Public Comments for 01/26/2022 Agriculture Chesapeake and Natural Resources
Last Name: Holmes-Turner Organization: Rushmere Community Development Corporation Locality: Isle of Wight County, in Rushmere

Good morning, Rushmere Community Development Corporation, a 501 C 3 nonprofit organization, is in support of HB809 and want to thank Delegate Price in sponsoring this. Some of the African American cemeteries located in Isle of Wight, Surry, and Prince George Counties that are in need of repair, maintenance, and preservation include the remains of free and enslaved African Americans born before 1900 such as those veterans who served in the American Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, the housekeeper of former President John Tyler in the Town of Claremont and the segregated Slave cemetery at Claremont Manor, Trailblazers of the Temperance Institute at Cabin Point and Burrowsville, Surry County's first African American Delegate Goodman Brown, and Reverend Thomas Henry Poole at Bacon's Castle, Robert Claggett, Waterman, at First Gravel Hill whose death in the James River, led his widow Laura Hughes to donate land the Federal Government and Commonwealth of Virginia to make the Historic Tyler's Beach Free Harbor of Refuge at Burwell Bay in Rushmere. Rushmere Community Development Corporation is committed to working with the Department of Historic Resources, local churches, caretakers, private citizens, trustees, towns, and other community stakeholders on the Surry side of the James River who desire to maintain, repair, restore, and safeguard the rich history that is archived throughout these cemeteries. Please approve HB809. Thank you for your consideration.

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