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All Health, Welfare and Institutions Bills
Bill Patron Title
HB1737 Adams, D.M. Nurse practitioners; practice without a practice agreement. View Comments
HB1747 Adams, D.M. Clinical nurse specialist; licensure of nurse practitioners as specialists, etc. View Comments
HB1769 Freitas Health care providers, certain; licensure or certification by endorsement. View Comments
HB1795 Cole, M.L. Counseling, Board of; licensure of professional counselors without examination. View Comments
HB1805 Adams, D.M. Aging services; social need. View Comments
HB1808 Orrock Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, Commissioner of; reports to designated protection. View Comments
HB1817 Adams, D.M. Certified nurse midwives; practice. View Comments
HB1820 Helmer Temporary Assistance for Needy Families; food stamp program, eligibility, postsecondary education. View Comments
HB1822 Askew Health insurance; cost-sharing payments for prescription asthma inhalers. View Comments
HB1831 Head Home care organizations; personal care services through audio-video telephone communication. View Comments
HB1873 Coyner Brain injury; clarifies definition. View Comments
HB1874 Coyner Behavioral health; assessments in local correctional facilities, report. View Comments
HB1913 Hope Career fatigue and wellness in certain health care providers; programs to address, civil immunity. View Comments
HB1932 Levine Child-placing agencies; conscience clause. View Comments
HB1950 Ayala Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Team; Va. Department of Health, et al., to establish, report. View Comments
HB1953 Gooditis Licensed certified midwives; definition of practice, licensure, report. View Comments
HB1957 Avoli Adult adoption; investigation and report. View Comments
HB1962 Gooditis Foster care; termination of parental rights, relatives and fictive kin. View Comments
HB1963 Bagby Funding local health departments; cooperative local health budget, report. View Comments
HB1976 Willett Virginia Health Workforce Development Authority; mission of Authority, membership. View Comments
HB1987 Adams, D.M. Telemedicine; coverage of telehealth services by an insurer, etc. View Comments
HB1988 Adams, D.M. Cannabis oil; processing and dispensing by pharmaceutical processors. View Comments
HB1989 Aird Public health emergency; emergency medical services agencies, real-time access to information. View Comments
HB1995 Murphy Rare Disease Advisory Council; created, report. View Comments
HB2002 Samirah Child support; health care coverage. View Comments
HB2005 Sickles Disposition of the remains of a decedent; persons to make arrangements for funeral. View Comments
HB2007 Sickles Prescription drugs; price transparency, report. View Comments
HB2022 Head Hospice and home care providers; requirements, agreements with managed care organizations. View Comments
HB2035 Tran Virginia Initiative for Education and Work; participants, modifies Full Employment Program. View Comments
HB2039 Rasoul Physician assistant; eliminates certain requirement for practice. View Comments
HB2044 Rasoul Naturopathic doctors; Board of Medicine to license and regulate. View Comments
HB2061 Willett VIIS; any health care provider in the Commonwealth that administers immunizations to participate. View Comments
HB2065 McQuinn Produce Rx Program; established, report. View Comments
HB2066 Webert Public health emergency; reports of suspected violations of orders and regulations, penalty. View Comments
HB2070 Willett Community services boards; contracts with private providers. View Comments
HB2079 Rasoul Pharmacists; initiation of treatment with and dispensing and administering of drugs and devices. View Comments
HB2084 Byron Health, Department of; certain communication prohibited. View Comments
HB2086 McGuire Child care providers; background checks, portability. View Comments
HB2092 Willett DBHDS; background checks, persons providing contractual services. View Comments
HB2098 O'Quinn Southwestern Va. Mental Health Institute; Governor to lease a portion of property to Smyth County. View Comments
HB2107 Fariss Health, Board of; public health emergency, virtual visitation for certain facilities. View Comments
HB2111 Herring Maternal Health Data and Quality Measures, Task Force on; established, report. View Comments
HB2116 Mugler Declaration of emergency; essential workers, access to personal protective equipment, immunizations. View Comments
HB2117 VanValkenburg Children's Services Act; funds expended special education programs. View Comments
HB2124 Lopez COVID-19; DMAS to deem testing, treatment, and vaccination to be emergency services. View Comments
HB2154 Adams, L.R. Hospitals, nursing homes, etc.; regulations, patient access to intelligent personal assistant. View Comments
HB2156 Watts Nursing home staffing and care standards; regulations, report. View Comments
HB2162 Tran Medical care facilities; designated support persons for persons with disabilities. View Comments
HB2166 Hope Involuntary admission; provisions governing involuntary inpatient & mandatory outpatient treatment. View Comments
HB2191 Leftwich Social services, local department of; location of child in local department's custody. View Comments
HB2197 Runion Individuals w/ intellectual & developmental disabilities; DMAS to study use of virtual support, etc. View Comments
HB2206 Filler-Corn Child Care Assistance Program; created. View Comments
HB2212 Plum Children's Services Act; effective monitoring and implementation. View Comments
HB2218 Hayes Pharmaceutical processors; permits processors to produce & distribute cannabis products. View Comments
HB2220 Hayes Surgical technologist; certification, use of title. View Comments
HB2222 Hayes Military medical personnel program; facilities that offer medical services to public, etc. View Comments
HB2230 Bell Supported decision-making agreements; DBHDS to develop and implement a program, etc. View Comments
HB2242 LaRock COVID-19 immunization; prohibition on requirement, discrimination prohibited. View Comments
HB2251 LaRock Emergency orders and regulations; limitations, civil penalty. View Comments
HB2268 Cole, M.L. State Health Commissioner; powers during an epidemic, vaccinations, religious tenets or practices. View Comments
HB2272 Fowler Naturopathic doctors; Department of Health Professions to amend its regulations. View Comments
HB2289 Austin Children's Services Act; eligibility for state pool of funds, any child or youth. View Comments
HB2300 Delaney Hospitals; emergency treatment for substance use-related emergencies. View Comments
HB2301 Bell Therapeutic day treatment; DMAS to develop a plan regarding authorization, etc. View Comments
HB2328 Byron COVID-19; administration of vaccine. View Comments
HB2329 Cox Involuntary commitment; release of person before expiration of order. View Comments
HB2333 Bagby COVID-19; administration of vaccine. View Comments
HB2335 Walker Medical mandates; each adult has a fundamental right to be free from mandates. View Comments
HB2336 Wiley Non-FDA-vaccines; preventing public and private imposition of vaccines. View Comments

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