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All Health, Welfare and Institutions Bills
Bill Patron Title
HB1389 Anderson Mental illness or emotional disturbance; administration of controlled substances for treatment, etc. View Comments
HB1397 March Student immunization requirements; parental opt-out. View Comments
HB1409 Brewer Diabetes; distribution of hypodermic needles, syringes, and insulin pens for treatment. View Comments
HB1426 Tata Human trafficking; continuing education required for biennial renewal of licensure. View Comments
HB1433 Scott, P.A. Counseling Compact; licensure of professional counselors. View Comments
HB1446 Orrock Certified nursing facilities; minimum staffing standards, administrative sanctions. View Comments
HB1447 Orrock Controlled substances; administration by emergency medical technicians or paramedics. View Comments
HB1449 Orrock Emergency medical services providers; administration of prescription medication. View Comments
HB1450 Orrock Individuals with disabilities; terminology. View Comments
HB1465 Krizek Problem Gambling Treatment and Support Advisory Committee; established. View Comments
HB1489 Davis Naturopathic medicine; establishes licensure requirements for the practice. View Comments
HB1511 Adams, D.M. Midwifery; administration of medication. View Comments
HB1512 Adams, D.M. Medical assistance services; durable medical equipment, complex rehabilitation technology. View Comments
HB1521 Fowler Kratom products; prohibited acts, civil penalty. View Comments
HB1525 Coyner Peer recovery specialists; background checks, barrier crime exceptions. View Comments
HB1534 Clark Loan repayment programs; creates program for mental health professionals. View Comments
HB1562 Helmer Insurrections; bars serving in positions of public trust. View Comments
HB1564 Watts Nursing homes; standards of care, administrative sanctions. View Comments
HB1567 Rasoul Perinatal health; VDH, et al., to evaluate strategies to reduce maternal & infant mortality rates. View Comments
HB1573 Walker Mental health conditions & impairment; health regulatory board w/in DHP to amend its applications. View Comments
HB1597 Robinson Medical cannabis program; transition from Board of Pharmacy to Virginia Cannabis Control Authority. View Comments
HB1598 Robinson Medical cannabis program; transition from Board of Pharmacy to Virginia Cannabis Control Authority. View Comments
HB1600 Robinson Certificate of public need; expedited review process. View Comments
HB1602 Robinson State plan for medical assistance services; telemedicine, in-state presence. View Comments
HB1622 Wright Health regulatory boards; delegation of authority to conduct informal fact-finding proceedings. View Comments
HB1624 Ballard Mental health and rehabilitative services; military serv. members transitioning to civilian life. View Comments
HB1638 Walker DPOR, et al.; disclosure of certain information. View Comments
HB1658 Price Health professions; proposed scope of practice changes, health regulatory board assessment required. View Comments
HB1659 Bell Students with disabilities; DBHDS, best practice standards, transition of records. View Comments
HB1681 Robinson Long-term services and supports screening; screening after admission. View Comments
HB1689 Greenhalgh Patient visitation; visitation from clergy members during declared public health emergency. View Comments
HB1709 Cherry Naloxone or other opioid antagonists; persons authorized to administer. View Comments
HB1711 Bell Minor's medical records; prohibits denial of parental access to records. View Comments
HB1734 Head Continuing education; implicit bias and cultural competency in health care. View Comments
HB1737 Robinson Optometry; reorganizes portions of the law regulating practice, etc. View Comments
HB1744 Carr Adoption and foster care; home study reciprocity, licensed child-placing agencies, effective date. View Comments
HB1754 Head Telemedicine; extension of time period for provision of services. View Comments
HB1764 Head Physician assistants; practice agreement exemption, elimination of practice ratio. View Comments
HB1768 Head Child-protective services; investigations, interview by child advocacy center, time limits. View Comments
HB1787 Robinson Schedule VI controlled substance; practitioner-patient relationship. View Comments
HB1791 Filler-Corn Veterans' Behavioral Health Services Grant Matching Fund; created, report. View Comments
HB1799 Freitas Opioid Abatement Authority; increases membership. View Comments
HB1809 Wachsmann Newborn screening; Krabbe disease and other lysosomal storage disorders. View Comments
HB1814 Wachsmann Prescription Monitoring Program; exemptions, licensed narcotic maintenance treatment programs. View Comments
HB1817 Avoli Disposition of unclaimed bodies; how disposition expenses paid, seizure of assets. View Comments
