Public Comments for: HB524 - Campaign finance; prohibited contributions to candidates.
Last Name: Nicholls Locality: Chesapeake

HB71 - VEPCO's comments on 2/1/22 were that they had first amendment rights. They do, but NOT to run this state and its people into the ground in the name of profits. Virginia: owned and operated by VEPCO is a saying that should not occur but it is. HB85, HB174, 205, 524, 575, 973, 1296, 1302 - This helps the people. Please move to report.

Last Name: Morgan Organization: VA Chapter of American Promise Locality: Alexandria

I'm the coordinator of the VA Chapter of American Promise. Ideally, we wouldn't need to pass this type of legislation because VA, like 22 other states and the federal government, should ban corporate contributions so this wouldn't be needed. In the absence, however, of any limitations bill which levels the playing field for donors, our group generally supports this bill. Clearly contributions from state-regulated monopolies to legislators who vote on bills influencing these entities is perceived by the public as a conflict of interest. At least 5 states specifically prohibit public utility companies from making contributions to candidates for public utility commissions, including Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, New Mexico, & Oklahoma. So there is precedent in applying this type of rule to public utilities in Virginia.

Last Name: Martin Locality: Fairfax

Voting is a constitutional right. Any law that restricts rather than expands our constitutional right & DUTY to vote is simply voter suppression. We must not repeal any expansions of absentee ballots. Do not decrease early voting. - extend the number of days allowed. Do not eliminate any ballot box locations- expand. We have no need to re-register absentee ballots every year. No excuse absentee voting is absolutely crucial. The state must provide easy and free access to voter ID if a photo is required. Since the USPS has slowed considerably, we must keep the 3 day rule for receiving ballots after election day. All local elections must be on Election Day (in Nov). Election Day should be a holiday. Until we do a complete overhaul of campaign finance & eliminate dark money/special interests there must be no restrictions on outreach, education & registration or from where a candidate may collect funds. Voter registration up to and including Election Day is absolutely crucial to ensure all citizens vote. I support all bills expanding our rights and abilities to make voting as easy as possible. I oppose all bills attempting to restrict any access to our ballot and our vote. The process is too important for the elected officials to be able to restrict us from our duty to be informed voters. Keep expanding our rights. Do not restrict, suppress or subvert them.

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