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All Commerce and Energy Bills
Bill Patron Title
HB1375 Greenhalgh Health insurance; tobacco surcharge. View Comments
HB1408 Brewer Workers' compensation; presumption of compensability for certain cancers. View Comments
HB1410 Marshall Workers' compensation; presumption for arson and hazardous materials investigators. View Comments
HB1430 Ware Energy-intensive trade-exposed (EITE) industries; pilot program for eligible customer exemptions. View Comments
HB1471 Fowler Health insurance; electronic prior authorization and disclosure of certain information. View Comments
HB1477 Ballard Corporations; filing and meeting requirements. View Comments
HB1480 Ware Va. Clean Economy Act; non-bypassable charges, energy-intensive trade-exposed (EITE) industries. View Comments
HB1503 Orrock Health insurance; provider contracts, timeframe for provider to request appeal. View Comments
HB1504 Orrock Virginia Telephone Privacy Protection Act; telephone solicitation call via text message. View Comments
HB1505 Orrock Health insurance; provider contracts, audits. View Comments
HB1517 Adams, D.M. Virginia Consumer Protection Act; automatic renewal or continuous service offers. View Comments
HB1520 Simonds Railroad safety; adds various requirements for railroad companies. View Comments
HB1533 Jenkins Public utility regulation; Internet service providers, certificate to furnish broadband service. View Comments
HB1538 Clark Health insurance; coverage for doula care services. View Comments
HB1543 Campbell, J.L. Virginia Credit Services Businesses Act; updates contents of required information statement. View Comments
HB1544 Campbell, J.L. Virginia Credit Services Businesses Act; definitions, credit reports. View Comments
HB1546 Campbell, J.L. Virginia Antitrust Act; disgorgement and other forms of equitable monetary relief. View Comments
HB1580 Sullivan State Corporation Commission; vacancy on Commission, extensions on electric utility filings. View Comments
HB1596 Delaney Prescription Drug Affordability Board and Fund; established, report, drug cost affordability review. View Comments
HB1604 Ware Virginia Electric Utility Regulation Act; regulation of rates. View Comments
HB1616 Clark Workplace violence; policy required for certain employers, civil penalty. View Comments
HB1631 Bulova Workers' compensation; post-traumatic stress disorder incurred by dispatchers. View Comments
HB1637 Webert Electric utilities; pilot program for underground transmission lines, adds additional project. View Comments
HB1639 Walker Unemployment compensation; reduces time to file appeal. View Comments
HB1640 Kilgore Medicare; supplement policies for certain individuals under age 65. View Comments
HB1643 Kilgore Electric utilities; renewable energy includes coal mine methane. View Comments
HB1669 Marshall Minimum wage; payment to employees younger than the age of 18. View Comments
HB1670 Marshall Electric utilities; schedule for rate review proceedings. View Comments
HB1715 Clark Workplace violence; Department of Labor and Industry to convene work group to evaluate, report. View Comments
HB1716 Clark Mental health resources; inclusion on Job Safety and health Protection poster. View Comments
HB1727 Head Credit unions; virtual currency custody services. View Comments
HB1739 Head Ethics and fairness in carrier business practices; failure to comply. View Comments
HB1752 Head Public utilities; fiber optic broadband lines crossing railroads. View Comments
HB1761 Reid Energy-intensive trade-exposed industries; SCC to convene workgroup to assess competitiveness. View Comments
HB1763 Guzman Workers' compensation; injuries caused by repetitive and sustained physical stressors. View Comments
HB1770 Kilgore Virginia Electric Utility Regulation Act; retail competitiveness, review proceedings, etc. View Comments
HB1775 O'Quinn Workers' compensation; anxiety disorder or depressive disorder incurred by law-enforcement officers. View Comments
HB1776 O'Quinn Business park electric infrastructure program; makes permanent and amends certain provisions. View Comments
HB1777 O'Quinn Phase I Utilities; annual rate true-up reviews. View Comments
HB1778 O'Quinn Financial institutions; certain investments by banks permitted. View Comments
HB1782 O'Quinn Health insurance; ensuring fairness in cost-sharing. View Comments
HB1783 O'Quinn Natural gas utilities; retail supply choice, definitions. View Comments
HB1784 Kilgore Securities; digital token exemption, decentralized autonomous organizations. View Comments
HB1797 Freitas Renewable energy; offshore wind development. View Comments
HB1815 Simonds Health insurance; coverage for breast examinations.. View Comments
HB1853 Subramanyam Public utilities; shared solar, minimum bill. View Comments
HB1854 Subramanyam Offshore wind energy development; SCC required to submit a report regarding status of projects. View Comments
HB1855 Subramanyam Consumer Protection Act; PFAS chemicals in children's products. View Comments
HB1857 Bennett-Parker Ticket resale; deceptive trade practices prohibited, definitions. View Comments
HB1873 Helmer Employee protections; medicinal use of cannabis oil. View Comments
HB1875 Helmer Public utilities; delay of termination of service for certain residential customers. View Comments
HB1886 Byron Insurance agents; definitions; private family leave insurance. View Comments
HB1895 Filler-Corn Employee protection; prohibited retaliation, prohibited nondisclosure. View Comments
HB1905 Batten Workers' compensation; presumption for law-enforcement officers with back, hip, knee, etc. View Comments
HB1907 Batten Consumer finance companies; short-term loan providers, licensee requirements. View Comments
HB1918 Batten Health insurance; coverage for audio-only telehealth services, definition. View Comments
HB1921 Batten Earned wage access services; licensure requirements, penalties. View Comments
HB1924 Hope Minimum wage; employees with disabilities. View Comments
HB1935 Plum State Corporation Commission; election of members, notice, applicant interviews. View Comments
HB1966 Mullin Workers' compensation; failure to timely pay compensation. View Comments
HB1974 Roem Electric utilities; underground transmission lines. View Comments
