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All Transportation Bills
Bill Patron Title
SB1126 Spruill Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads; change in membership. View Comments
SB1136 Marsden License plates, special; repeals issuance of certain plates. View Comments
SB1144 Stuart Aircraft civil; registration and licensing. View Comments
SB1160 Suetterlein Removal of vehicles involved in accidents; lien of keeper of vehicles. View Comments
SB1211 Edwards Vehicle registration fees; imposes an additional fee to be deposited into Public Safety Trust Fund. View Comments
SB1212 Edwards New River Valley Passenger Rail Station Authority; creation of authority in Planning District 4. View Comments
SB1214 Edwards Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority; repeals effective date for creation of Authority. View Comments
SB1229 Stuart License plates, special; issuance for supporters of Ducks Unlimited, fees. View Comments
SB1253 McPike Access roads to economic development sites; criteria for use of funds. View Comments
SB1259 Bell Virginia Highway Corporation Act; alteration of certificate of authority, powers and duties of SCC. View Comments
SB1260 Bell Transportation purposes; entry onto land for inspection. View Comments
SB1277 Newman Motor Vehicles, Department of, and Supreme Court of Virginia; repeals reporting requirement. View Comments
SB1335 Stuart Learner's permits; use of personal communication devices, restrictions. View Comments
SB1350 Lewis Transportation funding; statewide prioritization process, resiliency. View Comments
SB1470 Barker Vehicle registration; special communication needs indicator. View Comments

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