Public Comments for: SB1172 - Capitol Square Preservation Council; powers and duties, review and approval of plans for changes.
Last Name: Shakil Ali Organization: Help Me Help You Locality: Richmond

I am writing on behalf of Bill 1172 Norment. In a democracy, the most important office is the office of the citizen. Statues as well as slave artifacts are a constant reminder in this country to those people who are considered black or non white that they are still excluded from the constitutional rights of this land. These demonstrations of racist slave masters indicate that white politicians such as Mr. Norment and others just don’t get it. We are people of sound mind and good judgment so why are we here today discussing something we all know is an attempt to keep racism alive. Racism is oppression. I am totally against this bill and hope that these reminders will be removed. Thank You

Last Name: manuel Organization: Help me Help you foundation Locality: Richmond

" We the People" Can only be realized when truth , justice, and equality, and peace is the foundation of which it stands, held together, by the glue of common agenda and willingness to work towards that end. Which is To represent.... "We the people" We all know the ugly history behind the thoughts, intents, and ideals, of those represented by "we the people" and of the long proven root, origin, and design of the laws that those Memorailzed persons fought to establish in order to maintain economic power and present themselves as socially superior, and all others irrevelent. If we the.people are now all the people and it,, then why am I working a job to pay taxes for my representatives and elected stewards to honor and preserve the memory of the thing. People, add ideal which tries to keep me In bondage? My good people, if we are to.move forward as righteous, conscious. People. We have to let their old racist ideas go. It is simple ....why would you honor such objects of division? When their is so much opportunity for us to come together and move forward in truth justice equality peace and in love. "We the people." Are we? "We the people" Meaning : W ith E. veryone And not W. hite E. xclusively Let's do something about it this time. Thank you. Bryant Manuel,

Last Name: Brown Organization: Help Me Help You, Incorperated Locality: Richmond

New Speaker of the House, Eileen Filercorn, is well within her duties and powers to exercise the remover of statures and artifacts, i.e., Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, etc., who had and held black people as their slaves and human chattle; which is not reflective of a just and equitable government and sociality. I support the remover of those racist and human enslaver artifacts, statures from the General Assembly building that House Speaker Eileen Filercorn has the powers to move and enact for the sake of human decency and equity in truth and fare dealing. Further I said not!

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