Public Comments for: HB863 - Local law enforcement; certain reports to school principals and division superintendents.
Last Name: Matsh Locality: Prince william

Please vote for this bill. The training should be optional.

Last Name: Kaufman Organization: Loudoun4all Locality: Ashburn

I would like to voice my support and urge the need for bill 863. Here in Loudoun we have seen 1st hand what happens due to vaugness in the law. After a sexual assualt at a high school in May our local sheriffs office launched a investigation. A arrest was made in July and that arrest, by law, should be reported to the superintendent. However without clear responsibility of who is suppose to report it, clear info on how it is to be reported, and requirements of a paper trail there is some doubt if it was. The Sheriff said the courts reported it. The courts have stayed quiet. And the superintendent says he was never alerted. The law doesn't say how it is to be reported so we are stuck in two community leaders pointing fingers at each other. Without the sheriff reporting the arrest (which should be reported by the office who made the arrest in my opinion), the superintendent could not take action. The end result was a 2nd victim months later, and the two community leaders pointing fingers at each other and a community of parents, including myself, having to decide who is lying and who to trust to keep our kids safe. Please fix the ambiguity and require strict rules on how law enforcement should report these types of events and what paper trail should be kept to ensure accountability. Thanks Todd Kaufman

Last Name: Hultman-Lee Locality: Sterling

As a Loudoun County resident and the parent of students in LCPS, as well as a constituent of Del. Reid, I ask you to strongly consider HB 863 to require written documentation and communication between school principals and law enforcement regarding offenses potentially committed by students. It is frankly shocking that this is not already a requirement.

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