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Bill Patron Title
HB1391 Gooditis Social Media, Commission on; established, report. View Comments
HB1483 McNamara Daylight saving time; Secretary of Commerce and Trade to study the effects on the Commonwealth. View Comments
HB1518 Adams, D.M. General Assembly; annual verification of member's legal residence within electoral district. View Comments
HB1606 Tata Anti-Semitism; definition when term used in reference to discrimination. View Comments
HB1656 Price Gun violence; JLARC to study effects on communities. View Comments
HB1816 Avoli Standards of Learning; instruction on dangers and victims of communism. View Comments
HB1849 Willett Chemical restraints; work group to study use in correctional facilities. View Comments
HB1869 Scott, P.A. Bills creating certain boards and commissions; required sunset provision. View Comments
HB1937 Plum Legislator Compensation Commission; established, report. View Comments
HB1951 Bloxom Chincoteague Pony; designates as the official pony of the Commonwealth. View Comments
HB2086 Mundon King Sickle Cell Disease, Advisory Council on; established, report. View Comments
HB2155 Watts Behavioral Health Commission; repeals provision that provided temporary alternative funding. View Comments
HB2156 Watts Behavioral Health Commission; agency assistance, access Commission records. View Comments
HB2182 Robinson Behavioral Health Commission; establishes advisory committee. View Comments
HB2253 Cordoza Historically Black Colleges & Universities in the Commonwealth, Commission on; established, report. View Comments
HB2260 Cordoza Peninsula Airport Commission; adds members to Commission. View Comments
HB2310 Williams Public water and sewer systems; DHCD to study opportunities for rural areas to upgrade. View Comments
HB2326 Runion Forest landowners; DOF to study assess opportunities to participate in ecosystem services markets. View Comments
HB2391 Austin Public-Private Partnership Advisory Commission; membership. View Comments
HB2415 Austin American Revolution 250 Commission; changes Commission to a legislative branch commission. View Comments
HB2438 Campbell, E.H. Local and Regional Jails, State Board of; increases membership. View Comments
HB2440 Greenhalgh Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Commission; established, report. View Comments
HB2477 Glass Care Economy Business Council; created, powers and duties, membership. View Comments
HB2478 Shin Fast Food Industry Workers Standards Board; established. View Comments
HB2492 Seibold People with Disabilities, Virginia Board for; adds to membership, amends certain terminology. View Comments
HJ457 Greenhalgh United States Constitution; application for a convention of the states. View Comments
HJ461 Ware Constitutional officers, certain; JLARC to study Compensation Board funding for the offices. View Comments
HJ464 Ballard State Route 100; Dept. of Transportation to study feasibility of widening in Giles County, etc. View Comments
HJ469 Taylor School Security Officer Day; designating as 1st Monday of Oct. 2023 & in each succeeding thereafter. View Comments
HJ470 Ward Henrietta Lacks Day; designating as October 4, 2023, and in each succeeding year thereafter. View Comments
HJ475 McGuire Career and Technical Education Letter of Intent Signing Day; designating as 4th Wed. in April 2023. View Comments
HJ478 Convirs-Fowler Legislative system; JLARC to study efficiency. View Comments
HJ484 Anderson Mass casualty events; effect of use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. View Comments
HJ487 Marshall Solar panel installation; Department of Transportation to study use in medians of divided highways. View Comments
HJ488 Simon Dyslexia Awareness Month; designating as October 2023 and each succeeding year thereafter. View Comments
HJ489 Bell Electric utilities; State Corporation Commission to study adequacy of tree-trimming practices. View Comments
HJ490 VanValkenburg Affordable housing; DHCD to study ways to increase options for public servants, etc. View Comments
HJ500 Bennett-Parker Student Appreciation Week; designating as week of March 20, 2023, & each succeeding year thereafter. View Comments
HJ507 Marshall Affordable and workforce housing; Va. Housing Commission, et al., to study local regulation. View Comments
HJ508 Simon Children's summer camp, etc.; DOE & VDH to study medical forms and medical information collection. View Comments
HJ510 Scott, P.A. Trisomy Awareness Month; designating as March 2023 and each succeeding year thereafter. View Comments
HJ511 Helmer Public school teachers; SCHEV to study feasibility of offering reduced in-state tuition. View Comments
HJ513 Plum Natural organic reduction; establishment of facilities. View Comments
HJ516 Bennett-Parker Recurrent Flooding, Joint Subcommittee on; continued membership increase. View Comments
HJ518 Krizek Problem Gambling Awareness Month; designating as March 2023 and each succeeding year thereafter. View Comments
HJ521 Sewell Teacher licensure requirements; DOE to study feasibility of expanding waiver for certain positions. View Comments
HJ522 Roem Data center development; DOE to study impacts on Virginia's environment, etc. View Comments
HJ523 Lopez Comprehensive community colleges, certain; JLARC to study waiver of tuition and mandatory fees. View Comments
HJ525 Mundon King STARR Alert Program; Department of Transportation to study need for an alert program. View Comments
HJ528 Hudson Outage Data Initiative Nationwide; SCC to study the Commonwealth's participation. View Comments
HJ529 Guzman Affordable housing; DHCD to study ways to increase options for public servants, etc. View Comments
HJ530 Williams Magisterial system; Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission to study. View Comments
HJ534 Wampler Augmented & virtual reality; DOE to study enhancing usage in K-12 classrooms & curricula, etc. View Comments
HJ535 Hayes Life expectancy; Joint Commission on Technology and Science to study differences in Virginia, etc. View Comments
HJ537 LaRock Emergency response vehicles; Sec. of Public Safety to study impact of federal emissions standards. View Comments
HJ538 LaRock Comprehensive community colleges; VCC to study feasibility of approval of education prep. program. View Comments
HJ539 Mundon King Tolls; DOT to study exempting certain veterans from paying, review of amount collected monthly. View Comments
HJ540 Williams State park; DCR to study establishing in Henry County between North and South Mayo Rivers. View Comments
HJ541 Byron Higher education institutions; JLARC to study cost efficiency, opportunities to reduce cost. View Comments
HJ543 Filler-Corn Jewish American Heritage Month; designating as May 2023 and in each succeeding year thereafter. View Comments
HJ544 Guzman Alzheimer's Disease; Joint Commission on Health, etc., to study treatment. View Comments
HJ545 Sewell Clean energy; Dept. of Energy to study barriers for local governments to purchase. View Comments
HJ547 Sickles Election governance structure in the Commonwealth; JLARC to review. View Comments
HJ548 Krizek Virginia Gaming Commission; joint subcommittee to study feasibility of establishing Committee. View Comments
HJ559 McQuinn Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe of Virginia; General Assembly to extend state recognition. View Comments
HJ565 Guzman Lymphedema Awareness Day; designating as March 6, 2023, and each succeeding year thereafter. View Comments
HJ569 Price Coach Appreciation Week; designating as week of October 6, 2023, & each succeeding year thereafter. View Comments
HJ575 Tran Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders; study of history. View Comments
HR242 Watts Elections; political independence of Virginians necessitates state control over election spending. View Comments
HR271 Jenkins District of Columbia; memorializing Congress to enact legislation admitting as a state into the U.S. View Comments

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