Public Comments for: HB741 - Annual public elementary and secondary school safety audits; creation or review of school building.
Last Name: Matsh Locality: Prince william

Please vote for this bill. The training should be optional.

Last Name: DeBoard Organization: Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police (VACP) Locality: Herndon, VA

The VACP highly supports HB 741, which mandates that all public schools create detailed floor plans for each school building. Although the bill states detailed and accurate floor plans, this is not clearly defined. Language should be included that would more clearly determine what is acceptable. Language should also be added to include that the mapping data is made accessible to local public safety agencies., and that agencies are provided updated mapping data each year. When critical incidents occur inside school buildings, such as an active shooter incident, seconds count. Having a detailed and accurately LABELED floor plans can make a tactical response more swift and effective. This can mean the difference between lives being saved. This mapping data is necessary regardless of whether an SRO works in a school or not. Ideally these floor plans should be labeled by room {name and/or number), entrances, stairways, etc. The detail is critical for first responders in emergency situations. These maps can also be used from incident command posts to direct safe areas, points of egress, etc. Amazing technology exists that could be instituted and ensure consistent mapping data is captured across all of our VA schools. This data needs to be in the hands of public safety and loaded in their computers and phones so it is readily accessible and can be used while in a vehicle or on foot via smart phone. Trying to find a paper map in a supervisor's vehicle in an emergency is not effective when seconds count. From a mutual aid perspective, having this data sharable would also enhance response from outside agencies.

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