Public Comments for 01/13/2022 General Laws
Last Name: Owens Locality: Henrico County

Honorable Delegates, I would like to advocate for a change in Virginia law to prohibit non-compete agreements from being enforced for workers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As an employee in the tech industry, I have been asked to sign such agreements, which I believe unfairly hinder a worker's ability to earn a living in the field of their choosing. At least one state, California, bans enforcement of non-compete agreements, which I believe helps foster the development of new ideas and new businesses. Non-compete agreements usually result from an imbalance of power in the employer-employee relationship. If an employer wants to prevent a employee from exercising their right to be productive working, a simple solution is for the employer to continue paying the employee for the period of time needed. Non-compete agreements are bad for the employee, bad for innovation, and bad for Virginia. Thank you

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