Public Comments for: SB1196 - Teachers and other licensed school board employees; cultural competency.
Last Name: Anonymous Locality: Fairfax

Oppose - The demands for cultural competency are not helpful or necessary. Living in America should be enough cultural competency without mandating more training for teachers.

Last Name: Whitlock Locality: Louisa

SB1196 is an arbitrary bill. It calls for "cultural competency" but mentions only one ethnicity and race. That seems discriminatory. The United States is too diverse to exclude other groups if proposing this standard for history and social sciences teachers. Students deserve well-rounded and fair instruction throughout their curriculum. Also, how would "competency" be defined and measured in an objective way? Finally, by mandating cultural competency training, you insinuate that educators and administrators are too ignorant, incompetent, or insensitive to serve their students and community.

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