andre Cason, Founder of Cason Funnel Cakes located in Manchester Richmond, VA. As a small business owner everyday I get the chance to express my creativity and passions to the public. Whether it is accepted or not, it provides a sense of belonging to a community. Creators are the past, the now and the future! This license plate represents Black Excellence, giving back, teaching, inspiring, community, persistence and hard work. From a personal and a business standpoint I would be honored to have this plate on my car because it represents everything that I stand for.

Last Name: Gaines Locality: Richmond

I support the Richmond Planet Plate!!

Last Name: Ayinde Locality: Richmond

This License plate is a great symbol for our culture. I support this movement 1000%

Last Name: Jeffries Locality: Petersburg

I support the Richmond Planet Plate and applaud those working to make this happen especially during Black History month!

Last Name: Wright Locality: Henrico

I support the Richmond Planet Plate.

Last Name: Amissah Locality: Henrico

I support the bill for The Richmond Planet Plate! Mr. Carter has did an amazing job advocating for this license plate.

Last Name: Sidney-Ross Locality: Essex County

Reggie has put in a lot of hard work researching, gathering signatures and spreading the word about a local legend that is the Richmond Planet. Black History Month is a special time of year, but this year it is extra special as we prayerfully commemorate the founders of and the newspaper that shared information with our community years ago.

Last Name: Lewis Locality: Warsaw

I support the license plate to commemorate the Richmond Planet.

Last Name: Sullivan Locality: Richmond

I support the Richmond Planet Plate. This opportunity to highlight The Richmond Planet that was founded in 1882 by 13 former slaves is truly amazing and heart felt.

Last Name: Allen Locality: Richmond City

What a wonderful way to end Black History Month by paying homage to the Richmond Planet! This area is rich with history of the countless contributions from Black people, both now and in the past. I support the Richmond Planet plate.

Last Name: Carter Jr. Organization: My Son Locality: Richmond

I support this bill to add a plate that tells the story of the Richmond Planet!

Last Name: Smith-Goff Locality: Hanover County

Please Pass the Richmond Planet bill that was started by 13 former Slaves in 1882.

Last Name: DeJesus Locality: Westmoreland County

It goes without saying that there are a number of things that can be done by the powers that be to begin their acknowledgment of the systemic racism in both this state and the country at large. That said, endeavors such as this one—a commemorative license plate for a pivotal Black-owned newspaper—is quite simply the least that can be done. I wholeheartedly support the passage of this bill. To do otherwise would be an egregious disservice to the legacy of those that did this work and a disregard for those of us who want and need OUR history told.

Last Name: Ross Locality: Buckingham

I stand behind the hard work and effort put in by Mr. Carter. This license plate would be the start of something new. And would bring a tremendous amount of joy to the black community. I for one support the Richmond license plate.

Last Name: Harry Locality: Midlothian

We Request that the issuance of The commemorative Richmond Planet License plate to be made immediately. It is time that this state values ALL history that was established within this state. Not only will this be conducive to people of color but as I stated earlier it would shed light on untold stories within this state.

Last Name: Brooks Locality: Warsaw

I support the Richmond Planet plate.

Last Name: Selby Locality: Richmond

I am so proud that our ancestors can be finally honored and showcased in a country and also state they helped build. Power to the people and to getting new people in power! This is a major victory for colored people around the world. Congratulations Richmond congratulations.

Last Name: Holmes Locality: Richmond

I applaud Mr. Carter on his efforts to shine light on the Richmond planet newspaper and I am in full support of the Richmond planet plate

Last Name: Easter Locality: Henrico

I am for the Richmond Planet Plate

Last Name: Bundy Locality: Henrico

I definitely support the Richmond Planet Plate!

Last Name: Roane Locality: Tappahannock, va

I support the Richmond Planet plate.


I support the Richmond Planet License plate

Last Name: Vergaretti Locality: Essex County

I support the passage of the bill to issue a license plate commemorating The Richmond Planet.

Last Name: Bland Locality: Portsmouth

I support the Richmond Planet Plate. I believe it would be a wonderful part of history added to our current time and it would be a beautiful way to commemorate something that was founded by former slaves.

Last Name: Sylvester Locality: Richmond city

I Support this bill, I think it is powerful and needed in the state of Virginia

Last Name: Harris-Harper Locality: Essex County

I applaud Mr Carter for his commitment to pay tribute to The Richmond Planet newspaper. I endorse the bill and eagerly await the opportunity to proudly display my plate on my vehicles!

Last Name: Parker Locality: Richmond, VA

I support The Richmond Planet plate.

Last Name: Ellis Organization: Reginald Carter Locality: Tappahannock

I support the Richmond Planet plate .

Last Name: Holmes Locality: Tappahannock

This plate symbolizes the African American population and screen black Excellence!

Last Name: Davis Locality: Whitestone

I’m extremely excited about the Richmond Planet License plate and what it stands to represent. It will commemorate, celebrate, and preserve our States rich history while offering diversity and fostering inclusion.

Last Name: Mason III Locality: Richmond

This license plate is iconic for the black community.

Last Name: Parrish Locality: Richmond

I’m extremely happy this is taking place especially in a city I love truly! Being born and raised here and having the opportunity to learn more about The Richmond Planet shows how much history is here in the city of Richmond. I applaud Reginald Carter for his drive and commitment to have this license plate created to pay tribute to the Richmond Planet and looking forward to having a plate of my own !

Last Name: Skelton Jr Locality: Mechanicsville

I am for this Bill

Last Name: Johnson Locality: Chesterfield

This is a great idea and needs to be put in motion.

Last Name: McCoy Locality: Richmond

I am proud to endorse this bill in honor of The Richmond Planet!

Last Name: Austin Locality: Henrico

I am very happy that this plate is being issued. The Richmond Planet is a huge accomplishment for former slaves to have created so long ago. They were able to report on stories that may have never been told. It's also good to show that many Afro-American people have and are still making major impacts in our society. I applaud Reginald Carter for his drive and commitment to have this license plate created to pay tribute to the Richmond Planet.

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