Public Comments for 02/21/2022 Finance
SB26 - Gold, silver, and platinum bullion, etc.; extends sunset date for the sales tax exemption.
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SB94 - Commonwealth's taxation system; conformity with the Internal Revenue Code, Rebuild Va. grants, etc.
Last Name: Rawlinson Locality: 5601 Hull St Rd

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Last Name: Bieber Organization: Major Incident Heavy Recovery Operators Association, Inc. Locality: Henrico

I represent the Major Incident Heavy Recovery Operators, a statewide group of class A towing and recovery operators. Please support a state income tax exclusion for PPP CARES Act loan recipients. Our members who applied for and received these loans during the COVID-19 pandemic used the funds to keep their valued employees on the payroll during a time of high unemployment and economic desperation for many workers. Many continue to experience economic hardship and struggle with the effects of the virus. The towing and recovery industry is highly dependent on personal interaction between employees and customers, requiring employees to be on the job. They cannot work from home. The federal government has forgiven these loans and excluded them from federal income tax. The state should do likewise.

SB185 - Income tax, state; extends sunset provision for major business facility job tax credit.
Last Name: Durkin Organization: Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce Locality: Roanoke

The Roanoke Regional Chamber supports SB 185 and thanks the committee for its consideration.

SB386 - Income tax, corporate; filing status for tax returns of certain affiliated corporations.
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SB517 - Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for medicine and drugs purchased by veterinarians.
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SB683 - Retail Sales and Use Tax; definitions, media-related exemptions.
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SB701 - Retail Sales and Use Tax; extends sunset date for exemption of aircraft components.
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SB748 - Tobacco products tax; remote retail sales.
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