HB1819 Avoli Amendment of death certificates; county and city registrars. View Comments
HB1831 Torian Long-term services and supports screening; authorization to share assessments. View Comments
HB1833 Walker Over-the-counter and prescription hearing aids; licensure not required by certain corporations, etc. View Comments
HB1840 Knight Eastern Virginia Health Sciences Center; establishing at Old Dominion University. View Comments
HB1846 Head Medical marijuana program; product, registration, dispensing, and recordkeeping requirements. View Comments
HB1864 Scott, P.A. State agency employees; vaccine requirements, creates exemption. View Comments
HB1872 Scott, P.A. Professional counselors; licensure without examination. View Comments
HB1874 Helmer Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program; applying to participate or renewal. View Comments
HB1879 Bennett-Parker Managed care health insurance plan licensees; network adequacy for mental health care services. View Comments
HB1889 McGuire Higher educational institutions, public, etc.; certain immunization requirements prohibited. View Comments
HB1891 McGuire Transcranial magnetic stimulation; DBHDS to establish pilot program. View Comments
HB1900 Hope Behavioral health and developmental services; provisional licenses issued to providers. View Comments
HB1904 Hope Emergency Department Care Management Grant Program and Fund; established and created, report. View Comments
HB1906 Hope Auxiliary grants; independent community living. View Comments
HB1917 Hope Public pools; Board of Health to adopt regulations. View Comments
HB1919 Williams Graves Pregnant inmates; coverage through state plan for medical assistance. View Comments
HB1925 Hope Anesthesiologist assistants; establishes criteria for licensure. View Comments
HB1945 Durant Children and adolescents; data reporting, reporting requirements. View Comments
HB1946 Wachsmann Behavior analysts or assistant behavior analysts; licensure criteria, certifying entities. View Comments
HB1952 Hodges Pharmacies; reporting of processing delays impacting patient safety. View Comments
HB1963 Runion Individuals with developmental disabilities; financial flexibility, report. View Comments
HB1969 Walker Adult adoptee; access to original birth certificate. View Comments
HB2008 Adams, L.R. Tick-borne diseases; VDH to study reducing occurrence & impact. View Comments
HB2018 Adams, L.R. Children's Services Act; information sharing, confidentiality exception. View Comments
HB2025 Roem SNAP benefits program; parent information sheet, free or reduced price meals application. View Comments
HB2029 Roem Public Guardian and Conservator Advisory Board; member terms. View Comments
HB2033 Sewell Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Compact; Va. to become a signatory to Compact. View Comments
HB2055 Glass Chief Medical Examiner, Office of the; surplus payroll funds. View Comments
HB2057 Lopez Public benefits; eligibility of certain aliens. View Comments
HB2073 Murphy Interstate Medical Licensure Compact and Commission; created. View Comments
HB2083 Mundon King State plan for medical assistance services; dental care, anesthesia. View Comments
HB2084 Mundon King Sickle cell disease; annual review of medication and treatment, report. View Comments
HB2085 Mundon King Sickle cell anemia; prescription of opioids for pain management. View Comments
HB2091 Mundon King Parental access to minor's medical records; consent by certain minors to treatment. View Comments
HB2093 Mundon King State plan for medical assistance services; payment for cranial prostheses. View Comments
HB2094 Mundon King Adult wellness screening; tests for sickle cell anemia or sickle cell trait. View Comments
HB2097 Hudson Sexual assault survivors; administration of emergency contraception by health care providers. View Comments
HB2117 Hudson Substance abuse counselors; barrier crimes, exception. View Comments
HB2139 Delaney Prescription refills; authority of pharmacists to refill prescriptions for insulin. View Comments
HB2146 Guzman Licensure by reciprocity; Bd. of Social Work to examine licensure w/other jurisdictions. View Comments
HB2147 Guzman Prescriptions; Bd. of Pharmacy to evaluate translated directions for use. View Comments
HB2157 Fariss Interjurisdictional compacts; criminal history record checks. View Comments
HB2158 Fariss Right of recovery on third-party claims; transferability. View Comments
HB2160 LaRock In-person visitation; policies and procedures at certain facilities. View Comments
HB2172 Sickles Rights of persons with disabilities; definitions, mobility-impaired person. View Comments
HB2173 Sickles Bedding and upholstered furniture; exemption from regulation. View Comments
HB2183 Robinson Nurse practitioners; practice authority upon licensure. View Comments
