Public Comments for: HB59 - School principals; incident reports.
Last Name: Karabinos Locality: Chesterfield

HB113 - Violates the First Amendment of the US Constitution as it establishes a government preference for monotheistic religions, implying an exclusion of atheism and polytheism. HB37 Excessive contact between LEO and Students can cause common discipline issues to be escalated in to criminal issues that could potentially ruin a child's life (School to prison pipeline) HB59 like HB4 criminalizes the same school discipline issues that we may have committed as kids ourselves. This will further feed the school to prison pipeline and given the statistics regarding incarceration and prosecution in the Commonwealth, I suspect that this would impact minority communities more than white communities HB8 Looks like another attempt to introduce "Armed Mentors" into Virginia schools. Schools need fewer guns not more in them.

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