HB1986 Roem Stormwater management regulations; enterprise data center operations. View Comments
HB1988 Guzman Employment; paid sick leave, civil penalties. View Comments
HB1999 Kory Right to Contraception Act; sets out statutory protections for an individual's right. View Comments
HB2002 Filler-Corn Workers' compensation; premium discounts for employers providing high-quality work-based learning. View Comments
HB2003 Krizek Employment; training and education, sexual harassment and workplace discrimination. View Comments
HB2009 Adams, L.R. Unemployment compensation; venue for prosecution of certain criminal cases. View Comments
HB2010 Adams, L.R. Virginia Employment Commission; authorized representative or member of Commission, powers. View Comments
HB2023 Maldonado Wage or salary history inquiries prohibited; civil penalty. View Comments
HB2026 O'Quinn Renewable energy; biomass-fired facilities, Department of Forestry advisory panel, report. View Comments
HB2035 Sewell Paid family and medical leave program; Virginia Employment Commission required to establish. View Comments
HB2087 Mundon King Health care providers and grocery store workers; employers to provide paid sick leave. View Comments
HB2089 Mundon King Health insurance; coverage for prescription contraceptives. View Comments
HB2092 Mundon King Nonprofit corporations; residential address, allowed to submit a post office box address. View Comments
HB2108 Bourne Safety and Health Codes Board; safe handling of patients. View Comments
HB2115 Hudson Unemployment compensation; continuation of benefits, repayment of overpayments. View Comments
HB2116 Hudson Employment; restrictions on use of credit report for employment purposes. View Comments
HB2130 Wilt Renewable energy portfolio standard requirements; State Corporation Commission authority, report. View Comments
HB2132 Wilt Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act; various changes to Act. View Comments
HB2148 Guzman Employment discrimination; employee notification of federal and state statute of limitations. View Comments
HB2179 Morefield Commercial delivery services; authorized use for notice to an employer for violation of safety prov. View Comments
HB2195 Byron Workforce development; consolidation of policies and programs, etc. View Comments
HB2197 Byron Va. Electric Utility Regulation Act; eligible sources for renewable energy portfolio standard. View Comments
HB2198 Byron Health insurance; essential health benefits benchmark plan. View Comments
HB2199 Byron Health Insurance Reform Commission; review of essential health benefits benchmark plan. View Comments
HB2201 Byron Association health plans; rates based on employer member's risk profile. View Comments
HB2206 Kilgore Proton therapy; clinical evidence for decisions on coverage. View Comments
HB2213 Tran Electric utilities; planned service outages, notice to customers. View Comments
HB2215 Tran Long-term care insurance; rate increases, notice requirements. View Comments
HB2216 Leftwich Health insurance; coverage for mobile crisis response services and residential crisis units. View Comments
HB2217 Tran Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act; Interagency task force, report. View Comments
HB2233 Sickles Prescription drug price transparency; manufacturer reporting requirements. View Comments
HB2262 Hodges Health insurance; provider credentialing, processing of new applications. View Comments
HB2267 Wilt Electric utilities; cost recovery, alternative to rate adjustment clause. View Comments
HB2275 Kilgore Commonwealth Energy Research Consortium; established. View Comments
HB2283 Shin Disconnection suspensions for certain utilities; state of emergency, residential customers, report. View Comments
HB2305 Webert Renewable energy portfolio standard sources; competitive procurement. View Comments
HB2309 Campbell, J.L. Virginia Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act; expands definition of motor vehicle. View Comments
HB2311 Kilgore Virginia Electric Utility Regulation Act; eligible sources for renewable energy. View Comments
HB2322 Campbell, E.H. Workers' compensation; post-traumatic stress disorder, etc., incurred by law-enforcement officers. View Comments
HB2333 Marshall Electric utilities; SCC to establish a small modular nuclear reactors pilot program. View Comments
HB2354 Orrock Health care provider panels; changes to provisions related to continuity of care. View Comments
HB2355 Glass Solar energy generation facilities; consumer protection regulations. View Comments
HB2356 McQuinn Health insurance; coverage for colorectal cancer screening. View Comments
HB2363 Maldonado Virginia Petroleum Products Franchise Act; definition of refiner. View Comments
HB2366 Kory Health insurance; coverage for diagnosis of and treatment for infertility. View Comments
HB2386 O'Quinn Virginia Power Innovation Fund and Program; created. View Comments
HB2389 Wiley Mortgage lending and brokerage entities; remote location requirements. View Comments
HB2403 O'Quinn Smyth-Washington Regional Industrial Facilities Authority; dissolution. View Comments
HB2418 Wampler Workers' compensation; group self-insurance associations. View Comments
HB2422 Batten Home solicitation sale; clarifies definition. View Comments
HB2444 Bloxom Offshore wind capacity; development, cost recovery. View Comments
HB2447 Fariss Virginia Consumer Protection Act; prohibited practices. View Comments
HB2463 Byron State Corporation Commission; increases number of members. View Comments
HB2473 Seibold Veterans; workplace poster for veterans benefits and services. View Comments
HB2482 Fariss Electricity transmission; improvement of certain projects. View Comments
HB2485 Shin Operators of automated teller machines and similar electronic terminals; registration required. View Comments
HB2486 Kilgore Soft drink companies and bottlers; transfer of business, remedies. View Comments
HB2491 Hodges Health insurance; pharmacy benefits managers, employee welfare benefit plans. View Comments
HR276 Kilgore Advanced nuclear technologies & reactor projects; Dept. of Energy to evaluate research & expansion. View Comments

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