Public Comments for: SB1405 - Get Skilled, Get a Job, Give Back (G3) Fund and Program; established.
Last Name: Pedowitz Organization: Arlington Chamber of Commerce Locality: Arlington

The Arlington Chamber of Commerce supports SB 1405 and the establishment of the G3 program. This bill is identical to the House-passed HB 2204. Advancing workforce development policy initiatives will position Virginia as a global leader in workforce readiness, and so we support a forward-looking approach where innovation and creativity foster better outcomes that benefit our community. The Chamber supports funding for career and technical education opportunities at all educational levels and for all stages of life. The G3 program is an important tool for helping Virginians pursue an education in the Commonwealth’s community college system. We thus ask you to support the bill.

Last Name: Durkin Organization: Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce Locality: Roanoke

The Roanoke Regional Chamber supports SB 1405, an initiative to encourage low and middle income Virginians to seek jobs in high-demand fields. We believe that this is an innovative solution to fill open positions, and we ask for your support.

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