HB2185 Rasoul Community services boards and behavioral health authorities; provisions of performance contracts. View Comments
HB2190 Rasoul Managed care organizations; data collections and reporting requirements, report. View Comments
HB2192 Rasoul Catawba Hospital; substance abuse treatment and recovery services. View Comments
HB2210 Tran Children; comprehensive health care coverage program. View Comments
HB2211 Tran Graduates of foreign nursing education programs; licensure requirements. View Comments
HB2219 Tran Health records privacy; consumer-generated health information. View Comments
HB2222 Hayes Surgical technologists and surgical assistants; practice prior to certification. View Comments
HB2224 Murphy Newborn screening tests; fees prohibited. View Comments
HB2229 Sickles Counseling Compact; licensure of professional counselors. View Comments
HB2231 Sickles Social Work, Board of; expands powers and duties. View Comments
HB2232 Murphy State plan for medical assistance services; violence prevention services. View Comments
HB2237 Helmer Hospital price transparency; private right of action, patient payment disputes. View Comments
HB2239 Willett Health care providers; Dept. of Health Professions to provide information to public. View Comments
HB2248 Cordoza Substance use disorder; providers of treatment, use of methadone or opioid replacements. View Comments
HB2251 Scott, P.A. Dentists and dental hygienists; DHP shall convene workgroup to analyze licensure requirements. View Comments
HB2255 Hodges Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, Department of; provider licensing. View Comments
HB2274 Kilgore Pharmacist scope of practice; initiation of treatment for various diseases and conditions. View Comments
HB2276 LaRock COVID; immunization of children. View Comments
HB2279 Byron Certificate of public need program; regulations, charity care. View Comments
HB2280 LaRock Surgical & medical trtmt. of certain minors; parental consent, admission to mental health facility. View Comments
HB2284 Wiley Waterworks & Wastewater Works Operators & Onsite Sewage System Professionals, Bd. for; membership. View Comments
HB2287 Wampler Certified registered nurse anesthetists; practice. View Comments
HB2293 LaRock Emergency Services and Disaster Law; emergency orders and regulations, limitations, civil penalty. View Comments
HB2306 Freitas Immunizations; authority of the Commissioner of Health, religious tenets or practices, exception. View Comments
HB2315 Kory Intellectual/Developmental Disability services; DMAS to study, dissemination of information. View Comments
HB2337 Sewell Sports facilities; automated external defibrillator required. View Comments
HB2342 Campbell, E.H. Background checks; employees of children and developmental services, adult substance abuse services. View Comments
HB2344 Head Adult protective services; referrals to local law enforcement. View Comments
HB2345 Head smartCHaRt network Program; renames Emergency Department Care Coordination Program, report. View Comments
HB2359 Fariss Physical therapy; practice. View Comments
HB2364 Wachsmann Drug Control Act; adds certain chemicals to Schedule I of Act. View Comments
HB2368 Adams, D.M. Medical marijuana program; product requirements, certifications. View Comments
HB2369 Adams, D.M. Medical marijuana program; dispensaries. View Comments
HB2374 Davis Pharmacists; prohibits refusal to fill prescription from telemedicine provider. View Comments
HB2380 Roem SNAP applications; information. View Comments
HB2382 Simon Virginia Consumer Protection Act; personal reproductive or sexual health information. View Comments
HB2397 VanValkenburg Emergency medical services and hospitals; mandatory reporting of controlled substance overdoses. View Comments
HB2402 Seibold Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy; protocol, information, training. View Comments
HB2427 Freitas Hospital price transparency; private right of action, patient payment disputes. View Comments
HB2430 McQuinn Produce Rx Program; established, report. View Comments
HB2435 Hodges Hospital price transparency; enforcement, plans of correction, civil penalty. View Comments
HB2437 Roem Court-appointed guardians; training, powers & duties, annual report to local dept. of social serv. View Comments
HB2465 Hodges Prescription drugs; return of drugs past their expiration dates. View Comments
HB2472 Tran 340B Covered Entity Commitment to Good Stewardship Principles Annual Report; definition. View Comments
HB2481 Hayes Registered surgical technologist; credentialing. View Comments
HB2489 LaRock Responsible Fatherhood Initiative; fatherhood needs assessment, etc. View Comments
HB2497 LaRock Midwifery; administration of medication. View Comments

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