Public Comments for 01/27/2022 Transportation
HB40 - Disabled veteran special license plate; transferral to surviving spouse.
HB138 - Central Virginia Transportation Authority; membership.
HB142 - Transit Ridership Incentive Program; amount of funds to be used to establish programs.
Last Name: Leyen Organization: Virginia League of Conservation Voters Locality: Richmond

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The Transit Ridership Incentive Program (TRIP) provides grants to improve regional transit connectivity and reduce barriers to transit use by supporting low-income and zero-fare programs. Current law only allows 25% of program funding to be used for low-income and zero-fare programs. Yet there has been much greater demand for these fare reduction initiatives thus far. HB142 will better meet the needs of transit systems and users and more effectively allocate these funds by allowing greater flexibility to distribute funding between the two programs, while ensuring a minimum of 25% of funds are directed to low-income and zero-fare programs

Last Name: Pender Organization: Chesapeake Climate Action Network Locality: Hampton

TRIP, formerly known as the Transit Ridership Incentive Program is dedicated to improving regional transit connectivity in urban areas and reducing barriers to transit access by supporting low-income and zero-fare programs. Currently, the program allows a minimum of 25% of the allocated funds to be used for low-income and zero-fare initiatives, while 75% is set aside for regional connectivity. HB142 will better meet the needs of transit systems and users and more effectively allocate these funds by allowing greater flexibility to distribute funding between the two programs, by setting a 25% minimum for regional connectivity and allow flexibility for the remaining 50%. And it is for these reasons, CCAN Action Fund supports this bill HB142.

Last Name: Guthrie Organization: Virginia Transit Association Locality: New Kent

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VTA supports HB 142 (McQuinn) - The Virginia Transit Ridership Incentive Program. The purpose of the bill is to better balance the TRIP program to allow for greater flexibility for current needs. HB 142 does not require any additional state funding. Lisa Guthrie, Executive Director Virginia Transit Association 804.240.1976

Last Name: Patwardhan Locality: Fairfax County

There is a climate crisis, and one of the biggest contributors to it is a bias towards cars. It isn't just the emissions from cars, it's also the way land has been used and misappropriated for highways and parking lots. The asphalt needed to support driving as a norm aggravates climate change, particularly in terms of heat and flooding. To that end, transportation funding needs to be reformed so that other modes of transportation - that is, walking, cycling, buses, metros, and trains - get more priority than driving. We need not only incentives for walking, riding, and rolling, but also DISINCENTIVES AGAINST driving.

HB179 - Permanent farm use placard; an owner or lessee to obtain for vehicle from DMV.
Last Name: Jenkins Organization: Virginia Loggers Association Locality: GOOCHLAND

Virginia Loggers Association supports HB 179 requiring proof of insurance. VA Loggers Association opposes HB 1148. Many of our family owned businesses owners are actively working into their seventies. They have driven commercial trucks during their entire professions. The older generation continue to work in their business even after their children take over operations. AAA and DOT studies show no increased frequency in accidents for those age 70 o 80. The highest accident rates still occur in new drivers and younger age grouips.

HB259 - Motor vehicle dealers and manufacturers; compensation for recall, warranty, and maintenance.
HB275 - Secondary street acceptance; Commonwealth Transportation Board regulations.
HB316 - Independent dealer-operator recertification; codifies existing Motor Vehicle Dealer Bd. regulations.
HB482 - Commonwealth Transportation Board; performance standards for review of certain plans.
HB540 - Driver's license; extension of validity.
HB703 - License plates, special; localities to pay initial issuance fee costs for development and issuance.
HB793 - Traffic incident management vehicles; certain vehicles exempt when en route to scene of an accident.
HB1050 - Minors; issuance of original driver's licenses.
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