Public Comments for: SB1313 - Children's Services Act; funds expended special education programs.
Last Name: Duke Locality: Glen Allen

Please support SB1303 in lieu of substitution bill. Schools have been closed long enough and need a clear plan to re-open. Many will not do this on their own until they are required to by law. Legislate required opening of face to face will get the ball rolling with re-opening plans from all schools. Put Virginia children's needs at the table with teacher unions. Do schools exist to provide comfortable jobs for teachers, or DO THEY EXIST TO EDUCATE CHILDREN? The answer is clear, educating children is the reason for schools, and it is not happening adequately in the virtual format.

Last Name: Whitlock Locality: Louisa

Vote NO on SB1313. It is another way to prevent personal/parental choice of educational and related services. I think this year has clearly shown that a school board or similar body cannot or does not possess the ability to decide what's best for every child. Vote NO on the latest SB1303, but YES to the original SB1303 because these children and families deserve better than what they've been handed. I have read all of the emotional appeals from parents and families. You will fail in your duty to them, your community, and to the state of Virginia if you continue to deny what the tax-paying constituents want and demand. Other schools and localities are conducting classes in their buildings. Ask them for guidance. I'm sure they'll be happy to share.

Last Name: Asip Organization: Virginia Council of Administrators of Special Education (VCASE) Locality: Powhatan

Good morning chairman and members of the subcommittee, I am Like Asip, speaking on behalf of the Virginia Council of Administrators of Special Education (VCASE) more than 400 members who supervise the special education services of more than 164,00 0 Virginia students with disabilities. VCASE supports SB1313 and the companion bill of HB 2117 is efforts to provide flexibility with CSA funding toward strengthening the return of students from private placement back to the public school programs. We look forward to the workgroup providing support for CSA funds being available in efforts to mitigate the private placements through preventative supports in the public schools. Thank you. Mike Asip

Last Name: Schettine Organization: disAbility Law Center of Virginia Locality: Richmond

My name is Jenny Schettine and I am with The disAbility Law Center of Virginia (dLCV). dLCV is the Commonwealth’s designated protection and advocacy system for individuals with disabilities. dLCV has concerns with S.B. 1313 as it amends the eligibility for state pool funds to include children and youth previously placed in approved private school educational programs in a public school setting for no longer than 12 months. dLCV proposes that these funds be allocated to public schools for student services past the 12 months transition period, as we believe this would provide a continuum of services across school placements, allow for children and youth to receive services in the least restrictive setting, and afford public schools the opportunities to build more services and resources for their localities. dLCV seeks to afford equity in public and private school education for students with disabilities. Thank you for your consideration and your work on behalf of Virginia’s children with disabilities.

Last Name: Martin Locality: Fairfax

Please follow science and let the school open 5 days a week for in person, teachers and school staff are receiving their vaccine so no more excuses for teachers and Unions, parents who are concerned to send their kids to in person have the virtual, online and homeschooling option. Our kids needs to be in school in person for their mental emotional and educational health, depression and suicide rate between the kids is going high, schools are safe to reopen like all other private schools and school age centers in the area, these schools didn’t shut down since May 2020 and functioning very well and it didn’t spread the virus to the community, please follow science and open schools 5 days a week, instead getting summer school or extending the school year, let the teachers teach in Monday, why Monday is not anymore a school day? Our kids education is being jeopardized and our kids being neglected by FCPS. Families with two parents working outside, essential workers, their kids are failing with no supervision, hot meals or taking care off. Education system was built to help the kids to become better citizens and they are the future, now the future citizens are becoming mentally and emotionally destroyed and educationally way behind than their peers in private schools and other open states, Please open schools for in person 5 days a week

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