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All Transportation Bills
Bill Patron Title
HB1376 Greenhalgh Amateur radio operators; amber lights. View Comments
HB1437 Wiley Commonwealth Transportation Board; regulation authority. View Comments
HB1453 Orrock Permanent farm use placards; owner or lessee of vehicle claiming exemption from registration, etc. View Comments
HB1457 Wachsmann Golf carts and utility vehicles; Town of Stony Creek authorized to allow operation on highways. View Comments
HB1469 Leftwich Motor vehicle dealers; franchise agreements, sale or lease of new motor vehicles. View Comments
HB1494 Austin License plates, special; issuance for supporters of Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation. View Comments
HB1495 Austin Transportation network companies; uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. View Comments
HB1496 Austin Commonwealth Mass Transit Fund; 3.5 percent of Fund may be allocated to NVTC. View Comments
HB1516 Adams, D.M. Towing and recovery operators; vehicle storage. View Comments
HB1531 Jenkins Hampton Roads Interstate Highway Corridor Improvement Program and Fund; established and created. View Comments
HB1535 Jenkins Commercial motor vehicles; limits driving in left-most lane. View Comments
HB1537 Jenkins School buses; use of warning devices before proposed stop. View Comments
HB1557 Orrock Modified utility vehicles; authorizes operation on public highways. View Comments
HB1559 Watts Ordinances, local; vehicle exhaust, operation on property near residential district. View Comments
HB1587 Sullivan Commissioner of Highways; entering into certain agreements, civil penalties, agents. View Comments
HB1589 Sullivan Pedestrian control signals; applicability to persons riding bicycles and other devices. View Comments
HB1609 Tata Transit Ridership Incentive Program; on-demand microtransit operations. View Comments
HB1619 Wyatt Vehicle safety inspection; commercial vehicles, exemption. View Comments
HB1620 Wyatt Crash reports; inspection by certain persons. View Comments
HB1649 Wyatt Towing trespassing vehicles; limitations on fees. View Comments
HB1661 Wiley Nonrepairable vehicles; titling requirements, sale to certain auto recyclers. View Comments
HB1712 Wachsmann Temporary work signs; damaging or removing, penalty. View Comments
HB1714 Wachsmann Stolen or embezzled vehicle; notification of toll operator. View Comments
HB1723 Simonds Passing stopped school buses; purpose of stop, prima facie evidence. View Comments
HB1745 Carr Tow truck drivers and towing and recovery operators; prohibited acts. View Comments
HB1747 Willett Driver's licenses; persons having defective vision, minimum standards of visual acuity. View Comments
HB1772 Williams Graves All-terrain vehicles and off-road motorcycles; seizure, impounding, and disposition. View Comments
HB1773 Carr Bicycle, electric personal assistive mobility device, etc.; exception to stopping requirement. View Comments
HB1785 Carr Speed limit in residence districts; local authority to reduce limit, penalty. View Comments
HB1806 Bloxom Farm use placards; delays requirement for vehicles claiming a farm use exemption to obtain. View Comments
HB1858 Webert Roadways under Va. Hwy. Corporation Act of 1988; operating under Public-Private Transp. Act of 1995. View Comments
HB1868 Scott, P.A. License plates, special; military service, unremarried surviving spouses. View Comments
HB1883 Freitas Permanent farm use placards; prohibits use by persons not entitile View Comments
HB1894 Freitas High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes; pregnant women. View Comments
HB1932 Runion Stationary vehicles; yielding or reducing speed for vehicles displaying hazard lights, etc. View Comments
HB1939 Plum Primary and secondary state highway systems; reducing speed limits on highways part of system. View Comments
HB1995 Krizek Passing stopped school buses; rebuttable presumption. View Comments
HB2014 Adams, L.R. Motor vehicles, certain; use of handheld personal communication devices. View Comments
HB2034 Sewell National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board; joint transportation meeting. View Comments
HB2062 Lopez Towing enforcement; violations of current law subject to Va. Consumer Protection Act. View Comments
HB2080 Murphy License plates, special; issuance for women veterans. View Comments
HB2088 Mundon King Personalized license plates; references to Confederacy or persons who committed treason. View Comments
HB2102 Bulova Vehicle exhaust systems; equipment. View Comments
HB2104 Bourne School crossing zones; signs shall be placed not more than 750 feet from school limits. View Comments
HB2127 Wilt Two-wheeled motorcycles; passing certain stopped vehicles. View Comments
HB2163 Scott, D.L. License of plates, special; UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS. View Comments
HB2191 Rasoul Unattended or immobile vehicles; removal by locality. View Comments
HB2218 Tran School crossing zones; speed limit decrease in zones in Planning District 8 (Northern Virginia). View Comments
HB2246 Cordoza License plates, special; military service, unremarried surviving spouses. View Comments
HB2247 Cordoza Driver improvement clinics and driver training schools; validity of licenses. View Comments
HB2254 Sickles Highway use fee; reimbursement. View Comments
HB2300 McNamara Handheld personal communications device; use for commercial dispatch purpose while driving. View Comments
HB2302 Adams, L.R. Transportation Partnership Opportunity Fund; funds for transportation projects. View Comments
HB2304 Bloxom Motorcycles; rider safety training courses. View Comments
HB2338 McQuinn Transit Ridership Incentive Program; use of funds, improving accessibility. View Comments
HB2340 Bulova Motor vehicle license plates and registration; increases taxes and penalties. View Comments
HB2379 Roem Virginia Highway Safety Improvement Program; use of surplus funds for Program. View Comments
HB2381 Austin Toll operators; access to DMV records. View Comments
HB2392 Austin Towing and recovery operators; attorney fees and costs. View Comments
HB2395 Campbell, E.H. Speed determination devices; extend validity of calibration or testing of certain devices. View Comments
HB2404 Morefield Driver training instructors; hiring active law-enforcement officers. View Comments
HB2423 Austin Flashing red and white warning lights; emergency vehicle exemptions. View Comments
HB2468 Willett Dealership operation by manufacturer; determination of no independent dealer to operate franchise. View Comments

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