Public Comments for: SB1259 - Virginia Highway Corporation Act; alteration of certificate of authority, powers and duties of SCC.
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The Loudoun Chamber, which collectively represents over 1,000 member businesses and tens of thousands of employees across Loudoun County and the region, would like to express our organization’s support of Senator Bell’s Bill, SB1259. This bill will contribute greatly to our goal of making the Dulles Greenway an economic asset to our community rather than a financial liability for the thousands of employees that rely on it for transportation to and from their jobs, future access to Metro stations, as well as for businesses that utilize the road as a vital east west access to Dulles Airport. The extremely high cost of tolls on the Dulles Greenway for employees that drive to, and through, our community has demonstrably discouraged local drivers from using the roadway and seek alternatives on local roads and neighborhood streets. This conclusion can be clearly drawn from the Virginia Department of Transportation’s Annual Traffic Data Report. That report shows, while Greenway usage has decreased in recent years, traffic on surrounding roads has grown dramatically as drivers seek more affordable routes. WTOP Radio News, the top news station in our Nation’s Capital, reports that while Loudoun has long been one of Virginia’s fastest growing counties, the Greenway’s own annual report shows that in 2018, traffic at the main toll plaza declined by 4.5%. Additionally, the statute governing the Dulles Greenway’s toll rates states TRIP II is owed “no more than a reasonable rate of return as determined by the Commission.” In our view, TRIP II consistently seeks returns far greater than those they should be allowed under the statute. We believe a reasonable rate of return should be based on the depreciated original cost of the road and on any additional costs involved with maintaining and improving the facility. Currently TRIP II includes many factors far outside and beyond the original cost and ongoing maintenance in determining and justifying requests for toll increases. For these reasons, the Loudoun Chamber respectfully requests that the Committee votes to pass HB1832. Thank you for considering the perspective of our businesses and their employees on this issue of significant concern to the community we serve. Grafton deButts Vice President of Membership & Government Affairs Loudoun Chamber

Last Name: Campolattaro Organization: Loudoun County CEO Cabinet and Managing Director Hilb Group MA Locality: Loudoun

I am the current chair for the Loudoun County CEO Cabinet. The CEO Cabinet comprises the leadership of more than 50 businesses here in Loudoun County, which employ many thousands of Loudoun County citizens. The economic well-being and quality of life for these employees and their families is a vital part of Loudoun County and Virginia. Please accept this email as support for SB1259. I find that Delegate Subramanyam’s Bill will effectively address our community’s goal of providing the appropriate authority of the SCC and the Commonwealth to provide the oversight necessary for the Dulles Greenway. SB1259 will serve to ensure that this road becomes a long-term asset to the citizens and businesses that rely on it to move throughout the region. I understand the facts by now, but we want to reinforce a few key points to summarize the reasons for supporting this bill. . • TRIP II already enjoys the benefits of unreasonably high rates based on years of large increases. • TRIP II’s high rates unreasonably discourage travel on the toll road -- the Northern Virginia population has steadily increased while traffic on the toll road has steadily decreased. • This fact has caused additional large expense for local governments to enhance multiple surrounding roadways as commuters over-use those in lieu of the toll road. • If rates were more reasonable, more of our employees could use the toll road and save time and fuel expenses incurred by expressly avoiding that route. • All the above points would be more than sufficient argument against the application in a non-pandemic environment – however, given the extreme economic hardship brought about by COVID-19, any increase would be inappropriate. I expect you have received a great amount of support for this bill. It is my hope that my comments as the CEO Cabinet chair, will provide additional unity on this issue, will serve to amplify the message and secure support and passing of SB1259. Regards. Dario A Campolattaro

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