Public Comments for: HB608 - School boards; unexpended local funds for capital projects.
Last Name: Ramsey Locality: Richmond City

No on HB608. When schools have 'extra funds' a percentage of those funds should be allocated to the school/school divisions most vulnerable population, students with disabilities and their necessary supports. Title I schools/students already receive vast amounts of differentiated focus, support and funding, which is necessary, however, the students with disabilities population seems to often receive a low priority and they are the ones with truly the most diverse and most significant needs. Allocate 10% of any 'extra funds' for robust education, tutoring, supplies and supports and related services for this population of students to not only exist and sustain, but perhaps thrive. If VA is not going to give tax overages back to the taxpayers, concerning the education division, invest in those with the greatest needs, the vulnerable and fragile students who tend to miss the most school due to their medical needs and obligations. More than minimum....Support these students and their families adequately, please.

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